Netizens Don’t Want to Watch Mat Yeung’s “Airport Strikers”

By on March 19, 2020 in NEWS

Netizens Don’t Want to Watch Mat Yeung’s “Airport Strikers”

In light of the severe COVID-19 pandemic, Mat Yeung (楊明) attended an event to pass out face masks. On the topic of the virus causing a global economic decline, Mat revealed his stewed soup business took a hit along with others in the retail and catering industries. “I’m going through difficult times with the rest of Hong Kong,” the actor expressed.

He added that a lot of people are not going out, as the government recommended it’s best to stay in and avoid large gatherings. Though he still has customers during the daytime, his restaurants are quieter in the evening. As a result, he asked the landlords to reduce the rent. “The landlords are very nice. Now that there’s a pandemic, we are discussing if there’s a possibility of reducing rent again.”

He shared that he had to let go of the part-timers he previously hired. “In hopes of ensuring long-term employment, we reduced our manpower,” the actor said.

Meanwhile, Mat’s drama Airport Strikers <機場特警> will premiere next Monday. Regardless of his screen time, he will feel stressed each time his drama airs because he doesn’t know what the audience’s reaction would be. However, during the past six months, Mat’s pro-police remarks may have caused some netizens to protest Airport Strikers.

He said, “Actually, I know there will be some people who will not watch it because of me, but it’s out of my control. Everyone has his or her own choices. If they don’t think they’ll like it, then they don’t have to watch it. Hopefully, I can give some positive energy to society and happy vibes to citizens.”

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6 comments to Netizens Don’t Want to Watch Mat Yeung’s “Airport Strikers”

  1. spring23 says:

    Regardless of his political stand, Mat Yeung has my full support for his dtamas!! He is a good actor, works hard in his roles and transcend positive energy! Jia You Mat!!

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  2. anon says:

    Broadcast it in China. 1.4 billion will support you.

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  3. m0m0 says:

    that’s why entertainers should shush when it comes to talking politics. he has such potential and it’d be a pity to lose his opportunities.

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    • ak47 replied:

      @m0m0 yeah.. but he was hailed as an hero from communist supporters which should have yield better result for him, it’s an calculated move. but I’d guessed it hasn’t work well for him yet. along with the bad behavior of his gf, could be the most hated couple in HK.

      his political move aside, hes not a good actor, just average TVB standard. TVB already got rid of experienced actor, so they are not going anywhere. it’s just unfortunate for the rest of us who just wanna enjoy Cantonese show, TVB decided to make bad investment, monetary and politically. Should just focus on producing better drama and variety show.

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  4. nobooo says:

    Celebrities shud just keep their political opinion to themselves! Or stay out of it! What a shame! But rly love Mat yeung as an actor! U have my support!

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  5. blest62 says:

    Yes.. He gets my support too. It is a free world out there and anyone is entitled and free to speak your mind. And he is just doing his part. As an actor as well as a restaurant owner. Sad that the public does too much judging.

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