Myolie Wu Lost All Confidence And Considered Giving Up Acting

Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) entered the entertainment industry after winning the 1999 Miss Hong Kong Second Runner-up title. Since entering TVB as a 19 year-old student, Myolie possessed numerous opportunities. Portraying a mentally challenged person in 2002’s Golden Faith <流金歲月>, Myolie flashed her brilliance. In 2006, Myolie gained 40 pounds in 3 months to act in To Grow With Love <肥田囍事>, which grabbed the masses’ interest. However, this “representative work” also became Myolie’s nightmare.

To Grow With Love did not bring any awards upon Myolie and eroded her confidence in her acting abilities instead. Myolie was also heavily criticized by netizens in only possessing a “gwing” expression (囧樣) during that period, leading her to question whether she was suitable in being an actress.

In 2010, Myolie finally stepped out of the haze and became the hot favorite to win the TV Queen title this year. Whether it was netizens’ preference or TVB management’s decision, Myolie noted that she resumed confidence in herself. Despite being nominated for her role in Curse of the Royal Harem <萬凰之王> instead of the more popular Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭> , this did not decrease her chances in winning the Best Actress Award.

The reporter conducted an  interview with Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華) earlier and asked who he supported to win the TV Queen title. Without thinking, Bobby uttered Myolie’s name. Aside from their harmonious collaboration in House of Harmony and Vengeance <耀舞長安>, Bobby noted, “Myolie told me that she did not feel that she possessed fate with the audience. She said she had lost confidence in herself. I watched her performance in The Rippling Blossom <魚躍在花見> and felt that she acted quite well, showing much improvement! I have a tendency to root out the strong to protect the weak, so I support Myolie!”

Stuck With the “Gwing” Label

After listening to Bobby’s praise towards her, Myolie was moved, “I am very happy and thank Bobby for his support!” The reporter asked why Myolie had confided in Bobby in such a manner since she often projected a sense of confidence and did not come across as an insecure person. It turned out that since To Grow With Love, Myolie’s career had halted and did not advance forward. The outside world thought that perhaps Myolie was dragged down by the “gwing” label” however, the real source of pain came from elsewhere.

Myolie stated, “In 2006, when I was somewhat considered to be a new artist, I filmed To Grow With Love. TVB suddenly added an extra award at the TVB Anniversary Awards that year. At the time, I knew there was no chance that I would win the Best Actress Award over Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼). As there was one big award and one small award, I thought I might have a chance in winning the small award since I had endured so much for To Grow With Love! However, I did not win any awards that evening. At the time, I did not mind losing, but I never thought that I would lose at such a low level! From that point onwards, I lost all confidence in myself. In the past, I had good audience fate, but suddenly I lost it all!”

Will Not Film Any More Comedies

Over the last few years, the audience felt that Myolie only acted with a gwing expression. The truth was that she had considered giving up, “At the time, I did not have confidence in any of the roles I acted in and kept questioning myself. I wondered whether I was truly so terrible and whether it was suitable to remain an actress? I felt very lost while filming War and Destiny <亂世佳人>, The Master of Tai Chi <太極>and When a Dog Loves a Cat <當狗愛上貓>. I was stuck in a bottleneck and could not surge past it. It was a very painful period. Afterward, my family recounted the experience, noting that I was emotionally turbulent. Fortunately, my sister was a counselor and often provided encouragement, helping me overcome this low point.”

After encountering such a low point in her life, Myolie cherished today’s peak much more. As TVB and netizens’ hot favorite to win the Best Actress Award, Myolie thanked them for their support. In addition, Myolie noted that her costars in The Rippling Blossom, Damien Lau (劉松仁) and Chilam Cheung (張智霖), helped her regain confidence in acting again. “I learned a lot from Damien Lau and Chilam Cheung. Perhaps I had filmed too many similar roles in the past. Going forward, I hope to portray roles similar to Curse of the Royal Harem <萬凰之王>. Perhaps let someone else act in the romantic comedies!”

Asked whether she possessed confidence in winning the TV Queen Award, Myolie said, “My confidence level is 80%. If I were to win, I hope it is not based on seniority and wish that it is due to the audience’s support!”

Bosco Wong Is Not Good Enough

Although 32-year-old Myolie Wu was in a stable relationship with Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), she did not possess the urge to get married. “I am still young; even Charmaine Sheh is continuing to take great leaps forward in her career at 35-years-old! Let’s wait another 3 or 4 years first!” Asked whether she had settled upon Bosco as her marriage partner, Myolie laughed and said that Bosco was not good enough and needed time to consider carefully. “You can never be good enough in this aspect. There is always room for improvement; he knows that fully well!”

Jayne: Myolie accepted numerous interviews recently, in which spoke about her painful experience over the last 5 years, how she had lost all confidence in herself. Fans also noticed that Myolie’s acting performances had faltered and she was inconsistent. Now we know why.

Perhaps it is due to Myolie’s early success in “Golden Faith” and “Triumph in the Skies” and when she hit her first big failed series, “To Grow With Love,” she did not know how to deal with the sudden onslaught on her acting and image. Myolie sacrificed a lot for “To Grow With Love” and while the initial public reaction was that she was cute after gaining weight, the negative onslaught quickly grew afterwards.

Although Myolie attributed her recovery from her slump thanks to her family and Chilam and Damien Lau, I suspect that Bosco must have helped her a lot too. Bosco himself admitted that he was in a slump the same time frame and entered a depression while filming “Growing Through Life.” Both had early success, yet they did not know how to surpass themselves in their acting career. I suspect they mutually supported each other, as Bosco’s resurgence in “Lives of Omission” and Myolie in “Ghetto Justice” happened around the same time. Both were lost and found themselves again on their acting paths.

Between Bosco and Myolie, I feel that Myolie has the higher acting aspirations, where she needs recognition and critical acclaim to affirm herself. Bosco seems to possess more business aspirations rather than seek to establish himself as “Best Actor” material. He mentioned that he set Michael Miu as his target: start a family, business, and pursue acting as his interest.

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    1. Thanks for the link… had no idea what “Gwing” means.

      Never liked Myolie in the past. I especially disliked her in “Triumph..”. She has grown on me a bit now.

    2. Am wondering what is Gwing. Will check out the link. Am watching, same guy who explained Chok. He explained Chok pretty well.

      1. Still don’t get the gwing meaning. From a popular TV series in HK? Which one? Looks more like someone who looks rather ugly when about to cry. Is Myolie looking that way??

      2. LOL, the butcher’s daughter is a master of the “gwing” expression.

        just look how her face resembles the letter called “gwing” in cantonese…

      3. Funn, the popular TV series in HK he’s talking about is Twilight Investigation (囧探查過界), it’s the one with Wong He, Linda Chung, Raymond Wong, etc. Not to mention Linda did a lot of that “Gwing”

      4. She don’t have much of that gwing face in TRB and GJ but in CORH she make that face again along with the comeback of her ott acting.

      5. from the “the master of tai chi” pretty good if you ask me if it wasn’t for myolie acting “gwing” and being super annoying all the time…

  1. i really sad hear about what happen to myolie wu last time.. now i really happy that myolie wu come back as strong girl.. i personally strong support myolie wu to win best actress… be smile….

    1. @KKent @everyone
      “i really sad hear about what happen to myolie wu last time.”

      Everyone goes through a slump sometime, so it is not surprising. However, Myolie’s slump lasted for 5 years, which is quite a long time. Fans criticized her acting performances severely during that time and she questioned whether she can ever achieve the right acting direction once again.

      Celebrities are not super humans and they experience the same frustration and lack of direction as the rest of us.

      Sometimes people do not wish to talk about such weaknesses or dark periods (similar to depression) because they are really exposing their deepest fears to the public. I appreciate that Myolie spoke about her experience, which is quite humbling.

      Myolie’s interview is quite inspiring and very relatable to the rest of us. When we enter a slump (e.g. depression, questioning of career advancement etc.), we either get dragged down by that slump or emerge stronger after finding that direction. It may seem like the most painful experience to be in during that slump, but in retrospect, we will be more appreciative of what we have and work harder to not let that happen to us again.

      She seems very happy with Bosco, who I find to be a very supportive boyfriend. All the best to their career and love life!

      To everyone who may be in a current slump right now:
      Please stay positive and while the answers may not be worked out in a day or two, sooner or later answers will unfold once you have better mental clarity and find yourself. There is no other choice; we must move forward.

      I hope I didn’t sound too preachy, but I like to find inspiration in things around us. It is the stories of other people’s experience, suffering and victory, that I find can add dimension to our perspectives. Hopefully you will too! 🙂

      1. @Jayne,
        Thanks for this great interview and your advice. I really appreciate ir since as you know I am going through depression right now and have been going through a big slump. I know that everyone goes through that. I have been a fan of celebs for many years and often use their experiences and stories as an inspiration to keep myself going. I actually admire celebs who are not afraid to express their feelings and show their weaknesses to everyone. That way we know that they are more real instead of trying to act all strong and great all the time. I feel that that is a bit fake to me. I think many of us know that life in the world and the E-circle is really stressful and not easy. I used to have a friend that had many flaws and many problems as well as weaknesses, but always lied about it all and tried to act all great in front of me and others when everyone knew that it was all fake. I absolutely can’t stand people like that in real life because they are just being fake. Kudos to Myolie for sharing her experiences and expressing herself to everyone. I think what she is doing will inspire others to not give up easily and continue to fulfill their dreams! Best wishes to her and everyone!!

      2. @HeTieShou,
        I know your family means a lot to you and you place a lot of importance upon the people in your life and care for them a lot. You are welcome to e-mail me at [email protected] if you wish to talk further, as it may be inappropriate to post too many details here. Feel free to discuss as much or as little as you wish; I would like to help if I can. 🙂

        “I have been a fan of celebs for many years and often use their experiences and stories as an inspiration to keep myself going. I used to have a friend that had many flaws and many problems as well as weaknesses, but always lied about it all and tried to act all great in front of me and others when everyone knew that it was all fake.”

        Inspiration can be found in the little things. I think we can all learn from others’ experiences. As for people’s willingness to confide or not about their problems, they may not wish to share things they consider to be too private, or bare their soul too much. Everyone has a different set of insecurities. Some people do not wish to tell others how much their salary is because they tie the salary amount to their self-worth. Some people do not like to discuss their marriage problems with others because they consider it too private. Some victims of domestic violence do not wish to talk bad about their husbands. Although we may wish to help, others may not wish to seek help. I think we can patiently wait for the right time.

        As for the amount of sharing and sincerity in a relationship, not everyone wants to be friends who bare their souls. It is tied to insecurities that we may not wish others to know about. I think a good friendship is one of mutual respect as to how much they wish to share. Although she may not wish to share, that does not mean she is less a friend or fake. Lying is sometimes cover up of insecurity.

        Of course there are people who are outright compulsive liars too. Anyhow, we gravitate towards friends who likely share the same values as us. If they are so different, then it’s okay to be just acquaintances.

      3. I like to find inspiration in things around us. It is the stories of other people’s experience, suffering and victory, that I find can add dimension to our perspectives.

        Exactly, though I may not appreciate some artistes’ work, I can see beyond that to respect them for their drive, courage and perseverance. I also appreciate the fact that they are faced with situations that I as ordinary person will never encounter, much less overcome.

        No artist inspired me as much as Steven Ma in how he sees life and live it.

        Credit Steven’s book: Prior to Safeguards’ premiere, I endured all kinds of cold & caustic remarks, and sarcasm and derision. My heart’s imbued with feelings—awful feelings…. Inner strength? From what? Let me tell you what’s most precious in human and also what should be most appreciated and cherished; it’s the power of the mind.

        Excerpted 2006 news article.
        Recalling the past, following the termination of his contract with his manager, Steven Ma took off on his own. That year, his wealth increased but fame decreased. His exposure in tvb series greatly diminished; meanwhile, a new crop of actors burgeoned in abundance. At one time, Steven’s low profile greatly worried those who cared about him. “I always knew what I was doing.…. What I did in between opened my eyes to new experiences.”

        To Steven, filming Safeguards was a taxing job that put both his will power and physical strength through the wringer. “During that period, the minute I clambered into the car I would turn on this one particular song. I listened to it everyday, nonstop. I had to persevere. I had to get through. With its help, I survived the return passage to TVB, thus got through a very tough period of adjustment.” The song is Alan Tam’s “Catching Up From Behind”. (从后赶上)

        At this crucial phase, Alan’s 从后赶上inadvertently became the battle song that motivated and supported Steven’s resolute forging ahead. Yes, he has fallen behind, but being ‘behind’ was Steven’s own choice. No need to worry, no need to complaint. If you filmed less series, then naturally other people will have opportunities. He is not envious nor is he jealous of anybody. Only that, he knows in order to catch up he will have to work harder; that ultimately what he desires will still be within his reach. “I’ve chosen my visionary path. Work hard. Always put in my best into each and every character. Enjoy my work in each and every series. Enjoy the camaraderie of colleagues.”

        Steven, who now appreciates the joy of acting, likes to take out case after case of video tapes to re-watch his own works during his leisure. He wants to critique his old works through new eye. “Ah! If I were to re-act this scene, I would not have acted it this way. Ah! This expression could be better. Maybe can do it this way…” His accompanying friends would often hear his lamentations over his acting deficiencies in the past. This dissecting mindset of his is gathering strength, and not constrained to tv series only. Take his singing!

        He entered the entertainment world as a singer therefore, of course, possesses a good voice. …. Recently, listened to him sing karaoke, ‘The turns of fortune’ (轮流转 by Adam Cheng) once again. He truly sang it with a feel of having experienced life vicissitudes; a maturity ripened by adversities; mesmerizing; lingering. When the music stopped, friends all around unexpectedly applauded, and whistled……“Wah! You guys are even more fans than my fans, more enthusiastic.” Steven laughed happily. He was happy because to be able to sing out the flavor of this song is truly not easy. A few years ago, he and a group of veteran friends went to karaoke; he sang the very same《轮流转》. He grasped the mike and proceeded to sing. His vocal was good but a sincere friend told him a home-truth; heavy words but genuine from a sincere heart. “To really sing this song well, you still need to gain more life experiences. To evoke the true essence of this song is not that easy.”

        Steven stored the words in the back of his mind. He looked upon that as his goal to advance to. And today, the song’s essence was evoked by his singing; he had indeed mature. Truth be told, without having experienced life’s vicissitudes, human minds will not open up; once open, only then can they experience and absorb the full flavor of life.

        ….“I feel that I still have a long road to travel in my acting career. I’ll not just focus only on one aspect but rather on a whole picture. I hope to get an award because I hope to receive affirmation and encouragement. But even more so, I am truly enjoying my work more than ever. The work is arduous; wearing hairpiece, sleep deprivation and whatnots; but every time when I view the product of my hard work, I have this sense of contentment; affirming my hard work has value…..Since I’ve already decided on a long artistic road, if I concentrate on advancing towards my target(s), I’ve no need to worry about other things.”

        Self-confidence is the best make-up; knowledge provides the best skin care regiment. This is a truism. Physical appearance will age in time but humans can preserve everlasting perfection not through exterior appearance, but rather through possessing a clean spirit and the continuous enlightenment of the mind. Be contented so will not be enticed by fame and fortune; be diligent for knowledge so can achieve sublimity. These are what Steven most wanted to pursue.

      4. Claimine,

        Thank you for sharing such an inspiring passage from Steven’s past interview. He is indeed a very wise man, who learned from his life experiences. I like the following quote very much:

        “Truth be told, without having experienced life’s vicissitudes, human minds will not open up; once open, only then can they experience and absorb the full flavor of life.”

        The flavors of life vary extensively, much like the different cuisines of the world. And we can flavor our lives the same way a chef chooses to do so. The ingredients, the spices, and the way the food is prepared. We can choose fast food flavors (the lazy way to dine) or we can make cooking a labor of love and cook for our loved ones.

        I agree that realizing the power of one’s mind and what one can accomplish is truly liberating and allows for contentment and happiness.

        You sound like you enjoy philosophy and self-examination. I do too…. 🙂

      5. @Jayne,
        Sorry if I was posting too many details about my family and all. I actually did not want to and as you can see, I did not say much… I will try to stay more on topic now… Thanks for your offer… It’s just that I thought that it was sort of topic so I mentioned it, that’s all..Of course I learned the hard way and know better that it is not appropriate or good to post too many details of anything too personal on a public forum. That can be dangerous as well…
        You are right, some people are just compulsive liars and that was what my ex friend was…IT is true that lying can be a cover up of insecurity but in my ex friends case, she did it too much…
        Anyways, glad that Myolie is willing to share and admit her weaknesses… Not many celebs are willing to do so.

      6. HeTieShou,
        “hanks for your offer… It’s just that I thought that it was sort of topic so I mentioned it, that’s all..”

        You are welcome to share anything you feel comfortable with. My suggestion for more details included in e-mail is if you feel uncomfortable getting into additional details if you wish to delve into the discussion further.

        My comment is not meant to discourage you from discussing additional details in the open public if you are okay with it.

      7. @Jayne,
        Thanks but of course I know better not to reveal too much of my personal life on a public forum. Like I have said, I learned that the hard way and vow never ever to do it again… This is an entertainment site anyways. But I am glad that we are still able to connect with each other and help each other out if needed. I usually try to stay on topic and would only share my own stories it relates to the discussion in any way that’s all… But don’t worry, I won’t be coming here much anymore or saying anything more…. Thanks again and take care!

  2. I lol-ed at the part where myolie laughed and said bosco’s not good enough. i love their interactions hahahah!

    1. I actually did not laugh since I don’t find it funny. I personally don’t think that she should have said that. If she thinks he is not good enough, then what about her? There are many actresses way better than her as well… If she thinks he is not good enough, then she may not be good enough as well…

      1. I suggest she woo Kenneth Ma. Now that is a super good person who won’t flirt with other actresses in front of so many audiences ROFL

    2. Agreed with HeTieShou. It’s not funny. She might be jealous that the flirty Bosco and Kate look close nowadays and accidentally said it but if my bf said that about me to the whole world I’ll flip at him.

  3. Myolie, do take a long leave, explore other types of production because frankly you suck in that cursed series. Sometimes you have got to be stepped on to better yourself.

    1. Just curious, have you been watching the whole series so far? I think she’s actually doing a really good job, especially in her scenes with Joel Chan and in the later episodes.

      1. Jumping episodes and the script is serious problem, in fact it is most of the problem but the actors’ contribute a lot. I don’t think she is doing a good job; I am extremely fed up and disappointed with her performance when I expected so much better; she was my favourite actress but she has degenerated to the point that her every expression is just… acting. She is acting. Nothing natural, nothing flowing, nothing elegant, everything superficial. I suppose her character is a hypocrite, and pretentious but then it could just be her performance. And joel looks tiny next to her. But joel acted better. I think for this series alone, myolie disappoints.

      2. I think that’s how her character is supposed to be- pretentious and not extremely elegant because she’s basically a puppet to her mom, but that’s just my point of view.

        I do agree that she should’ve been nominated for GJ since that series has been fully aired and people can judge on the series as a whole. I actually liked her better in Rippling Blossom but it seems like people think dramatic acting is better than comedic acting.

      3. “I think that’s how her character is supposed to be- pretentious and not extremely elegant because she’s basically a puppet to her mom”

        And there lies the problem of her performance. She is supposed to be an empress, someone probably of good breeding from good family background related to some royalty and she behaves like some uneducated man’s child, some butcher’s daughter like I always like to put it. There is no elegance in her performance. Which is why I am fed up with her.

      4. I should’ve said that’s how her character is supposed to be like in the beginning, because that’s not how her character is now. To me, it makes sense, but I can see how others might not like it.

    2. only watch 1st episode before and gave it up.

      agree with you that i think myolie’s acting is overrated, however it seems she will win best actress this year.

      well TVB awards don’t mean much anymore and in the near future we will have more tv awards from other channels.

      1. If she wins it can’t be for this series. I haven’t seen GJ proper and from what little I have seen, it should be for THAT series.

      2. i think she was ok in GJ really nothing special to me.

        tvb awards are given based on 80% politics and 20% acting.

      3. she will win due to a weak field. personally i think linda is the best in terms of acting…

      4. agree, ghetto justice was the only series she didn’t overact it, but certainly wasn’t a great performance by any means.

      5. @exoidus

        Agreed! Weak actresses this year! TVB has no more good fadans 🙁

      6. haha. well i think Myolie did a great job in all of her dramas.. and guess what? she did win best actress for Curse (:
        i dont think she overreacted at all..
        i personally think curse isnt her best drama though .. i really liked Wars of In Laws, Ghetto Justice and Rippling blossoms!

    1. You will kill yourself because someone else wants to give up her career which has nothing to do with you?

      1. Anyway, she is a good liar so I might keep my life for a long time.

      2. well we wont die die but then im sure we’ll be really sad.. who wont be sad if their fav actress quit on acting?

    2. She look someone cares so much about her career and don’t want to get married before she reach that Best Actress. Of course understandable because woman’s career will get down after marriage. She’s different from Yoyo Chen, Charmaine Li those girls who got married fast.

      1. I heard about this too but she is only getting married early next year. I heard news of Ricky Fan proposing to her.

      2. Not necessarily since at times it is the women that has to be the breadwinner…

      3. Myolie is a career woman and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to fullfill her career before settle down with a family. Modern woman are more independent and married when their career reach the top.

        Although her tone sounds bad about Bosco but I believe she means that she wants Bosco to be more successful and well off a lot more than her before they get married. She’s getting the Best Actress this year and gets a higher status and fees next year but Bosco won’t get it anytime soon.

        Sonija and Miriam married guys who makes less than them and some people criticized this, Bobby also get criticized and suspected for marrying a wealthy wife and when Nick married Esther, she was more popular than him and earn more.

      4. I think that actresses that got married fast is because their career was not that successful… I bet if they were more successful, they probably would not want to get married so fast. But then again, when you are really in love then it may be different…

      5. I think that as long as you love someone,it doesn’t matter if the guy or girl makes more. The only thing is if the guy minds a more successful woman or not. However, others can say what they want… It doesn’t matter as long as they are happy…

      6. @Hetieshou Yes from this case here Charmaine Li and Yoyo Chen are both 2nd or 3rd tier TVB actress and there’s no sign for TVB to promote them more. So was Suki Tsui who got married fast and Toby Leung too. First line actresses tend to get married late because they have their whole career in front of them. It’s normal.

      7. There was one time where Nick Cheung has to endure gossips ridiculing him because Esther is out making money filming for TVB and Nick stays at home taking care of their child, but after that he win the Best Actor at HK film award and they don’t ridicule him anymore.

      8. @lol,
        Yup, actresses or anyone who wants to focus more on career or other things in life don’t want to get married so early… I think these days, it is not too bad for the husband to stay home while the wife works if she is more successful. That is why there is term house husband these days since such a term did not exist back then… It is sad that many are still so traditional and think that it always has to be the guy that works and brings in the money while the girl stays home and takes care of the kids and do the housework. That is so old school…

      9. In suki’s case and maybe yoyo’s, the main reason the girl married fast is b/c she got knocked up.

      10. Charmaine Li is married? I also dun know that.

        For Suki, she met a man of his life, why not get married :P?

        @HTS: A lot of women love to stay at home and do houseworks than working in an office.

      11. @Fox,
        Not all women like to stay home and do housework… Especially these days when women want their own career and to make their own money…

      12. Not really, HTS. Some with high paid career still like to stay at home.

      13. LOL, now i know who is likely to be a housewife in the futue…

  4. i seriously bosco did an amazing job this year, he is seriously improving a lot from what he was in the past. I really want him to win Best Actor, I think he totally deserves it, especially for Bai Co

  5. I think it’s interesting to read her thoughts on her experience so far. She’s had a lot of up and downs which probably motivated her to work harder. I think 2011 is definitely her year- she currently has 2 series with high ratings (and even if Curse stays at 29 points, it’ll still be ranked at about #6-7 for the year), fan support, and other actors’ support.

    I agree with you Jayne. I definitely think Bosco had a role in bringing her out of her slump. I liked reading all your comments about his. 🙂

    1. Curse probably has low ratings because of the timeslot. All of the series that are in the same timeslot as Curse (7:30 – 8:30 (?)) have low ratings, Only You being the one with the highest average points (according to Wikipedia).

  6. Long time reader, first time poster.

    I used to be a fan of Myolie after watching her in Wars of In-Law. I disagree with her statement about how she thought she deserved an award for sacrificing so much for her role in To Grow with Love. Yes, it does take a lot of courage to gain that much weight for a role but her acting wasn’t anything special. She shouldn’t expect getting awards just for a sacrifice.. but then again, it’s TVB..maybe they promised her an award? ..

    Also, there is a typo in the article, she was not in War and Beauty but War in Destiny?

    1. Agreed. She shouldn’t expect an award after that trainwreck acting in TGWL but TVB might’ve promised something and in the end don’t give it to her.

      1. I agree that just because you sacrifice for a role does not guarantee that you will get something in return for it. There are many other artists that sacrifice even more than that and still don’t get an award or anything but they don’t complain or get disappointed. They just keep on trying and doing their best in every role that they play. I remember the actress from XAJH who played Yi Lin(sorry forgot her name) actually shaved her head and got so many praises on how professional she was…

    2. @Ace, yes there was a typo. The series should be War and Destiny; made the correction already.

  7. Was Myolie in War in Beauty? In any case, she shouldn’t be in this business if she can’t handle criticisms. And to need an award so that she can feel better and gain more confidence???!!! Instead of losing aspiration, she should have worked harder instead of churning out more disappointments for her fans and gave more causes to the skeptics.

    1. Thats what im trying to say as well on the other fourm, but people are yelling at me saying Im just bashing Myoliie to make Tavia look better. Thats all im going to say before people think im trying to start an argument again. I agree with what your saying. During that period, she went into singing instead of polishing her acting.

      1. I don’t rmb that Myolie ran away from acting to singing because after signing contract with music company and releasing album, Myolie still acted during this period and until now.

        Nobody will say you bash Myolie to make TY look better IF you don’t have any intention to do such thing.

    2. I was wondering the same thing, was she in War and Beauty? I think they meant to say War and Destiny 2007.

      1. Yea, it is War and Destiny since Myolie was not in War and Beauty.

  8. Myolie’s lost of confidence came from her expectation. She expected to win an award because she sacrificed for the role by gaining weight. But, the role is unlikable and the series is bad. This affected audience vote a lot. I seldom quit series in the past and I quit ‘To Grow With Love’ at episode 8 because I cannot stand her character’s unreasonableness. When her character tricked and bullied the amnesic Andy Hui, that’s the last straw for me.
    Myolie has the wrong mindset. She expected to get an award just because she ‘sacrifice’ for the role. Hence her lost of confidence when she didn’t get what she expected.

    1. I guess the higher hope she has, the harder she fall when she didn’t win anything and it became a great impact on her confidence.

      1. Yea, that is how it is for anyone… Therefore, it is always best to not expect too much and to have too many expectations because if they are not fulfilled then you will be disappointed. We should just try our best and whatever happens will happen…

      2. The more hope you get, the more disappointed you will be. Jeez, if she thinks she can win an award every year, and everytime and everyone in TVB thn she must be dreamin crazy/ JUST SAYIn. Even if Bosco is her boyfriend, does not effect how people look at her, well kinda . but people should vote not only on Like and not like, but on her skills. Isn’t that the main point?

  9. I really like Myolie in Triumph in the Skies and I thought she portrayed Gallen’s mentally challenged younger sister quite well in Golden Faith. Her portrayal in Triumph in the Skies managed to tread the fine line between annoying and likeable perfectly imho and she complement Francis Ng really well despite the age difference. But then, alas, I don’t know what happened. But she has seen some improvement of late, in The Rippling Blossom and Ghetto Justice. Although there are still traces of overacting in both these series especially in her final scene visiting villain Shek Shau in prison in Ghetto Justice where she gloats on how she outwitted him. Man, the difference in the level of acting between the veteran and poor Myolie really exposed weaknesses in areas of Myolie’s acting that still needs improvement. But all in all she did a fine job in GJ, one of her better performances in a long while. Not sure about The Curse of the Royal Harem though. If she is to win TV Queen, I don’t think Curse of the Royal Harem will be representative of her finer works.

  10. I don’t know why people say Myolie was bad in “To Grow With Love.” I really liked the serial. It was so cute. She and Andy looked so cute together. I watched the serial over and over again.

  11. i hope this is not a plan of exploiting one experience to gain limelight and sympathy, Myolie can act, but she has been stereotype, as much of any actor and actress in TVB.

    1. this’s just a plan to gain limelight… i really think it is…. 🙂

  12. Well I can’t say that I’ve been a fan of Myolie. The first series I watched of her was War of In Laws, and I didn’t really like her. To be honest, I hated the whole series. It comes to me as a shock that it was so popular. I’m sorry. Was watching The Awakening Story recently,and I actually thought she was okay in there. IDK why.
    That said, I wish her all the best with Bosco. Also hopefully she can find her acting back, but I won’t be one to watch her series. It’s two different matters altogether.

  13. Myolie has work hard all these years and has to endure harsh treatments from the netizens. It’s time for her to grab the fruits of her efforts now.

    1. Sadly, many people can work hard for many years and still not end up with anything…

      1. Some others has the luck such as Linda and Fala who are quickly promoted to lead positions and get nominated for Best Actress after only a few years. Some like Myolie has to endure a lot of hard treatment before being able to get to the award such as Myolie. Even now some netizens are still being too hard on her and call her gwing. I feel sorry for her. She has worked hard all these years to get to this status.

      2. Yea, luck is definately an important factor in the world and E circle… You can be really beautiful and talented but if you don’t get promoted and all… Then you will not go that far…

      3. @ lol

        Isn’t this the same for Myolie? Myolie was nominated for Best Actress with her role in ‘To Grow With Love’. That was only a few years after she joined TVB. She was also promoted to lead quite early. I don’t see her as any less lucky than Linda and Fala. In fact, it took Fala longer time to be promoted and Fala has to take a lot of vixen roles before that. Myolie didn’t need to go through that. And Myolie was not the only one who get criticism from netizens. Linda also get a lot before her Miss Koo role.

        Lastly, don’t forget. Linda and Fala has yet to get this award either. Myolie will be the first actress of her generation to get this award if she win this time (and her chances are high). How is Linda and Fala luckier than her?

      4. And if Linda doesn’t win the fave character award, should she throw herself a pity party too?

        I find the part about how myolie couldn’t believe she lost at such a “low level”, quite arrogant. If that is considered her lowest point, then she has led a pretty sheltered life. So was singing just her back-up plan b/c she felt her love of acting had failed her? I guess she really wants to be a “drama queen”.

      5. to be honest i really dont think Linda is THAAT good.. one thing she can do really well is cry.
        buut i do like her (:

  14. Hope myolie and linda will wins this year… Actually I dun really like her roles in Curse of royal harem…which is quite boring for me… i think Jessica is the first lead based on the storyline which is more interesting on Yee lan (jessica)’s role. But based on popularity…definitely Myolie will wins…:)…dun really mind if she wins..but please dont let fala wins… i wonder what so special bout her?? she cant acts… even kate’s better than her. Anyway… wish myolie, linda, ruco & bosco wins 🙂

    1. Although both Jessica and myolie’s roles are interesting in COTRH, I like Myolie’s better. Besides Jessica has a stiff way to say her speech. She reminds me of Kevin in BTROC, but Kevin has improved a lot now.

      1. uggh in curse at first i liked both but then as the drama continues i really dislike jessica because shes more “evil” than myolie ahah but it was a good drama (:
        dont like how myolie dies though ): sorry if i spoiled it for you guys 😛

  15. “To Grow With Love” was bad not because of Myolie it was bad cause Andy Hui was the male lead….

  16. Based on talent:
    1. Jessica
    2. Tavia
    3. Linda
    4. Maggie
    5. Myolie
    6. Kate
    7. Fala

    but if based on popularity:

    1. Myolie
    2. Fala
    3. Linda
    4. Kate
    5. Tavia

    1. Is that just your personal opinion? If so, then the results will definately be different and someone else’s opinion will be different then yours. Talent is in the eye of beholder…

    2. Concidentally, my list of talent is quite similar to your list of popularity stated above. Quite similar but not 100% the same.

    1. The TVB app polls has Myolie leading both categories followed by Fala, and then Linda. Tavia isn’t in top 3 for both polls.

      1. Best Actress:
        1. Myolie
        2. Fala
        3. Linda

        Most Fav Female Character:
        1. Myolie
        2. Linda
        3. Fala

  17. Myolie lead the polls..she deserved…but fala? erkkk… what a freak.. she can’t acts…

    1. to each their own I guess. I liked Fala in Ghost Writer and Can’t Buy Me Love.

      1. I liked those 2 series but did not find anything great about Fala’s performances at all.. She was just like any typical actress.Nothing special at all..

    2. Fala can act but in certain type of roles. However, all TVB current fadans are that. Myolie seems to be the one who can tolerate more types of role than others in her generation.

  18. Oh Myolie!! What an unintentional honest moment. 45th anniversary show, she had to choose who is Bosco amongst the hidden guys, by identifying his tongue and she could and she was asked how and she said and I think she didn’t think before she did; “His tongue is very short!” and Bosco came out and pretend to be angry and said “Do you know a man hates it when someone says his tongue is short?!” A play of words. I thought that was funny, but she didn’t look too please to be asked to identify by Kate the original identifier who actually chose correctly. I thought Aimee and Moses were more open and candid.

    1. Kate choose correctly? How can be? Maybe that’s why Myolie not happy ROFL!! 😛

      1. Kate was asked to choose first. I remember she chose the right one. But she hesitated and dragged Myolie in to choose for her.

      2. Haha… Kate is quite an expert. She also recognized Michael tse’s tongue right away. I think KC is the only one she hasn’t kissed.

      3. @Josie,

        Lol, really? Who else was there besides Michael, Kevin, Moses, and Bosco? I can’t remember. Ron? Kenneth? But the kissing scenes between Kate and the others weren’t as intense as the ones she had with Bosco. They are pretty forgettable for me, lol.

        Haha, Kate hasn’t kissed Michael Tse, if I remember correctly.

      4. Remember “relic of emissary”? Both of her characters kissed him.

        I forgot the fifth guy was Ruco. So he’s new to Kate too. But 3 out of 5 stamps isn’t bad.

      1. Some part seriously funny (3 gods doing the Mr HK their own version), some part dreadful (new singers singing) and some part rather interesting (the chok chok chok segment and yes the millionth time laughing got revived-saw some action chops from Bosco and Laughing and Fala).

        At the very start there were 2 kids being escorted as special guests into the show by TVB mascot and encountering several group of artistes in their roles this year, some danced, some clapped and I was pretty scared for the 2 kids because it was creepy. And guess who in the end opened the show with a dance?

        Ray. So who’s the big brother? Ray! Ok handsome guy. And he has a sense of humour, a self depreciating one when he held the word CHOK next to himself. Overall quite enjoyable although rather small scale.

      2. Quite boring. The FLS show is worse and worse. Lack the creative factors. Overall, it’s quite the same to previous years.

        The magic part is boring and draggy. Guys in high heels is ok but their outfits are sicky.

      3. But you gotta admit Wayne did well since he had to perform the tricks as fast as he could. I was rather impressed.

      4. Wayne was quite funny last night. I wish his pro sir was actually that likable in FH3.

        Besides the magic FH, I also liked the 4 monkeys (hanjin’s singing is great) and the male chok chok chok (eye candy galore!)

        I think this yr’s show was pretty good and most of the siu sung and fa dans showed up. Except for Linda.

    2. Myolie last night: nice dress but her body too skinny to carry it. A curvier body will make the dress real gorgeous!

      1. Tavia last night: Not good and weird hair ornament and too much foundation on the face.

        Kate: Don’t think too much of her.

        Leanne Li: Surprisingly look nice and elegant.

        Fala: I don’t like her dress pattern

        Sharon: She looks pretty and carry her dress well

      2. I didn’t like myolie’s look at all. The white color washes her out and the red lipstick looks like her CotRH make-up.

        Tavia and aimee were tied for worst dressed but tavia’s hair put her ahead.

      3. I liked Myolie’s dress too. It looked good on her with her height, but I also noticed she looked skinnier than usual. However, I really wish she would get a haircut. Her messy hair did not match the polished dress.

        Also, Kate would have looked more natural without the red lipstick. Her dress gave a more relaxed and innocent feel. Why so bold the lips?

      4. I think Myo was gorgeous and very elegant at the anniversary gala. I loved her hair, makeup and dress (pretty much everything, haha)!

        Agree that Tavia didn’t look good. The hair decor was bad, her dress was bad and her jewelry pieces added too much bling to her dress that already had ugly gems on it.

        I think Kate looked quite nice. I liked her hair and her makeup was okay. I liked how her dress looked from the front, but the back was not good with the black undergarment thingy.

        Fala’s dress seemed to match older women more, so it made her look older. But her look was quite elegant too.

        Sharon was pretty.

      5. Myolie’s dress is good no doubt but her body isn’t good for the dress just like a white plank. Put the dress on someone like Bernice and you’ll get best woman of the night.

  19. Myolie same as many artists inconsistent in their own careers and look

    She can be cute in certain angel but quit ugly in another angle of look

  20. Lol I think I will get bashed by saying this, but I felt like I’m the only one who was happy to read the title of the article n thought she’s about to quit for real…. After reading the article, I was still thinking about how happy I would be if she really quitting >_> n I totally agree with everyone, just because u sacrifice for a role, doesn’t mean u should get awarded for it, it just show how childish her thinking is. N it’s sad, but I just don’t like her period, I watched rippling blossom, n thought I would like it more if chilam end up with someone else <__>

  21. Agreed.. although she sacrifice for a role but she do not have good acting skills. She is poor on acting.. how good if she quit then I can enjoy more drama from TVB. ^o^ fact, she always ugly in all angle of look..

  22. I dont know how to describe Myolie’s face, I don’t consider her pretty nor cute. But, she has a face that can very easily recognize. I personally think she’ll be getting the tvb awards.

  23. If she getting the tvb awards this mean tvb play cheat.. or mayb pity her or trying to build her image and confident only since she already use quit as an excuse.. so must give her some reward to put her stay..

  24. Myolie tearfully won AOD Best Actress award in Malaysia last night for her role in COTRH. I’m so happy for her. She was so happy I think she teared up or almost teared up.

    I heard that this award is voted by the AOD subscribers so that makes it a meaningful win because it’s the audience opinion 🙂

    1. Uhm lol, you must know that there isn’t a really thing called “audience’s choice” if it’s not policy :). This award is Best Favourite Female Character. AOD is weird like this. Top of Favourite Artists with 15 winners this year and Best Favourite Female/Male Character with 1 male, 1 female.

      However, I’m happy for Myolie and hope it’ll happen again in 5 Dec.

      1. AOD had an official votings in their website eligible to AOD subscribers and they said the winner is based on the voting results.

      2. I hope it’ll happen again on 5 Dec too :D. To be honest I don’t see any other close competitors.

      3. Keyword: They say :P. The result of voting isn’t showed, right? Even if it’s showed, who can ensure that the result isn’t changed by them.

        Then, let’s think that everything is a policy.

        But I dun have any tiny matter with Myolie’s victory.

  25. Well, If your ready to go acting, you have to be ready to face the consequences. I mean, you still have to be ready to be criticized when people hate you, or jealous. Or when they just hate you of your character or other Role Models, that got stolen by Myolie. She should just *Sorry to say this, Myolie fans* Suck it up and start acting,

  26. Absolutely agree with Tvb_lover9.
    I am so sorry for Myolie if her excuse is true, but I don’t support for her excuse.
    What a lousy talking.
    Sorry to Myolie fans. I used to be her fan, but I am not anymore after her act dropped down in “When a dog loves a cat.”
    She doesn’t deserve to be crowned as a queen.
    TVB really short in talents due to a lousy management.

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