Grace Chan is Expecting a Baby Boy!

By on December 22, 2018 in NEWS

Grace Chan is Expecting a Baby Boy!

Three months after tying the knot in Bali, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and Grace Chan (陳凱琳) announced on November 22 that they are expecting their first child together. And now—at exactly one month after the big announcement—Grace has more major news to share.

Today, Grace shared on Instagram a picture of a baby onesie and a tennis racket. “Excited to meet little baby Kevin!” she wrote. “I wonder if he’s going to love tennis as much as his daddy!”

Grace met Kevin while on the set of TVB’s 2016 television drama Blue Veins <>. When they started dating, Grace was 23 and Kevin was 45. They officially got married in Bali on August 12, 2018.

Kevin is excited and looking forward to becoming a father, and an in earlier interview, the former TVB actor shared his thoughts about having children, “If it’s a daughter, I will spoil her and take care of her richly; if it’s a boy, I will be strict and look after him frugally. A woman will be set if she finds a good husband, but even if she ends up being single, I can save some money for her to live comfortably. However, a man needs to start a family, and he cannot always rely on his wife. He needs to learn responsibility, and be independent.”

He added that he would like to chase for another baby, as he would not want their only child to grow up alone and spoiled. However, he stressed that his wife will be the one making that final decision.

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  • 6 comments to Grace Chan is Expecting a Baby Boy!

    1. melia880 says:

      Cant say I agree with Kevin. Why can’t women be independent instead of spoiled and reliant on either their husbands or parents?

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    2. potatochip says:

      @melia880 I was going to post the same. His views are so dated. Women can and should be independent from men.. If in the future they do have a girl, I hope he has progressed by then. Setting his daughter up to be dependent on men (whether it is her husband or father) will not give her the ultimate happiness.

      And for boys, “strict and frugally” is also harsh. Children need consistency and love and not military style parenting.

      Anyways, congrats to them. These are just words. I found that the ideals I had before having kids became silly once reality set in. They will be good parents.

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      • melia880 replied:

        @potatochip Agree with you about consistency and love, and not military style parenting. Personally my belief is that parenting should be about knowing when to be flexible and adjust to your child’s needs, regardless of gender, in order to help them build character and discipline, but also be a supportive parent.

        Hopefully Kevin and Grace are not actually as “extreme” as they are sounding on the media. Seems like Kevin and Grace both have really strong preconceptions of gender roles, which actually surprises me for Grace, who has lived in Canada for most of her life.

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    3. tungamy says:

      I remember in an interview from a year or two ago, Kevin already stated that he would like to have a daughter to spoil her rotten hahaha
      I think he just wants to have a daughter who sticks to him all the time

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    4. mimi8 says:

      Not a good idea to raise his daughter like that, it’s good to love your kids but spoiling a girl but strict on a boy nah that ain’t going to work well. Raising a girl to be dependent on her father is going to be harmful for her, both genders should be independent once they’re grown up.

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