Mysterious Father of Cecilia Cheung’s Baby is Nicholas Tse’s “Uncle”?

By on December 19, 2018 in NEWS

Mysterious Father of Cecilia Cheung’s Baby is Nicholas Tse’s “Uncle”?

Confirming the birth of her third baby in November, 38-year-old Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝) thanked everyone for their blessings but avoided talking about the identity of her son’s father. This further boosted speculations on who the father is, and recent gossip claims that he may be 50-year-old Mainland Chinese millionaire, Sun Donghai (孫東海). Since Sun Donghai is Cecilia’s ex-father-in-law Patrick Tse’s (謝賢) good friend, Sun is naturally treated by Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) as his uncle.

Cecilia denied the speculations through her studio calling the gossip, “fake!”, and uploaded a small clip of herself celebrating “Little Prince’s” one-month-old milestone.

In 2015, Cecilia and Sun Donghai were photographed shopping together at a supermarket. Madly in love with Cecilia, Sun allegedly purchased a 60 million yuan mansion for her. The two also has a 12-year age gap, as Cecilia prefers to date older men after her divorce.

Aside from speculation surrounding Sun, other news reports point to a 65-year-old wealthy Singaporean businessman as being the father. Until Cecilia provides any further updates, the rumors will continue to increase. This would be even more difficult for the growing child, as he would have to live under media spotlight and be bothered about his father’s background.

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Mysterious Father of Cecilia Cheung’s Baby is Nicholas Tse’s “Uncle”?

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  • 13 comments to Mysterious Father of Cecilia Cheung’s Baby is Nicholas Tse’s “Uncle”?

    1. mimi8 says:

      Sucks for celebrities people will pry them until they know and sometimes they go overboard. Like yeah celebrities’ life are presented to the public but really if they don’t want to reveal something then let them keep it unless they’re lying or did something bad.

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    2. mike says:

      Media should stop making headlines like that. Its Patrick Tse’s friend and that’s it.

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    3. mihk1994 says:

      She must be very loose. She reminds me of Paris Hilton except paris is rich and not desperate. I guess she is the type of woman that attracts preverted men like Edison and nick’s UNCLE. She is the type that men see as a sex object more than a human being with respect. Lust first before love or if there is even love involved.

      Not surprised someone wants her since her nude photos with Edison are still all over the internet, once it is out there, it’s out there forever. However, I will be more surprised if the guy would end up marrying her since she is considered the loose type of women and quite used. Other men would considered her type as car leasing, good for a few years but not definitely not a keeper. That’s why nick dumped her, who wants to have a wife’s so loose and have her nude photos for the whole world to see. Nevertheless, lucky for her in finding a sugar daddy. Some men like loose women and women like her is getting desperate as she gets older.

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      • hohliu replied:

        Goodness, you are certainly displaying a very nasty personality with a poisonous mouth. You judge her base on this article? Your comments are just so low and outright mean. She is a loving mother of three. Whatever she did in her youth is not for you to judge. Just mind your own business and allow her to live her own live.

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        • dramafan replied:

          @hohliu i totally agree with you about @Mihk1994‘s comments. They were rude, crude and totally uncalled for.

          The only mistake Cecilia made at the time, was to get involved with the perverted Edison Chen who chose to record his liaisons. However he did not have the decency or the intelligence to delete or to store the images properly. He single handedly destroyed the reputations and lives and to a certain extent careers of these young women. He is the scumbag here!! Having said that, that was many moons ago. Cecilia was young and not in a relationship at the time. People, young and old are allowed to make mistakes, thats how they grow and become better people.

          Since her marriage to Nic and now to its’ demise. Cecilia has always maintained a dignified silence and i am sure this is to protect her 2 children. She has not bad mouthed Nic in any wsy, i am sure she’s hurt as hell. She really needs to be praised for being the caring and available parent to her children.

          It’s important to remember, when we pass judgement and make such hurtful and hateful comments on the internet about someone we dont even know, to please consider the reader. Her 2 boys are at an age where they can access and read information. Imagine the impact of your cruel words about their mother and how this affects them and how they will be viewed by their peers. Think before you post!!!

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        • mihk1994 replied:

          @dramafan When her boys grow up, they will know what kind of mother they have and it wont be pretty.

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        • mihk1994 replied:

          @dramafan Her boys will know her mom didn’t use her head and kinda wack during her youth but that’s not an excuse. You guys tried to make up an excuse for her actions. She is an adult, she has to take responsibility for her own actions. Besides, she is a celebrity and was a role model for the younger generation, she has an image to upkeep to the public. Why do you think Edision and all those girls’ movie career ended. I wouldn’t want my children to watch their movies or anything that had to do with them. Believe me, most of the people, friends and relatives don’t think highly on any of them.

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        • mihk1994 replied:

          @hohliu The Truth hurt sometime!

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      • birdy replied:

        @mihk1994 i’m actually happy for her. she has a good image of being a caring, loving and attentive mother and not as you described. it’s definitely not an easy job being a single parent raising 2 kids and now 3! and can u tell me what’s wrong with her moving on and getting a new partner? she’s been divorced a long time and the edison scandal was 10 years ago!!! please stop being so judgmental

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        • mihk1994 replied:

          @birdy GEt used to it, there will always be good and bad opinion out there. For her to be with guy like edision, it shows she is the simple minded superficial type of girl. She played with fire and she got burnt. There are lots of my friends and relatives think she doesn’t deserved the outcome, she earned it.

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      • happybi replied:

        @mihk1994 wow. Just wow. Really amazes me sometime that people can post crap like this because they are safe behind their computer. Cecilia doesn’t deserve this.

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        • mihk1994 replied:

          @happybi Get used to it, there will always be good and bad opinions out there. If you guys can’t handle the fire, get out of the kitchen. LMFAO!

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        • mihk1994 replied:

          @happybi she doesn’t deserve the outcome, she earns it! She did it to herself the day she got drunk and let edision do whatever he wants with her. Have you seen the photos, omg, most of the people i know have the whole collection of all those nude photos of all the girls. There were even people selling it for $5 per CD online and on the street. Maybe that’s good, now she will teach her kids before they do anything stupid, look at mama during her youth.

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