Jam Hsiao Talks Frequent Supernatural Encounters: “Believe Whatever You Want”

By on February 27, 2019 in NEWS, TV Dramas

Jam Hsiao Talks Frequent Supernatural Encounters: “Believe Whatever You Want”

In an interview to promote his new miniseries Green Door <魂囚西門>, Jam Hsiao (蕭敬騰) revealed to the press that he’s always had a pair of “yin yang eyes,” a clairvoyant ability to see supernatural events.

He’s gotten so used to them that he’s not even fazed.

Due to the nature of his job, the Golden Melody Award-winning singer-actor has to travel frequently, and would always spend long nights in hotels. In one experience, he kept hearing strange, inexplicable noises in his hotel room. He had to sing “Good Brother” <好兄弟> to put himself to sleep every night.

In another incident, he claimed that he once saw a blood-red color seep through the walls, but others didn’t. He also experienced a time when water leaked into his room from a broken washer, but that water turned out to be blood.

His manager revealed that he once witnessed Jam trying to build a blockade of random things at his Vegas hotel door so it wouldn’t open. His manager guessed that Jam probably had another supernatural sighting. Jam usually does not share his supernatural encounters with others, as he doesn’t want to scare people, nor make other people think he’s crazy.

But despite these experiences, Jam said he still doesn’t quite believe in the supernatural. He expressed that a lot of what he saw may be due to psychological stress, and they could as well be hallucinations.

“In the end, believe what you want to believe,” said Jam.

Green Door, directed by Lingo Hsieh (謝庭菡), is a psychological thriller that stars Jam as a clinical psychologist who has a ghost as his client. It also stars Bea Hayden (郭碧婷), Enno Cheng (鄭宜農), and Hsieh Ying-hsuan (謝盈萱).

“Green Door” Trailer

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  • 8 comments to Jam Hsiao Talks Frequent Supernatural Encounters: “Believe Whatever You Want”

    1. m0m0 says:

      i knew a girl who told me that she lived in an apartment where she would hear people knocking on her door every night. She said she had always been able to see stuff. She was very upset about this ability b/c it scares her and considered it disruptive and mentally exhausting. she also had another friend w/ the same ability and heard the same knocking at night when she slept over. both girls were christians and i heard it first hand from one of the girls. the girl said this during a small group session.

      stuff like this makes you wonder if it is hallucination or supernatural. very few people i know have these visions including my uncle claiming able to see the cow and horse faces during the culture revolution but i never figured out if it was a joke or if he was drunk.

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      • coralie replied:

        @m0m0 probably some mental causes. hallucinations happen in manic and schizophrenic patients. but with mental health being so taboo in asian society, not a lot of people seek help for this stuff.

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        • jimmyszeto replied:

          Chinese tend to be superstitious and believe in these ‘supernatural experiences’ because subconsciously they already believe it to exist rather maintain a neutral perspective. You get the likes of Gillian Chung jumping to conclusions that she was held down by some sort of soul seeker or demon and you get the likes of Kathy Chow saying she has seen ghosts more than once. Instead of considering other explainable reasons such as fatigue, stress, hallucinations, they automatically point to supernatural causes….

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        • coralie replied:

          @jimmyszeto yes, that’s a reason. could also be that people don’t want to believe something is wrong them medically, so instead choose to attribute their issues to superstitions.

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      • windy replied:

        @m0m0 About supernatural experience, my uncle fell sick, went into coma and later passed away during family holiday in Bali. But when he was in coma, a few of his neighbours saw him in his house, watering plants in the Friday morning. (Our hometown is thousands kilometers from Bali). They bid him good morning but he merely smiled and didn’t say anything in return.

        The neighbours were totally shocked when they heard of his passing, after all lot of them saw the apparition/doppelganger.

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    2. potatochip says:

      One person’s supernatural encounter is another’s visual and auditory hallucination.

      The cynic in me finds this hard to believe. Either his talent is masking his mental health issues or perhaps he wants to feel special and sees these things.

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      • jimmyszeto replied:

        Hmmm, he says he still doesn’t quite believe in the supernatural but then sings himself a song to go to sleep, sees blood everywhere and blockades his door. Sounds like a messed up scaredy cat freak to me….

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    3. jimmyszeto says:

      If this guy has ‘Yin Yang’ eyes then he needs to go and get it scientifically checked and not just self proclaim it and then talk a lot of BS. There are plenty of people who have powers such has seeing thing from ridiculous distances or can handle crazily cold temperatures who have been checked and scientifically proven. Can’t just say he has this power ‘yin yang eyes’ when he is talking to media then going quiet afterwards. I can say I have superman powers if I wanted but unproven…

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