Kevin Cheng Asks Anjaylia Chan Sex Questions

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Kevin Cheng Asks Anjaylia Chan Sex Questions

Newcomer Anjaylia Chan (陳嘉寶) and her boyfriend, Epaphras Wong (黃頌祈), are known to be devout Christians. After dating for more than a year, the couple continues to remain abstinent. In a taped conversation which was leaked to the press, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) was heard asking about the couple’s private sexual lives.

After filming Blue Veins <殭> one night, Kevin went out to dinner with the cast and crew. During dinner, Kevin asked Anjaylia and her boyfriend Epaphras, “So you guys are devout Christians? Have you had sex?” When Anjaylia said no, Kevin turned towards Epaphras and asked, “Then do you self-pleasure?” Caught off guard, Epaphras admitted he did so. Anjaylia added, “I don’t help him. He’s talking about himself!”

An insider revealed that after sitting down, Kevin gruffly asked Anjaylia and Epaphras about their sexual lives in front of everyone. The insider revealed, “They are young, so their reaction is slow. They nervously answered everything! I felt so bad for them!” Anjaylia appeared extremely uncomfortable. Although Kevin laughed at the responses, the entire table was awkwardly quiet.

Speaking with the press, Anjaylia admitted that Kevin did indeed ask her sex-related questions. She said, “Actually, many people are curious about these things regarding devout Christians. There is unfamiliarity with the religion, so many people would ask. Kevin asked a lot of questions that day.” As to whether Epaphras responded to Kevin’s questions, Anjaylia said, “He probably did! I guess he knew how to answer Kevin’s questions. Actually, the ‘laughing’ sounds from the recordings are probably from me slurping my noodles.”

In response to the leaked recording of their conversation, Kevin explained, “We did briefly talk about pre-marital sex. I asked them a little more than I should have regarding how her boyfriend deals with [abstinence]? Actually, the discussion was not scandalous. Although I am not a Christian, I’m very respectful of each person’s personal beliefs and religion. Don’t use it to make up news stories. These things can be hurtful!”

In related news, it is also reported that Blue Veins will be Kevin’s last drama with TVB. He will not renew his management contract when it expires.


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12 comments to Kevin Cheng Asks Anjaylia Chan Sex Questions

  1. mtt84 says:

    A good choice of him not to renew his management contract. There is plenty of opportunities in mainland china where the payment is higher.

    If he wants to work in HK, then are also multiple options. With the arrival of new TV stations, they need experienced actors that can lead the TV series, so I expect big paychecks to sign him and other previous TVB actors/actresses.

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  2. coralie says:

    Kevin’s so blunt! I mean it’s natural to be curious but ppl normally ask their same sex friends and not the couple together. That seems tactless and rather embarrassing.

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  3. sds says:

    Lol one word: prick.

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  4. zeeke says:

    Lmao that was pretty blunt.

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  5. funnlim says:

    I am pretty sure he may have sounded rather casual and joking tone. Unless he was super serious and that would be creepy.

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  6. msxie0714 says:

    What’s the proper pronunciation for Anjaylia and Epaphras?
    What kind of names are they?

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  7. cuckoo says:

    Guess that’s why he’s still single?! All the girls will run away, too scared !!! 😀

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  8. dramadrama says:

    He must be the ‘must try the goods first before purchasing’ type…….

    But it’s really weird to ask in front of the gf too. He wanted to do the deed for the bf is it????!!!

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    • bizzybody replied:

      @dramadrama It’s crude and tactless, but Kevin is probably just curious and asking out loud what goes in other’s mind when one claims to be devout Christians. He can’t really ask when the lady is alone or it may seem like harassment or proposition.

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  9. kolo says:

    i dont believe this, he always behaves as cool as he can and is not a bla-bla guy either,what made him to ask such indecent,creepy questions? i only believe it if he was drunken when he said that.

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  10. aidenchan says:

    Thank goodness he will not renew his contract. I cannot bear to watch his “acting”. A perv, pedophile, arrogant, wooden “actor”.

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