Kenny Wee Suspected of Arranging Sexual Services

Above: Restaurateur Kenny Wee with wife, Suki Chui.

Suki Chui’s (徐淑敏) husband, Kenny Wee (黄浩), is suspected to have arranged sexual encounters for two Hong Kong police officers. Last week, two police officers were photographed at a hotel kissing MaiT (田代麻衣) and AnnaK (久保杏奈) from Japanese-Korean pop group, Girls Kingdom. The corruption case is currently under investigation as to whether the two police officers had misused their power in exchange for sexual company.

Kenny had acted as a middle-man to arrange two men to meet with the Japanese models at a 6-star hotel. When the kissing photos initially emerged, Kenny stated that the two men were Japanese agents. Only later was it discovered that they were Hong Kong police officers, Inspector Leung and Inspector Chan.

Chief Inspector Leung and Chief Inspector Chan are currently taking a month’s break to assist the case’s investigation, which has captured the attention of top ranks within the police department. It was reported that though Chief Inspector Leung is stationed in the New Territories South Regional Crime Unit, he has once joined other high profile units such as the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau as well as the Commercial Crime Bureau, helping the police crack many major cases. Inspector Chan is with the Complaints and Internal Investigations branch, working with sensitive issues as well as collaborating often with the ICAC.

Lovers Not Sexual Partners

An insider revealed that MaiT and Inspector Leung have met on several occasions prior to the hotel stakeout. Confirming this, MaiT told the press through Girls Kingdom’s manager, Angel,  “Inspector Lueng is my boyfriend. Our relationship is not what the press made it out to be. My grandmother has just passed away and I am feeling down, so I hope everyone can give me some space.”

AnnaK expressed that this incident will not harm her relationship with her dentist boyfriend, hinting that the press has exaggerated the matter.

Angel further clarified, “This is all that MaiT and AnnaK have to share with the public. The company believes them, so there is nothing more to add.”

Despite the current legal entanglement he may be in, Kenny was spotted at a theme park with wife, former Miss Hong Kong participant, Suki Chiu yesterday. When they left the park at 5 PM, they were intercepted by reporters. However, both Kenny and Suki declined to respond to any questions regarding the case. Asked if he had lied about the chief inspectors’ identities previously, Kenny promptly ushered Suki into the car and left the scene.


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    1. and what did he mean those police were Japanese operatives? What did he say in Chinese exactly? Is he just calling them hanjian for kissing Japanese agents??? First of all, his wife has that Japanese “English” name and he is most famous for getting involved in the nondrug bust of Josephine Ho, daughter of hanjian Stanly Ho. This is really weird.

  4. Lovers not sexual partners, who’s going to believe?

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    1. I kinda agree. Didn’t she get pregnant and decided to marry him when they only dated for 2 months? How much can you know about someone after only dating for two months? I know it was an accidental pregnancy and all, but damn girl, learn to protect yourself better. Don’t marry and have a kid with someone who you barely know.

      1. He is not having an affair with someone else, just making dirty money. They still go on dates to amusement parks! As long as he still treats her well, I don’t think she made a bad choice.

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  11. The couple also like to flaunt their “wealth”. They live in a house with a private pool which in Hong Kong is extremely rare unless they belong to the top 10% earners. They invited TVB to film a fung shui program in their house unlike the really rich in HK who usually keep a low profile. Can someone enlighten me what does this guy do apart from running restaurants? Did he inherit his $$?

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