Newcomer Adam Pak Makes Film Debut in “L Storm”

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Newcomer Adam Pak Makes Film Debut in “L Storm”

With his exotic looks, model Adam Pak (栢天男) has drawn comparisons with Takeshi Kaneshiro (金城武). The 36-year-old former model made his film debut in L Storm < L風暴>, opposite Louis Koo (古天樂) and Chilam Cheung (张智霖). An Australian native, Adam shared why he made his journey to Hong Kong to start a new life.

With lucid eyes and a high nose, Adam is often mistaken to have a mixed heritage. He commented, “Many people who met me for the first time thought I was Japanese or Korean. I was even once mistaken as Indian. There were people who thought I was a foreigner in Australia’s Chinatown as well. But both of my parents are Chinese. They’re originally from China and immigrated to Australia.” Adam’s father is Mongolian and his mother is Shanghainese.

Born and raised in Sydney, Adam speaks fluent English and originally little Chinese. It wasn’t until he signed with his current Hong Kong agency and was cast for L Storm that he reconnected with his roots and was able to learn how to speak Cantonese more fluently.

Growing up, Adam watched Hong Kong movies with his parents. He loves Kung Fu movies and admires Bruce Lee (李小龍). “He managed to completely change the weak image of Asian people, and made it ten times stronger. When I was a child, I watched movies and imagined myself starring in them.”

From Australia to Hong Kong

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Design at the University of New South Wales, Adam interned at a famous design company in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Since he was very homesick, Adam returned home after completing his internship. Following a relative’s suggestion, Adam eventually moved to Hong Kong in 2011 for opportunities, and became a model.

Adjusting to Hong Kong came naturally for Adam. He prefers the fast-pace in Hong Kong over the slow life in Australia, and enjoys hearing sounds of the city when he sleeps. A food lover, Adam revealed that his favorite dish is roast pork rice, “It can be said that it embodies the essence of Hong Kong.”

While at a function, Adam luckily met film producer Raymond Wong (黃百鳴), who saw potential in Adam and offered him a management contract. The next thing Adam knew, he was offered a role in L Storm.

He is thankful for his seniors taking care of him, especially Liu Kai Chi (廖啟智), who told him life experience is the key to good acting, and suggested to prepare for roles by broadening his perspective through reading books.


Adam Pak’s Interview with Cosmopolitan

Source: Cosmopolitan HK

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    1. m0m0 says:

      he looks japanese…but he has Mongolian blood, no wonder. he really looks like 金城武. i wonder why he got mistaken as indian? i know that there are some indians who look chinese…but perhaps he was hanging out w/ them? i guess he’s lucky to get attention at age 36, where as a female wouldn’t be as lucky at the same age. people would be questioning why she isn’t married instead….

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    2. jessehsuan says:

      He looks better when he doesn’t smile as in showing his teeth…

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      • replied:

        @jessehsuan lol, I think the slightly misaligned teeth give a bit of charm. Not a big fan of the hairdo, though.

        He’s definitely attractive… I can see the resemblance to Takeshi.

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        • jessehsuan replied:

          @sugarcane nothing is wrong with his teeth…i just think he looks manlier when he slightly smile. He looks a bit feminine not in a cute way when he’s fully smiling or maybe the fake sleeping in the beginning makes him looks weird and unnatural.

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    3. linda says:

      He has got a very good-looking face, but the beginning of the above video……

      I do not understand Cantonese, so maybe why it feels unnatural & weird to me? Hahaha

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    4. msxie0714 says:

      His dad is Mongolian and mom is Shanghainese. Wouldn’t his language roots be Mongolian instead of Canto?

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    5. passingby says:

      Oooh definitely attractive as h-e-ll but needs better haircut and a shave (though he looks good with facial hair). Reminds me a little of Carlos Chan who also looks mixed.

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    6. leejsukfan says:

      I would love to see him in a costume period movie or drama. I love his beard and mustache.

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    7. m0m0 says:

      he speaks really good cantonese, atypical of a foreign born. no accent.

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