Gay Assistant Moves into Bowie Lam’s House

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Caption: Behind Bowie Lam, his personal assistant quietly supported him, taking care of his business and personal matters. His male assistant resembled Raymond Lam in appearance.

Rarely implicated in rumors throughout his twenty-four year career, Bowie Lam was romantically rumored with Flora Chan Wai Sanmany years ago. Afterwards, he has often been romantically linked with his male personal assistants. To avoid his sexual orientation affecting his appeal to the audience, Bowie suddenly revealed in 2004 that he once had a girlfriend whom he dated for two years. However, this “girlfriend” was like a “vanishing spirit” [and was only spotted by the press once].

Linked with Mr. Hong Kong , Bryon Pang

In 2007, former Mr. Hong Kong contestant, Bryon Pang Koon Kei, appeared at Bowie Lam’s mother’s funeral. The event brought to light Bowie and Bryon’s relationship. However due to Bryon’s alleged involvement with gay film director, Wan Yik, Bowie ’s friendship with Bryon ended.   Bowie became closer with his male personal assistant, who had worked for him since 2005. His assistant moved into Bowie ’s house and was allowed free use of his car.

Forty-four year-old Bowie ’s sexual orientation has always been a mystery. His close companions have always been men. Several years ago, allegedly Bowie became intimate with his personal fitness trainer, Daniel. The pair even invested in a clothing store together. After the store closed [due to poor sales], Daniel became Bowie ’s personal assistant. Daniel often spent the night at Bowie ’s house. Bowie and Daniel’s relationship was not announced but the intimacy was self-evident. In 2004, during the filming of television series <邂逅> in Beijing , Bowie met an extra on the set, whose features resembled Raymond Lam Fung. Bowie got along very well with him and made him his new personal assistant.

For a long time, Bowie treated his Raymond-Lam-look-a-like assistant only as a subordinate. In 2007, Bowie was still involved with Bryon Pang. Concerned about his sexual orientation having an impact on his popularity, Bowie concealed his relationships. Allegedly, Bowie ’s assistant continued to quietly accept the situation, realizing that Bryon Pang’s outspoken personality will not tolerate keeping the relationship underground for long.

Last year, gay film director, Wan Yik started fully supporting Bryon’s career and paying for his living expenses.  Moving into Wan Yik’s Happy Valley home, Bryon was also allowed free access to his Ferrari and Maserati cars. The most important thing was that Bryon and Wan Yik’s relationship was open and the pair went out with their friends publicly. Last year, Bryon officially ended his relationship with Bowie .
Assistant Moves into Bowie ’s House

Perhaps Bowie’s break-up with Bryon Pang made him realize that his personal assistant suited his tastes more. Yesterday, Bowie and his assistant were spotted shopping together for groceries. His assistant acted as the chauffer and even helped carry bank financial statements and other personal items. It was apparent that after working for many years for Bowie , his assistant was held in great-confidence.
After several days’ observation, reporters spotted Bowie ’s assistant driving Bowie ’s BMW car to an auto-repair shop, which was owned by Bowie ’s younger brother. Afterwards, Bowie ’s assistant returned to Bowie ’s house in Ma On Shan to stay overnight. His assistant remained in Bowie ’s house throughout yesterday afternoon.


Jayne: For some time, I’ve felt that there was a high chance that Bowie Lam was gay. He may or may not be dating his assistant, as many trusted assistants probably have access to artists’ homes and cars.

Tabloids seem to like to link Raymond Lam’s name to everything nowadays. Even Bowie ’s assistant is described as a Raymond Lam look-a-like!

9 comments to Gay Assistant Moves into Bowie Lam’s House

  1. Funn Lim says:

    Ohhhhh scandalous! Well assistants often accompany their boss on shopping trips, enter house, etc so no big deal BUT moving in is another matter.

    As for Flora Chan, I doubt it. Never happened.

    And the whole Raymond Lam lookalike reference I suppose Raymond is now the new standard of handsomeness in HK papparazzi’s eyes. Quite a compliment! But is the article implying Bowie is in love with Raymond Lam then?

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  2. Kidd says:

    Great storytelling. Haha. So, realistic.

    How can Bryon officially ends his relationship with Bowie when they have never officially admitted to dating?

    As for his personal assistant. Isn’t that what personal assistants do? Taking care of his employer’s personal affairs?

    Yeah, the Raymond Lam connection is funny. If that first picture is the Raymond Lam-look-alike, he resemble Raymond even less than Hawick Lau. Lol.

    As for his males companions, Andy Hui, Dicky Cheung, William So, Eddie Ng and Edmond Lau are also very close to one another.

    I’m not writing off the possibility that Bowie might be gay, but, those proofs provided by the writer are quite weak.

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  3. Masaharu says:

    Haha. Raymond being linked to everything just shows that he is the “hot stuff” in HK entertainment scene right now.

    I’m taking this report as a grain of salt. Whatever Bowie’s sexual life or sexual preference will be I will accept it since it’s his real life business. I like Bowie for his professional acting 🙂

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  4. Judy says:

    darn… i’ve always had a crush on bowie!

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  5. pandamao says:

    you can still have a crush judy!

    i still do! 😉

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  6. jayzemine says:

    LOL, I always suspect him to be “gay” too but doesn’t matter, that is his preference, it’s his acting that I admire. uh, I am sorry, but that pic does not look anything close to Raymond Lam, pleeasssee!!!! 😉

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  7. sport388 says:

    I remember hearing rumors of Bowie Lam being gay and I also suspect it to be true. Don’t really care as long as an actor/actress/singer are great at what they’re doing than it doesn’t matter! Seriously it’s not like fans/audience will have a chance with them so whoever they’re with is none of our business. The only thing we can comment on is whether their other half is pretty/goodlooking or not and that’s it.

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  8. Jessciahong says:

    He’s so hot!
    Hope he will find his true love.
    Always support him!

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  9. Lin says:

    my crush on him stands.. unless he admit he is gay.. this will not affect my admiration to his acting skills..
    the pic look more like To Tai Yu thn RayL..

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