Leanne Li: “How I Fell In Love With Wong Cho Lam”

Leanne Li’s (李亞男) popularity rose after her romance with Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) was revealed in 2010, peaking higher than even when she won the Miss Chinese International Pageant in 2005! Leanne admitted that she was interested in Cho Lam 6 years ago. However, to fulfill a promise towards TVB, she cut-off their relationship. After the couple reconciled their relationship, Leanne felt that true love was invaluable and did not deny that she possessed marriage intentions. Over the next 5 days, Leanne will speak about her circle of friends in the entertainment industry, as well as being compared to Fala Chen (陳法拉) often.

Leanne revealed, “Cho Lam helped me a lot in my career. Our romantic fate also stemmed from an exchange in teaching and learning. Many years ago, I sang the song, Red Bean <紅豆>, upon which I asked my singing instructor for advice. Surprisingly, she told me to ask Wong Cho Lam for advice. It turned out that my instructor sensed that Cho Lam was interested in me.   I did not realize this at the time, wondering, ‘Why did I have to bring the demo tape to Cho Lam among all people?’

“After listening to the tape, Cho Lam advised me to take singing lessons, while teaching me Cantonese and [ how to read scripts]. He is 5 years older than me. At the time, I treated him as an elder brother, while admiring his kindness to take time to teach other people. However, I did not have any feelings of love at the time, as I felt that our physiques were incompatible.”

Love Sparks in Disneyland

“One day, Cho Lam asked me out one-on-one to Disneyland. Silly me; I did not know it was a date, but I had a good impression towards him. We had a wonderful time in Disneyland. While on the Buzz Lightyear ride, I felt him clasping my hand. I thought to myself, ‘Something is not right!’ However, I was not offended. We decided to let our feelings run their natural course.  After the second and third dates where I felt things were okay, I agreed to start dating.

“After some time together, I worried that I was dating Cho Lam because of loneliness and that I did not truly love him. Afraid of hurting each other, we agreed to pray for 40 days, in which we would not call each other or meet in person. We could only write down our daily thoughts, in which we would exchange our journals to read at the end of the 40 day period.  On the first day of the diary, I cried non-stop while writing the entry; I really missed him! On the 35th day, I could not stand it anymore!

“I sought a counselor to discuss the matter; she felt that I can start a relationship with Cho Lam, but I nevertheless gave up the opportunity. I had promised TVB that I would not date and promised my family that I would prioritize my career first. If were to start dating immediately after entering the industry, it is as if I am here to date more than work. I will never forgive myself. At the time, I cried while asking to break up, which made Cho Lam very sad.”

Leanne Li’s Profile

Currently 27 years old, Leanne Li was born in Shanghai. Leanne won the 2004 Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant and the 2005 Miss Chinese International Pageant. Subsequently, Leanne signed a TVB management company, appearing in numerous series such as The Other Truth <真相>, Burning Flame 3 <烈火雄心3>, etc. In 2010, when the 5-feet-9-inch Leanne revealed that she was dating 5-feet-4-inch Wong Cho Lam, the romance was dubbed as “Long Leg, Short Leg Love.”


Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: Due to their physiques, it appeared as if Leanne repeatedly questioned her love for Wong Cho Lam, who comes across as a kind-hearted and attentive boyfriend willing to accommodate his girlfriend’s whims. In the beginning of the relationship, Cho Lam pursued very slowly, allowing Leanne to call the shots of when they started, when they had to keep a journal of their feelings during the 40 days of separation, when to break up and reconcile, etc. All along, he waited for Leanne, to explore her true feelings and come to him patiently.

Leanne probably felt that her looks were too good for Cho Lam in the beginning. However, she allowed them the opportunity to develop, which is quite brave. However, I thought the 40 days of separation was quite silly. First of all, she already had feelings for him at that point, of course she would miss him upon separation. Also, 40 days is not long enough to truly test one’s feelings. But their true break-up likely told her that their love was something special not to be missed again.

When you are in a relationship where people constantly tell you, “You can do better, find a better partner,” it can be quite discouraging. Especially if your employer says the same thing. Leanne is brave to love Cho Lam amidst the initial disapproval.

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  1. 6 years ago? Wow! I do believe this romance is real and is beneficial to BOTH parties. And I do like the fact they’re honest about their feelings for one another, a rarity for couples in the entertainment world. I like how they also capitalise on that. Anyway I don’t think there is anything unbrave to love someone, especially Cho Lam is a normal guy. He is not sick, he doesn’t look weird, he is intelligent and capable, albeit a tad short. For me bravery is not about loving someone amidst such inconsequential disapproval. After all, she can change jobs or change employer. It is however heartwarming to know two people who dare to love so openly.

    1. And dear Cho Lam has standards eh? See how brave he is to go for the tall pretty one? Ok not brave but gung ho. But then it is always the short ones with a great sense of humour who gets the pretty ones.

  2. Jayne. There are more details about the courtship in an old Eastweek magazine. Because you said you prefer the interviews/news translated to be not to old, I didn’t translate it.

    Cho Lam didn’t let Leanne called all the shots on when to start the relationship. He also made a ultimatum. Their courtship is funny and romantic at the same time.

    Here’s the article.


    Here’s a excepts of the article.


    直至去年加拿大布道會,祖藍又再次向我表白,但當時我依然拒絕。然後他不斷send SMS和email給我,仲寫咗首歌〈跌落凡間的天使〉送給我,不過我仍然只想和他做朋友。




    1. Kidd,
      Thanks for the little excerpt, it is indeed humorous and touching at the same time. Kudos to Cho Lam for being so witty and creative in writing a “breakup letter” that forced Leanne to straighten out her priorities, that she either choose loving Cho Lam now, or he will walk out of her life forever.

      It sounds as if Cho Lam has indeed waited too many years (possibly 4 long years) for Leanne to make up her mind, that Leanne can accept Cho Lam for who he truly is inside.

  3. But what is she doing right now? Because it does seem the relationship is too high profile, rather than her career itself unless dating Cho Lam is a career in itself.

    1. She mostly host variety shows and travelogue. That’s why you seldom see her in series.

      She was in the ‘The Other Truth’ as Ruco’s half sister.

      1. Who did she play in Burning Flame 3? I saw it but don’t remember seeing her in it….

      2. @ HTS

        I didn’t watch the whole BF3, just a few episodes. She has a short relationship with Kevin’s character. According to wiki, she’s a reporter.

      3. Was she?? I think I have to rewatch it sometime since I don’t remember…

      4. @Kidd,
        Thanks for the info! SO she only appeared in a few eps… I think I sort of remember now since you said that she played the reporter.

  4. They’re like the “4 in love” couple but sorry, I find Wai ka Hung more attractive than him. WCL might be a nice guy but I can’t stand the way he talks. Louis yuen is actually the most likable of the 3 FLS b/c WCL is annoying and Johnson Li is arrogant.

  5. I am glad that Leanne followed her heart to love who she wants to love regardless of what others think. I think if you are truly in love, then looks are longer important. However, looks is the first thing that you see and what draws you in since you don’t know the other person.

    Their romance reminds me of one of my friends. Her boyfriend(now husband)was short and chubby which was not what she was physically looking for in a boyfriend. However, he kept on chasing her, she felt sorry for him and gave him a chance then he grew on her. She then fell in love with him and thinks he’s cute. True love can really change you and I think that is what happened to Leanne and Wong Cho Lam.

    I don’t think 40 days is that short to test anyone’s love. It varies… I guess you forgot that Barbie Hsu fell in love(or we think she did) and got engaged in 20 days. My mom was saying that you can even fall in love in 5 days. Ok, I really don’t believe that…

    1. HeTieShou,
      I don’t really believe in love at first sight, maybe lust and a strong physical attraction. I don’t believe in whirlwind romances…truly how much can you get to know a person in 20 days such as Barbie Hsu? Maybe a strong lust and compatibility, but not true love. For me, true love is something that takes years to cultivate…but many people equate attraction and a good companionship to be true love. For me, true love is truly able to accept that person’s weaknesses, truly able to love the worst and not only the best qualities in someone.

      Situations in life change, such as marriage, having kids, bankruptcy, where one’s fidelity is challenged, illness, aging, etc. True love withstands such tests in life. True love gives you strength to move on in life, a reason to live for someone, become a better person, look beyond yourself….

      In most instances, parental love remains steady through all the changing situations in our lives, so it really cannot be compared to romantic love.

      Barbie Hsu may have been strongly attracted to her husband and they got along really well, but IMO, it will take them a longer time to really feel true love.

      And the urge to get married to someone doesn’t mean that you have found your true love.

      1. Jayne,
        I totally agree with you about true love and I never truly believed in love at first sight either. Maybe lust or attraction at first sight, but not true love. True love is a lot more than just physical attraction. One of my friends also married a guy that she hardly even knew just because her biological clock was ticking and her parents did not allow her to date.

        Totally agree that it really takes time to know a person before you know if you truly love them or not. If you really love someone, you are supposed to be with them through thick and thin just like with any family member. I guess if treat them like a family member(but in the romantic way of course), then I think you have or are on the way to finding your true love.

        I totally agree that just because you want to marry someone doesn’t mean that you truly love them. THat is especially true if you hardly even knew them to start with. I have always believed that you need to get to know the other person for at least a year or more in order to see how they are…

      2. for 20 days to get married i am sure the $$$$$$$ is a huge factor? come on hes not ugly, not old but has $$$$$$$ yes i sure the urge to get married is there for celebs hahaa

    2. Good for your friend for giving the guy a chance and not squash him like a bug, LOL

      1. Yea, I was really glad for my friend because if she did not give him a chance, they would not be married right now. My friend is attractive too so some were sort of shocked about why she married her current husband. However, her husband is a very very nice guy and they truly love each other and I find that way more important than physical looks.

  6. I always finds Cho Lam very annoying when i see him onscreen which i don’t really like him as an artist. I do believe he is a talented and mr nice guy.

    1. yes i know when he always tries to b woman? WTH is that? i am sorry hes overrated n as for this tall loving him awwww…

    2. Yeah i USE to like him eg Off Pedder days but nowadays… his always cross dressing and its no longer funny… its cringeful how Leanne can accept that… props to her cos i wouldnt be able to

      1. Leanne can accept that because she knows it’s a job, not his hobby.

        I don’t see why a girlfriend wouldn’t be able to accept her boyfriend crossdress as part of work. It’s a small matter.

  7. To me they are a pair most incompatible, in looks, height and character but I suppose that is what is called “;blind” love. Wish them musch happiness together.

  8. Cho Lam seemed to be a good singer when I first listened to the theme song in “東方之珠”. He sang the theme song.

    However, I hate watching him portraying those female characters in “Fook Look Sau”. I don’t think they are a compatible pair in looks, height, and personality (except maybe in religion). I wish them Good Luck!

  9. This story sounds very *real* how refreshing and sweet. <3 Thank you.

  10. My wife told me that her conscience told her that their relation is fake. Never no that fake relation turn to real effection. Good luck to them. Good move for leane li but bad move for cho lam.Cholam’s fans are

  11. Such an unlikely pair physically but it does seem that they are very compatible personality-wise. Props to Wong Cho Lam for his brave wooing of the girl despite the height difference and it is refreshing to see a couple so open about their relationship.

    Always wondered why Leanne Li isn’t promoted in TVB. Think she does have acting potential.

  12. Although they are not physically an ideal pair but they seems very compatible personality-wise so I hope they last.

  13. good luck to them both! they are cute. people should date who they like not what they have and what they look like. never listen to those people that discourages a relationship. love lasts and looks fade overtime. so good luck to everyone in finding their partners! cute article for valentine’s day 🙂 thanX jayne

  14. i often felt she’s better looking than fala chen, i hope she’ll be able to get more on screen.

  15. I love Leanne but I don’t like the fact that she is dating Wong cho lam. I’m sorry but taller girls shouldnt date shorter guys.

    1. Sorry but I don’t think you should be saying that. IF you love someone, does it matter who is taller or who is shorter??? Physical attraction should NOT be the most important thing. Also, it is up to Leanne who she likes and wants to date, not anyone else…

    2. i agree with you hahaa… i meant not shallow or anything but 5 inches shorter???? my god i dont want ppl to say i am a gold digger or walking w/a little brother hahaha

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