Joe Ma to Open More Restaurants in 2017

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Joe Ma to Open More Restaurants in 2017

Actor Joe Ma (馬德鐘) and his wife Karen Cheung (張筱蘭) has their new year all planned out. Promoting a new Lunar New Year dish for the Japanese restaurant they have invested in, Joe and Karen said they hope the new dish would bring messages of good luck to their customers.

Joe said, “This dish combines 20 different fresh foods, including a variety of vegetable salads and sashimi. You mix the ingredients together, and it’s meant to send out a message of wealth. Get rich and be successful!”

Karen added, “Many people tend to eat rather fatty foods for New Year’s, but this dish is healthy and fresh. Staying healthy is the most important thing of all!”

For the New Year holidays, Joe and Karen said they would take their son overseas for a short vacation. Joe said, “The flight tickets have been hard to book. I wanted to go to more crowded places, but seeing the snow doesn’t sound bad either! To be honest, I’ve been filming a lot, so I’m also inching use this opportunity to rest. Sometimes I just want to stay somewhere quiet, and use the time to plan out what I’m going to do next year.”

Reflecting on the past Year of the Monkey, Joe said his biggest accomplishment in his 20-year entertainment career was to finally have the opportunity to open up his own restaurant. As for his plans for the Year of the Rooster, Joe said, “I am interested in filming a drama in Hong Kong.”

The former TVB actor spent the past year traveling around the mainland, filming Chinese dramas. He said, “I want to spent time with my Hong Kong viewers again.”

As for his Japanese restaurant, Joe said he plans to open up more branches around the city. “We’re going to open up another branch in Hong Kong in March. I do have a few more projects at hand, but now is not the right time to announce them.”

Does he want to establish his own restaurant empire? “I’m just a newbie in this industry!” said Joe. “It’s still a huge challenge for me. I’m learning as I go, but I have confidence in the Hong Kong market. I don’t think I’m going to open one up in the mainland yet.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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Joe Ma to Open More Restaurants in 2017

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    1. jjwong says:

      My goodness, I can’t not (yes, double negative, not a typo) stare at their cheeks… They can pass off as dragon/phoenix twin, must had use same doc.

      Om positive note, I did like watching him on small screen. So it’s good news that if he is coming back..

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      • 1nit replied:


        It’s called husband & wife look.

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        • jjwong replied:

          @1nit I can’t tell of that was sarcasm or seriousness. I lol’d either way. So TY! 😀

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    2. janet72 says:

      Joe Ma has the height and a wonderful built…a pity he left tvb.

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      • isay replied:

        @janet72 to that, thank goodness! He’s a mediocre actor, more wooden than kenny wong.

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        • happybi replied:

          @isay No way! He’s def. better than Kenny. Actually I like him as an actor. Not the best actor but at least he has presence with his height and build. He does cop role well and I like him in that series with Charmaine.

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        • jjwong replied:

          @happybi Definitely agree that he’s better than Kenny. They do have a similar built but Joe is better looking. I noticed Joe when he played a spoiled son in Threshold of Era. The hospital scene with Kara Hiu about their son was so emotional and chilling. Kenny is just Kenny with 1-face expression to emote any emotion, -_-;

          Anyways, Joe had done sooooo many series with Charmaine… Do you like them all then? I got tired of them after awhile, especially I didn’t see them having they a good on screen chemistry to begin with.

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        • happybi replied:

          @jjwong i like him in Maiden Vow with Charmaine. I actually think Joe is pretty good in comedy. And yes I find him good looking. Kenny doesn’t bother me either. He def is buff too as he has nice abs but compare to Joe, i find him skinnier. Joe has a good body.

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        • jjwong replied:

          @happybi that’s the only series I like of them too. It was different.

          I find Joe better looking than Kenny. The latter has more of Moses, who has that tall and build looking frame but is not very handsome. Just appearance wise, Joe=Michael Tong as Kenny=Moses. Acting ability, swap Michael and Moses: Joe=Moses as Kenny=Michael.

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    3. funnlim says:

      Never forgive for talking gibberish instead of English. Even Francis ng made an effort. This guy? Absolute gibberish and an embarrassment to himself and his profession.

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    4. jimmyszeto says:

      Because of Joe’s build, he has screen presence. There’s not many actors in Hong Kong who has these attributes. In western countries then maybe…

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