Myolie Wu Admits She Has New Pursuer

Since Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) ended her 8-year relationship with Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) last July, the public wondered if a reconciliation would be possible. The chances are growing slimmer, as Myolie Wu announced today that she already has a new pursuer.

Myolie Wu donned a bridal gown and filmed a wedding scene for her new mainland drama, Scent of a Beauty <紅酒俏佳人>. The drama also stars Roy Chiu (邱澤), Li Sheng (李晟), Joy Pan (潘儀君) and Mao Zijun (茅子俊). Myolie stars as the daughter of a red wine merchant, which allowed her the perks of drinking red wine frequently on the set. This is the first time that Myolie is portraying a strong businessman, a role which she loves. Roy Chiu plays Myolie’s younger brother in the 40-episode drama, which is currently filming in Shenzhen.

As Valentine’s Day is approaching, Myolie was asked whether she has new pursuers. Smiling sweetly, Myolie said, “You can say so. I’ll observe it for now, but I’m happy.” Reporters pressed further and asked if the man was an entertainment insider or not, in which Myolie paused awkwardly and finally admitted that he worked outside the entertainment field.

The pair will not be able to celebrate Valentine’s Day together as Myolie will be busy filming Scent of a Beauty. “We are still friends. I did not ask him out for Valentine’s Day, as girls should have some restraint.”

Source:, Ming Pao

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  1. I felt bittersweet reading this news, as Boscolie may now have slimmer chances of reconciliation.

    1. So long both are not married, there is still a chance, admittedly slim.

      Btw, Jayne, is Myolie’s series entitled ‘Scent of a Beauty’ or ‘Scent of a Woman’?

      ‘Scent of a Woman’ reminds me of Al Pacino’s movie of the same title.

      1. no chance. knowing myo’s personality, she won’t admit anything unless it’s definite and she now admit the existence of this guy willingly without the paparazzis having to uncover his existence. bless myo well and glad to see her happy pictures everyday 🙂

      2. Clamine,
        Myolie’s new drama is called “Scent of a Beauty” as per Weibo and Wiki sources.

    2. Jayne: I should be more explicit – you have both the titles in the above article.:)

    3. Well, Myolie and Bosco are something of the past so if it was not meant to be then it just isn’t.. There is no use crying over spilled milk. However, you still never know because look at Sammi and Andy Hui. They broke up, Andy dated someone else for years and then now they are back together again and will get married. Therefore, you never know since life and the future is unpredictable.

    4. My Boscolie ship officially sunk after reading this article. I also feel bittersweet about Myolie finding new love. Now, we’ll just have to see who Bosco might hook up with and maybe in a few years they too can put off what Sammi & Andy did!

    1. myo said he’s an outsider not in the entertainment business and she’s happy :). glad for her 🙂

    2. hope myo can share the guy’s picture very soon but also understand if she wants him hidden since it’s their privacy 🙂

      1. LOL sharing his picture to the public would be like openly inviting the media to be alert and follow her 24/7 to hunt down this persuer…

        Knowing how pathetically awful they can write about artists’, it would be like welcoming the media with open arms to
        screw up any potential development of the relationship and perhaps even the friendship they share.

        Whether or not he’s inside or outside the industry, I think it’s best artists’ keep their relationship as private matters, no matter how the public seems to be obssessed and interested in knowing.

  2. great news of the day. glad to see this news from myo and glad she’s admitting it to the world! no wonder she looks glowing in all her weibo posts lately 🙂

  3. Hoping the new beau treats her better. All the best to Myolie.

    1. from myo’s sweet tone in this news the guy must be treating her very well unlike that jerk bosco :). yes all the best for myo.

  4. Glad to hear that she’s opening her heart up once again. She looks great in the above bridal pic.

    1. myo looks glowing and angelic. she’s a great beauty in that bridal picture no wonder the series is called ‘scent of a beauty’ 🙂

    2. yes glad to see myo opening her heart to other man. this guy must be very special and lots better than bosco the big jerk.

  5. I’m happy for her. Why would she go back with a cheater. Bosco is old news.

    1. support you yes bosco is old news. besides bosco is also happy shopping and dining with the long haired girl in shanghai as evidences earlier so glad myo can also show that she’s being pursued and having a greater love life after the breakup. happy for myo 🙂

  6. wow, so soon. Lunar is approaching, hopefully she can enjoy this upcoming year the best 🙂

  7. i’m actually really touched and happy for myo after knowing she has open her heart to another guy and won’t be alone this valentine’s and lunar new year. she’s really looking great in the bridal picture! i’d die to have her smooth and fair skin 🙂

  8. Why is it that stars over the years will have this glazed sort of eyes? Like that standard eyes like “I am looking at you, smiling serenely but seriously my mind is elsewhere and this is just a look” look?

    1. dom’t care because myo evidently looks very pretty in the picture. her skin is shining and very smooth and her eyes are glowing with happiness.

    2. It looks like she’s wearing circle lenses. Those lenses tend to give you that glazing look.

    3. Because it’s a practised fake smile and no genuine feelings in the eyes.

  9. Good for Myolie! Hopefully she finds her Mr. Right this time to start a romantic & happy r’ship!

    1. are you sure your comment shouldn’t be directed at tavia yeung instead?

  10. nancy said today that myo has guys out of the industry chasing her and she has introduced guys to myo. nancy wished to get married and gave birth together with myolie 🙂

    kevin said he know the guy who chased myo. love kevin and nancy!

    1. There goes my Kevin and myolie relationship …love how close they r though becoming very good friends indeed… But still I’m rooting for Kevin and myolie hahaha

  11. Happy yet sad. Does this mean no chance at all for a get back together? Well I am keeping my fingers crossed. That’s right, look at Andy & Sammi! I am sure Bosco has repented. All the same, I wish Myolie great happiness.

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