Looking Closely At Kevin Cheng

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On August 15th 2006, Kevin Cheng Ka Wing turned 36. A lot of people think he looks younger. In “Yummy Yummy,” he doesn’t look much older than Raymond Lam. Kevin was born in the late 60’s and his career is just kicking off. His youthfulness is a great advantage.

As Moses Chan Ho appeals to the older housewives’ market, Kevin is still popular among young teens. In his “Jade Solid Gold” appearance, there are still many young fans supporting him.

A long time ago, Kevin had also heard the wild cries of his young female fans. In 1993, Kevin started out as a singer. He released several albums, but sales were not too good. He tried his luck in Taiwan singing and acting, then returned to Hong Kong and signed with TVB. In the blink of an eye, 12 years has passed since the early days of Kevin’s career.

TV might give some people an impression of being “out.” I want to be an actor who delivers a sense of moderness. In my spare time, I read a lot of magazines, such as “Non-no,” “Smart” etc. If you can name it, I read it.”

Having a distinct image is good. In the past, Kevin’s music career didn’t take off because his image wasn’t distinct. Among the multitude of TVB actors, being singled out is a good thing, rather than just having a handsome face.

Personality Is Not Introverted Not a lot of people know Kevin’s real personality. Is Moses Chan considered westernized? Kevin also does not have a traditional Chinese personality. He was born in the United States and went to Hong Kong when he was a few months old. He went to high school in Canada and got his engineering degree in the U.S. Since he was young, Kevin’s mom and elder sister took care of him.

Among TVB’s promoted actors, Kevin doesn’t have a distinct image in the audience’s mind, as compared to Ron Ng, Bosco Wong, etc. Kevin admits that he doesn’t know how to “sell” himself. “The first thing I have to change is that I’m not good with interviews. I don’t know how to express myself. How do I let the audience know what kind of person Kevin Cheng is? Especially when it comes to TV or radio appearances and I only have a chance to say only a few words.”

In 1993, Kevin signed his recording contract with Polygram. At the time, the company promoted him as “The Shy Guy.” Alan Tam at the time said that it’s very hard to sell such a bland image and that I should change my wooden personality.

“Actually, I don’t consider myself to be shy. I am just quiet to strangers. This may be due to my upbringing. I was raised by a nanny, Ling Jeh. My father was always away on business trips. My mother was a nurse and she had to work night shifts. My sister lived at my relatives house. I watched a lot of tv by myself when I was growing up.

Joining the Singing Contest Kevin was born bow-legged. When I was young, I had to wear leg braces for 2 years to straighten out my legs. I thought, “I was a good kid, why punish me with this?” Thanks to those 2 years, Kevin was attending school in Hong Kong at the time and developed an adventurous spirit. His personality is definitely not as introverted as many think.

During Form 4, Dai Si Chung was recruiting music students for his class near Kevin’s school. Kevin joined the class with his friends and met Dai, who became his instructor and mentor. Kevin’s life changed as a result.

Kevin joined TVB’s singing contest at age 16. His entry was Lui Fong’s “Sweet Sixteen.” He made it to the final 30, but because he was so anxious, he withdrew and didn’t participate in the final contest. “In the early part of the contest, Anita Mui Yeen Fong was one of the judges. Anita, along with Lai Siu Teen, sought me out. I knew that if I had stayed in the contest, I would have been placed and would have successfully entered the entertainment industry. But I withdrew; I was not prepared mentally. I thought I should at least finish school first.”

Later, Kevin went to Canada and the U.S. to further his education and never thought about pursuing a music career. But he always thought entering the entertainment industry is not difficult. “You can say I am arrogant, but I thought breaking into the industry was very simple. I didn’t sing well during the contest, but Lai Siu Teen still put me in the final 30. Even if I didn’t win any awards, getting a recording contract shouldn’t be hard.”

After he received his engineering degree, Kevin returned to HK. Dai Si Chung said, “You’re already in your 20’s; time for you to enter the industry.” Once Dai said yes, a Polygram contract was offered to Kevin to sign.

Didn’t Blame Dai Si Chung

Signing a recording contract didn’t guarantee automatic success. Polygram had superstars like Jacky Cheung Hok Yau and Leon Lai Ming; there were definite distinctions between big stars and less known ones. “At Polygram, many artists released their albums at the same time. The higher quality songs were reserved for the bigger artists. The same was done for TV promotions. As a result, many things were not within my control.”

After releasing several albums, the reaction was mediocre. After Polygram signed another young idol, Daniel Chan Hiu Dong, Kevin went to Taiwan and released Mandarin albums. “I was not satisfied with my music career. I could have done better. I didn’t know how to make the album sell better. No one told me what I could do and I was left to fail on my own.”

At the time, rumors said that Kevin had signed with Dai Si Chung for 10 years. But Dai was against Kevin dating Linda Wong Hing Ping [who was also under Polygram]. As a result Dai and Kevin’s relationship soured. “Even now, I am grateful to Dai. If not for him, I would not have been able to enter the entertainment industry. It was Dai who encouraged me to join the singing contest.” (Did Dai sell your contract to a Taiwanese company?) “I can only said that I don’t regret my decisions at the time.”

Facing Reality and Becoming An Actor

“Being in the industry for 12 years, I realized that reality is very difficult. Relationships with people are very complex. This is a skill that I didn’t know how to figure out. Who tells you the truth or lies, who is truly sincere is hard to figure out.”

“I have learned to be much more careful in signing contracts. Contracts bind you for many years and can have an impact on your career. I will not let emotions affect me in signing a contract.”

Although Kevin was in Taiwan for a few years, he only released one album. When the Asian financial crisis hit, Kevin’s record company also went bankrupt. Kevin’s only option was to turn to acting. In Alex Su Yau Peng and Jimmy Lin Zhi Wing’s “Twin Brothers,” Kevin played a villian role. “I had to face reality. I like to sing, but under those circumstances, I could only turn to acting and try my best.”

In 2001, Kevin returned to TVB and acted in several series. His first series with TVB was “Burning Flame 2” as a firefighter. To fit into his role, Kevin darkened his tan. Many people thought he was trying to look like Louis Koo Tin Lok. In “Yummy Yummy,” Kevin works in a poultry shop. He went to observe butchers and how they handle chickens, to make sure his performance is convincing.

On “Jade Solid Gold Again,” Kevin Is Nervous

In “Yummy Yummy,” Kevin takes part in the theme song and is once again a singer. He is excited and the feeling is like getting a “big bonus.” Back in the recording studio, the feeling was very strange. After spending a few hours, I was finally accustomed and successfully recorded the song. “The last time I was on “Jade Solid Gold” was 6-7 years ago. Back then, it was not a live recording. It’s been a long time since I sang live, so I was worried if I could would be successful.”

Promoting his new album overseas with Raymond Lam and Ron Ng, it was rumored that Kevin didn’t have as many fans to support him. Kevin didn’t mind, but rather explained for his fans.

“It’s not that I don’t have fans. Many have supported me from my early days in my career and they have grown up with me. If you were to asked a 20 something year old to wait for me with my name sign, they would be a little embarrassed. In the past, they did it when they were young. After the newspaper reported the incident, my fans said: ‘If everyone else has name signs, we have to make them for you too. After that, every time I made a public appearance, there were many signs. My fans are older and it is really remarkable they are doing this.”

Kevin is already happy that he had a chance to release another album. He doesn’t mind that Ron Ng’s song was very popular, while Kevin’s song was not. “In the past when I was a singer, I have experienced many difficulties. I will not be unhappy about things that are beyond my control.”

The Good Side In Having Rumors

In internet forums, many people discuss why Kevin Cheng is not very popular. Some people say he is too old. But in reality, Kevin looks a lot younger, almost the same age as Raymond Lam. Some people say, Kevin’s acting is too wooden. But if we compare his acting in “Burning Flame 2” with “Yummy Yumming,” that’s improvement. Another criticism is that he has no rumors/ news. The last time was 10 years ago with Linda Wong Hing Ping, who has already married a businessman. Kevin said that he is still friends with Linda and last time he was hospitalized for high blood pressure, she called to ask how he was.

The newest rumor is with Niki Chow Lai Kei, but it is like a recycled rumor. Two years ago, the rumors started with “Hard Fate.” Kevin was happy he had rumors, as it indicated he was newsworthy. And when they were filming “Lovers Under Sky Curtain,” reporters wrote that Kevin saved a chicken drumstick for Niki. Kevin said very unromantically, “I also saved one for Ha Ping Jeh.”

In conclusion, maybe Kevin is not romantic enough, unlike Moses Chan’swarmth (who went out with his female manager, with his arm around her waist), Ron Ng’s attentiveness (dropping off Ella Koon Yan Na late at night) or Bosco Wong’s negative rumors (his ex-girlfriend’s blame). Maybe Kevin should learn from them.

10 years ago, Kevin’s relationship with Linda Wong experience many difficulties. Both their mentors and parents were against it, impacting Kevin’s career.

When Kevin Cheng, Cho Wing Lin, Steven Ma didn’t establish themselves in the music industry, they turned to acting.

Source: Ming Pao #1918

Jayne’s Thoughts I felt very alarmed after reading the article. Kevin still seems too modest and go with the flow. After all these years, he still doesn’t self-promote himself. His response to rumors with Niki Chow is a prime example. I think he should definitely be more aggressive in pursuing his career goals…although he looks young, the next 2-3 years are very critical. He has to establish himself as a leading actor by then, otherwise he is really running out on time. Yes Kevin definitely has the looks of a superstar but unfortunately, due to personal and external forces, his music career didn’t take off. The last 12 years must have taken a toll on his confidence, because he saw the promise of early fame, yet it slipped away. In his days in Taiwan, he must have thought all his fans have already forgotten about him. Kevin has seen his own popularity slip and slip…he must do more now to ensure he gets to the top & stays there.

40 comments to Looking Closely At Kevin Cheng

  1. HeTieShou says:

    Very interesting article about Kevin Jayne! Thanks so much for sharing. I have always liked Kevin and felt that he had a lot of potential as an artist. I think that success in the circle also comes with good timing, connections, luck,etc.. which are sadly things that are beyond our control. I agree with Kevin that we should not be sad over things that are beyond our control. However, I do agree that when a good opportunity comes, Kevin should take advantage of it or else he will regret it.

    I also remember hearing about Kevin and Linda’s relationship back then. I thought they made a cute couple. I wonder why their parents and mentors were all against it?? I guess it just was not meant to be. I sure hope that Kevin will find a good girl that will love and treasure him.

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  2. Funn Lim says:

    Perhaps he is a docile sort of man, avoiding confrontation. In person he seems serious, mature and thoughtful. To say he does not have self promotion or not promoted is untrue. He is heavily promoted, too heavily promoted and is in the favour of who’s that? Virginia Lok? Was she the one who said he is such a naive person he needs to be protected? Well he has a fan in a powerful figure. So what is the problem with Kevin Cheng? I have wondered that too. He is jaw droppingly handsome, perhaps the handsomest in TVB in my opinion, he doesn’t look his age at all although his behaviour and temperament kinda betrayed his age in a way, he can act no doubt but.. wooden is an unfair statement. He did improve, of course.

    So his problem? He is now often in heavy dramas and in the capacity of a lead actor or one of those who carries a series. And that is his problem. The more we see him, the more perhaps the audiences realise he has zero charisma. He is without charm. He is a decent fellow but nothing exciting and that doesn’t translate well into the screen. He is also not a very good dramatic actor, and I shall be blunt; in dramas, he is poor as an actor. So hence the wooden accusation. I don’t quite care about his past relationships, and I feel all those accusations about two timing or whatever isn’t reflective of the man’s true nature. I just don’t want to see him as a lead. I just want him to step aside and just act from the back row. Even then I won’t even notice him. And he can be quite cold or rather cool sometimes, so audiences can’t connect with him.

    So what is Kevin Cheng’s problem? I can write a thesis on him but I think I can summarise the answer, in my humble opinion.

    His problem is he is Kevin Cheng. That’s that.

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    • POPCORN replied:

      that is sad. :L

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  3. Jayne says:

    I think Kevin Cheng has trouble emoting consistently. He is a capable actor, but in a given series, there will be scenes where he may seem awkward and just uncomfortable with what he is doing. In a television series, where very little material is edited out in order to fill the episode requirements, sometimes these weak moments add up and become very obvious to the viewer. In my opinion, he seems to still act based on a scene by scene requirement and doesn’t seem to have a comprehensive handle on how the character should talk, behave, walk, etc. for the entire series.

    Actors such as Wayne Lai give a more comprehensive portrayal and immerse deeply in character. For example, in Rosy Business, Wayne had a hungry look in his eyes that he owned throughout the series. Whether he was physically starving, hungry to climb the ladder to riches, or driven by revenge, his eyes emoted CONSISTENTLY. Wayne understands how his character needed to behave and captured it in the details. It was his layered performance, consistency in portraying the character that may the character breathe life.

    Okay getting back to Kevin. He appeared in Stephen Chan’s “Be My Guest” for an interview after winning the 2006 Best Actor Award. Throughout many moments, Kevin seemed at a struggle to convey his thoughts. When Stephen asked him about rumors with Niki Chow (whom he was dating in real life at the time), he paused for a very, very long moment and seemed at a struggle as to how to respond. Anyone watching the interview then would have know they were dating. Kevin is not a very eloquent man and this interview episode was edited heavily due to his inability to express the “right” answer.

    I do believe that Kevin’s childhood had an influence on his inability to express himself. He admitted that he spent his childhood in front of a tv and did not seem to have close interaction with his parents nor sister. Perhaps early in life, he had gotten used to bottling up his emotions.

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  4. Jayne says:

    Funn, thanks for dropping by! I enjoy reading your thoughtful comments.

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  5. Grace says:

    Thank you for writing this article on Kevin Chan. He is one of my fave actors in TVB. I do agree with all the above comments about how his acting is mediocare at best. I was very dissapointed in him in “Fistful of Stances” as I believe the series could have put him in a leading spot of winning best actor but he failed me and let Kenneth Ma shine instead. He has been in this industry much longer than Moses Chan (I believe) and yet Moses has by far out-pasted him. It saddens me that he doesn’t work harder to improve and convey his role better. With that said though, I will forever be rooting for him and though I am now 27 IF I do happen to be lucky enough to attend his concert or an appearance I will proudly stand out and support him and ask for his signature. Kevin Chang forever and please work harder and don’t dissapoint you ur loving fans.

    Your #1 fan 🙂

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  6. Joeanne Low says:

    Thanks for the article on Kevin Cheng. To a certain extend, I agree with what Funn Lim commented.

    Kevin does seem like a very quiet person, more obvious since I last saw him performed live in Genting just last Saturday with Ron Ng, Moses Chan & Bosco Wong. To be fair here, singing wise, I personally think Kevin has the best voice amongst the 4 of them, and yet his interaction with the audience is nothing compared to both Bosco & Ron. The crowd was cheering the loudest with Bosco & Ron’s performance, whereas Kevin only received a mediocre response. It was really frustrating because I know Kevin can sing!!!

    Anyways, back to Kevin’s acting, I think his best performance is in the series with Roger Kwok & Yoyo Mung, sorry, couldn’t recall the name of the series though…. And yes, also agreed with Grace. Kenneth Ma stole the show from Kevin in “A Fistful of Stances”….

    That said, I think Kevin has improved substancially from when he first started in tv series. He maybe just quiet and cannot express himself well in front of the camera. But nevertheless, he will still have my support!!! 🙂

    P/S: Yes, Funn Lim, also agreed with you. Kevin is the best looking actor in the entire TVB male line-up!!!

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  7. Russell Lim says:

    I was born in the late 60s like Kevin, and I have seen a lot of actors acting in TVB’s TV series from the times of Chow Yun Fatt to Ron, Moses and Bosco. Kevin has the good look but sorry, he does not cut out to be in the “good actor category” because he doesn’t connect with the audience in his acting. Anyone can learn to act or force himself to act but not everyone is a natural actor. Kevin is not a natural actor. If we were to look back at TVB or Hong Kong’s TV series for the past three decades or so, yes, for actresses, beauty counts a lot but for actor, good look is not prerequsite for success. Actors need only be presentable, not overly good looking or handsome. Look at Chow Sing Chi and Wayne, they are not good looking guys, but presentable. Frankly, I think TVB should learn by now that in Hong Kong, those actors like Chow Yun Fatt, Chow Sing Chi and Wayne are successful (at their times) because they ‘represent’ or ‘reflect’ the Hong Kong people more in their ‘every day life’. I mean how many guys in the streets of Hong Kong looks that handsome like Kevin. In other words, if Kevin were to act as a butcher in the wet market in Hong Kong, he just doesn’t “look” like a butcher in the street of Hong Kong no matter how much he tried to act or dress like a butcher. To summarize, for Hong Kong TV series, if a male actor is too good looking, that may be an disadvantage to him (especially if he is not so good actor). Simply put, the chinese audience want actors that represent them in the daily life. That’s my two cent worth opinion.

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  8. JN says:

    I do agree with Russell. Kevin has a good young face but he cannot act. I like Wayne Lai he can act in different roles from being a good guy you like to a bad guy you hate. Don’t get me wrong, I do like Kevin but watching his movie just bore me. In the “Fistful of Stances” he is okay in the father role because it doesn’t require a lot of acting. But when he’s in the son role it is very boring. I don’t watch it until Kenneth Ma appears on the scene.

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  9. may says:

    Support kevin cheng always!!
    Hey Funn Lim …. pls respect kevin cheng !!

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  10. Funn Lim says:

    How is criticising him professionally equates not respecting him? Is he beyond reproach?

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  11. Kidd says:

    I agree with Jayne’s analysis. Very spot on.

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  12. Kidd says:

    And that’s why I don’t like the current Kevin compare to the past Kevin. The past Kevin was quiet, gentlemanly, not eloquent, but, he came off as genuine this way. He’s reserve but not fake. But, now, he cracked jokes and tried to be witty and he totally failed. His supposedly witty responses and jokes came off lame. He’s not good at it and it’s just not him.

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  13. Masaharu says:

    Kevin has the looks that will kill ladies and the youthful face that will be envied by his peers(he looks younger than Moses), but lacking something to be that superstar, and I don’t mean acting skills alone(which I agree is lacking too). Raymond Lam has a gentleman prince charming image too but currently is the most successful superstar in TVB, so it appears that Raymond has that something that Kevin doesn’t have.

    One the post whined about how Kevin is the best singer in Genting but the response is lukewarm compared to his juniors. Well one thing to note about stage performance is it isn’t all about singing perfectly to the notes, it’s also about connecting with the audience and performing your heart out. Unless the audience is a Kevin fan who will naturally die with joy by his face alone, neutral person will find him: boring. Ron Ng for instance exaggerated a lot during his performance, but its a stage performance so its acceptable and all fun. Moses is the worst singer but he has established a likeable image from his dramas that its easy to like his performance and forgive him even if his singing killed the ears. Bosco always has good track record for his overseas concerts performances [outside of HK and TVB stages] except Toronto pageant 2008.

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  14. Sue Lo says:

    Kevin actually has a manly, quiet charm and he is not always wooden at acting. In fact, his eyes conveys a lot of emotion especially when it comes to expressing tender love like in the TV serials Fire Fighther with Myolie Wong. I hope Kevin will be given better parts in TVB serials.

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  15. Anna Nguyen says:

    I dont think that Kevin cannot act. Especially when compare him and Raymond L. I dont say that Raymond doesnt act well and I do like both of them but I think Kevin is better at acting than Raymond. Moreover, the new kind of charactor of Kevin seems to be really amazing. I love the way he jokes and changes his appearance.

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  16. Annie Li says:

    With the recent release of “Consternation at each step” (步步惊心) – a TV conversion of a romantic love story situated in 16th Century Mandarin court has finally shot Kevin Cheng to fame in mainland China, the big market at the moment – the popularity of this TV serial is still booming all through the Chinese speaking world. Although Kevin played the 2nd hero in the play – the 8th prince who lost access to the throne and 3 lovers (devoted wife that he didn’t love, second concubine who wouldn’t love him back ever and the heroine – who fell for him at the beginning of the story but later changed her mind), his successful incarnation of this tragic role has caught the attention of millions. Review has it “Kevin Cheng took the role of the 8th Prince to the next level”. The delicate and exact rendering is the result of his maturity (after experiencing so much in life and career) and acting. I know Kevin Cheng since I was a child but it’s only this time, I came to notice him – like many fans in mainland China – we woke up one day to realize the shy guy who’s been there forever has such a charming personality and is a great actor – plus the good looks! (Thanks God he still looks so young in his 40s.) We are also sweetly surprised by his fluent mandarin (guess the years in Taiwan finally paid off.) Fingers crossed that his budding superstarhood wouldn’t just slip or fade away this time around – pray for good opportunities, good play scripts, better luck. Best of luck, Kevin!

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  17. Alan says:

    I am watching Consternation at each step at the moment. It is great, especially Kevin Cheng. I agree with Annie Li, the tender look of his eyes. I love him. I only hope to see more of him…..

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  18. Alana says:

    By the way, it is Alana, not Alan.

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  19. P.Tan says:

    Sue, Anna, Annie and Alana,I’m with you regarding Kevin. Maybe in the earlier years of his acting he was a bit self conscious but through the years he has learned to “let go” and relax and lately, with better stories and script he has indeed improved tremendously. Would one say he was “wooden” in BBJX? On the contrary he garnered very favourable comments from the media re his acting and of course, his famous good looks. But Ghetto Justice came before all that and that was a real hit for him. I am also quite sure he will not disappoint us in the King Boxer where he said he really enjoyed his role as a boxer. As for his singing, he seems more relaxed these days
    and though he is not like Bosco, in his quiet way I find him very charming and likeable. His duets with Myolie Wu are lovely. These two get on very well together and they make a lovely couple but it’s a real pity Myolie has already got bosco.

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    • josie replied:

      Although myolie has Bosco, I think she still enjoys flirting w/ kevin. She said Kevin seems quiet but actually has a “flowery” mouth too.

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      • lol replied:

        you’re not the only one many Myolie fans that I know also think Myolie flirts Kevin more without her realizing. Kevin is more mature and Myolie must be attracted this. She has praised Kevin’s electric eyes many times too. I think Myolie and Kevin look more suitable since Bosco sometimes openly being flirt to many girls such as kate, toby and fala.

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      • josie replied:

        Oh, so it’s like flirting payback.

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      • Veejay replied:


        I also notice that Bosco flirts with many women more than Myolie flirts with her onscreen partner. Maybe because guy doesn’t has anything to lose doing kissing, caressing etc screen.

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      • lol replied:

        @veejay yes if you look inside LOO Bosco and Kate love scenes almost look like it went beyond acting. He flirts too much with Kate

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      • Veejay replied:

        Yup, he flirted too much with Kate. I bet Myolie is cautious with Kate even if she said they’re good friends hehe..it’s always good friend that steal your bf/husband kaka.

        Joke : maybe Bosco was using that onscreen moment to kiss Kate as much as possible knowing in real, myolie wouldn’t let that happen hihi.

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      • Chriselle replied:

        Aw, this conversation is cute! 😛 I was still shocked to learn that Bosco had a crush on Kate before dating Myolie.

        And I didn’t know Myolie flirts with Kevin! Myolie has always seemed playful with both a serious side and a fun and spunky side. 😀

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      • lol replied:

        @veejay and Kate look like she’s enjoying it too although her mouth keep saying shes good with myolie and she doesnt like the moustache.

        Myolie and Kevin are close and its cute when they flirted : D

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      • Veejay replied:


        Rmb reading Kate’s interview she was like happy to learn Myolie gonna win this year best actress sort and is happy for bosco n myolie relationship..I wonder did she really meant it “happy for them”? (JOKE)

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  20. HeTieShou says:

    I don’t understand why people say that Kevin cannot act or is wooden?? I have always enjoyed his acting. He did a great job as Jiang Yu Lan in JDSJ too. One of my friends who read the novel said that Kevin did a great job. In BBJX, he did a good job as well. I guess acting is subjective so everyone has varying opinions on who can act well and who cannot. That is one of the challenges in many fields that we are in…

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    • Fox replied:

      Sorry, I read the novel and I think Jiang Yuk Lan in this series is too funny, dun fit the Jiang Yuk Lan in the novel in any aspect. I haven’t seen a word in the novel that Jiang Yuk Lan after turn bad can be that… funny.

      It’s the role. Kevin did it better than his goody boring guy roles in TVB, referring to Yummy Yummy, UTCOL, Life Art, etc. Kevin always acts better in not goody-two-shoes chacs.

      But if you think Jiang Yuk Lan in JDSJ is close to the novel, No, NO and NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Don’t ruin one of my fave wuxia novel this way.

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      • HeTieShou replied:

        Sorry but can you please calm down. As I have said, my FRIEND thinks so NOT ME!!!! Damn it!!!

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      • Fox replied:

        Calm down :P.

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      • Veejay replied:

        anger management class? anyone? hm

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      • exoidus replied:

        maybe both should calm down, hahaha

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  21. P.Tan says:

    You know, this is really fun and I can see that everyone is enjoying giving their opinions freely. I suppose it’s quite all right to once in a way shout at each other so long as after this you forget and forgive each other. I hear that lawyers at court can be very aggressive and abrasive towards one another when arguing their case but that once out of court they are friendly buddies again and would have forgotten their fight in the court. Isn’t that nice?

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  22. AC says:

    Wow, thanks for linking back to this article Jayne.

    If the rumors are true about him re-signing with TVB, I can see why based on this article. He’s had problems with being stuck in certain contracts, but he seems to trust TVB even though he could probably make more money elsewhere.

    I’m happy that Kevin has finally attained a good level of success as well having fans on his side. 🙂

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  23. P.Tan says:

    It would be nice if, after some time, a comparison could be made of Kevin Cheng before and after all his awards,his whole personality , behaviour and acting.
    I would be glad if someone can enlighten me as to what JDSJ stands for.Is it the name of a TV series? Also, on the topic of Myolie, what do you think she meant when she made a remark to some reporter or other that when she finished her work in Ghetto Justice2 she would go to the Mainland to “chase Kevin”. If it is what I think she means then what about Bosco and her so called declaration of love for him at the Awards? Sorry to sound so nosey!

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    • Nicole replied:

      If we read the same quote, I think she meant “catch up” with Kevin, because she was asked about the news that Kevin was making 250k per episode, and she said she need to “chase” to make more money.

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    • Nicole replied:

      And JDSJ stands for The Legendary Twins starring Alec Su and Jimmy Lim that Kevin acted in back in his Taiwan days.

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