Rebecca Zhu Admits Sharing an “Especially Close” Relationship with Don Li

After going to the movies together, Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) was photographed entering Don Li‘s (李逸朗) residence earlier. The unlikely couple has allegedly been dating for three months, after meeting at TVB when Don went to the studio to record a song. Both Christians, Don impressed Rebecca with his theories in life.

Asked about the budding romance, Rebecca initially replied, “We are close friends who look out for each other. So what if I’ve visited his place? Friends do that!”

Recently, however, Rebecca appears to be opening up a little bit more about the nature of her relationship with Don. In a Weibo post, she remarked coyly, “Nothing is set in stone but if you really want to know the exact nature of our relationship, all I can say is that we are especially close.”

Rebecca later clarified with the press, “By ‘especially close’, I mean we are more than just friends but not yet lovers.” She remarked that she is still carefully observing their progress.

Currently in Phuket, Thailand, Don declined to comment on the speculated relationship with Rebecca.

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. After Sharon Chan and Selena Li, Rebecca Zhu is another one of Kenneth Ma’s interests that have moved on.

    From Rebecca’s remarks, it’s quite obvious that she is involved with Don.

    1. @jayne Seem like Kenneth Ma is just NATO (no action talk only). That’s why all the girls moved on.

      1. @kidd Kenneth Ma seems to take very little initiative when it comes to relationships. He may think that this is the prime time of his career and wants to focus on establishing himself more firmly before dating.

  2. Her comment is like admitting it without actually admitting it. They’re a surprising pair since there’s nothing much linking them together.

  3. “Both Christians, Don impressed Rebecca with his theories in life.”

    Don did have a lot of life experience to learn from. He faced and overcame a lot of hardships when he was in Mainland China.

    This pair really came out of left field. Who would have thought? They has never done any work together and Don just came back from Mainland.

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