Half of Yang Mi’s Butt Hangs Out, Fans “Blame” Her

“Queen of Celebrity Endorsements,” Chinese actress Yang Mi (楊冪) has a huge volume of branded items, and everything that she wears – clothes, handbags, or shoes – can immediately go out of stock because of fans dying to purchase the same items as their idol. Hence, Yang Mi is the most sought after spokesperson in Mainland China.

In addition to her fashion, Yang Mi often tops Weibo’s searching engine because of her good figure, and also because she is deeply loved by Chinese netizens. Yang Mi, who is the first Chinese spokesperson for the high-end brand, Versace, recently appeared at the airport wearing a black outfit and the brand’s pink purse for exposure. However, fans were focused on her buttocks instead of the handbag this time.

The black jumpsuit Yang Mi wore exposed the bottom of her buttcheeks because the hems of her hot pants were particularly wide on her slim body. The photos went viral online, causing chaos among netizens. They praised the celebrity for her good figure and humorously asked if she actually gave birth before. Meanwhile, fans jokingly blamed the idol for wearing such short pants.

Source: Hk01

This article is written by MelodyC for JayneStars.com.

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  1. What butt? The non-existence one? I don’t see boob, I don’t see booty, it’s a bad outfit for her body type! The crop top was a lot better in showing off her figure than this one!

  2. Gross, stick figure. I need a microscope to find this alleged hanging butt. All I see is white ivory tusks. How is this a good figure that deserves praise?! Mainlanders clearly like eating chicken legs and spareribs instead a nice cut of steak

  3. I am thinking it’s not the shorts fault for being too wide at the hems. She ain’t got no butt to hold it.

    1. @m0m0 any female over 30 still wears that kinda of shorts is too much esp on her no meat whatever….lol

  4. The fact that everything she endorses will be out of stock because of her fans dying to wears what she wears is just sad. I cannot understand worshiping another human being to this extent, things fans would do for their idols like setting up a fans club etc. Do they get paid or it is just out of pure love?

    1. @yuyu Pure love. But I’m not sure how how they make money for themselves, cause it looks like a full-time job for some of them

  5. The comments here are disgusting. People are all about body acceptance and supports big and plus size girls and here you are humiliating her because she is thin? How “accepting” you are. Everyone is entitled of the body he or she wants as long it does not go unhealthy. Yang Mi is stick thin but I doubt she is getting unhealthy. You people are disgusting

    1. @joojin
      Totally agree with u. Ppl have the right to wear whatever they want as long it is naked. Do not need others approval.

    2. @joojin i think you misinterpret a lot of the comments, at least my comment aims at the delusion fans who think YM has nice butt when she doesn’t lol. If I want to attack YM, I would go on her weibo or whatever she hangs out at. But then fans are after all easily riled xD

  6. Y do ppl over exaggerating. Ppl have freedom to wear whatever it want but as long is not naked. Then what is the problem?. Oh b/c she is an idol so she can’t wear something that she like. So she needs ppl to approving first. Come on, if she is a normal person. Do any1 care. I don’t, I love her b/c it is her. What she wear is her business. Love ya

  7. Don’t understand why Chinese people find this type of body attractive. No boobs. No butt. But a huge hairy ass bush. Gross.

  8. There’s always skinny shaming whenever there’s a Yang Mi article, sure she’s skinny, but a lot of asian women are, tbh as long as shes happy with her weight and it ain’t causing health issues, leave her be.

  9. What butt? Can’t see any hahaha Those legs need some colour. So pale

  10. Yang Mi is skinny, she’s healthy and happy with her body then what’s problem here? She likes her body like this as well as many other people, just like many people here prefer more meat in the body. So why are there many people here criticize Yang Mi and people who are skinny? I just don’t understand

  11. Her PR team is doing a very good job! No wondershe has the popularity. They keep her iin the spotlight, bad, ugly, good or history of 10 years ago (ie tube falling down incident).

  12. This is the woman who will sacrifice her family and kid to be famous and well liked by Chinese netizen, I find that really sad. I am all for women with their own career but never one that chooses that over family.

    1. @hohliu What does one chooses her career over her family look like? Stay at home? Showing her pics with her daughter together every once in a while? Just because her daughter lives in HK, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about her. And the decision about leaving her child with those in HK was maybe not her decision. It is the only grandchild for both side of the families. HK is a better place for education (not for living tho, IMHO HK people are so rude). A bias comment from you like usual. Never fail to be judgemental like you know everything behind the scene.

  13. Become a mum one day and you will learn the difference.

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