Mr. Hong Kong Karl Ting: “It’s Not Just About Our Muscles”

The ten finalists for the upcoming Mr. Hong Kong contest went to Nam Sang Wai earlier this week to shoot a series of photos. Having to film in a natural wetland environment under extreme hot weather, the ten Mr. Hong Kong hopefuls had to eventually go shirtless to do their final takes.

During the photoshoot, two elderly women walked by the set while pushing a heavy shopping cart. #2 Alex Mak (麥凱程) and #3 Flow Leung (梁裕恆) immediately went to their aid and helped the elderly women move their cart to its destination.

#4 Jackson Lai (黎振燁) had the best body proportions out of the ten contestants, while #9 Karl Ting (丁子朗) had some baby fat around his tummy. Karl said, “I’m already very skinny! My dietician even recommended me to gain some weight! When it comes to competing in the Mr. Hong Kong competition, it’s not all about showing off our muscles.”

In regards to the upcoming MRHK finals, which will be held on September 11, Flow said, “I am ready and I do not feel pressure. Always be prepared. Always be prepared for the worst, too!”

2016mrhk 2

From left to right: #2 Alex Mak, #3 Flow Leung, #4 Jackson Lai

2016mrhk 3

Alex spraying mosquito repellent on Flow.

2016mrhk 4

#5 Wu Fei (left) with Alex and Flow.

Source: Oriental Daily, HK01

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  1. wow, some of them got really nice bods. how much training did they have? impressed!

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