Leehom Wang and Crystal Liu Attend “Love in Disguise” Premiere

In fans’ eyes, Leehom Wang possesses both talent and good looks. Aside from composing and singing his own songs, he recently scripted and directed his first film, Love in Disguise <恋爱通告>.  The surprising aspect was that Crystal Liu Yifeis role was also custom tailored for her.

The Beijing premiere of Love in Disguise was held on Monday, August 2nd. Leehom portrays a superstar who masquerades in a music conservatory while attempting to pursue Crystal . Leehom incorporated a lot of personal elements in the film and revealed humorous aspects about the entertainment industry that few fans were aware of. In the film, Leehom’s character endorses a toilet tissue brand. His gestures and expressions in the ad are absurd, poking fun at the fact that many real-life celebrities endorse ridiculous products for money.

As a superstar, Leehom’s character in Love in Disguise does not have his own private life. In the film’s final scene, he shared a kiss with Crystal ’s character, while the paparazzi immediately start snapping photos of the couple. Leehom whispered to Crystal , “Since I’m a celebrity, just let them take photos!” and continued kissing her.

Leehom revealed that filming movies allows him to fulfill certain goals he can not accomplish in real life. “My character disguises himself and no one was able to recognize his superstar status. I often fantasize about going out on the streets without anyone recognizing who I am.”

When reporters asked what difficulties Leehom and Crystal faced in their personal love lives, the stars attempted to dodge the question at first. Leehom said humorously, “I am not gay!” He added that Love in Disguise reflects artists’ yearning for a simple love relationship. Crystal ’s private life has often been a mystery. She said that she has not dated since entering the entertainment industry and thus did not experience any difficulties. However, if she came across true love, she will abandon everything to pursue this love. “Each person’s courage is different.”

Leehom also noted that he personally prefers a type of woman similar to Crystal Liu. “Of course I like Fei Fei ( Crystal ) a lot, otherwise I wouldn’t cast her in my movie! When I first started writing the script for Love in Disguise, I already added a role for her. Among the fifty-four draft versions of the script, thirty versions of it include Fei Fei’s name.  At the time, I never thought of casting another actress!”

Love in Disguise, starring Leehom Wang, Crystal Liu, and Joan Chen, will be released on August 12, 2010.

Excerpt from news.163.com, sh.xinmin.cn

Jayne: I just read Leehom’s biography on Wikipedia…very impressive accomplishments in his music career! From his current interviews, he does seem “in love” with Crystal Liu right now….

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  1. I like the idea of LeeHom and Crystal. I think they make a suitable couple and I have a feeling he is smitten with her.

  2. Crystal Liu is really amazingly classic. She just seems to have a face that suits ancient dramas/movies so well. I think it’s her “innocent” aura and her great looks. I think she’s probably one of the few Mainland actresses I actually recognize.

    At that same time, there’s something about here I can’t pinpoint…I can understand why he’s smitten by her. She’s classically beautiful.

  3. I heard awhile ago that Liu Yi Fei had a boyfriend already, but not sure if it is true or not. She and Leehom would be cute but I just hope that they are honest about it and will admit it when the time is right. Congrats to them!

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