Gillian Chung Reveals How Fiance Proposed and Why She Loves Him

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Gillian Chung Reveals How Fiance Proposed and Why She Loves Him

Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) could not contain her excitement after announcing her engagement with Taiwanese gynecologist, Michael Lai (賴弘國). Although she forgot to wear her diamond ring before stepping outside today,  Gillian’s face was flushed with happiness when she met with the press. Gillian shared details as to how Michael had proposed, and reasons why he is Mr. Right.

“He is Willing to Accept All My Flaws”

Dating for only six months, Michael made Gillian feel always loved. She said he was worth over “100 points” and shared, “He treats me very well. I think I met the right person at the right time.”

Gillian revealed what she loved most about Michael, “He tolerates all my bad habits. I told him from the start of our relationship. I showed all my flaws to him. He is able to accept everything. This is very important. I’m not a fake person who packages herself.” Asked what her bad habits were, Gillian said, “I’m a very lazy person” and credits Michael for making their long-distance relationship work by traveling to Hong Kong when he was free.

The couple’s family already knew about the engagement. Already meeting Michael’s father, Gillian will meet his mother during the Lunar New Year and discuss wedding plans with the family.

Michael Knelt Down on One Knee to Propose

Michael proposed on Gillian’s birthday. They were home and he knelt down on one knee to ask her to marry him. Although she did not cry, she was very excited.

Gillian found it hard to keep her engagement a secret, but waited one week before making the big announcement. “Since it’s a big step, I thought about it a long time before making the announcement.  Taking this step requires courage.”

After she announced her engagement on social media, Gillian’s face was flushed with excitement for over one hour as congratulations from her friends and fans poured in.


A Baby in the Works?

The couple has not set a wedding date yet. Asked if they are rushing into marriage because of pregnancy, Gillian hesitated momentarily before responding, “I have a concert in May with three performances. Do you think I’ll be pregnant while performing?” But Gillian added that she wants to have children in the marriage.

When reached for comments, Michael said politely, “Since I’m not an artiste, I hope to be more low-profile. I will do my best in my career and give Gillian happiness. Hope everyone will send us their blessings! Thank you!”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. mangotango says:

    Sexy, clever, handsome, rich and loving. Worth marrying. Baby will be good looking and clever.

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  2. jimmyszeto says:

    Haha, the guy is anything but low profile…

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  3. jane626 says:

    I give them one year max before he gets tired of Gillian’s neediness and finds another girl

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  4. nomad822 says:

    It’s kinda too fast.

    And she’s so eager … a little too eager to get into a relationship.

    Wherein lies the basis for stability, and really knowing him?
    Sure he has wooed her, and pulled out all the stops. THAT does NOT mean anything, or tell anything about his charater,

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  5. vlol says:

    It does seem too fast and too soon. If I recall Michael just got divorce in 2016 and he’s rushing into another marriage already? Most couples are still in their honeymoon phase at 6-8 months. Considering they have a long distance relationship, they cannot possibly know everything about each other already. Michael sounds and looks shady to me. I hope Gillian think it through before actually waking down the aisle with him. He’s a known playboy and he’s anything but low profile. Him and his ex-wife appears on a show together prior to them splitting so he’s definitely like the spotlight.

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