Grace Chan Receives Complaints for Getting Special Treatment, Kevin Cheng: “Know the Difference”

By on November 18, 2017 in NEWS

Grace Chan Receives Complaints for Getting Special Treatment, Kevin Cheng: “Know the Difference”

A few days ago, Grace Chan (陳凱琳) received a complaint about getting special treatment while boarding a plane. The complainer said Grace’s celebrity status allowed her to skip the long queue and board the lane first. This news quickly caught wind on discussion forums, pushing Grace to become a trending topic again.

At the filming commencement party for the L Storm <L風暴>, sequel to 2016’s S Storm, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) was asked for his thoughts about his girlfriend receiving complaints about getting special treatment. Kevin laughed it off and said, “People must understand the difference between getting special privilege and consumer rights. They are two different things. The type of ticket you buy depends on the type of service you get. This applies to everyone. The airline makes the decision. Know what you’re complaining about before you do it.”

Kevin added that as a celebrity, circumstances of special treatment would happen, whether or not it is desired. “This is only a small matter,” he said. “Let it move on.”

Kevin Supports TVB’s “Limit Sexual Themes Order”

Earlier this week, TVB sent out a memo informing producers and creators to limit sexual themes in their productions. The order specified that rape scenes in dramas are not encouraged, actresses should not be required to wear revealing outfits, and that female artists should always be accompanied with a fellow female when going on trips. This order was met with supportive responses for the most part.

Asking Kevin if he is happy about the new order, he said, “Why should you say it like that? I am an audience member as well, won’t I be missing out on some things? However, these dramas are aired during family time, so this is the right thing to do. But I stil hope, like what Anthony Wong (黃秋生) said, that the Miss Hong Kong contestants won’t have to wear diving suits.”

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  • 7 comments to Grace Chan Receives Complaints for Getting Special Treatment, Kevin Cheng: “Know the Difference”

    1. bubbletea says:

      If the complainer had a first class, or as it is more commonly known now, a business class ticket, just like Ms Motor Mouth, and they just selected Grace to board the plane before anyone else, yes, the complainer has a valid reason to complain. If they had an economy ticket, and Grace had a business class/first class ticket, and she was allowed to board before the complainant, then the complainant has no grounds to fret. I travel first/business class and that is the section of the plane whose passengers board first.

      Of course we know that Kevin is going to publicly support his girlfriend when questioned by the media, or anyone for that matter. That is quite understandable.
      So Kevin supported the memo limiting sexual themes in movies and tv series. While he is at it, Kevin should inform his parrot tongue girlfriend that he will gladly support her limiting her windmill mouth when she opens the hole in her face to speak to the reporters.

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    2. coralie says:

      KC has definitely matured EQ wise when it comes to responding to reporters’ inquiries and nosy questions. I think Grace is pretty tactful too, but she has a propensity to add too many unnecessary details.

      Login or Register before you can reply to coralie
      • aiya replied:

        @coralie Uncle Cheng is approaching 50; there would be serious problems if he had not demonstrate the kind of maturity commensurate with his age and time spent in the business.

        I never understood why people keep comparing Uncle Cheng to his niece in terms of intelligence and maturity. For crying out loud he is 23 years older so he’s supposed to be further along in these areas. Relational power imbalance is one of the reason why these old creeps prey on younger females because it automatically makes them look great and gives them all the power over their junior partners.

        Login or Register before you can reply to aiya
        • coralie replied:

          @aiya haha, age and experience does not always commensurate with EQ, my friend. look at Anthony Wong and all those other hot-headed veterans of the industry. they still haven’t learned to be PC with reporters and play taichi with them.

          Login or Register before you can reply to coralie
        • aiya replied:

          @coralie Actually, according to psychologists who founded the concept of EQ, it is highly correlated with age and experience, That’s why adults generally have higher EQ than children. And common sense also dictates that how well one controls one’s emotions is a cumulative product of one’s experiential perception.

          As for Uncle Cheng’s contemporaries like Anthony Wong, his irreverent treatment of the paps is all part of a calculated strategy that helps to reaffirm his “bad boy” image which he had cultivated all through his career.

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        • maymay replied:

          @aiya totally agree with you.

          Login or Register before you can reply to maymay
    3. coralie says:

      @aiya oh I agree, which is why I said it’s not always, which means there are definitely exceptions to the rule, such as Anthony Wong, Chapman To, Edison Chen and even Eric Tsang (until he got bonked in the head with a glass bottle.) Some people are much slower in learning even with age and experience.

      Kevin Cheng used to have a foot-in-mouth problems too, if you check his older interviews. Which is why I think he has mightily improved. There’s correlation between his age and experience to become the way he is now, but taking it for a given seems dismissive.

      Login or Register before you can reply to coralie