Nicholas Tse: “I Love My Wife More than My Children!”

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Since Nicholas Tse Ting Fung won the 2011 Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor title, good news continued to follow. With his undying love to wife, Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi, Nic has been voted as “Best Man of the Century!” In addition, it was revealed that Nic earned nearly $10 million (Yuan) from the secret sale of his luxury Beijing apartment and intended to open in a branch office of his post-production company in Shanghai.

Celebrated With Friends Over Best Actor Win 

When Nic accepted the Best Actor Award, he thanked Patrick and noted that his father truly deserved the award instead for teaching a naughty child such as himself. On April 18th, Patrick invited Nic, Cecilia, and Nic’s friends such as Hiliary Tsui, Edmond Leung, William So, Josie Ho, Conroy Chan, Eric Kwok, Timmy Hung, Janet Chow, Grace Yip, Lican Chen, and Helen Tu, to eat at Victoria City Restaurant, a place where the rich and famous often dined. Patrick reserved two tables and treated the guests to dinner.

Nic’s mother, Deborah Dik, was absent from the dinner. Since Nic did not mention his mother in his acceptance speech and was teased by Chow Yun Fat, was Deborah upset with Nic? It turned out that Deborah was in China and could not celebrate with Nic in Hong Kong. Nic realized that he forgot to mention his mother in his acceptance speech. When Deborah returns to Hong Kong, Nic will have another dinner with his mother and sister, Jennifer Tse, to celebrate his Best Actor Award.

Nic Said He Will Love His Wife the Most 

Netizens also voted Nicholas Tse as the “Best Man of the Century” due to his undying love for his wife, Cecilia Cheung. In a recent interview, Nic said, “I love my wife more. My son, Lucas, will have many younger siblings. However, I only have one wife, so I will love Cecilia more. When the children grow up, they will have their own life. My wife will accompany me towards the end.”

On April 19th, Nic’s declaration of love continued to be forwarded on the internet and blogs, until he earned the title of “Best Man of the Century.” Many women felt that a man [possessing such views] were extremely rare and noted that Cecilia did not choose the wrong husband.

Earning Millions Through Sale of Luxury Home 

Nic also invested in the Beijing real estate market due to positive trends. Allegedly, he sold a 242-square meter two-bedroom luxury apartment for the price of $19 million (Yuan). When the reporter called the real estate agent for confirmation, the apartment was indeed confirmed to be Nic’s property. When asked to supply further proof, the agent refused on grounds of ownership privacy. If the sale did occur, Nic would have made an approximate profit of $10 million (Yuan). Nic’s company, EEG, said that they were uncertain of Nic’s private investments and therefore, only Nic himself can confirm the sale of the apartment.


Jayne: Lol, I believe Funn had said along the lines that Nic Tse should be branded the “Best Man of the Century” earlier in the comments thread. Apparently a lot of women may feel the same way!

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  1. Funn Lim says:

    Oh Iayne, HK heard me!!!!

    I wonder though, whatever did Cecilia do to deserve such a devoted husband? What a lucky gal!

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    • Jayne replied:

      Funn, perhaps Nic’s parents’ divorce impacted his commitment in marriage. Nic was upset with his father for years…I wonder if it may have been Patrick’s infidelity that led to the divorce?

      I also suspect Nic’s parents’ personal lives had a great impact in shaping his tolerance. His mom, Deborah Dik, filmed some nude scenes in early 1960s (not sure if the critical points were covered, anyhow it was a big deal back then) so she had a racy past. Patrick also comes across as being very flirtatious, having girlfriend decades younger etc. Both his parents have found love with new respective partners. The family possesses quite liberal views.

      Anyhow, Nic was always seen as a guy being more mature than his years since he dated older stars, Bondy Chiu and Faye Wong.

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      • Funn Lim replied:

        Wasn’t there rumour that Cecilia grabbed the baby and threaten to kill herself?

        Racy past yes but wholly different from what Cecilia went through. That was utter total humiliation and exposure. But I think Nic really fell for her, for whatever reason. I never thought Cecilia was such a good girl anyway but motherhood did her well and the scandal certainly brought her crashing down to earth the hard way. She is also lucky to have encouraging in laws. However I suspect that is because Nic doesn’t give a damn as to what his parents especially his father thinks. In away that is rather attractive quality in a man who knows what he wants and gets it. Nic may not realise it, he is beginning to have mannerisms more and more like his father. I always thought he never liked his father much; no doubt he loved him but not liked him. But I think because he saw how positive his father was when the scandal broke, I think that may be the reason of their a bit closer sort of relationship.

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      • Lacey replied:

        @Funn – I think Nic always have a good rxnship with his dad more than with his mom. Nic really resented his mom for trying to show him off to the press when he was young. Patrick has always embraced Cecilia into the Tse family from the start whereas his ex-wife, Deborah was upset with Cecilia’s infamous photos and their secretive marriage.

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      • Chriselle replied:

        I tried google to find more information about Nic and Cecilia, but unfortunately couldn’t find much. How and where did they meet? I’m also interested in knowing why Nic fell for Cecilia in the first place. Why did they break up and then get back together?

        @Funn What do you mean that Nic loves his father, but doesn’t like him, lol?

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      • Chriselle replied:

        @Jayne Really? I didn’t know Bondy and Nic dated before and I’m surprised to learn that. During what years were they together and how did they meet?

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      • Jayne replied:


        Nic and Bondy Chiu both belonged to EEG and that was likely how their romance started. I believe they dated for a few years before he dated Faye Wong.

        Nicholas and Cecilia worked on film, “Master Q” together in 2001 and that was when romantic rumors started, although Cecilia and Nic had already known each other previously, since both had budding music careers and thus attended music events together. After Master Q, Cecilia broke up with Daniel Chan. Rumors that Cecilia, Nic, and Faye were in a love triangle in 2002, but Nic eventually chose Faye. After breaking up with Faye, Nic reunited with Cecilia on the set of” The Promise” in 2005.

        Here is the long version of Nic and Cecilia’s early romance. Despite the awkward grammar, it paints a good picture of how their friendship blossomed into awkward love triangle, including Deborah Dik’s letter to her son about Cecilia:

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    • HeTieShou replied:

      Ok, I am getting really confused. I always thought that Nic did not like his father much but had always favored his mom more?? I also don’t understand why his mom did not accept or like Cecilia if she herself has had a tainted past. I always had the impression that Patrick liked Cecilia as a daughter in law and accepted her. Not sure about after the scandal though… I am guessing that he did even though he was not happy about the whole thing.

      I think that regardless of Nic’s parents were, the most important thing is that they will always love him and his sister no matter what. Even though Nic was mad at them in the past, it will pass because they are his parents. Which I why I am bit shocked that he said that he will love his wife the most. I can understand that in a sense, but wives and husbands can divorce down the road. It is rare that you are going to be with the same person your whole life. I am not saying that it doesn’t exist, but is become more and more rare these days. Which is why there is the term that “your siblings are like your limbs and your husbands/wives are like clothing”. With your parents and siblings and children, you are connected by blood but with your wife and husband you are not. You can be a loving couple one moment but end up hating each others’ guts the next moment. But when you are blood related, you can get mad and upset at anyone, however, once your anger has passed you will have to reconcile because you cannot literally cut all ties…

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      • HeTieShou replied:

        I wonder when we are going to have an edit button because I just had some typos…

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      • Chriselle replied:

        @HeTieShou Agree mucho! Even though it’s kinda sad about your husband/wife being clothing part…

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      • HeTieShou replied:

        Thanks and although it is sad that your husband/wife can be like clothing, they can be just as good as your limbs if they are “you qing you yi”. That quote is aiming at the bad husbands and wives that mistreat and betray their mate.

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      • QuackieChau replied:

        Parents can be hypocritical. They all just want the best for their children. Just because she had a tainted past doesn’t mean she wants someone like that for her son.

        Anyhow, I think there comes a point where you should choose your spouse (or fiance/e) and the new family you’re creating over your parents. I think that kind of devotion helps marriages work (if it’s mutual). Not to at all imply that you should abandon your parents. But I think your spouse has to feel secure in that you will choose them and support them in a crisis and not go running home to mommy. Otherwise, it kind of just feels like you could leave your spouse at any moment, no?

        Anyway, perhaps I’m just too Americanized in my thinking. I know many, many Asian people would not hesitate to choose blood ties over spousal relationships.

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      • HeTieShou replied:


        You made some really good points and I totally agree. But I just thought that Deborah should have been more understanding about Cecilia’s past since hers wasn’t that clean or great either. I didn’t mean to say that she didn’t want the best for Nic. It would be sort of hypocritical of her to expect this and that from her daughter in law when she herself did not set a good example.

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      • Funn Lim replied:

        I think it is good to choose blood ties over spousal relationship unless obvious blood ties are bad for you.

        HeTieShou, if Deborah was upset, she didn’t look like it now. If Cecilia was my daughter in law, I too will be upset and objected to the relationship. Having a racy past is not the same as having pictures of you FULLY naked and taking drugs and having sex with some guy revealed to the world. Then it is for Cecilia to make an effort to mend the relationship and from the looks of it I think she did. Credit to Nic’s parents, they never came out to criticise Cecilia did they? Much better than those rich people.

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      • HeTieShou replied:

        I guess so… I am also not sure about Deborah’s past since she was before my time…Even though Nic’s parents aren’t perfect, they do have a lot of good points and one them as you mentioned is that they never openly criticized Cecilia(At least I don’t remember ever hearing about it). It is good to let go of the bad past and move on as well as forgive and forget. I guess it was not just Nic that forgave her, but his parents did as well… I can say that Cecilia is one lucky gal to be able to have such a great husband and father and mother in law. I highly doubt that many other traditional parents and husbands would be able to do that…

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      • Jayne replied:

        @QuackieChau, most married women would wish their husbands to place them as first priority. In Hong Kong and China, where women frequently live with their mother-in-laws, it becomes even more difficult for both women to live together and the husband caught between standing up for wife or parents’ views. Throw in children and there are many more interests to juggle!

        A co-worker raised an interesting view the other day, that love can be evolving. When we were children, our parents meant the world to us and we learn how to love primarily through experienced love from them. Once we grow older, date, get married, have our own children, do we love our parents the same way we used to? The people (in order) slowly evolves and while we no doubt appreciate our parents, more people have entered our lives. Usually people do shift their degree of love from parents to spouse and then their children. Some women especially are known to love their children even more than their spouses. It seems to be an instinct in nature.

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  2. j00ky says:

    I personally don’t like Nic in the ET sense, but as a family man, I do admire him. Kudo’s to him and Ceci for getting back together after 4(?) years apart when they had first dated 😀

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  3. SDS says:

    I actually think his view is great. A couple should appreciate the fact their partner should come first because that’s where it all began (unless when the marriage is over lol or you just don’t like your other half :P).

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  4. Aly says:

    Good for them. I think Nic has gone through a lot for someone his age and I think he has learned to cherish what he has now. Cecilia is very lucky to have him as her husband. who unconditionally supported her after her scandal broke out. Glad that they both have gone through positive changes!
    On a side note, I think Lucas looks a lot like Nic now that he is getting bigger. Looks like he’s a cute little rascal! Quintas looks like Cecilia with those big eyes. They’re cute!

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  5. EkinFan says:

    Man of the Century my ass, you guys trust the guy who just won best actor? Of course he can “love” Cecilia, its a good role to play for public support. He should win Actor of the Century for playing the role of supporting, unconditionally loving husband in every day life.

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    • Moon replied:

      uhmm do you personality know him? Because your comment seem rather harsh on the guys…

      I don’t know him but if he is what he say he is then Celicilia is a LUCKY women 🙂

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    • Judy replied:

      It’s not just what he says, but also what he does. He didn’t leave Cecilia or say one single bad thing about her after the sex scandal w/ Edison Chen. A lot of men would not have been able to do what he did. That says a lot about his devotion to his wife and family.

      He could have left her and no one would have blamed him.

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      • HeTieShou replied:

        Totally agree with you Judy! I know that Nic is not perfect and did not have a clean past either, however, he has matured a lot since then and has become a lot better person. It is true that we none of us know him personally, based on his undying and unconditional love for Cecilia since the scandal, I have to say that he is a truly loving and devoted husband. I highly doubt that a lot of other men would have been able to do that for their wife regardless of how much they could have claimed to love their wife before. Nic could have just divorced her but he didn’t and now their marriage is as strong as ever…

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      • Chriselle replied:

        @Judy Good way of saying that actions speaks louder than words. I don’t believe Nic is lying when he says he loves his wife. Moreover, forgiving someone who has cheated on us is very hard, but he was able to do it.

        @Ekinfan Is it me or most of your comments seems rather critical of the celebrities??

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    • Kidd replied:

      Action speaks louder than words. Nic’s actions already show him as a supportive husband many times.

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  6. iampheng says:

    I am going to go tell my mommy now what he said! LOL She’s likes him way more than I do so she will be quite pleased that her idol is such an adoring husband. HAHA

    Nic [and Cecilia], I believe has seemed to mature so much in the past 5 years. And PS everyone has a past…we’re not all saints.

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  7. michelle Wong says:

    This entire family sucks!

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    • Elizabeth Chiew replied:

      michelle Wing they don’t suck. As what iampheng has said, everyone has a past, we’re not saints. Forgive and forget. They’re trying their best to make up for the mistakes they made in the past… And I support them, and I trust that many others do too.

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    • Elizabeth Chiew replied:

      sorry, typo: Michelle Wong

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  8. Bridget says:

    I think the difference is that Cecilia never portrayed herself as a good, virginal girl and while what Cecilia went through in Edison Gate and Deborah’s racy past was not the same, what I think the Tses realized was that no one is perfect – including them – and that was what made them support her through the scandal. And even before Lucas was born and the scandal itself, her in-laws openly expressed admiration for her willingness to step back and be the ‘woman behind the man’ / stay-at-home mom. Not many young actresses with her fame would have been willing to do that.

    Cecilia once mentioned that as soon as the scandal broke out, Patrick came to visit her and Deborah gave her a figurine of a family holding up a leaf with the Chinese proverb “fung yu tong lo” – essentially meaning walking the same path in the wind. Also, Deborah is an orphan, which might explain her genuine acceptance of Cecilia as ‘another daughter’ because children and grandchildren are the only real family she will ever have.

    Another angle to this is that Nic and Cecilia have known each other for a long time – they met when they were 17. They essentially grew up together in the crazy world that is the HK entertainment business. They are both from tabloid-worthy family backgrounds – Nic obviously, and Ceci with her half British/half-Chinese mother and her gang member father. They both had high-profile romantic relationships (Nic/Faye and Cecilia/Edison/Daniel Chan/rumoured Jordan Chan), talent-wise are both recognized by industry heavyweights (Nic by Chow Yun Fat and Cecilia was discovered by Stephen Chow) and made some questionable choices in their youth which has really brought them together.

    I’m glad they found each other. They seem to be in a good place and I think they can pretty much survive anything.

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  9. Cleo says:

    He looks Korean.

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