Mr. Hong Kong Contestants Spend a Day at the Beach

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Mr. Hong Kong Contestants Spend a Day at the Beach

The 2016 Mr. Hong Kong contestants are gearing up for their upcoming final contest this September.

Earlier this week, the 10 MRHK hopefuls went to a beach near the Qigong Waterfall in Pingtun, Taiwan to shoot a river trekking challenge. #4 Jackson Lai (黎振燁) injured his knee while attempting to rock climb; he admitted in a later interview that he actually has a fear of heights, to the point where he would be too scared to even go on roller coasters. He had no choice but to “hang on” for the challenge, but if he was ordered to climb higher, he would have said no and quit.

#8 Thomas Ng (伍禮騫), on the other hand, enjoys a good thrill. He said he has bungie jumped before, and is not afraid of danger.

2016-mrhk-2After completing the river trekking challenge, the 10 contestants moved to the bay to shoot another beach video. The men took off their shirts and displayed their well-toned, athletic bodies for the shoot. They had fun teasing #3 Flow Leung (梁裕恆), who was the most muscular of the ten.

With the final contest drawing nearer, Flow said he’s been feeling more pressure and stress, and had experienced sleep paralysis for the first time. He said it felt like a ghost was trying to crush him, but he knew they were hallucinations. The reporters then joked that “profanity can scare the ghosts away,” to which Flow replied with a laugh, “I’ll try that next time.”

The 2016 Mr. Hong Kong contest will be held on September 11.

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  • 5 comments to Mr. Hong Kong Contestants Spend a Day at the Beach

    1. mike says:

      just curious if the men need to be drug tested in order to participate in Mr. HK? Some bodybuilding contests need to be drug tested while others don’t so I’m just curious.

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      • vodka replied:

        @mike TVB won’t run an olympics anti-drug on the guys, all they care is these men to bring in ratings 😛

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    2. aiya says:

      So is this a body building contest then? LOL!! I still fail to understand what this is exactly?

      Also, the top picture has presented some funny optics that I don’t know whether it is intentional or not. It appears quite a few of them had their hands reaching inside the swim trunk of the guy in the middle.

      It may be the TVB is trying to appeal to a specific segment of the market.

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    3. zeeke says:

      They’re all damn hot imo. wow.

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    4. freedalass says:

      None of them look attractive

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