Peter Ho’s “Package” is a Target of Bathroom Spying

A former underwear model, Peter Ho (何潤東) is known for his sex appeal and rippling muscles. He left little to the imagination in an earlier nude shower photo. But the public is curious to see more of Peter, and men often try to check out Peter’s “package” inside public restrooms.

Peter Ho nude AIn September, Peter shared a photo of his nude backside which was cropped at the top of his buttocks. Although his bulging arms were the focus, the photo also revealed a morning habit of brushing his teeth while showering. Peter posted the photo to reward viewers for supporting his mainland drama, Shining Days <璀璨人生>. Although not a stranger to revealing his muscular body before the camera, Peter said showing his nude backside is his limit.

Nicknamed as a “Male God” for his impressive body, Peter said he can live with the title, but what really troubled him was other men’s voyeurism. When men realize that they are sharing a public restroom with Peter, they will often do a double take and go back to use the urinals for a second time, hoping to sneaking a peak at Peter’s “package”.

Peter’s Shining Days co-star, Michael Zhang (张勋杰) teased that Peter should just “reveal his full frontal” to satisfy the public when the hit drama airs in Taiwan.


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  1. Yummy body of Peter, but why showing it too much. Be a little secretive and hwill be sexier.

  2. Oh please he is not even handsome. And if you have read the Kama Sutra, size does not matter. It’s the skills that count.

  3. not a huge fan of his face, but dang this man’s body is great! but personally i dont wanna see anything more either lol

  4. when u r famous, u have a personal trainer helping u…u people act like he was born with that great body…

    1. actually we are noting he has a great body without caring or assuming where it came from.

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