Jinny Ng Comes to Daughter’s Defense: “I Will Fight to Death”

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Jinny Ng Comes to Daughter’s Defense: “I Will Fight to Death”

Jinny Ng (吳若希) and her boyfriend Alex Ho (何兆鴻) welcomed the arrival of their daughter in May. Jinny happily shared a photo of her family on social media. Despite many congratulatory messages, a netizen reacted negatively to Jinny’s post and scolded

“After giving birth, [you] still haven’t gotten married yet. You indeed gave birth to a ‘chicken’ baby. A baby without a father is such a pity, and with a mom that is so foul-mouthed too. [Your] daughter has a pig face and is cross-eyed. Will your baby just not go out in public ever? You gave birth out of wedlock and still think you’re all that!”

Known for her fiery temper, Jinny spoke up and retaliated against the harsh comment. “A normal person may not understand why I feel the need to protect my daughter and not want her to be exposed to the public eye. But once you become a public figure and are the target of the online world and the media who say you are a whore and gold-digger, and you know that nothing you say will help the situation, you will understand how to protect the people around you. My daughter will forever be my daughter. I don’t have a choice and my daughter doesn’t have a choice. As a mother, I hope to always give my child the best. I don’t want her to grow up being the target because of her mother’s identity. Right now, as a mother, I am only trying to protect my daughter. I don’t think any mother can disagree.”

She added, “Actually, I have always been the strong type. I just let things go and ignore it sometimes! But let me tell you, if anyone hurts my daughter, I will fight you to the death. I don’t care whether I am a public figure or not. As a mother, if I can’t even protect my own daughter, then I might as well not have given birth to her!”

Alex also spoke up and defended Jinny. Although the couple is not yet married, Alex is already referring to Jinny as his wife, stating, “So what if my wife is impulsive, has Princess Syndrome, and has a foul mouth? So what? I like it and I love her!”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

24 comments to Jinny Ng Comes to Daughter’s Defense: “I Will Fight to Death”

  1. mike says:

    “Known for her fiery temper…”
    I have always wondered why when she wins awards, not many people congratulate her or cheer. Other stars get lots of congrats from their colleagues. She seemed to shunned.
    Did she fight with people in the entertainment industry?

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  2. bubbletea says:

    This ‘fan’ sounds like a real mentally challenged nutcracker. Yes, being married and having babies is the traditiocal way, but couples are getting pregnant before wedlock. That does not make them bad people. The nutjob even said the baby does not have a father. Ha!, this person is so whacked. Thete is nothing wrong with the baby’s eyes. If this baby had cross eyes, then all chinese have cross eyes. Stupid old idiot. Must be three hundred years old.

    Baby looks like a cute plump dumpling.

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  3. cutie777 says:

    This sounds nuts I mean who cares if they’re not married as long they’re happily together and raised their daughter together so it’s not like they’re the only one in the world who’s not married yet with kid there’s a lots couples out there who have kids together and still haven’t got married yet and still happily together after all. This crazy people need to get over it and move on and stop being an old fashioned.

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  4. jjwong says:

    OMG, it’s 2017, who cares if she’s married before giving birth. Marriage is just a darn certificate anyways. You have people who are married but have kids by another man or impregnate another woman. So what’s the darn big deal about “marriage.” They love each other. They love their baby. They’re happy. Good enough. For one to attack an innocent infant on looks and shame is classless, wasteful and outright mental. It’s like a pot calling a kettle black. They say it’s immoral to be wedlock but then they ambush a defenseless baby. SMH. Mental.

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  5. jimmyszeto says:

    Let’s ignore what netizens post because on the internet there are guaranteed to be idiots who think it’s funny to post hurtful things to get a reaction. As celebrities, they should be ready for that so i think it’s a disgrace that she reacts this immature way. She isn’t the only one that receives these types of posts and her reaction shows she is a poor role model and has poor attitude. Wouldn’t be surprised if her career spirals downwards.

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    • jjwong replied:

      @jimmyszeto I disagree on 2 aspects. 1) Dismissing (essentially accepting) the netizen posts is like saying boys will always be boys so let them bully each others, they’ll grow out of it. Sure people are “braver” online but it doesn’t justified the wrong actions. 2) Being a celebrity does come with its territory but that doesn’t mean her family should be under the same scrutiny. Any mom in the playground hear another parent or teen calls their kid like that will naturally come to her own kid defense. Some says it calmly while others make a scene. Regardless of either, it’s still the one instigated fault. She’s doing just that.

      Why do we put celebrities on higher moral ground when they’re human like us? If our kids are model after a “bad celeb,” then shouldn’t it be our job to correct our kids? We’re our own enemies sometimes…

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      • jimmyszeto replied:

        Celebrities receive thousands of posts spread over dozens of forums on a daily basis. If a celebrity starts focusing on all the idiotic posts by insane people then they will have their work cut out because there will be plenty of them. Plenty of kids follow their idols and they are under adult age so they will be influenced by their idols and won’t be able to distinguish what’s right and wrong till they are older. I’m sure Andy Lau receives hundreds more of these posts about his wife and kids. Does he react like this? No because thousands are watching his every move. There are many positive posts to focus on.

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  6. You go mama bear! Good for you!

    How vicious and rotten can someone be to attack a child like that? I don’t blame the mother for reacting the way she did, public figures are people too. Also the woman just gave birth, hormones and all, give her a break!

    The only person she should be a role model for is her own daughter and here she’s protecting her.

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    • jimmyszeto replied:

      It goes without saying that a mother will protect her child but if she feels that she has to respond to every hostile post then she is in the wrong industry. Every minute there’s netizens posting rubbish. Just because she has come out shouting and screaming does not make her a superior mother. Most mothers will do the same nut in a more discrete manner.

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      • @jimmyszeto I’m not saying she’s superior, she’s just being a protective mother who’s probably still a bit hormonal after giving birth. No, she can’t answer every comment thrown at her direction but this time she choose to reply. And that’s her business.

        I disagree that her reaction was inappropriate or should have been ‘more discreet’. It’s one thing to criticize her as a singer but how polite are you supposed to be towards at stranger who publicly blasted vile insults towards your own child? Would you ignore it if that happened to you offline? If not why would she ignore it online?

        Why are netizens exempt from consequences? Or why are celebrities held to a higher standard and expected to be the bigger person in every possible situation for that matter? Even when your new born baby is being attacked?

        Those people typing and thinking those disgusting things are living, breathing human beings that live among us, not some made up fantasy trolls that only exist online. They should be told off and put on their place once in a while. And the same applies to public figures, they are not free targets who just have to take stupid insults and disrespect. They are human beings who get sad, angry and frustrated and protective of their children just like the rest of us. You only deserve respect if you’re respectful yourself, the netizens that said those things obviously didn’t deserve sh-t.

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      • bubbletea replied:

        @peanutbutterjelly Wow!, what you said is priceless. Every mother has the right to come to her child’s defence. It is one thing going after celebrities but to insult an innocent little baby is beyond low.

        @peanutbutterjelly. Again, your post is amazing. I appreciate such wisdom

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      • jimmyszeto replied:

        100% agree that she is a human being and should be cursing the idiot in the background. As a celebrity though she has her company to answer to and a spokesman to discuss with. There are also thousands of young fans who idolise her to answer to. If I could remember correctly previously a similar incident happened where a netizen made fun of her mum and she used inappropriate words to curse him back. Firstly to react like this sets a bad example to young fans and secondly it encourages netizens to provoke her again in the future because she has a short fuse.

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      • @jimmyszeto I understand that the way she reacted is not the best PR move. In fact, if I were her I wouldn’t have handled it like that, but I’m way older than she is. And personally I do not condemn her for her reaction.

        I don’t think reading a few curse words will do more ‘harm’ to youngsters compared to other stuff that they get exposed to on a daily basis online, but that’s my opinion. I’m from an older generation and even back then people are complaining that idols are ‘corrupting today’s youth’. They’ll be fine. You can hear more curse words just walking down the streets of Mongkok for a few hours.

        I do agree that her personality may not be fit for a Chinese celebrity due to no fault of her own. It’s just the Chinese society and mentality in general. They put celebrities to a higher standard and have an immediate tendency to dislike anyone with a little fame that exhibits any genuine sign of imperfection.

        She’s just a singer, not a gatekeeper of morality (and neither are we). It’s okay that she doesn’t have the perfect reaction to every situation. It’s okay to let her live a little.

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  7. coralie says:

    The BF/husband-to-be’s response stumped me. He sounds SO whipped lol. When the guy is henpecked to the point of AGREEING that he enjoys being with a woman with princess syndrome lol. Either that or he’s submissive/masochist.

    He’s probably saying that stuff to defend his gf, but it’s coming across as very immature and kinda stupid.

    Also, to the rabid anti-fan, wow…some people need to get a life

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    • 1nit replied:


      I see it differently. He is saying that to upset the people who are criticising his gf.

      It’s like the movie/drama/book Love O2O. When a girl ask the male lead why you are dating the female lead? She is a slut and marries so many people online etc…. His reply was that he doesn’t​ care as long as she stays with him he is happy.

      The male lead knew that his gf is not a slut because the person she married online was him. He said it to upset the attacker.

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  8. happybi says:

    Love that she spoke up!! People on the internet can be soo crazy. To attack a child like that is so uncall for!

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    • bubbletea replied:

      @happybi I am glad she spoke up too. As a mother yourself, you will understand, and I can bet that you will do the same for your children

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  9. hayden says:

    IMO the guy should give this woman a status after she had given birth to his child. He is rich and financially stable, so what is he waiting for? Yes marriage is just a paper but is also important in terms of legal and other important things which needs spouse approval etc. Just my opinion….

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    • janet72 replied:

      @hayden agree. marriage may be just a piece of paper…but in the eyes of the law, only the wife/husband can make important and legal decisions. touchwood, if an operation is required, the girlfriend/boyfriend cannot sign the approval. the child is considered illegitimate when the parents are not married.

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    • jjwong replied:

      @hayden Does HK have common law marriage? Some States are. Where they don’t need to go to court to be legally married. They do need to be living together for 2 years, publicly regard each other as husband and wife (e.g. calling each other hubby or wifey or introducing one another as such to a third party) and have some asset account jointly. When crap hits the fan, they can go through legal divorce and split finance, burden, the whole 9s.

      Does HK have law that allow the mom to take bio-father to court for child support even if they’re not married? Basically, in US, there are laws besides signing a paper for marriage that protect and share the responsibilities. Is it perfect? Ofc not, but a legal paper isn’t 100% guarantee either.

      The only possible downsize is tax. Married (with signed paper) and a dependent tends to have higher tax break so you pay less rax. However, as you stated, he’s financially capable so tax breaks mighr now be a big deal. Again, these are all based on US. Even if HK vastly different, the guy can still support her financially without a piece of paper. If he’s irresponsible, papet isn’t gomna change that. They can have it signed, but then he can still give her nothing behind closed doors.

      Regardless, it’s all preferential thing IMO. Neither sides should get criticized for chosing whatever fits their lifestyle. If you believe in marriage, go for it. If you don’t, you’re not Satanic lol.

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  10. m0m0 says:

    was the person a who posted the message a time traveller from times before ours? crazy SOB nutcase.

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  11. llwy12 says:

    Ok…I don’t care how much people may hate a particular artist, but for them to target and attack the artists’ children (especially babies who have no way of defending themselves) is disgusting, despicable, and frankly unforgivable! Yes, that netizen was probably a mentally deranged lunatic anyway, but still doesn’t excuse such behavior. I hope Jinny sues him/her (not that hard to find out who the person is nowadays)…if not, I’m sure karma will come around sooner or later.

    As far as how Jinny reacted – I have no issues with it. As someone stated earlier, it’s already known that she has a temper, as she’s had verbal battles with netizens before, so it’s no surprise that she would react the way she did in this instance. As a mother, she has the right to defend her daughter regardless of whether she is a public figure or not…sure, this won’t look good for her PR and her career will probably be affected in some way (at minimum, she will likely gain even more “haters” now), but I honestly don’t think she cares about that and if that’s the case, then more power to her. Besides, who’s to say that she wouldn’t have gotten flack from people if she HADN’T responded as she did? She has enough haters out there who would’ve criticized her lack of response to an attack on her child….basically, she’s in one of those “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situations so why not just go all out and react the way she wants to?

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    • bubbletea replied:

      @llwy12 very well said. I always like your comments. Whether we agree with Jinny getting into verbal spats with fans or not, this time she is justified. She is within her rights to defend her innocent baby. Good on her this time.

      The problem is the older generation need to tell the younger gen to stop looking up to these celebs as role models. These celebs are only accountable to their families as role models. They should not be worshipped or referred to as gods and goddesses. That is the problem. When they lie, have kids out of wedlock, drink, smoke, swear and party hard, the worshippers can’t take it and are disappointed and lash out. These famous people have so many dirty secrets. If I mention some of the factual things I know, some fans will kill me, or themselves. Don’t be fooled by some of the marriages, they are cover ups to so many things. There is a marriage that just happened for all the wrong reasons. Maybe the wife knows knows what is happening and was promised lifelong financial security, just like two other Taiwanese brides.

      Point is, Jinny or other celebrities in Asia or around the world should be able to live their lives without having to be put on role model pedestals. It is simply not right.

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  12. melia880 says:

    Wow, attacking a baby is very low. Some netizens really need to get a life. You can dislike an artiste, but why attack an innocent baby? Good for Jinny for protecting her child.

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