Jay Chou Shares Wedding Video

After four years of dating, Jay Chou (周杰倫) finally tied the knot with Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌) on January 17, one day before Jay’s 36th birthday. Their romantic fairy tale wedding took place at the Selby Abbey, an Anglican church in the small town of Selby, North Yorkshire, England.

The beautiful wedding ceremony, which was performed by a Taiwanese pastor, was attended by 50 close family and friends. A 20-member string orchestra played the wedding march, which was a piece composed by Jay himself. Hannah was led down the aisle by her Australian father, who then gave her to the hands to Jay. The couple were moved to tears while reciting their vows in both English and Mandarin.  When Jay and Hannah exchanged rings, their families cried with them.

During the bride’s bouquet toss, Jay also tossed his own bouquet, hoping that both their friends would get a chance to catch some of the newlywed’s fortune. The wedding was followed by a party held at Castle Howard.

Complementing the royal English theme of the wedding, Hannah wore a long, Tudor-inspired bridal gown with a heart-shaped cutout at the back. The dress was custom-made by Taiwanese boutique, Sophia Weddings. Hannah’s statement bridal necklace, which made from platinum, cost over 6.3 million RMB. Her bridal crown, also made from platinum, cost over 7.8 million RMB. Both pieces were sponsored by Chaumet, a high-end jewelry brand from Paris.

Though the ceremony started later than scheduled due to delay in rehearsals, Jay said the wedding ended perfectly and he could not be any happier.

His manager said, “Jay was very satisfied with the orchestra. The atmosphere of this wedding was super romantic!”

Jay Chou’s Wedding Ceremony

[vsw id=”s34fl3eFYMc” source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”375″ autoplay=”no”]

Jay Chou wedding 4  Jay Chou wedding 6

Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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    1. Yes and I’m so in love with the piece, especially meaningful because it was composed by Jay himself

      1. It doesn’t feel realistic…it’s too stage. It reminded me of Prince William’s wedding. There is nearly no expression of happiness in his face just a poker face. He’s a show off, wedding should be private especially when you are a celebrity. Truly hope they last.

  1. Not sure I like his mannerism in the vid, I know he’s a celebrity, having lots of people wouldn’t cause him to be nervous/stress and he knows how to deal with stress well, but he was way too casual, in the walk, in the standing at the altar waiting for the bride, can hate me for saying this.. But the groom destroyed what would be a beautiful wedding video :/

    1. Watched the video twice…the bridesmaids were pretty in pink walking in…yes, the groom didn’t seem to walk into the church in a manner which one would expect. Being able to deal with stress as a celebrity is great…but he was getting married and that is not acting. A bit too cool,

      1. i know right. i thought he walked in there like he’s in the club or something.

    2. He was definitely way too relaxed about it, and for sure didn’t look like someone who was about to marry the love of his life.

      That said, maybe he really wasn’t nervous because they had already registered their marriage? So this ceremony is basically just a show.

      But I can’t help but think it’s more of a marriage of convenience. Despite the lavishness of her dress and jewellery, the wedding seems to be more about him given they chose his birthday for the date. Frankly, he seems to have chosen a young girl so he can micromanage her like he does with everything else. I do hope it ends well, because there will most likely be children involved soon.

      1. I disagree. He looked nervous (Jay Chou has always been expressionless) and masked his nervousness with an over casual walk. It’s his wedding, he can jump or dance his way down the aisle. Considering how much he spent on this wedding (assuming girl’s daddy didn’t contribute) I do think he places a lot of importance of the event. I think he was just very nervous.

      2. He claimed Hannah decided on wedding…but it looks like he is the one because he timed the wedding to be held in England. Anyway, it’s his life…Hannah is young enough to be managed as compared to his ex-girlfriends.
        His wedding suit can be recycled for his concert.

    3. Give him a break. He has always been expressionless. That’s Jay for you

      1. But to me, he’s not expressionless. He was acting cool like he’s doing a catwalk/I’m businessman checking out the church walkway/someone in a commercial lol. Hard to explain, I’m not saying he’s not genuine in whatever he needs to feel on his big day. I’m saying his mannerism just don’t seem to suit the vid/the emotion the vid trying to convey? If he was doing an upbeat kinda music, sure, his mannerism might suit it, but with the current vid, it stood out and make it feel odd (/dislike for me)/not genuine (for others)

  2. Beautiful church. Don’t think it was an actual legal ceremony. Probably just a blessing ceremony as you need to have attended services in the parish for months before the wedding or a parent to have been married there in order to actually marry in the Selby Abbey. They probably for registered elsewhere before this ie there were already married before the ceremony. But it was such a beautiful church. Didn’t he just propose a few weeks ago? Wow to organise everything together with getting the dress made in a few weeks – they must have had an insane wedding planner!!

  3. Gotta admit it is a beautiful and proper and no expense is too much sort of wedding. The chinese dinner must be as extravagent. Traditional sort of wedding. However jay’s suit us errr… Not good.

  4. Wow! Everything is beautiful; just like a fairytale movie. Good job! Congrats to the newlywed couple! Stay cool always!

  5. The wedding dress…I like the upper part of the dress but not the lower part (got the 80’s kind off feeling). And I like the front part but not the back part of the dress (the heart-shaped is too cheesy)….I wish I could cut and paste the dress with another wedding dress. However the diamonds are too die for!

  6. His Australian humble father-in-law should teach him how to walk to receive his daughter. He was way toooo casual.

    1. I remembered watching Blackie’s wedding ceremony and it was way more realistic. ..you can tell the bride and groom are truly in loved and they were both nervous but Jay what the hell? I’m not feeling it.

  7. I had thought Jay Chou was Catholic; WTF did he married his child bride in the Church of England?

  8. Yes, Jay’s manner was far too casual for a bridegroom and I would have preferred a more formal attire for him. His is too showbiz to me. Anyway, it was indeed a fairy tale kind of wedding most girls would die for and I wish the couple all the best.

  9. A beautiful and enchanting ceremony. Happy for the bride and groom. Jay Chou is lucky for having a perfect lady as his life partner.

  10. Wow, that is some dress! Totally ballgown. Expensive too. Crazy!

  11. Only time who tell if the love between them is genuine. Well, at least they tied the knot.

  12. They make a beautiful couple. Wishing them all the very best of happiness in their married life.
    I agree with Funny – Jay may be very nervous but masking it with nonchalance. Whether or not one is a fan it isn’t fair to judge his sincerity or how long his marriage will last by his walk or the lavishness of their wedding, but by his conduct. So far have not read about him being unfaithful or playing around behind Hannah’s back. He is a filial son and hopefully that will make him a responsible husband and father too.

    1. Sorry about the auto correct. Should be *Funn not funny.

  13. So many negative comments! About Jay, his shoes, his suit, Hannah’s dress etc etc. No wonder some celebrities choose not to share pics/vids of their wedding. So much negative energy! I think the whole thing is perfect. We all wouldn’t have a wedding anywhere near that so let’s rejoice. Now don’t start bashing and bullying me after reading this comment

  14. Congrats to the new couple! It’s a beautiful wedding from the video. Background music is so beautiful (someone said Jay Chou composed it.) The wedding dress is very lovely – very appropriate for a church like that.

    Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi just registered for their marriage in China – their/their fans’ Facebook accounts are showing that.

      1. @ Janet

        Please educate me – what is off the shelf means? Too old? Thanks

      2. @ MW & Funn Lim

        Thanks MW! 🙂

        Isn’t it great? NW & LSS are now husband & wife. 🙂

      3. Nicky Wu is married…no longer available.
        Hope he has a happy marriage.

    1. Thanks for the news and if that is true then congrats to Nicky and Shi Shi!! Nicky has had a rough love life so he deserves happiness!

  15. will there be any show business couples holding simple weddings? Or is there pressure to top each with extravagent ceremonies?

    1. Precisely. The race has begun …

      Is it one-upmanship out-topping the previous
      couple/s in ‘uniqueness’ ‘lavishness’ ‘extravagance’ and ‘special effects’ ; or
      is it really meaningful to the 2 of them personally

    2. well… wang leehom technically went without one. or a private one at most. he literally announced it after everything is done with. but i still think he did it with real class. to each his own i guess:)

      1. that’s what is exceptional about Leehom. His personal lifestyle is very simple and he doesn’t flaunt his wealth.

  16. Congratulations to both of them. I totally agreed with Funn Lim that Jay and dance or jump on this important day. I reckoned everyone for sure will be nervous about their big day. All we should do is congrats everyone who get married instead of thinking are they going to be together forever? It’s none of our business so lets all of us be happy for everyone that r in love.

    1. At the end of the day … however the swaggering groom felt or acted like he was in a movie — it doesn’t matter.

      The bride was happy 🙂

  17. Another high profile couple that I don’t like.. I want to congratulate them but I can’t because they’re acting too highly profile and it’s annoying.

    Time will tell if they get last.

  18. bridesmaids’ dresses are very short. like clubbing length. nice!

  19. Congrats to them. On another note, it does look like a promo video lol. He looked so casual and nonchalant. Maybe that’s how he surpressed pressure and nervousness. However, his suite is waaaay to casual for it too IMO. Especially his shoes. Eh, what?

  20. it was a stunning ceremony. if this couple lasts, then it was a beautiful beginning. i do think jay acted a little impassive but i don’t know him. wedding jitters, perhaps? it would have been nice if he smiled more. hannah was dazzling and her dad looked dang young.

      1. Beautiful wedding. My daughter and I thought it was a music video the way Jay Chou walks, but My hubby viewed his music videos, and that is just how he walks :). Hannah’s dad is old and looks old in other videos but not in here.

      2. I thought Hannah’s dad looked young too. Was he the one that walked down the aisle? Or was it someone else?

  21. The institution of marriage is one of the patriarchy’s all-time greatest hits, in which women are sold into sexual slavery from father to husband.

  22. Somehow RMB doesn’t quite tell me the cost as in dollars and pounds.


    “His 21-year-old bride, whose Chinese name is Wu Yi-Chen, wore a white Tudor-inspired gown and a diamond-encrusted tiara worth over £1.25 million.
    Weddings at the 4,050-hectare estate start at £8,000 with a rental of the main house coming in at about £15,000.”


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