Moses Chan Keeps Spark in Marriage; Wants a Fourth Baby

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Moses Chan Keeps Spark in Marriage; Wants a Fourth Baby

Often dubbed as the perfect couple, Moses Chan (陳豪) and Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) understand the importance of keeping the romantic spark alive even starting a family. With three children already, Moses expressed that both he and Aimee hope to have a second baby girl.

Known for being an easygoing person, Moses revealed that he is actually at strict dad. He laughed, “You have to be tougher when it comes to teaching children. It’ll be hard to teach them if they become spoiled. You have to be strict sometimes. It’s tough being a parent. I’m still learning and my wife is better at this than I am. I will have to do more research online.”

As to his current priorities, Moses said family will always come first, acting second, and his coffee business third.  Although his children are his priority, Moses said his marriage is equally as important. “We’re not in our seventies yet, so that’s why we try our best to keep the spark. We travel once a year with just the two of us – this is our commitment to each other.”

In Pursuit of Different Villainous Roles

Although Moses has been playing likable roles in the last decade, many fans still recall his villainous characters at the start of his career, such as his performances in Lawyer, Lawyer <算死草>, The Legend of Speed <烈火戰車2極速傳說>, Armed Reaction <陀槍師姐>, and Where the Legend Begins <洛神>.

Despite being typecast as a villain initially, Moses successfully dropped the image and became a household name, leading him to win the Best Actor award in Heart of Greed <溏心風暴>. However, Moses missed the challenge of portraying villains. When he was presented with the screenplay for Line Walker: The Prelude <使徒行者2>, Moses accepted without a second thought.

Moses expressed, “I’ve been in the television industry for a long time now. The characters I’ve played are very similar to each other – they’re either the protagonist or someone’s lover. No one thinks of me when it comes to casting a villain. As an actor, I am always in search of changes and I have a responsibility to make viewers want to watch a series.”

Moses expressed that his role as the cold-hearted Victor Ngai was very different than the villains he has played in the past. Moses said, “I initially thought the character was the typical mean bully type, but I realized that triad leaders nowadays are more cultured and aren’t what they seem anymore. With a marine soldier background, the character is able to kill in a very cold-hearted manner. To give the character even more dimension – they added a romantic element.”

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  1. diana80 says:

    Moses may not be a great actor, but he seems to be a very good husband and father. I like his commitments towards his family, and the efforts taken to keep the spark in his marriage (eg. going for vacation with just himself & Aimee once a year).

    I’m wondering what type of role is he playing in My Ages Apart. Hope he’s also playing a comedic role alongside Bobby because it’s been a while that he was always casted in the same type of roles.

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  2. janet72 says:

    wow 4 kids! aimee can forget about returning to act.

    actually to keep the spark in a marriage, there is no need to have so many kids. most importantly, the couple must have time for themselves and communicate.

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