Myolie Wu and TVB Artists Comment on Bosco Wong’s Nude Photo Scandal

Regarding the paparazzi secretly photographing Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) nude at home, rumored girlfriend, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), said exasperately, “I don’t know what to say. Everyone saw his entire body! I am very concerned that Bosco will not be happy, fortunately he has been okay. I hope they do not continue taking unauthorized photos. It’s as if Bosco were in jail at home now, trying to hide and avoid [exposure]. I heard that the reporter took the nude photographs from a public location, so there are no grounds for a lawsuit!”

Raymond Lam and Ron Ng: “We Always Close Our Curtains!” 

Raymond Lam (林峯) and Ron Ng (吳卓羲) supported their good friend, Bosco Wong, who was photographed nude by the paparazzi. Raymond said, “This incident crosses the boundary of the law. Normally, I am very careful and will permanently close the curtains at home. No sunlight comes through!” 

Ron Ng said, “My curtains are permanently drawn at home! However, I am unafraid. Even if someone photographs my home, they will only capture my mother, my maid, and myself.” 

Kevin Cheng “Law Ba” : “The Government Should Establish Privacy Laws” 

Portraying “Law Ba” in Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭>, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) was extremely popular lately. Since privacy invasion was such a terrible action, Kevin felt that the government should establish legislation for greater privacy protection.

Wayne Lai: “Hong Kong Law is Insufficient”

Appearing at the Hong Kong airport with his wife, Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) was flying to Toronto, Canada, to perform. As a result, Wayne will not be celebrating Father’s Day. Wayne’s son will remain in Hong Kong to celebrate the holiday with his grandfather instead. Regarding the paparazzi photographing Bosco nude and invading artists’ privacy, Wayne commented, “Since the reporter used a telephoto lens to take photos inside the house, it is the same as voyeurism. If a regular citizen were to commit the act, it would be considered voyeurism, but a reporter is free to do so? That’s because there are loopholes in Hong Kong legislation. If this occurred overseas, you can ‘sue until their pants are on fire!’”

Steven Ma: “It’s Okay for a Man to Be Spotted Nude!”

At a watch brand promotional event, Steven Ma (馬浚偉) comforted Bosco in the nude photo incident, “For a man, this shouldn’t be so serious. Bosco is fit enough!”

Eric Tsang: “If You Eat Salted Fish, You Have to Withstand Thirst!”

Appearing at the prayer ceremony for new film, Super Fun with Liza and the Gods <勁抽福祿壽>, Eric Tsang (曾志偉) said that although artists “have to withstand thirst when they eat salted fish” [loss a degree of privacy since they are public figures], it was natural to change clothes at home. Secretly photographing [artists in such a manner] was unacceptable.

Virginia Lok: “Bosco Was a Victim!” 

TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), noted that due to Bosco’s nude photo scandal, TVB will hold a meeting to discuss appropriate measures to assist artists from being photographed [unknowingly in compromising situations]. Ms. Lok said, “Artists have a bottom line too. This action was a complete invasion of privacy and affects the trends of society.” (Are you afraid this will affect Bosco Wong’s image?) “No, Bosco was a victim!” Ms. Lok noted that TVB issued a public statement to make their position clear over the matter.

Face Magazine and Sudden Weekly Magazine Banned from TVB City

TVB Deputy Director of External Affairs, Tsang Sing Ming (曾醒明) issued a public statement regarding its artists being photographed in compromising situations. Mr. Tsang noted that the reporters of Face Magazine and Sudden Weekly Magazine will be banned from the grounds of TVB City and denied interview access rights to TVB-related events. All TVB artists with the outstanding contracts with the company will refuse interviews with the two magazines. These actions will last for a period of two months.

Mr. Tsang said, “Our lawyers issued a letter requesting Face Magazine and Sudden Weekly Magazine to not further publish photos related to the [exposure incidents]. We asked them to give the photos back to TVB.” Mr. Tsang indicated that TVB staff has initiated contact with the two magazines, but have not heard any response yet.


Compiled from the Sun and

Jayne: Glad to hear that TVB legal counsel demanded the halt of future publication and likely distribution of Bosco’s nude photos. As long as his most private parts remained a mystery, there is some saving grace to this incident.

I think the 2 month ban against Face Magazine and Sudden Weekly is such a lame punishment. The other Next Media publications were not included in the ban, otherwise TVB artists and series would have too limited PR.

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  1. I’m glad to hear that Myolie said Bosco is ok 🙂

  2. Virginia Lok + Her Favorite Siu Sangs = ALWAYS A VICTIM NO MATTER WHO STARTED THE INCIDENT lol

    1. True Dat!! She’s like bad luck for anyone she likes…

    2. Virginia Lok male artist is cursed! 🙂 Must be bad Fung Shui going on….

    3. Hate Virginia Lok! Stop playing innocent victim! Just get Bosco to admit that he’s careless for letting his window open and the HK people can forgive him!

      1. Bosco can’t win Virginia Lok because paparazzi although use telephoto technology took the photo from public place!! Morally is wrong but legally is not! ROFL!!! Sho STFU about playing victim!!

      2. @ Vivien

        You finally agreed that this is a morally wrong thing to do.

      3. @Kidd

        MORALLY is wrong but Bosco is also at wrong for his careless and I dont get why Virginia make him play victim when it’s clear that this is caused by his own CARELESS TO CLOSE THE CURTAIN!

    4. Stephen’s artists are nothing better 😛 last year. Amigo, Patrick, Charles, etc.

    5. I don’t like 620 much either, but TVB’s siu sangs are TVB’s treasures and their most popular male artists and investments. So if the media doesn’t write about them, who should write about? Writing news about ke-le-fe’s that no one cares about will garner the selling of million copies of tabloids, huh?

      And as director of TVB artists management, it is her duty to protect her artists.

      1. I don’t think she did a good job if she is protecting them. When your kinda PR manager is more emotional than you, it really is very very bad.

  3. bs 2 months… since they rely on the magazines to have their share of exposure too, good or bad and in HK usually bad

    in a way being an artist and in this case opening the curtains is giving them the permit to invade their privacy so can’t do much other then protect yourself

    not saying the reporters are right but the artists aren’t being that smart either

  4. This is the beginning of a positive step taken by TVB to ban the magazines’ reporters temporarily from the TVB city. However, it is easy to blame the reporters but the editors and the managers of the publications are also to blame. They are the ones who give the ultimate approvals of publishing the photos. Perhaps, it is time that the HK government should draft a law in place about voyeurism. I remember some of my older relatives telling me that in the olden days, the stars and reporters have good relationships because they respect one another’s privacy and their professions.

    1. This is tabloid magazine. Unless everyone starts reading Time magazine, this is how things are.

      “Perhaps, it is time that the HK government should draft a law in place about voyeurism”

      Yes of course but what then is the definition? Why not ban all cameras, etc on such grounds? Bosco’s case is difficult. If what Myolie said is true, then the pictures were taken from a public area with a very good camera. Hardly voyeurism.

      1. Of course it is a tabloid magazine but there should be a bottom line. Brad Pitt had his picture taken a few years ago showing his genital areas,he sued the magazine. There should be a bottom line. How would u like having your picture taken?

  5. i just find this very fishy. bosco deliberately stood naked in front of his window? who in their right mind would stand stark naked in front of their window, closes their curtains for a short amount of time and then open up again for other activities?

    Do you guys get what I’m saying? You draw curtains because you expect people might peep through either accidentally or purposely (in this case). They did draw it during one point, but not for the rest. It’s like a show. It’s opened when he was stark naked, then its closed for a short amount of time and then it’s opened for the rest of the night where the couple does all of the daily things in view through that window and that window only. (if what the reporters saying are true.)

    the reporters took the pictures from a public area. the couple SHOULD know this window is facing a public area! i don’t know what to believe. i don’t know if this is a publicity stunt. i mean for ANYONE, public figure or NOT, you shouldnt be standing stark naked infront of a window.

    1. It’s not publicity stunt because HK isnt that open to nudity and I bet Bosco now must be cursed by millions of HK people who reprimand his weird hobby of being naked.

      Only China mainland users are sympathizing him.

      1. HK isn’t open to nudity? Says who?

        TVB’s always been trying to get sexier and HK films don’t mind involving sex scenes.

      2. How old are you? Nude in movies arent the same as nude in real life!!

        ROFL TVB is a FAMILY channel. Nobody was ever nude ROFL

      3. Check clearly TVB’s lame action to ban SUdden and Face mags are the indicator that it’s not a publicity stunt. Besides this thing will only make his image go to rock bottom and will make HK people curse disgust at him.

        If he has underwear I will say it’s a publicity stunt. For now I say he’s a careless man who has some crazy indecent habit at his home.

      4. Curse by millions of HK people? What an exaggeration.

      5. How old am I?

        Don’t you think you ‘trying’ to attack me personally is a bit immature itself? Why get so heated over this?

        I guess I didn’t state clearly enough as I didn’t think anyone would even care so much on my comments. But I meant sexuality….which includes nudity. I just didn’t think people would be so anal about being politically correct on a tabloid report……..

      6. @Vivien: TVB did… Healing Hands III, a naked dead body, even though TVB blurred it out. Still cause a controversy.

        Ironicly, TVB did a naked photo shoot, 44 TVB Artists in it back in March, 2011. Bosco and Myolie is in it!

    2. I’m assuming he lives in a high rise with no immediately adjacent buildings. Perhaps he felt no one could really see him and didn’t mind the odd person who might happen to be able to catch a glimpse. But a few ppl glancing into the window and vaguely seeing an anonymous naked man in the window is not a big deal. He’s probably comfortable enough with his own nudity to handle that. Having those pictures published in a tabloid with a detailed account of what you were doing is quite different, isn’t it?

  6. also, this incident was done soon after it was reported that myolie moved to the apartment above bosco. how are they so ignorant to reporters? i seriously think this is a publicity stunt. i dont know why though, myolie is already a superstar and i guess bosco is as well.

  7. No matter if it is true or not, it is still kinda embarasing to have these pictures taken of yourself. So you think Bosco would actually do that to himself? Doesn’t he find the questions asks by reposrters about Myolie kinda annoying? Still I don’t believe he would do that to himself. I mean he told reporters that he walks around the house in the underwear. He would of just done that…why go all out? Maybe it’s a bit over exaggerated to be publicity stunt in my opinion. Still if you’re under the public light, best to not let any light into your house…I guess that the lesson learned here.

  8. There has been talk of government intervention for many years now, but it has still not happened. That’s the only way to stop these types of invasion of privacy for the artists. Banning these mags for 2 months will not solve the problems long term, and neither would sueing them be able to fix the problems since it would come after the fact. The pics would have already been published.
    I feel sorry that the artists have to live in the dark even when they get home and keep the curtains closed. Once they open them, there is that possibility that their actions and every move will be monitored. Being in the industry for more than 10 years, Bosco definitely should have known to keep his curtains closed at all times. The fact that he seemed to open it sometimes and close it sometimes did make the incident seem staged and inviting for the paparazzi to take pictures. I don’t think this incident will ruin his image because if anything, TVB will make sure he is portrayed as the victim in this incident.

    1. Let’s be realistic here. If this happens in America where privacy law clashes horribly with free speech but a land of constitutional rights, more so in HK. I am still not sure where the picture was taken, like I said, I believe from opposite building somewhere farther away and one or 2 levels down. In Bosco’s case, with him walking naked in open curtained in full view, you can’t stop people from taking photos. The only way to stop the publication perhaps is to term it as distribution of pornographic material, although the magazine may argue the private parts have been blurred, etc.
      Invasion of privacy law will not work in Bosco’s case.

      1. I visited some forum to learn more and some said Bosco’s house is facing some hill? Maybe some public place where people can do some climbing?

  9. How embarrassing. I don’t believe this to be a publicity stunt… he could have just passionately kissed myolie w/o being butt naked, and that probably would have made it to the front pages anyways.

    Hope he has better sense next time.

    1. He was kissing her butt naked because of what happened next. He was naked waiting for her to come home with just 1 aim.

    2. what do you mean he could have kissed myolie without butt naked? we all choose what we want do and not based on what others would do. and taking it to the extra mile by being butt naked sells, and that grabs attention either you believe it or not.

      with that said, i’m not saying that this is definitely a publicity stunt. i’m just surprised how many people are pretty naive when it comes to the media.

      1. What I meant to say was that if it were a publicity stunt, he could have passionately kissed myolie without being butt naked, and that would have made the front pages… it wasn’t neccessary for him to be naked. He and Myolie kissing is already front page material.

        I don’t believe people here are being naive, just logical. I think it’s natural instinct to close the curtains when they you have sex.. and reopen them when done.

  10. Very close around the same time as Gillian Chung semi nude hidden camera scandal.

    Will they do another protest?

    1. Gillian’s one was different. That was a hidden camera in changing room or a room? That is perfect case of breaking privary law, voyeurism, etc. Funny is when she cried, everyone pitied her and then boom! Came those Edison pictures and I suppose most deem her as hypocrite. But she was willing in Edison’s pictures, in those changing clothes pictures, she was unaware

      1. What I meant… The HK entertainment industry did a protest back then for tougher privacy control… which it didnt work out. Wondering, they going to do it again?

      2. I realise HK has rather low record of rights isn’t it?

      3. Different and this time Bosco cant do anything because the pics were taken from a public place with a very good telephoto camera? That’s why they cant file a lawsuit.

      4. I have the same thought. Well, dun say that a new sex scandal in TVB will be revealed in the next future… As the story goes by…

  11. “We asked them to give the photos back to TVB.”

    I laughed when I read this. Like hell they will! And just 2 months? I thought permanent ban? Or Bosco is not siu sang enough?

    Wayne said it rather well, as was Steven.

    The thing is how on earth you can have privacy law WHEN the photos were taken like as Myolie said? At least someone sees sense!

    Anyway Bosco will be fine. Like Steven said, no big deal, fit body. what’s done is done. I am surprised no one asked Myolie about the passionate kissing, open knowledge relationship, etc.

    And someone should as Virginia Lok to shut up.Everytime she comments, I feel half the credibility is gone!

    1. ROFL since the press took the pics from public place although using telephoto TVB and Bosco cant sue. ROFL.

      1. Serves Bosco right for being naked without closing the window. The press might want to give the stubborn head some lesson

      2. if bosco was really innocent and this wasn’t a publicity stunt. and he is really a victim, don’t you think it’s kinda ironic and plainly distasteful for blaming the victim?

      3. He’s still not a victim because my point is HE’S CARELESS TO NOT CLOSE HIS CURTAIN DOWN and let the paparazzi have chance to take his pics.

      4. So in a way he still has FAULTS and stupid Virginia Lok should stop making him play victim. Let him make a public press conference and apologize the way Edison and Cecilia did and the public will let him go.

      5. Him being careless does not negate him being the victim of an obvious act of invasion of privacy.

      6. Wow…I hope you never fall victim to anything.

        I just realized you’re the person questioning how old am I….I just feel sorry for you.

      7. @Kidd

        Only morally. In terms of HK Law is NOT wrong. The press is doing a legal thing since although they just took picture of someone in his house they use a public place to do so even if use telephoto. Bosco will be totally a victim only if the curtain is closed and the paparazzi still able to take pics

    2. Actually, Steven and Julian Cheung have quite similar response to Bosco’s photos, both used flippancy to downplay the incident. Of course they can afford to be cavalier about it. But then again what else can Bosco do since like you said what’s done is done, just have to suck it up like a man, and look to the positive side, which, as Steven and Julian have pointed out, Bosco has a fit body. Consider it is a lesson learned the hard way for his carelessness.

      Snatches of Steven, Julian, and Wayne’s responses showing support for Bosco.

      Steven says: Well, actually after a shower at home, may not put on clothes immediately if nobody’s in. At most will have on the underwear.…. He says: “If females then truly terrible; males, not so bad. Ultimately, will not cause too much harm. (The private part was photographed wo?) Got to have some self-confidence ma. Bosco is so fit, what’s there to worry? Hope he won’t be too unhappy. Just be more careful next time.

      Julian Cheung: Before married, I used to walk around the house in the nude….but not now. I have confidence in his body. Don’t think he will fall apart because of the photos. Most males like to feel unconstrained, females will have to be more careful. Julian then asked if Bosco’s private part has been blocked out with a censored square?

      Wayne Lai: First and foremost, was he presentable? The most important thing is, must be ok. I too roam my house in the nude everyday. If photographed no problem, but wait till I’ve taken care of my potbelly first.

      馬仔讚宗澤身材Fit不怕露 「如果係女仔就好陰功,係男仔就好啲,始終不會太大傷害,(被影到下體喎?)要對自己有信心嘛,黃宗澤那麼Fit,怕甚麼?希望他不要不開心。」馬仔:「男人老狗可以打大格些,不要唔開心,唯有盡量小心。」

      张智霖: 我对他的身材有信心,认识的他也应该不会为相片好崩溃。」张智霖又「八卦」黄宗泽的重要部位是否有被打格仔?他指自己未結婚時,在家也是赤裸裸通屋走,後來請了工人才懂得收斂,現有了小孩子更加不會這樣做。更笑說:「男仔都是喜歡坦蕩蕩,女仔就應該要小心一點。」


      1. Love these 3 guys’ comment. So funny. It’s good that they downplay the situation.

      2. Clamine,
        with the humor, the men downplay the nudity situation, yes men do expose a lot of skin at home. When it gets hot, they think nothing of taking shirt off.

      3. Wat SM say is quite true: If it’s a female artist, then the story will be bigger. Maybe ppl will burn the magazines again.

    3. It’s kinda funny you talk about morality and law. And then labeling something as not ‘wrong’ to do. If you’re talking about ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ that pertains to morality and character.

      It’s also funny you suggest Bosco to apologize. Exactly what should he be apologizing for? If you’re talking about the law, he has done nothing wrong. Because you do understand he was at the privacy of HIS. OWN. HOME.

      But once someone mentions that he is a victim, you play the law card?

      And you called Bosco being naked in his OWN home, which his girlfriend has NO problem with ‘not nice’? But what does that have to do anything? You’re the one who talks about law and not whether something is wrong or not, so why would this even bother you? Don’t you find your statements contradictive?

      Why should victims feel ashamed that they did something wrong?

      I ask these questions not necessarily expecting an answer from you but just a general thought as to why ignorants think the way they do. Am I naive? No. I know ignorants do exist. I know there is exploitation. I just don’t know why people have to be so unforgiving and hateful?

      1. I agree. Since Myolie can accept Bosco naked around the room, nobody is important to Bosco. Well, world of two so Myolie is the most important person to Bosco.

  12. @ Jayne

    “I am very concerned that Bosco will not be unhappy, fortunately he has been okay. “

    I think there’s a typo error here. Do you mean to write ‘Bosco will not be happy’ or ‘Bosco will be unhappy’, instead of ‘Bosco will not be unhappy’?

    1. Kidd,
      Yes was typing too quickly, will correct later…

  13. Hopefully BOSCOLIE will support each other through this incident and be more careful in the future.

    1. Myolie should dump a careless and stubborn guy like him since he said to the press he won’t change his habit.

      I won’t be able to take a bf with a strut naked in home habit!! I dont care if its his own bedroom! It’s not a nice behaviour!

      1. Why should he? He loves her, is passionate about her, he is always trying to tell everyone they’re a couple so he wants to acknowledge her. Maybe she likes a guy who is comfortable in his own skin. He’s careless but hardly stubborn. It shows he is beyond the unethical ways of the paparazzi and nothing will stop him from being himself and last I check walking around naked in own home is not illegal. I am naked as I am typing this. Wait! Kidd, aren’t you naked when you were washing clothes? Jayne is probably naked as she cooks.

      2. gosh, being nude = bad behavior = bad person? sorry for your bf if you have one.

      3. Funn,
        Sounds like you are a nudist at home. Are you suggesting we all join the nudist movement to support Bosco? I prefer to keep my pajamas on at home. 😉

      4. @ Funn

        Haha, Funn. My washing machine is in the kitchen lah. So, nope I’m not naked when I’m washing clothes. 😛

      5. @M or R

        He was naked in a woman’s presence and not just alone and the window opened. I don’t want my bf to parade naked in front of me with the curtain up!

      6. You seem to be really anti Bosco Vivien. I guess you are just bias against him. I bet that it is was an artist that you liked, then you would not be talking the way that you are. I personally am not big on guys being naked at home either. But then again, I am the only girl with 7 brothers and no none of them would ever be naked around me. That should be reserved for their girlfriends and wives. I personally don’t feel comfortable being naked around the house either, but everyone is different. Some people just have that habit and that honestly does not equate to them being a bad person at all.

      7. @VIvien,
        Honestly, I think there are more important things for you to worry about in a relationship rather than a simple naked at home habit. You seem to really hate that kind of habit.

      8. Why she should dump him? For a habit that she knew?

      9. BTW, your husband (or bf) won’t be nude when xxxxx ? Then how can? Lol lol. And he won’t nude when he takes bath? Lol, still has clothes on when taking bath?

      10. @Fox
        I was going to ask Vivien the same question. Don’t tell me that when she and her bf/husband xxx that they still have their clothes on. I wonder if she fears the male body?? That would be strange…

      11. xxxx and bathing are different thing than just parading around and let the curtain open!

      12. Lol, so your husband/bf dun have to go from the bed to the bathroom after xxxxxx?

  14. Yes the media doggies have crossed the line but it also seem like Bosco was taunting them cause he knew when to draw the shades when he was getting hanky panky with Myolie.

    Also, our of courtesy of to his neighbors, he should keep his nudity to a minimum. Not everyone wants to see little Bosco at the window smoking.

    1. I’m surprised that given the complaining nature of HK citizens who complain at everything that until the paparazzi too the photos nobody complain about Bosco naked at his home. Or are the neighbours just naughty closet pervets who enjoyed watching him and don’t bother to complain or is he just really can’t be seen?

      1. Nobody complains because

        1. many men are naked or half-naked at home, if you do not use a binoculars or a telephoto lens to sneak around, you probably can’t see it.

        2. it shows he is comfortable in his own skin

        3. Most importantly he is at home!!!

        Seriously, what do you expect ppl to complain about? Complain to the HK govt or complain to the tabloid or complain to TVB?

        Should they say the blurry super zoomed photos of Bosco Wong published in Sudden Weekly #859 is a bad influence to children & adults cos he was naked at home.

        Who hasn’t been naked at home? Not seeing and not knowing doesn’t mean it is not happening.

      2. I think the thing that makes most people complain is not really because he was naked at home. It was mainly due to the fact that he had his blinds/curtains wide open which would give others an opportunity to look and take photos. Of course who has not been naked at one point in time in their home?? But the thing is, would you ever dare to open the blinds/curtains so that others may accidently(or purposely) have a chance to see you naked?? That goes for even a normal citizen, but makes celebs even more vulnerable since they are known figures to the public.

  15. Some people should remember TVB did a naked photo shoot in March… Bosco and Myolie was in it…

    Will they ever do a naked photo shoot again?

    1. They really did?? I have never heard of that before. What kind of photo shoot was it? I never knew that TVB did naked photo shoots before. If they really did, then I don’t think this should be the biggest deal. But then again, he was at home… Anyways, I just hope that everyone forgets about this and moves on. I guess artists have another lesson to learn as well which is not to ever have your curtains open when you are naked.

      1. @Kidd,
        Thanks so much for the info! I had a feeling that TVB would not get all bare.

    2. Just topless (to men, except Roger) and look like topless (to girls).

      Maybe they’ll do bolder things next time.

      1. You might just get confused or mislead by the pics 😛

  16. Listen to RTHK. The RightableWrong gang also send support to Bosco. 😀

  17. Makes me wonder a bit why they release the legal document now and not when Vincent and Yoyo got photographed

    so Bosco is more important that the other 2 I suppose…

  18. come on, i don’t buy this victim thing one bit. he knew he was going to be on the front page the next day when he dicided to put his “little brother” in front of the window for fresh air.

  19. It didn’t appear to me that Myolie’s chin was pointier before, but in the above picture, it does.

    1. That’s why I feel something has changed in her looks. Her nose has always been quite high but now it seems a bit pinched. Her chin is pointier, probably lost weight.

      1. Her nose appeared extra pointy to me in Ghetto Justice. It can be that she lost weight though, but her nose really stands out now.

      2. She probably lost weight from the “To Grow with Love” series…

      3. @Larry, Lol, that was ages ago. Myolie said after gaining weight for that series, she does not want to be fat again.

      4. Correctly speaking: TVB force her to gain weight.

        TVB abuse 🙂

      5. @Larry 3, In an interview, she said that TVB didn’t require her to gain weight, but suggested that she just wear the fat suit. But I guess she wanted the outcome of the series to be more realistic and was willing to sacrifice.

      6. If you look at her pics 5 years or so ago there’s difference in her face shape and nose. I notice the pointy nose too.

      7. @Larry 3

        Didn’t she got a choice? She want to do it herself.

      8. Well if Myolie has the money now, she could have had some procedures done but of course she will not admit it just like everyone else. But then who knows if she did or not for sure??

        This reminds of that movie where Andy Lau had to wear a fat suit. Myolie could do that instead of gaining weight. If she does gain weight just for that series then she is a professional actress. I remember the actress that played Yi Lin for XAJH 2001 shaving her hair instead of just wearing a bald cap. Everyone praised her for her professionalism.

      9. “Well if Myolie has the money now, she could have had some procedures done but of course she will not admit it just like everyone else.”

        Model Jacqueline Chong admitted that she had her breasts done. I’m not sure if Elanne Kong admitted having done plastic surgery on her face, but it’s like an open secret.

        And yes, I thought Myolie was very professional for gaining weight for the drama even though the series was quite crappy. It seems like Myolie has been taking less risks in her acting in recent years, especially after being criticized for her bad crying skills in Master of Tai Chi. Although I like her performance in Ghetto Justice, I still feel that she was more natural in Survivor’s Law.

      10. Haven’t watched GJ so can’t compare it with SL, but when an artist has “enough” fame, they will stop doing risky stuffs or their company won’t let them to do risky stuffs. Maybe the audience is quite sensitive now so they/their company feel afraid that the risky one will affect the long term career. BTW, when they are in new peak of fame, they might want to have risky stuffs to push them higher.

        Myolie is now in the first peak.

        Well, maybe just me but I dun feel her crying in Taichi is bad. It’s actually quite natural, just her mouth is weird. However, not only hers is weird this way. I think many other actresses have the same round mouth when crying. Only Myolie is criticized.

      11. @Chriselle,
        Yea some of artists do admit to having surgery, but most of them don’t. But even if a lot of them don’t, we can all clearly see it…
        I think Myolie’s acting has gotten better over the years, but I agree that she has been pretty safe in her roles. I don’t think that is good if you want to improve and become a more versatile actress.

      12. @ Fox

        I think Myolie shouldn’t be bothered withe the criticism. Mostly important is being natural. Many actresses cried ugly like you said. Personally, I think both Cecilia Cheung and Gigi Lai looks ugly when they cry. But Cecilia still famous for her crying scenes.

      13. OH I think Ceci looks very weird when she cries, and seem that I’m the only one. Now I have you, Kidd :).

        I think Linda Chung has the pretty face when she cries but her eyes aren’t natural because she dun cry for real. I checked the YSSS famous crying scene of her and her eyes are still like that. If she can cry for real, her crying will be very nice.

      14. I was watching Korean variety show 2 days 1 night and there were 6 famous actresses, one of them the very pretty looking Choi Ji Woo (winter sonata) and the mousy looking Seo Woo (cinderella’s stepsister) and between all 6 of them, at least 5 have had rhinoplasty, at least 2 have complete makeovers (Seo Woo especially), and I think some have done something to their breast and at least 1 have had at least 2 facelifts. One girl they called Kin Sky or Kin Haneul I think looked very pretty and natural but I am sure she done something, eyes and nose perhaps. But undeniable, except for the old lady, all others have great bodies. And surprisingly, even if surgery is obvious, they look so much better out of series than in series. Their hair was natural, their face with at least lesser make up and yet they look fresh, except for Seo Woo who looks perpetually like she cried.

      15. Last time a Korean surgeon come forward and said 95% of Korean artists have plastic surgery just that some minor some major.

        I also heard young girls and boys save money to get plastic surgery later

      16. Linda is one rare actress who still look pretty when she cries but in other acting I think she’s still lacking.

        Gigi Lai cried bad. Charmaine Sheh acting isn’t that great but her crying is better

      17. Actually Charmaine Sheh before she got too thin was the most beautiful crier.

      18. She was a better crier when she was in WAB and DOL but her crying in Sister Fa got worse than before

      19. Because she is older now and thinner in her face. Back then, like that hated PITNOL etc, she could cry beautifully and yet look very distraught, because she was younger, had fuller face and wasn’t too painful to watch. She is one of those who looks better with a fuller face.

        Linda is good at realistic crying and wailing, but can be annoying. The rest I am undecided. Oh yeah Ada, shout and cry, darn annoying. Gigi.. heavy breathing, cry, darn annoying and terrible acting.

      20. Yea, some actresses look really bad when they cry. Even though Gigi and Cecilia are both attractive, they look pretty bad when they cry.

  20. I’m a Fungyi/Bota/Taro fan.

    And suddenly , all three of them has rumours:(

  21. Speaking on legal grounds, how hard is it to pass a law that requires permission of the person (or the labeled person) before a photo of that person naked (blurred or not) may be published in a magazine? Why can’t legislators be a little more creative…

    1. Well, it takes a lot of money, effort and determination to pass or to amend a law.

      But the real problem is not the law. It is the people who abuse it and use it to take advantage of others. And ignorant people like Vivien who blame the victim for their actions then try to act smart by justifying the paparazzi’s actions saying it’s legal but then calling Bosco’s actions ‘wrong’. LOL really.

      1. Actually i was aimed at pointing out the cynicism and irony of it all too.

        Anyhow are you expecting a reprisal from Viven? Cause you just incited it. I hope you’re ready for it.

        Here I’ll help you out by typing some more to drown out the new comments bit on the main page so she might miss it or get side-tracked by my nonsense. I hope this helps. Fingers crossed. Thank me later 🙂

      2. Before I begin adding onto my last statement, I have to say that I completely agree with your statement, SDS. But it IS a lot of work.

        To pass a law, it could take years. I dont know how HK government works but N. America takes a lot of procedures and paperwork. So it takes someone (could be anyone, you don’t have to be a lawyer) to lobby this ‘bill’ youre talking about. There are certain dates you need to look out for because if it finally reaches congress or the president you have to make sure congress is in session or else it gets vetoed.

        It can be a huge headache, so if any of the artists feel passionately about this issue and decides to become an activists they have a long battle ahead of them.

      3. aw SDS you are such a sweet and considerate person.

        Actually if you even care (which I’m sure you don’t) she calls me a ‘naive lil girl’ in this commenting section. So she should take the heat. I’m not afraid of confrontation online or in person. I’m just annoyed by such ignorant people.

      4. Yea I understand. Its weird how celebrities complain etc and TVB is ‘behind’ them yet nothing is being done, esp after the Edison thing. Oh well, too many talkers and not enough doers willing to bear the brunt of the process. Pity.

        Btw we’re doing a great job at drowning things out. Thumbs up!

      5. Yea. I actually read everything above before, so I knew what ‘transpired’. I ‘care’ but I can’t put my finger on why. Its mixed with my interest on her seeming Bosco-bias.

      6. “Oh well, too many talkers and not enough doers willing to bear the brunt of the process. Pity.”

        True. But is this referring to everyone discussing about the issue on this blog? 😉

      7. @Chriselle

        Are you trying to set me up? Because I happen to be pretty good at this game also 😛

    2. Haha. Well it isn’t really ‘weird’ because they need to work and pay bills, if you think of it that way. Life just sucks sometimes. And…usually Chinese people (yes, I am generalizing but by personal experience and feeling of Chinese media), they don’t really confront issues. They just with hold and hope it just all goes away. So this is also in my opinion, a culture issue.

      and…..I’m bored on a Saturday afternoon. LOL.

      1. Wait. I edit my last comment a little as I have suddenly reached an epiphany and realised why I ‘may’ ‘care’ – you review for this site 🙂 I love it when moderators/admin argue, I mean ‘engage’, with site commentators.

    3. Well, I care because this is morally wrong. And we put ourselves in their situation and when it comes down to it, even these public figures aren’t even protected by the law, imagine common people like us.

      Also, it’s funny how society views things. There are a lot of sites that make money off of nude female pictures presumably sent in by their ex boyfriends. I say that because of friends and talk shows and news that broadcast about it. There’s a handful of people blaming the girls for giving their bfs these pics. And get this, majority of these people blaming the girls are females.

      1. I always get a feeling those sites that make money off supposedly ‘sent in amateur’ pictures/material are actually staged.

        That aside, my take on privacy is that there’s always an invasion unless consented, and merely being a public figure and/or allowing the opportunity to be photographed does not equal consent to having photos taken, published with fanciful accompanying stories. But mine’s a hardline, an legally inefficient uneconomical and unaccomodating line of modern privacy.

      2. i had a guy friend who visits these sites (-_-) and tells me there’s a button with the label ‘upload your exes pics) something of that sort

      3. @yina

        On a side note, looking around the comments here, my mission was well accomplished I’d say 🙂

  22. Ever since this magazine was published everyone is talking about Bosco being nude and all but NOBODY actually bother to question Bosco and Myolie about their relationship?I know it’s an open secret to all that they’re an item but a clear “Yes,we’ve been dating for 6 years” would’ve been good to hear!I thought after this incident(being caught red handed) would force them to admit to their relationship but all the focus went to Bosco being nude and the invasion of artist’s privacy that ppl totally forgot about them being photographed TOGETHER with him being full/half naked!It’s funny too how some ppl even asked where is Myolie in the mag scan?Isn’t it obvious enough that the girl in one of the mag scan was her? I seriously just want them to admit to it already and stop beating around the bush!It’s been 6 years for god sake!If them being caught in an apartment together with one of them undressed isn’t enough to make them admit to their relationship then I dunno what could?A marriage certificate?A sex tape/photo?

    1. Uh…….am I reading your comment correctly?

      You DO know why people comment mostly on the issue of invasion of privacy right? Because THAT is the crucial issue here and this ALSO affects us. And because the better group of commenters actually empathize with Bosco and Myolie.

      When it comes down to two issues. Are they really dating verses invasion of privacy. Who gives a fk if they’re REALLY dating? Come on.

    2. But why do they have to admit anything one way or another. No one, even a public person is obligated to say anything about their private life no matter how many ppl want to know. And whether or not the curtain is open its still an invasion of privacy.

    3. Well as it’s an open secret, ppl care for the bigger thing that they have never seen more than the thing they already knew.

  23. They all should go nudist, so there will be no more scandalous photos since there’s no more left to hide. For bosco since he has great body should not a big deal. I think he would be more worried if they took picture of him digging his nose.

    1. @ita: Lol! Indeed! Although it would be even better if they snapped him shaving off his moustache then the whole world would hurray! I don’t know ’bout you guys but imho, the moustache was making him look old and pervy!

      Actually on the whole, I think this 2 month ban on the magazines is redundant, the paparazzi could always follow and capture photos of those artistes OUTSIDE TVB City right? It’s not as if they snapped a pic of Bosco in TVB City itself, problem will still persist -_-“

      1. It’s a dumb move by TVB and 620!! Someone before has put a list of the sister magazines of Next and TVB dont ban Next magazine or Apple daily news etc. These 2 magazine can still got pics from their sister magazines and can attend artists function outside TVB ROFL

      2. Meh, dun think too serious. TVB is just showing that they can ban etc. to the public to see. They also want to show that they have action. All are PR method.

      3. @Fox

        It seem like just waste time since no effect for the tabloids ROFL

  24. So… now that Bosco is so exposed, it will widen his career. As in he can now take more risky risque roles that will win his awards, like Lust/Caution or do some americanised cover shoot, nothing but his favourite fedora or whatever hat covering that place. he can be openly naughty, he can try to be sex symbol, he can wear that porn stach forever and ever… so many possibilities AND I am serious!

    And Jayne, I am not a nudist but the freedom to take of all clothes, walk around in own home is tempting. But nudist camp? I can’t even look at myself naked, more so others. What I mean is I am perfection, so other imperfect beings can get lost!

    AND I do think it is infinitely more difficult to have sex with clothes on and not without clothes on.

    Anyway… 2 months ban… Why is TVB so nice now? Why TVB? Why only 2 months?

    And still no one asked “Myolie, how come you were having sex with him when you did not admit this relationship?!”

    I bet China tabloid press will even ask her to rate his performance! I think China press is bolder and more crass.

    1. 2 months only because if ban them forever, who will come to TVB to write news? TVB still needs them for PR.

    2. You have a point. I remember reading how Bosco film a risky MV, but, TVB don’t want it to be released. They want to set a higher price or something if he bare more. I guess now, Bosco is free to do more risque job without TVB’s restriction. 😀

      1. I don’t think so. TVB won’t dare to have these risky stuffs.

      2. I agree with FOx that TVB seems to conservative to anything too risky.

      3. TVB dont want to be complained. Last time Only You got complained because of a disturbing death car accident scene

      4. I think TVB is way too safe and conservative to do anything too risky because as we all know, they are afraid of complaints and all…

      5. Ironic that they still receive more and more complains now for watever in the shows. LMAO~.

  25. why can’t people post a better pix of Myolie????

    1. That above is one of the better pic of her. I praise the makeup. Her other pics normally has too thick makeup and thick fake eyelashes

      1. I think she has a lot of make up on in that pix too but maybe due to the poor lighting in that particular photo that her make up appears to be light. Thick make up and overly thick and fake eyelashes makes everyone look to doll like and fake.

    2. I think sky meant to say why didn’t reporters take a better photo of Myolie, one where she is posing for the camera perhaps?

      I think Jayne just posts whatever pic comes with the actual article.

      1. I think the pic comes with the article too but it’s also a pic of her with better makeup.

  26. Just me or Kevin’s pic gives me the feeling that he is trying to tease Bosco -.=

    1. I think he’s teasing Bosco. What manner is that. Kevin is overrated lately. I think actually Jazz Lam and Eddie Kwan act better in GJ.

    2. The picture might have nothing to do with the Bosco news. You know how gossip mag works.

      1. Yup, but put the pic in the news make Kevin look like a joker.

      2. Oh yes, I have seen that too much… They use a photo from a completely different event and use it for a particular article that has completely different content. I guess that is one way a magazine works to create false or over exaggerated news.

  27. Myolie is lucky she only photographed wiping his hair. Some mixed model before got photographed put her hand in her bf pants and grabbing her bf’s ‘little brother’

  28. As bad as I feel for him being stalked. The neighbors have it worse. They were forced to see a sight they had no choice but to see. Next time he should try to close his curtains or maybe put some clothes on.

  29. ming pao columnist comment about this which I read from weibo. It said that everyone entitled to be careful although live in high places and don’t only blame privacy because technology now have telephoto lens that can see from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island, have google Satellite map that can see the street, have remote control plane that can take photo, have iPhone with remote control flying camera.

    明報 評論:不要認為自己住得高,附近沒有同等高度建築物,屋苑守衛森嚴,便掉以輕心。如果這樣想,真的太看輕偷拍科技。一支長鏡頭,可以從九龍向港島進行清晰偷拍,用Google Map也可通過衛星,拍到街上的狀態。就算不利用遠程偷拍,用遙控飛機也可進行偷拍,一部iPhone已可遙控一部flying camera。

    1. Bosco should keep up with technology and close his curtain next time. Although I don’t know how far it is between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. Is it too far?

    2. “don’t only blame privacy”

      The columnist didn’t say this.


      Ming Pao comment: Don’t think that because we live in a high place and there’s no building of same height nearby and the apartment building is heavily guarded, we can let our guard down. If you think so, you really underestimated the spying technology. One long lens can capture picture in the Hong Kong island from Kowloon. Using Google Satellite Map, we can capture the condition of the street. Even if they don’t spy from afar, they can use remote control plane. An Iphone already can remote control a flying camera.

      The columnist mention nothing about ‘blaming privacy’.

  30. I’d like to say can’t blame the papparazi entirely if Bosco didn’t goes stark naked infront of his “window” and yeah, he is entitled to do whatever he wants at home but as a decent person who just wanted to sex thing up with his gf, can just patiently wait for his gf to be home & have sex whatever he wants lol. But we get to know from this article that Bosco is a kinky person who likes to give surprise to his gf Myolie hehe and Myolie likes him that way.. U really can’t blame the papparazi for taking pics of bosco naked..anyone would have taken the pics if the subject is Bosco Wong right?

  31. I think artists who want to go kinky and nude, should just put up the 1 way glass.

    They can see outside and still get the sun, but no one can see inside. Then they can have their privacy and not worry about photos being snapped from anywhere.

  32. I still say that Bosco was asking for trouble when he stood stark naked in front of a window. He should know the consequences. I wonder what he was trying to prove or maybe he was just trying to show off his body or something. If he puts his hands in his heart and say that he honestly didn’t think at the time about being watched or may get into trouble then he is more stupid that I thought.

  33. I was actually lurking in this site even while on vacation(and even “write” in other websites..haha) but too lazy to reply.

    Reading everyone’s comment just made me don’t know what to write anymore hahaha…

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion..:)

    1. Masaharu,
      Glad to see you are still lurking around. Hope you are enjoying the beach, snorkeling, and the latest gossip!

  34. close the damn curtains at all times, i hope everyone have learnt a lesson from this.

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