Louis Cheung to Vote Tavia Yeung for TV Queen

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Louis Cheung to Vote Tavia Yeung for TV Queen

TVB’s Momentary Lapse of Reason <收規華> costars Louis Cheung (張繼聰) and Tavia Yeung (楊怡) attended a promotional function for their drama in Sham Shui Po. Since a part of the function was held outside on the streets, a huge crowd gathered around the cast members and generated much buzz. Louis exclaimed the series is a great watch, and that he has received texts of praise from friends.

When asked if he allows his son to watch the series, Louis expressed, “He just got back from a vacation and didn’t get to see much of it. I’ll let him watch, but I would explain to him that my character is a good person. Parent education is very important for children!” He added that he formed several genuine friendships with his costars after filming the series.

Speaking of the year-end TVB Anniversary Awards Ceremony, Louis remarked, “I have confidence in…sitting there! I always carry an easygoing attitude in terms of winning awards, but I truly hope that Tavia will win TV Queen. I’ll definitely be voting for her!” Tavia, who was standing next to him, joking expressed, “Can you take a photo and show me after you vote?” Louis then quickly exclaimed, “That’s just saying you don’t believe me!” The reporters laughed at the costars’ lighthearted bickering.

Tavia was asked if her confidence in winning TV Queen increased after Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) left the station. She replied, “Those who know me know that I’m not about winning awards. I actually think Nancy Wu’s (胡定欣) performance in Ghost of Relativity <鬼同你OT> is great! It’s a big breakthrough, and I support her!”

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5 comments to Louis Cheung to Vote Tavia Yeung for TV Queen

  1. mike says:

    No way Nancy will win it. Tavia is good as always in this series but there are still highly expected series to come soon.

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  2. jjwong says:

    Eh, how is Nancy in GoR a breakthrough??? Is it just because she was a co-lead? I like Nancy and enjoy her acting, but her role in GoR was weak and didn’t show off her acting chop at all. It was a rubbish, time waster series.

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  3. alien says:

    Haha,I do agree that Nancy’s character was quite weak and the drama was not really attractive either… Voting for Tavia for TV Queen for now. Myolie acting was also something to praise about, hmm… As for TV king, Louis might stand a chance too! I doubted Louis as the male lead before but not now anymore.

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  4. freedalas says:

    Much as I like Tavia, it’s not likely she will win best actress for in Momentary Lapse as there nothing really special about her role that can truly brings out her acting skills. But neither should Nancy in GOR as that role is even less demanding and is unlikable in fact.

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  5. perfexto says:

    I would want Kate Tsui to get the best actress but, I don’t like her in Smooth Talker, so I would probably choose Tavia but in Eye in the Sky.

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