Kay Tse Received Breast Implants?

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Kay Tse On Kei was a promising music talent when she entered the Hong Kong music industry in 2005. Shortly after early success, she surprised many fans and industry insiders when she announced a temporary departure from her music career due to her pregnancy. She later wed beau, Louis Cheung while pregnant and gave birth to son in December 2007.

After becoming a mother, Kay returned to the music industry and her comeback produced amazing results. Since the success of her single, “Wedding Invitation Street,” Kay skyrocketed to fame, alongside the current Cantonese pop queens such as Joey Yung, Miriam Yeung, and Denise Ho.

Along with increased popularity, public and media scrutiny grew. Kay was deemed to have grown more “beautiful” since her initial foray in the music industry in 2005. Many tabloids have alleged that Kay had double eyelid surgery and procedures to straighten her teeth, down-size her lips, slim her cheeks, etc. Earlier in 2009, Kay denied receiving plastic surgery, claiming that her transformation was due to the credit of better professional make-up artists.

Kay’s Magical Breast Growth
Kay Tse plastic surgery breast implantsOn June 30 2009, Kay wore a low-cut pink dress while making a guest appearance on TVB8’s 《迷恋·智成音乐会》. The sleeveless dress revealed a curvy Kay with a 36D figure and also a mysterious scar near her armpits. Since a common breast augmentation procedure involved creating a small incision near the patient’s armpits to insert the implants, rumors spread rapidly that Kay received breast implants in June 2009.

Tabloids were quick to re-publish numerous photos of Kay possessing a bust size of 32A in 2005 (who was 28 years old at the time). They also pointed out that even during pregnancy, Kay’s breasts did not blossom to their current 36D size. Along with the mysterious armpit scar and recent sexy outfits showcasing ample cleavage, rumors of Kay’s breast implants spread like wild-fire across tabloid headlines in July 2009.

According to a tabloid source, Kay’s husband, Louis Cheung, denied that Kay received breast implants and claimed that his wife’s breasts were really not that big.

Image Source: Sina.cn, news.dnkb.com

Jayne: Kay has grown more beautiful over the years. She did receive orthodontic work to make her teeth more perfect. I’m not sure about allegations regarding double eyelid surgery and slimming of the face though. Her lips do appear to be more refined now. Not sure if that is due to cosmetic surgery or the orthodontic work affected the appearance of her mouth.

However, Kay’s increase in cup size is very apparent. She is likely 2 cup sizes bigger now. The question is whether Kay bought herself new, heavily-padded bras that made her curvier? Or did she go under the knife and got permanent breast implants? Either way, Kay seems to prefer bigger boobs and enjoys showing off a curvier figure. Time and more photos will tell whether the bigger bobs are permanent or not.

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