Myolie Wu and TVB Artists Blast Mavis Pan

Since the exposure of Raymond Lam Fung’s bed photos with ex-girlfriend, Mavis Pan Shuangshuang, many female artists felt unjust for him and exclaimed that it was not a sin to love!

Myolie Wu Hang Yee commented, “People with evil intentions will receive retribution!” Christine Ng Wing Mei, who portrayed Raymond’s “mother” in Twin of Brothers <大唐雙龍傳> exclaimed, “Terrible woman! Where is your morality? Why don’t you leave earth?”

Astrid Chan Chi Ching noted, “We have to accept our fate when it comes to the pressure presented by the paparazzi. What do you say when you are betrayed by the person sleeping next to you? When an unmarried man brings a woman home with him, that is not cheating, nor is it fooling around …. That is affectionate love. The naked criticism is cruel! What is love? Will you dare to love again?”

Raymond’s manager, Candy, added, “The reason for hurting ‘my son’ [Raymond] is this? You have reached your purpose! I wish your pictorial book and film much attention!”

Raymond’s good friend, Ron Ng Cheuk Hei, felt that he met the wrong person. “Raymond and I normally do not talk about relationships frequently. I will allow him some quiet time and not seek him out now. If he wants to talk, he will call me.” (Raymond said the incident was a big shock to him?) “With this kind of reporting coverage, of course it is a big shock! It is not a big deal for an unmarried man and woman to take these type of photos.” (Will Ron be more careful himself?) “You can’t avoid it. You can’t abstain from dating for your entire life! You just have to be more careful when you meet people.”

Source: the Sun

Jayne: After the bed photos were leaked, Mavis Pan explained that she took her cell phone to charge at the hair salon and perhaps someone stole the photos then. She said she loved Raymond deeply at the time and did not intend to hurt him.

Despite what Mavis said, no one seems to believe her. Raymond’s TVB colleagues seem to believe that he was betrayed. Even Raymond himself pretty much said he was incredulous and did not understand why Mavis had to do this.

It’s likely that Mavis leaked the photos herself to gain publicity for upcoming pictorial and film projects. The backlash is very strong among women, especially Raymond’s fans.

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  1. Good to know Ray has a lot of support from fellow TVB actors. Well Mavis is reason sounds fairly suspicous, I mean it sounds like all the other people who have had personal pictures released.

  2. I for one don’t believe her but I also for one just wish everybody not be emotional about something so darn trivial. Like get over yourselves! There are worse things in life, like what is going on in Japan. The pictures were innocent; he didn’t seem to blame him. Yes he was the victim, he got screwed over with one sleeping picture BUT he did slept with her, he did have a relationship with her, however brief, however passionate it was. It was not a sex tape. I think I have less respect for Ray at how he behaved in this situation which shows he can’t handle negative publicity. And how negative? Just one sleeping picture of him fully clothed by a very silly girl with a handy phone with camera. Hardly news worthy unless he is the virginal star who vows he will not have sex until he is married which he didn’t say that.

    Raymond, get over yourself and just move on! And those talks about retribution.. well let;s hope Mavis gets her retribution by the publishing of a sex tape! And guess who will be in it? Probably Ray!

    Astrid Chan seems to be the only level headed one.

    1. Yes it’s not sex tape or anything crazy like that, but i really wouldn’t want a close one of my to leak out photos without my permission to the public.

    2. “Like”

      Yeah…like get over it. There’s more important issues in the world. and compare to the american celebs like Miley, Lindsey, Paris Hilton…it’s like yea so what?! next news please………..

      1. Totally agree and I think that if this happened in Hollywood, everyone would be like “big deal”. I guess it is because asian culture is more conservative so things like this are more of a big deal. However, in American culture which is supposedly more liberal, things like this(and even worse) happen all the time and people just brush it off… In Raymond’s case, it is just time that he needs… Then all will be forgotten and forgiven…

  3. I also don’t believe Mavis because honestly, IF you had such private pictures on your phone, why would you want to leave it unattended at a public place??? Who would ever leave their phone unattended regardless of whether it had anything on it or not??I personally would never leave my phone unattended at any public place or charge it in public unless I was sitting there and watching it. Sorry but Mavis’ story just doesn’t cut it…

    Anyways, Raymond will get pass this quickly since it isn’t a big deal compared to the Edison scandal and that was worse. Yea, there are more important things right now like what is happening in Japan. I feel so bad for everyone and hope that more people will help out. I just made my donation and hope that others will too.

  4. Just wanted to add that glad that Raymond has so much support from his friends and colleagues at TVB. Astrid seems to be the most calm about it… Glad to know that Ron is there for Ray as well..

  5. I like Ron’s comment the most. Very sensible compared to the other very emotional comments.

    Astrid Chan’s comment is also very sensible and mature.

  6. What Astrid said is very true. As a celebrity, you pretty much have to accept your fate that you will have a lot of pressure from the paparrazi and media. Reporters’ pens can hurt like a knife and can really affect someone greatly. In this case, what they published were real pics, not photoshopped or fake, so Raymond will have to deal with the consequences unfortunately. But really, what he did wasn’t a crime. He’s single, he’s a man, he was in love. He was not cheating, he was not sleeping with several women, neither was it him taking pics of his nude girlfriend.
    Ray will be fine. People will forget about it soon. Mavis, however, got herself in a pretty bad situation and bad publicity as she is portrayed as the one who betrayed Ray in order to get publicity. She was never well known in the first place, and if you give the audience a bad first impression of your character, it’s very hard for people to ever look at you in a good way at all.

  7. I’m glad that his friends and colleagues are supporting him though.

    The reason why many didnt buy Mavis story was she lost her phone and yet claims she got it back again. And if it was lost 6 months ago, no one would wait till 6 months later to expose these pictures since its Raymond Lam.

    Apple Daily reported today that both of them went on a holiday early this year in Bali and they took even more pictures hence Ray is afraid that there will be a 2nd batch of pictures released.

    They even ran a video on him being nude and pictures being taken by Mavis.

    1. if there is another batch of photo’s then i dnt think she would post them since she has done enough damage to herself. and what is her excuse going to be this time? LOL. ANd if someone did take her phone thet wouldve posted the nude ones, not the photos that make mavi look hot.

      1. ANd if someone did take her phone thet wouldve posted the nude ones, not the photos that make mavi look hot.

        hahaha thats a very good one!!!

  8. I got to say this again she’s a model and I’m sure she would have hair stylist people around her all the time. There’s no need to leave your phone unattended. Another is Raymond lam’s mandarin album came out for mostly the mainland fans. Then this situation happens to him. Why did all of a sudden the pics come out now then maybe even before this mandrain album. She thinks that she will shot fame this time. One image of her with that Louth look on her face makes her seem like she was unwillingly to have sex with Ray. She tries to look innocent in that photo like that Ray raped her or something. Please def get a life and she’s young so she should have plenty of opportunities waiting for her. She should just go into AV. That’s even a quick way for fame and fortune. Just spread your legs more Missy and you’ll be their with the top dogs. Raymond needs to be wiser. Doesn’t he know that he’s got fame and fortune and that girls will take advantage of him even though he a guy? Wish him all the best of luck.

    Funn lim is right…at leat Ray looks innocent and that I think he is desperate for a marriage. Ray could have been the one being crazy like Edison chen. Ray looks so exhausted after having sex. Looks a bit scrary looking. Finally get to see his forbear again and surprisingly his eyebrows are still nicely shaped.( for a guy)

    1. Actually I thought he looked so exhausted and just went to bed without looking at her even with all the voluptuousness. Hence she could only take pictures and got mad she did not get the attention she wanted. Looked more like she wanted the sex and he maybe just knocked out.

      I am just speculating.. don’t take it seriously. As I know, men normally won’t bother putting on shirt after doing it:-)

      Yah, this news should stop. Media should go focus on Japan.

      1. This media focuses on hong kong celebrities not japan chica. Go to CNN or BBC for the update of japan. I wonder why so many Chinese love japan and care so much for them? Did they forget what they have done to us Chinese. That tsunami doesn’t kill nearly what they killed us. Such japan trader dogs. I find funny is most hong kong people want to be Japanese. They think being Chinese is an embarassment for them. They even fled to Canada when china took back hong kong. Such good china pride that you guys have. That is call karma. A caucasion guy on CNN said that happen to japan is because they did something bad to some people in the past and god has to punish them. Don’t even know you would go and talk about japan on a site about Chinese. If you want to help go fly over there and help them. That’s the best way instead of sitting at home in your pjs complaining about people not helping japan and complaining about others opinions. Chicks only think that they have the right to speak and talk trashy about guys and think we don’t know. Honestly most guys have bad taste in girls. All my bros like below averge chicas and think they’re hot. Clean your damn eyes fools. Make us guys looks bad especially YouTube videos of hong kong girls beating those guys balls. What a shame towards our male appearances.

  9. Louth I meant pouty face on her face looks like she is unwillingly to have sex with him. Also she’s a model and don’t need to go to salons!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Can the comments towards Mavis be more vicious here? Sure, maybe she leak the picture for publicity. But is there a need to suggest she go do AV and spread her legs more?

    Is this a good way to stand up for your idol?

    1. Lmao-ing at the comment that models don’t need to go to salons.

      In celebrities and models line of jobs, salons IS a regular hang out.

      Ray will survive this scandal (hardly consider it one, since he’s clothed anyway). Maybe Mavis did leak it, maybe she is really another ignorant artiste with their personal belongings. In a few months, no one hardly remember this anymore.

      A tips to Ray fans and friends – Show your support to Ray all you want, but refrain from harassing that girl in her weibo/blog/whatever. Clearly Ray want to move on and forget this episode, and not aggravating the situation with more controversies.

  11. Definitely…I saw this outcry coming. I’m sure the celebrities have had it with intimate pics being exposed by the other party. Everyone’s sensitive because it could happen to them.

  12. She is very smart girl. Used her tits as a bait. Raymond is just plain dumb. I’m not his fan so don’t care. That girl should be in porn. Tons of American girls go into porn and became famous overnight. Since peope say she posted pictures up then there is a purpose there. This is a cruel world face it. Girls are judge unconditionally. All chica do is complain complain complain all the time about others. Stop trying to be nice. We all know where this chick is going. Don’t try to defend her. A lot of things said here is the truth. The ones that tries to be nice is the most fake girls ever. Don’t think us guys don’t know how nice fake you are. Us guys are not stupid but some of you trying to act nice girls are the most untrustworthy like this hoe here.

  13. Christine has just show everyone how inmoral she herself is. These supporters has no indepth info on this matter and yet giving unconstructive remarks that make the whole thing worse. Nobody has the right to ask people to leave the ‘world’.

    1. Raymond don’t think with his brains, he think with his ‘down under’. Oops! Negative news…. So he have to talk, to talk, to talk, and talk, talk, talk, and talk, not enough talk? And talk, and talk…… Raymond, maybe you should call CNN ‘and talk’…………

      Ah…..that poor little raymond. Nothing is good. Not talk is not good. Talk is also not good….poor you!

  14. OMG…why everyone (fans , and now TVB artiste too!?!?!) making such big fuss over this?

    Ok, Ray feel hurt n soooo bad that the pic are leaked. Shuang now giving such little kitty confession statement. And then? so What?? 2 adults mutual consent stayin , sleeping together is totally normal and lawful, right?

    let’s MOVE ON, and give more love, attention & assistance to place where realy need it — Japan !

    1. @yDino- Raymond has good relations with his colleagues, who are upset that his trust was betrayed. Astrid Chan said it best, if you can not trust the person you are sleeping next to you, who can you trust?

      Raymond’s situation can be applied to everyday friendships and relationships, where trust and betrayal of confidence happens all the time. Imagine you told a secret to a friend who promised to not share the information with anyone else? And the friend turns around to blab it to everyone else without regard for your feelings. Or when you break up with an ex-boyfriend and he turns around to hurt you intently.

      I think everyone is paying close attention to Japan and if possible, people can contribute financial assistance to disaster recovery efforts. They will need a lot of money to rebuild and food for people who are staying in shelters.

      1. @Jayne

        I don’t know, some might say you keep your friends close and your enemies closer. SO you really can’t trust the one sleeping next to you. You must pretend to trust them so they trust that you trust them when in fact you don’t trust them but just want to earn their trust in your naivety. Hmmm this all sounds a little complicated but clearly Raymond didn’t play the trust game properly but we can’t blame him since well… its a really complicated game which may result to pain, suffering and malicious intent.

      2. @SDS- The strategy of keeping an enemy closer, so you can watch his/her every move is a complicated game to play. IMO, this strategy is best employed when you have a person you designate as a “secrete” enemy, a person who you don’t truly like, but you don’t let them know that. Their actions might have potential significant benefit/loss to you. A good example might be that you are interested in snagging a woman’s boyfriend. You befriend the woman and man, find out their relationship weaknesses and make your move to steal the man.

        Another time to employ this mind game of keeping the enemy closer is at work, when corporate politics might be fervent at the company. You don’t get to choose the people in your department and although you might dislike some colleagues, who may be clamoring for the same promotion, this might be a good strategy to play.

        Or applying to the work of espionage, undercover police investigations, secret agent work etc., keeping the enemy close to find out information is critical, sometimes failing to succeed could mean a life threatening situation.

        Or in the entertainment industry, befriending your enemy co-stars close that you can find out their dirty secrets so you can expose them to the paparazzi, drag down their reputation etc.

        The stakes are high if you chose to keep your enemies so close at bay. How do you know if they don’t know what you are up to? Once found out, since you betrayed their trust, you may be facing even greater revenge plan (e.g. more backstabbing at work etc)

        Keeping the enemy close is applicable when someone’s benefit means your loss. I’ll rather peacefully co-exist, rather than play such an exhausting mind game. Sometimes at work, you may have to watch yourself to protect and advocate for yourself, but otherwise in personal and family relationships, who has time for this? That’s why I’ll look at a person’s heart first in befriending someone.

  15. All these stars hating on Mavis – you know what? They are jealous they weren’t the one in his bed, including you too Ron.

      1. Yea… for some reason bigger is ALWAYS better in the external world. What about tumours?

    1. This is a joke to you? How insensitive. These stars such as Myolie, Christine and Astrid cares a lot about Raymond.

      There’s no need for them to get jealous about anything with Mavis. Myolie for instance is a lot prettier than Mavis. Her comment might be a little harsh but she’s just showing her ultimate support and encouragement for Raymond and shows that she cares a lot about his well being.

      1. Everyone knows that Myolie and Raymond have a very close relationship. It’s normal for her to act up like this because Raymond is someone with special closeness to her and of course she will feel his pain too and want to support him and feel angry at whomever that’s hurting him like this.

      2. @lol

        On a superficial level, you can honestly say Myolie is ALOT prettier, if at all prettier, than Mavis? Come on, she might be a better person, but if we just go back to basics, can you honestly say she is ALOT PRETTIER? Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but still, there are social uniformity rules about beauty. COME ON!!!!

        No offence. just joking 🙂

      3. Relax, it wasn’t a penis shot or anything. To go through all that mock outrage on this is quite silly. PR stunt to promote new album or self promotion. Now if it was a pic of him dropping a deuce while his undies are around his ankles, then yeah I can see them taken offense to it. So relax, you’ll live longer.

      4. Beauty is the eye of the beholder is only true to some extent… Plus, it is MUCH more than looks anyways. There is way more to a person than their looks.

      5. @SDS – Maybe you think I was exaggerating but I believe Mavis has done something to her chest and face to achieve this looks. She resembles Angelababy. I view someone like Myolie as a lot prettier because she’s perfectly a natural beauty and doesn’t need to do surgery to have big eyes, perfect chin or 36D bra size.

      6. Maybe so, but when she starts talking I start zoning out. Her voice can strip paint.

      7. sure, but can’t they show care without hurting/attacking another person(who they dont even know)in the process? the way they did it was distasteful. as women themselves, why delight/be mean in others sorrow? these women are also showy/territorial, doing many things to keep a man, like they dont love taking pictures wit their s/o? no woman should insult another for a mishap resulting from it.

        if they are remotely sane and true friends of his, for his well being, they should ask their friend to move on and forgive, not seek vengeance the way they are advocating, chanting for retribution/the mother of all/whoever to punish this girl! oh jeez, do they think they are doing him or anyone else any good? they sound vicious instead, and are all petty, just like their friend.

  16. Maybe 620 issue a statement asking all artists to show support or else…..?!!!

    1. What are you smoking. This just shows that Raymond is well loved and cared by his colleagues. For example Myolie is just care too much for Raymond’s well being which explains the harsh comment from her. All that she’s doing is just to support and protect Raymond from harm.

      1. does she care or want more publicity for herself? she should keep her big mouth shut. not everybody has life smooth sailing as her, getting support to date Bosco(Virginia Lok’s relative,) onscreen and off but always hiding for career purpose.

      2. TVB even help promote Myolie and Bosco as a couple, go to events together, not everybody lucky enough to have support.

        Virginia Lok and Candy Ma were the ones arranging Raymond’s schedule, they likely kept him busy so he cant sneak out for some monkey business.

    2. Where did you get that from?? You are making it seem like Ray is blackmailing/forcing his friends and colleagues to support him. I may not know Ray but he doesn’t seem like that type at all. They support him because they like and care for him..

  17. That’s a bit rich coming from Christine… didn’t she marry an old man for his money? Morals my ass

  18. these artists have no respect for another human being, they talked down to her because she is a mainland nobody in their eyes.

    sorry guys but its obvious that Raymond hit and quit it. thats why this girl is uploading photos for everyone to see, if he used her(for her body), she can also use him(for his fame). if it is not a fling, he would officially break up but he didn’t because he thinks she will automatically get the picture. its controversial but i have to say it. why is Raymond out there sniffling because he thinks he got betrayed by a girl he did date and slept with?

    ppl cried when they saw the recent devastation in Japan, he cries because he got his picture taken by his girlfriend fully clothed and afraid sponsors wont come to him for endorsements anymore. the everybody wants a piece of this girl and now the worst he can do is blame her. all these artists are now insulting her, they have no class whatsoever. i guess it takes favor and fame to be spoken for? the whole TVB city definitely didnt come out for Bernice when she met with press trouble. they are the nicest bunch you’ll ever meet, not!

    if he’s a man, he should tell the press to f- off and that he doesnt have to explain his business but the way he is going on radio talk shows, whatever he can to get word out there that he doesn’t understand why the girl did this and that, is quite petty for a man dont you think? he also doesn’t need so many ppl coming to his rescue, he’s a man and should stand up for himself and her. i am very disappointed in his behavior, even if the girl started it first, it should not be tit for tat. i lost respect for Raymond. i used to be a fan, now i hate seeing once fellow fans attacking everyone that dont have flattering things to say about him and calling nonsupporters’ other artists out, when really, they are not the ones that tapped that a– and left.

    1. Sorry but your message sounds sort of anti male and that you are blaming Raymond for everything… I do admit that he is not handling this in the best way. However, his ex did not have the right to take his pictures without his consent and then show it off to the public like that. It is true that they had a relationship and all and Raymond did not deny that. He admitted it! I think it is important for Raymond to clarify this issue or else it would hurt him and his image more since he is a public figure. He is seen more as a victim because everything was done without him even knowing it… I am not a fan of Raymond so I am not trying to defend him, but I just want to be fair to him.

      1. In regards to Bernice,I think her situation was different so I don’t think that you can directly compare it with Ray’s case…

      2. idiot, i am a male myself, thats why i encourage him to take the high road. Raymond has so many fans defending him, bombarding ppl’s weibos, this girl has none, why do you have a problem with ppl like myself taking our turn to express our view and side? you already posted what you want, do you have to nitpick at what everyone has to say?

        Bernice’s situation is not different. why these ppl choose to butt in for Raymond but could care less for her? they can rave insults at Mavis but not bother to bat an eye for Bernice. if she is my colleague, i would say she is not a gold digger. instead, only Moses spoke out for her. thats the sad thing. two faced colleagues and an executive dont give a s— about her so why cant i care about Bernice without you having some problem with it?!

        you sound like you’re the biased anti here, only thinking Raymond needs help, just stick with your idols thread if dont like reading this.

  19. gotta give it to Raymond, he acts good not only onscreen but also in real life, he copied Gillian’s move in shedding a tear or two to get sympathy.

  20. sol, definately agree with you on this. His way of responding to this issue and acting like a hurt child irk me. If he say nothing and keep quiet, I would have more respect for him.

    1. Why do you think keeping quiet is better? I personally don’t think that keeping quiet is the best way to go. I have seen cases like this in the past and I think that if you just keep quiet, it may also imply that everything is true(and has been in some cases that I have seen). THey have to eventually come out and say something. I am not saying that he is handling this the right way, but at least he is doing and saying something which I think is a lot better than just staying quiet…

      1. him responding too much is just creating a media frenzy.

        he’s beating a dead horse to death, that gives ppl a chance to join in doing the same to him. the cycle never ends because Raymond wont shut up.

  21. Not only he respond to reporters, he went to Cha Siu Yan to give in depth info, next Ming Pao and then talking how his family disapprove of the girl. Can’t he just keep quiet?

  22. It’s quite amazing that their romance slipped through the paparazzis’s lenses and when it is exposed, we see bed pictures. Sounds like Mr. Lam had a one night stand with this Mavis girl and now acting like the victim and love saint to cover up. He really had no choice but to say they dated and he was deeply in love. He must’ve really loved her to be so “hurt”. Also, why is he always alluding that she leaked the photos? Did she tell him in advance, ie: blackmailed him?

    They do match though – plastic and plastic.

  23. i am reading his articles and feel disgusted with him. if he knew work was what was more important to him, why get involved with her and waste her time? if they never discuss breaking up, then they were never officially togther and were just f—buddies. if he’s so busy during the couple of months, they prob didnt meet very much and only f—– when they saw each other. not much to the relationship, so not much to say when he didnt want her anymore. he sounds like a player. as for “treating her friends well”, who doesnt treat their friends well? she was so nice, she was giving them all bj’s, raymond being one of them. this girl happened to come on to him and he’s a horndog so he accepted. i wouldnt be surprised if mavis is a raymond fan and happened to tell him that so he think he could get her easy. wait, let me go put on a helmet and a vest to be sure, watch his crazy fangirls come chasing after me when i am speaking what men realize what this is really about.

  24. Raymond Lam is the Edison Chen of TVB. here is the advice that Edison even gave him, he can spot a player when he sees one.

    When asked about Raymond Lam Fung and Mavis Pan Shuangshuang’s intimate photo leak, Edison confidently said, “If you run into trouble just think of me! In recent years I have run into so much trouble. Today I can still sit here to be interviewed. Hard work and more hard worker will bring you success.”

    sorry Edison, as far as i know, your comeback hasn’t been successful. you dont have to give advice to Raymond, he is even smarter than you with his tear-filled acts and stories as of recent over a much punier matter, scheduling even more interviews than Edison ever did.

    1. You seem to really dislike Raymond… Even though I don’t know Raymond personally, I don’t feel that is even half as bad as Edison Chen.

      1. calm down Raymond fan. if you can have a say, so can others. its a no brainer that i dislike Raymond right now, didnt you read, i even said i am DISGUSTED with him, so big duh.

        the problem isnt the pictures themselves but his response after it. he’s obviously a player that doesnt want others to know.

    2. He isn’t Edison Chan level, because if he is, his career is almost over. Like I said, no scandal, just the OTT dramatic response by his friends and himself (tears and all). I think Edison meant that as an encouragement, that Raymond will live through this. Well I would say if there’s anyone who can give such advice it would be Edison quite simply because he is alive and well. I would have thought the women would hunt him down or something.

      Edison at the time of the scandal did not cry simply because he didn’t think he did anything wrong and technically, he is right, maybe except for bad taste.

      Raymond at the time of the “scandal” cried because for no reasons I can think of.

      So you have extremes of 2 reactions.

      1. i agree, one of the differences in this is that Edison didn’t cry and Raymond did.

        another is that one is a real scandal while the other was pseudo.

        Raymond likes his girl well endowed surgically and Edison liked them natural.

        Edison had one conference while Raymond has exhausted every outlet.

        sorry, cant help but say those.

  25. Ray is only sleeping, just some kindergarten cell pics, ”siu e fall”
    Edison is sick, a good much for pan, or is it wok

  26. haters who write nonsense and mean stuff, i can understand because they are haters, if you put yourself in his shoes, dated and broke up, and your ex posted your pix and made up inconsistent stories along the way for fame, what can you do, ray did nothing wrong, people chill it, the reporters and mavis are very wrong.

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