Hu Yitian’s Sex Scandal Gets Ugly; Lover Releases Audio Clips

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Hu Yitian’s Sex Scandal Gets Ugly; Lover Releases Audio Clips

Mainland Chinese actor Hu Yitian (胡一天) was caught in a sex scandal this week, when video surveillance clips showed him entering a Hengdian hotel room to have sex with a woman. Yitian apparently has been involved with this woman for a year, and even cheated on his girlfriend. As details of Yitian’s scandal emerged, his image is hitting rock-bottom.

The 24-year-old actor shot to stardom after last year’s web series, A Love So Beautiful <致我們單純的小美好>, became a big hit. Cast in the upcoming Handsome Siblings <絕代雙驕>, the 6-feet-2-inch actor’s career seemed to be smooth sailing.  As one of the highest paid actors in Mainland China, Yitian commanded $50 million RMB in filming fees per project.

Lover Releases Audio Clips

On June 14, a video clip of two men walking down a hotel hallway emerged. A tall man wearing a black jacket resembling Yitian stepped into a hotel room, which CCTV footage showed that a long-haired woman had previously entered earlier. The man wearing a white shirt, who is seen as Yitian’s assistant, quietly left the hallway. Yitian remained inside the hotel room with the woman for two hours.

Twenty-six-year-old Internet personality, known as Bei Ye Bei (邶也邶) on Weibo, admitted that she is the woman in the video surveillance clip. After the news broke, Yitian deleted her from his contacts list. Upset that he has dropped her so quickly, Bei Ye Bei released audio clips of their conversations, which were allegedly taped while they were in bed together. In the audio clips, a male voice resembling Yitian’s talked about a new recreational drug and also complained that his A Love So Beautiful co-star, Shen Yue (沈月) is unattractive.

“It’s the Truth”

Bei Ye Bei issued a statement stating, “I’m the woman in the video clip. The incident is true and I’m willing to take legal responsibility.

“From the beginning of 2017 until June 2018, Hu and I were in contact with each other. In 2017, Hu texted me many times asking to meet up in the middle of the night, which I declined. I finally started having feelings for him in March 2018, but it’s not what the Internet said that I was there to just [sleep around]. I’ve expressed that I really fell for him.”

Hurt by Yitian’s cold attitude towards her since the scandal broke, Bei Ye Bei wrote, “I looked back at our text conversations in 2017, when he had a girlfriend and still asked me out. My heart is dead. Although I didn’t expect a lot from the start, but people will still lie to themselves when in love.”

Responding to backlash that she had plotted to trap Yitian from the start, Bei Ye Bei said, “It’s crazy to say that I was scheming this for months. Before he said he would come to my house; isn’t it more convenient to [film him in my home] instead?”

Bei Ye Bei admitted that she had poured her heart out to a close friend, who was upset by Yitian’s actions and decided to circulate the hotel video clip online.

Fans continued to harass Bei Ye Bei, with one especially vicious comment stating, “Look in the mirror; you’re so ugly and still so shameless. Even if it’s real, he only treats you like a [hooker].”

Angry by the comments, Bei Ye Bei felt it was necessary for her to spill her true relationship with Yitian. “After my explanation, I hope this matter stops here, but fans continued to insult me, my friends, and family. So I was forced to tell the truth.”

Hu Yitian has not responded to any press inquiries over the incident.

Hotel CCTV Footage- Hu Yitian Enters Hotel Room

Audio Clip Contents

Source: Sohu

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17 comments to Hu Yitian’s Sex Scandal Gets Ugly; Lover Releases Audio Clips

  1. sunnysun says:

    I guess to each their own for real because Shen Yue is anything but unattractive. That’s too bad. I gotta admit I was a fan of ALSB, but it’s gonna be hard to watch it w/ the same appreciation.

    Well the good thing is I’m glad this came out now then later. His fans can still get out of the rabbit hole.

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    • jayne replied:

      @sunnysun I watched a few episodes of “A Love So Beautiful” since it’s on Netflix. So glad more Asian dramas are now on Netflix so can see it in HD quality…

      I thought Shen Yue’s cute personality and innocence was what made “A Love So Beautiful” a big hit. She captured a girl’s nervousness around her first love convincingly and has a very likeable onscreen persona.

      Hu Yitian had the comparatively easier role, by playing the aloof genius. It’s honestly a star-making role for any young, good-looking actor in this role. Not that hard to look cool in every scene, while Shen Yue has more expressive scenes.

      Login or Register before you can reply to jayne
      • michelle2805 replied:

        @jayne totally agree. I love Shen Yue’s role! She did a fantastic job.

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  2. jimmyszeto says:

    People will be able to see the real animal behind that handsome face. I’m sure plenty of women will still flock to him….

    Login or Register before you can reply to jimmyszeto
    • rika replied:

      @jimmyszeto Don’t underestimate the “supply” of women who are still willing to spread their legs open for him despite this scandal.

      Login or Register before you can reply to rika
      • jimmyszeto replied:

        Yeh. Plenty still open up themselves for him and Edison. It’s in their fantasies…..

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  3. rika says:

    “Look in the mirror; you’re so ugly and still so shameless. Even if it’s real, he only treats you like a [hooker].”

    Now, that’s brutal.

    Login or Register before you can reply to rika
  4. iampheng says:

    Is he that good looking and desirable to the young girls? In my old lady eyes, he’s cute but he’s not anywhere near as hot as his age peers…like that Huang Jingyu or Zhang Binbin.

    For this kid, if this is his type, then no he’s not gonna find a sweet adorable looking girl like Shen Yue to be attractive.

    Login or Register before you can reply to iampheng
    • replied:

      @iampheng He seems to have a thing for the cakey, synthetic, doll (read: clown) faces.

      He’s relatively attractive, but nothing out of the ordinary in the world of celebrities.

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  5. lynn90 says:

    He’s kinda cute, looks like a younger version of Peng Yu Yan.

    They always say, it’s these innocent looking ones that are the wildest.

    She was one of his many booty calls and yet, she fell in love with him? What is there to fall in love with? Do you even know him besides bed tricks? And if you did, it’s a shame that you’re allowing yourself to be nothing but his release and he’s probably cheating on you with other girls, too. He’s a cheater, womanizer, and obviously, a douche for blocking girls after hitting it and quitting it. These girls, too. Don’t blame the guy. The girls wanted something from him, too. Why else would this chick record him? She knew that one day if he was to ever turn on her or deny her, she can always take revenge on him. This is her type of love? One where she can’t trust him, so she has to record him? Haha. Well, it worked. They truly deserve each other. Both wicked in their own ways.

    Why do men like him have the power to sleep with anyone and everyone he wishes to have? Because of girls like these. Love? Honey, I know y’all weren’t born yesterday and your experiences began way before y’all hooked up with him. Please don’t play that card. It doesn’t suit you. It’s just best to admit that it was lust and personal gains, whatever that is.

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    • dramas4me replied:


      That was very well said here. That kind of so called “love” will never stand the test of time. It’s a “me, me, me” kind of love. It’s not about thinking/considering about the other person’s well being/happiness kind of love. It looks like he showed very poor character even before he became famous. If this story didn’t come out he will probably become bolder because of his current fame. Hopefully he will change for the better after this. He is so young.

      Login or Register before you can reply to dramas4me
      • bubbletea replied:

        @dramas4me very well said. Comment not long but short and to the point. Glad this story came out. You are so right. Had this not happen, he would have become more of an idol, and also more of a monster. Hopefully he will change his ways as he deserves a second chance.

        @lynn90 very well said also. I agree with every point you make. This woman does not love Yu Yitian. She loves the fact that she was sleeping with a celebrity. That made her feel powerful. The very fact that she secretly taped their personal conversations shows that she had an ulterior motive. What is it with these two bit personality bloggers. They go after gay or by men, they take advantage of underaged, vulnerable teens and now this. Bei Ye Bei looks like a cheap, Elvira prostitute. It is women like Bei Ye Bei who give men like Hu Yitian the power to think he can sleep with every woman. Her and the cray cray fans.

        Login or Register before you can reply to bubbletea
    • replied:

      @lynn90 Amen. Took the words right out of my mouth.

      It takes two hands to clap. These girls aren’t any less scandalous/promiscuous as they pin him to be.

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  6. says:

    There goes the boycott of Handsome Sibling, it’s not going to air anymore right? I never had the thought of looking into it at all actually. Haven’t seen any of his films, but seen pictures of Shen Yue before and dude, she is attractive but she probably didn’t flirt back with him or something.

    Well fans are still crazy stupid fans, so what if he was trapped by her? Not as if he was such a good person either. He was terrible enough. And it seems she was trying to get her own revenge.

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  7. bubbletea says:

    Hell hath no fury like a woman, OR a man scorned. Bei Ye Bei was furious because she got dumped and removed from Hu Yitian’s social accounts. Hu Yitian was angry becaue he was more than likely rejected by Shen Yue. The way I see it, he and Ye Bei deserve each other

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  8. wm2017 says:

    Waaaa wow, he certainly is not picky huh? Woman looks like transvestite or plastic surgery gone wrong. First of all, these so called young idols are ordinary people only naive young fan girls will think they are sooo….. perfect. I have no clue who he is or the unattractive costar they were talking about. I did go on to utube afterwards to look at their faces.

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  9. hbee says:

    I looked up the transcript, not sure what the big deal is. I guess I’m just used to the Justin Bieber type of scandals.

    Recreational drug- I live in a country where marijuana will be legal soon so blah… BUT saying he’s interested in trying is not the same as trying
    Saying his co-star is unattractive – his personal opinion, why is everyone so upset about it? not everyone has to agree that she’s attractive

    Their two adults, no money exchanged, all consensual = what’s the big deal?

    If he cheated on his girlfriend, then the only person he needs to apologize to is her. I think fans just put their idols on a pedestal and then are abhorred that they are just humans that make mistakes, albiet dumb mistakes.

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