Kenneth Ma Protects Jacqueline Wong in Light of Her Affair

On April 17th, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) finally broke his silence regarding girlfriend Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) and Andy Hui‘s (許志安) cheating scandal. The 45-year-old actor accepted an interview at TVB City, where he showed up to film upcoming drama The Exorcist’s Meter 2 <降魔的2.0>. Kenneth appeared wan and sallow, but he was prepared to address the matter in the face of many reporters.

With a calm front, Kenneth said, “Actually, after I learned about this matter, my anger quickly turned into worry. I was worried about all the people involved in this incident. I do not hope for anyone to get hurt. I can only speak for [Jacqueline]… she knows she’s in the wrong and she really wants to come out and speak to everyone. But the company is afraid she’s emotionally unstable and will say the wrong thing, so they did not arrange for her to come out. I know she just posted a message on Instagram.”

He continued by defending the 30-year-old actress, “I can only say she’s still very young, and still has a lot to face in the future – a long road to walk. I hope everyone will give her space. As for me, there’s no need to worry about me – I will continue to concentrate on my work and will keep filming. I don’t hope to impact the filming schedule. Andy has already spoken, so I will not comment on the situation because I think the only person qualified to do so is Andy’s wife, Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文). I hope things will settle down as soon as possible.”

Kenneth also asked the media not to interview his parents, as they are not in the entertainment business. Asking reporters not to focus on his mother’s interview, he hinted that the reporters scared his mother, which led her to possibly saying the wrong things. The filial son plead, “I hope everyone will give us a break and not scare my family. I can only say this much. I will concentrate on my work in the coming days, thank you for your concern and please don’t agitate the situation.”

When the interview came to an end, a reporter asked the star what kind of relationship he currently has with Jacqueline and whether or not he broke up with her. Kenneth replied, “I have nothing else to add.”

Source: Oncc

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      1. @janet72
        He will have dumped her. No chance Kenneth can resume a good career comfortably still associated to this girl. It will be for the best for him, his family and his work to draw a line here…

  1. An overall calm and collected reply. A well rounded answer and well delivered. People behind it did a good job. Netizens probably will not agree but so what.

    1. @ricky721 Agreed! Kenneth did an excellent job with his response — in fact, he responded better than both Andy and Jacqueline who were responsible for this mess in the first place.

      I do hope the media will leave him and Sammi alone now, though I doubt it since that’s now how HK media works unfortunately…

      1. @llwy12 I hope so too.. Agree they should leave him and especially Sammi alone… But, it’s HK A1 news and it’s HK.. the media will need time to settle the dust. The delivery of the situation was far superior then Andy and Jacqueline’s… Well, Karma has no deadlines…

    2. @ricky721 Yeah, very tactful response; a bit uncharacteristic of him, lol. Still gotta commend the poised delivery though.

      Even if the response is curated, I hope his actual train of thought is somewhere along the same tracks, and that he isn’t taking it too hard behind closed doors. He has always striked me as a decent guy.

  2. I hope Kenneth broke up with the sl*t, she doesn’t deserve him such a good guy in this whole scandal how can he still remain calm… both of them (Andy & Jacqueline) have been flirting together for a good while now.

  3. Can’t tell if it’s just a PR statementto look good in public or he genuinely believes what he’s saying.

  4. Kenneth has always been known as a super nice guy. Sammi is also well liked by people as well. And both are more successful then their partner so people are just shocked on what’s happening right now.

    Kenneth said all the right things here and its not surprising since his mom’s response was very PR as well. The PR company is out doing damage control already so the media won’t get much out of him mom so they should leave her alone. All the netizens are behind Kenneth and Sammi on this one.

  5. A TRUE gentleman, i hope he can put her behind and move on to someone much deserving.

  6. Why is it that Kenneth and Andy can accept interviews but Jacqueline can’t? Kenneth and Andy can be emotionally unstable and say the wrong thing too, no?

    It doesn’t matter if she says the wrong thing or cries. At least don’t hide cowardly as if she doesn’t need to take any responsibilties and let others deal with it for her.

    1. @rainbow28
      The slight difference is the Jacqueline will not be able to come up with any excuses over this because it as clear that she was aggressively kissing Andy and maybe more bedroom cheating has happened previously or on the same night. Also she had befriended Sammi. The questions she will receive if she comes out to speak, she will not have a any answers to….

    2. @rainbow28 She hasn’t been in the industry long enough to answer all the random questions properly.
      For Kenneth the questions they’ll ask is predictable: how he feels, if they’ve broken up.
      For Jacqueline it could be unexpected and TVB is avoiding that. So didn’t plan on her meeting with the paps

  7. Jacqueline Wong really missed out on a good man. He did not have to say any kind words for her at all, whether or not it is a PR move or not is irrelevant. If he personally held a grudge and wasn’t by default a caring person, he really needn’t say anything supportive of her as no one would of expected him to in the first place. Him choosing to go this route really showcases excellent character.

    His response was full of class, kindness, maturity and compassion. I’ve always liked him and appreciated his acting but after seeing this, WOW I have a lot of respect for him and am definitely a fan.

  8. Kenneth Ma is really a true gentleman. He did not have to say good words for Jacqueline Wong who cheated on him after dating with him for 2 years. However, he chose to be classy and asked people to give her space as she is still young. I don’t think many men can do it.

  9. The reporters in HK are so disrespectful. I felt annoyed on Kenneth’s behalf for the time in the beginning where he had to wait for the reporters to get ready.
    When he starts talking and the reporters yell “Don’t talk yet! We’re not ready!!!!” and he has to stand there to wait for them to get their mics ready…..I’m just sitting here thinking “Well this is your job, why are you not ready? Why does he have to help you do your job?”
    Just feel tired to Kenneth, hope the paps leave him and his family alone

  10. Like what other people are saying his speech was probably given by tvb’s pr team and well rehearsed. But still shame on tvb for pushing kenneth out to speak with the media. He is also a victim they should’ve pushed jaqueline out to owe up to her mistakes. Like the chinese saying “食得鹹魚抵得渴”

  11. There’s to go with dignity.pride.job offer. Come on wtf. First there was Jackie Chan,Edison Chen,Benny Chen.when will they learn? Next plus east post paparazzi are all over hk. Another way interpret is get a life , but reader love gossip and drama. Salty one can one up talentless diva polish shoe much fan betrayal. Hard to leave house on small island gives hk hypocrisy. It’d ironic Eric tsang, Antony Wong, chapman to act so high honor and prestige with a lot of envy offer in the privilege department. Wong jing and hk Shaw thrive from mafia and degrading category three film past. It’s not real if it’s acting no matter how far it goes like with forgotten a/v idol pstars that didn’t make it like shuqi Vivian. It’s like all celebrities are naturally sick once in business with fan bing bing angelababy poy Hannah quilavan gem Ngyuekhei gold digging past. What I’m saying is we keep seeing dumb celeb put on fake apology act yet we know they always mess up and will mess up again to savor their faces. Are fans that dumb bad feel betrayed if their idols smoke drink curse and chest. So much pretentious and hypocrite from fan base and entertainment industry. Not stereotype even if they try lampshade with films .

  12. Sigh. Poor Kenneth have to break the silence. His speech is somehow professional however can see that he’s hurt deep down inside that it’s not worth further time and energy on the #loosewoman #vixen Jacqueline Wong.

  13. Even if it’s a PR script, he demonstrated a gentleman image here. He look calm and ready to speak so I do hope inside he’s feeling the same too. That girl isn’t worth his time and energy. Hope that he get over this relationship and not affecting his career.

  14. There were little snippets of the reporters preparing for the interview and you could clearly tell he had a fake smile on hiding the frown. And when it was time for the actual interview, yes he was calm, but I could see the pain in his eyes. 2 year relationship does mean a lot. Kenneth is obviously heartbroken and probably haven’t recovered yet. Luckily he’s filming which will hopefully distract him, rather than trapping himself at home. Kenneth does not deserve this. Especially listening to the interview, he is such a genuine and simple person.

    1. @jcc10 Yea, I agree that calm is a front. Poor dude. I wonder how will this effect his filming. Regardless how he wants to be focus, I doubt he’s not affected on the inside which will effect his character. Maybe hopefully this is not when he has to film bubbly portion of the series.

      On another random note, if JW is as bold and brazen as she was in the taxi clip, she should come out and tell all! Give all affect party the truth. Her career is over regardless, she has to know that. So why not go out with a bang? Or if she has any ounce of decency left, she should come clean to both Sammi and Kenneth even if it’s in private. She owes them as much. Andy, on the other hand, has no hope in coming clean. Those croc tears, “drunk” excuse, and only a moment of passion my butt. Pffft

      1. @jjwong definitely no way she can bounce back. Totally agree with you, what’s the point in hiding? She did wrong, and the most she could do is post on ig an apology. Which does absolutely nothing. Why is it that Kenneth comes out to the reporters and lower the flame of the situation. Funny how Andy uses “I was drunk” as an excuse, so cliché. Once again my heart breaks for both Kenneth and Sammi, they are both such genuine and caring people.

  15. Well, its a nice PR answer but I seriously doubt his actually feelings are that he wants to protect her. Come on, lets get real. His girl was all over another guy and revealed for all the world to see. If he dosent hate her, he probably just wants to wipe her existence away right now.

    1. @megamiaow That’s exactly my thoughts!! Nice PR & still gotta hand it to him that he said for his own image or company wanted it as such it but doesn’t mean it’s sincere. Girl was all over the dude how can anyone not be shocked/mad over it no matter how nice you are? You are not human if you are not.

  16. first TVB sends reporters to harass his mom, then give him this PR response to say, can totally see why everyone wants to leave their management

  17. Hope he dumped her on the spot!! He deserves much better, seems like a nice guy. Always thought she was just dating him for the fame and she was a nobody. Hope tvb kicks her out- career over! She was never a good actress anyway and her instagram posts are so full of it. She has this weird looking smile too (probably genetic, all her sisters do too). Also she is not “young”. Shes bloody 30! Maybe that was his scripted response but really, 30 isnt “young” enough to not know what cheating is.

  18. This dude is good.

    At least he is calm about it. Guessing there isnt much he can do and just have to wait.

  19. Kenneth stay calm if that was Edison Chen he’s going to take out some anger towards the reporter for sure. Jacqueline is lucky that Kenneth didn’t talked any bad stuff about her. Poor Kenneth!

  20. Looks like Kenneth has gained a lot from this mishap. First, he has gained quite a number of fans due to his matured handling of the interview & the publicity brought by this incident. Secondly, it’s a blessing that he found out about the 2 timing girl else imagine if they are married. So yeah good for him. Hope he would be able to find a nice girl soon

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