Pregnant Linda Chung Thanks Husband for Cleaning the House

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Pregnant Linda Chung Thanks Husband for Cleaning the House

When Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) announced her second pregnancy in March, she declared leaving TVB and reducing her workload significantly to focus on her family. A month since the announcement, Linda returned to Hong Kong to make an appearance at a promotional event. Due to the difficulties of this second pregnancy, Linda decided to reduce her travel frequency and stay in Hong Kong for two weeks.

This is the longest time that Linda has been away from her daughter, Kelly. At the mention of her daughter, Linda immediately teared up. “Let’s not talk about it. This is my first time being away for so long. I thought I would be okay, but when my parents-in-law told me that Kelly was looking for me around the house, I started crying!”

Donning a white dress and showcasing her long, slender legs, it was difficult to tell that Linda is already five months pregnant. She and her husband, Jeremy, decided to keep the baby’s sex a surprise. “We’ve had an ultrasound already. I didn’t ask the doctor, and I told the doctor not to tell me either. I want to keep it a surprise. It doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or girl. We have already thought of two names. We will know what to name the baby when he or she is born.”

Linda admitted that this pregnancy is much harder than the first. “It’s been hard. I have never been this lazy before. Every day when my husband comes home, he sees me on the sofa because I was so nauseated and exhausted during my first trimester. I am thankful for my husband’s tolerance and love. During this time, he became the cook, house cleaner, and caretaker. But I have regained my spirits now.

“Compared to last time, my belly is a lot bigger and sharper now. With Kelly last time, my belly was also very sharp. Everyone said for sure it was going to be a boy. In the end, it was a girl! My belly is sharp for both pregnancies. But the symptoms for the pregnancies are a little different. My appetite didn’t change much last time, but this time, when I smell pasta or meat, I would feel nauseated.”

With her good friend, Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), recently engaged, will Linda be her bridesmaid? “I’ll have to wait until she sets a date first. If it is this year, then probably not because my pregnancy has been so difficult. I can’t even take care of myself!”

Linda Chung Talks about Second Pregnancy


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  • 10 comments to Pregnant Linda Chung Thanks Husband for Cleaning the House

    1. janet72 says:

      girl or boy, she mentioned she will have 4 kids. if this one is a girl again, she can continue to try.

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    2. iampheng says:

      lol he lives their too so he should clean the house. and she’s his wife and the other child is his kid, so he does not need to be thanked for taking care of them. appreciating is one thing but thanking a man for things they should already be doing is how we coddle men in society.

      good lord.

      Login or Register before you can reply to iampheng
      • hetieshou replied:


        I do not really agree with that. Everyone should share the chores and no one should take their spouse for granted. Whether you are the husband or wife you need to cherish your spouse. I have noticed that several women take their husbands for granted. Since I have all brothers, I see their wives do it to them all the time. I hate that and why are so many women so bad these days? It is great that Linda cherishes and appreciates her husband unlike most women these days.

        Login or Register before you can reply to hetieshou
        • iampheng replied:

          @hetieshou you’re speaking from the perspective of women that you know and I’m speaking from the perspective of women that I know. I have watched all the women around me, old and young, go to school, work, or run a business, and the come home to do all the chores. Let’s be real here, that’s the norm. Most of the world has lived under some form of heteropatriarchy where girls are conditioned to do “girl chores” and then grow up to do those same chores when they marry.

          Oh, I agree that everyone should share in the chores. Last, the point you say, “why are there so many bad women these days?”…I’m sorry but in my perspective, good for those girls!!

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        • hetieshou replied:

          I just want to say regardless if you are male or female,you had better treat your wife/ husband well or it will come back at you. Everyone will regret it when karma strikes!

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      • janet72 replied:

        @iampheng I was like, ‘huh? why must she thank him? that’s her husband, the father of her kids including the unborn one.’

        Login or Register before you can reply to janet72
        • hetieshou replied:

          Of course she did not need to openly thank him but it is great to be grateful and not take your spouse for granted. Plus, she is normally away so he is literally looking after the family, working and taking care of everything so what is wrong with her thanking him. But yet many women expect their husband to appreciate them but why can’t it be the other way around?

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        • iampheng replied:

          @janet72 I know, right?

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        • wm2017 replied:

          @iampheng @janet72 – Thumbs up! Share the damn chores welcome to the world of “equality” ? Thank him in your own home, no need to announce to the world. haha lol…. I feel only the older generation would feel that it’s TOTALLY fine that only women should do more housework. BS….It’s the 21st century, men and women should share the work equally if they both work.

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    3. passingby says:

      If it’s that difficult for her to leave her daughter then don’t take on the overseas assignment, especially since she’s experiencing a difficult pregnancy and it’s not as if her hubby needed her to put food on the table. Obviously the money is too attractive to pass, so stop whining.

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