Myolie Wu Considers Having a Baby

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Myolie Wu Considers Having a Baby

Fresh from her two-month-long honeymoon, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) looked radiant a recent promotional event. Over the last two months, Myolie and husband Philip Lee (李乘德) kept their friends updated over their whereabouts through frequent social media posts.

Having visited more than ten cities on her trip, Myolie was asked to pick her favorite destination. She immediately picked her first destination, Hokkaido, Japan. She recounted in delight, “It was my first time skiing and I fell so many times!” Apart from Hokkaido, Myolie also visited Tahiti, New Zealand, Los Angeles, New York, London, Belfast, Barcelona, the Aegean Sea (in Greece), Athens and the Maldives. Myolie revealed that she had put on some weight over the course of the honeymoon and started exercising when in Maldives, her last stop.

On married life, Myolie spoke about how she is still not used to being addressed as “Mrs. Lee”. At the bank the other day, it took her a while to respond to that name.

On the subject of children, Myolie avoided giving a direct answer and merely remarked that one of the child models at the event looked adorable. The reporters persisted and asked if Myolie had the opportunity to “make babies” while on the honeymoon. She said, “You’ll find out sooner or later about these things…many people have said that I should first focus on cultivating my health before trying.” Myolie added with a laugh, “I’m looking forward to [being a parent], but he’s not!” Myolie further expressed that she would, ideally, have at least two children. As to whether she would reduce her workload when she becomes a mother, Myolie hoped to juggle both her career and family responsibilities, “We’ll let nature take its course!”

Myolie celebrated Philip’s birthday while on the honeymoon. Myolie said that she had prepared a small gift for him on the actual day. She joked, “But the biggest gift of all is me! I gave myself to him.”

On the news that her ex-boyfriend Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) is dating a Japanese model Jun, Myolie said “The most important thing is that he must be happy, having found his other half.”



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  1. happybi says:

    They really need to stop asking her about Bosco and vice versa. Not fair to them nor to her hubby and the girl Bosco is dating.

    Not surprised if she got pregnant during honeymoon as seem like she’s ready for kids! But seem like her hubby is not. only time will tell.

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    • janet72 replied:

      @happybi she is definitely eager to start a family…biological clock ticking. Whether this hubby is here to stay is another issue. After going to so many cities for honeymoon, if there is a successful conception, it would be hard to tell where the baby was made in.

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    • bafabifi replied:

      @happybi from her hubby instagram post, it seems like Phil is more eager to be a father than her. So i think her hubby will be delighted if she is indeed pregnant.

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