Grace Chan Admires Kevin Cheng’s Good Work Ethics

By on April 5, 2015 in NEWS

Grace Chan Admires Kevin Cheng’s Good Work Ethics

Grace Chan (陳凱琳) was recently spotted entering Kevin Cheng‘s (鄭嘉穎) home. While the pair explained that Grace was there to only borrow DVDs, there appears to be strong undercurrents in their budding relationship. Kevin did not eliminate the possibility of dating, and replied to the incident by stating, “Everything starts with friendship!”

After filming Blue Veins <殭> for two months, Grace and Kevin grew friendly on set. Grace praised Kevin, “He has good work ethics, and is caring towards other employees and people around him. He takes care of everyone as if this is his or her first drama. If I have questions, we would study them together.”

Grace disclosed, “Actually, we are only friends – maybe people think it’s necessary to spread rumors because we’re working together. I don’t think that [age] affects anything. There are many examples where age gaps don’t matter and the relationships are still very good.”

Grace Defends Kevin Cheng: “People Change!”

In January, Kevin was seen casually kissing a woman at a nightclub. Kevin hinted that the relationship did not progress after media exposure, and stated that he was still single.

Despite Kevin’s string of romantic rumors, Grace does not think Kevin is flirtatious. Grace expressed, “Everyone has a romantic past, but that doesn’t affect who he is now – people change! We’ll be friends first!”

When asked what qualities she looks for in men, Grace explained, “It’s very important that they’re good to their friends and family. They don’t have to think of surprises or do anything special. Once you get to know that person, his character will attract you – so there isn’t a particular quality I look for.”

As to whether she thinks Kevin is actively pursuing her, Grace simply replied, “We are only friends right now!”


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    1. tess says:

      She’s beyond skinny…but she’s pretty no doubt. She could afford a bacon cheeseburger toppled with extra cheese and wash it down with a strawberry milk shake and still have room for an apple strudel!

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      • smili1 replied:

        @tess people this thin might just eat all that and then throw it up afterwards. Wouldn’t want to lose that frail look.

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    2. melodylai says:

      sometimes I do wonder if all these ‘rumours’ are leaked out by tvb themselves just to create publicity for dramas, seen as though most rumours are about the same things i.e. co-stars flirting/hanging out on and off set/growing closer together/etc. Also noticed that Grace and Kevin’s answers are quite open, they don’t deny or confirm anything.. great way to drag the publicity out for as long as possible for the drama and themselves I guess.

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    3. holiday says:

      I think the kevin grace dating thing is just a rumor to promote blue veins

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    4. says:

      She looks pretty in this picture, glowing! We don’t know them personally, so I guess we will never find out if theyre just creating news or if they want to develop. BTW, started a new blog on asian entertainment, if you all could please check it out.

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    5. freedalas says:

      Although there is quite a big age gap between the 2 of them, but they do look great together. And if they find out each other suitable as a partner, why not?

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    6. sds says:

      Grace explained: ” … so there isn’t a particular quality I look for” and she continued “… because I look for all of them duh!!! come on, I won MHK. Everything or nothing!!!! Hmmmm cheeseburgerers…”

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