Rich Businessman Confirms: “I Took Photos of Him Law and William Chan!”

Wealthy businessman, Lau Ding Sing (劉定成), was currently being sued in a notorious case involving indecent assault and intimidation of 3 male actors and 1 fitness trainer. The court case led to the exposure of a list of 35 male actors and policemen who had willingly taken partially nude or fully nude photos for Mr. Lau. Although Mr. Lau said that he did not leak the list of 35 men to the media, he confirmed that the list was true! Mr. Lau said that he took photos of Him Law (羅仲謙) on 3 occasions, while stating that William Chan (陳偉霆) was also his model!

Yesterday was Mr. Lau’s 62nd birthday. The court case did not appear to dampen his mood, as he accepted an interview regarding the male actors who had modeled before him. With 100,000 photos in his private collection, Mr. Lau preferred young men with muscular bodies. He praised Him Law as being muscular and handsome. Although William Chan was initially not on the list of 35 actors revealed by Next Magazine, Mr. Lau blurted out that William had modeled for him several years ago!

Lau Ding Sing: “The Men All Willingly Took Photos!”

Many of the 35 men on the list denied that they had ever posed for Mr. Lau, claiming that they did not know him. Mr. Lau confirmed that the list–which included Him Law, Bryon Pang (彭冠期)Benjamin Yuen(袁偉豪), and Stanley Cheung (張景淳)–was accurate! The list included 8 former Mr. Hong Kong participants as well as several Hong Kong police officers.

Mr. Lau did not feel that the men were ungrateful for denying that they had modeled for him. However, Mr. Lau–who had openly declared that he was gay–appeared to be a person who preferred to speak bluntly without pretense. He said that many of the male subjects posed for the photos for money and fame. They were all consenting adults. “You cannot force a cow to drink water!”

Photographed Him Law on 3 Occasions

Mr. Lau revealed that he had photographed Him Law on 3 occasions. However, on May 16th, Him Law’s management company, Filmko, stated that Him never posed fully nude in any photographs, or participated in unethical activities. Filmko indicated that Him was  not at the Police department for an investigation in relation to the court case. The company will contact the Police department to see if any of Mr. Lau’s photos of Him Law were due to work assignments.

EEG Claims William Chan Did not Model for Mr. Lau

Mr. Lau disclosed that William Chan had modeled for him several years ago. Mr. Lau appeared to remember William well, describing him as “young, smooth, cute, and sweet.” Mr. Lau declined to comment whether William’s photos were nude or not. He said that he was aware that William’s mother and elder sister had a clothing store on Flower Street many years ago.

EEG immediately issued a press statement claiming that William Chan had never modeled in Mr. Lau’s photos. EEG said that William did not know Mr. Lau. EEG maintained the right to pursue legal action over Mr. Lau’s claims, which were branded as false.

Mr. Lau Rates the Hotness of Male Actors

Mr. Lau possessed a preference for young men who had beautiful bodies from head to toe. He preferred men who had their own thoughts, was mature, and with quick reflexes. He enthusiastically discussed some of today’s hottest actors:

William Chan: He is very sweet, smooth, young, and cute. When shooting photos several years ago, his body was very thin.

Him Law: 40 inch chest. He is very muscular and handsome.

Edison Chen (陈冠希): He likes to photograph beautiful girls. He is not my cup of tea!

Raymond Lam (林峰): His age is a bit old. However, after so many years of working, he only has a 31 inch (chest).

Daniel Wu (吳彥祖): He’s too mature!


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Jayne: Mr. Lau appears to flaunt his photo collection, that he had photographed some very famous actors before they made it big. Although Next Magazine initially alluded that the 35 men had taken partially nude or fully nude photos, we do not know where Him, Benjamin, and William fall.

Given Mr. Lau’s preferences, he probably tried very hard to persuade his models to take it all off.

It appears that Mr. Lau’s photo collection of 100,000 photos are currently under the possession of the police department. So did someone from the police department leak the list of 35 men to the paparazzi? 

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  1. Benjamin Yuen’s had initially said that he did not know Mr. Lau. However, he has been dodging the media regarding this issue for the last few days, whereas Matthew Ko (initially rumored with the incident) was very open in responding to the press.

    If Benjamin had served as a nude model for an art class (don’t know if full or partial nudity), it is likely that he would have modeled for Mr. Lau as well. We just don’t know his state of dress/ undress.

    Matthew Ko was probably linked to the nude photos because early reporting of the news did not have the full 35 men on the list, but many were Mr. Hong Kong participants, thus he got dragged into this.

    Since the list now appears to be true, with 8 former Mr. HK who had posed for Mr. Lau, it is understandable why TVB had cancelled the Mr. HK competition this year.

    1. Frankly i think is disgrace to men this type of show. Any program that requires ppl to take off clothes or wear very little clothes to be judge upon just feel so wrong and humiliated.

      1. Ita,

        I support Mr. HK, as it celebrates the beauty of the male torso. Same reason why people would support Miss Hong Kong. Aside from the bodies, personality is also part of the judging criteria.

        The objection to Mr. HK seems to be the swim wear segment mostly. So if the guys wore swimming trunks instead of swimming briefs, then probably less complaints.

      2. The men that participated Mr HK look proud to reveal their torsos and abs so I don’t think there’s any problem. The women audience love those skins too LOL

      3. Same for Miss HK. But if they wanted to have a clean program for the men the women should also be full clothed throughout the whole contest.

  2. Mr. Lau said raymond lam old??? Hellooo , you 62 mister not 26.

    1. Ita,
      “Mr. Lau said raymond lam old?”

      Maybe it is case of sour grapes, since Mr. Lau will never be able to get Raymond to model for him?

      Anyway, he appears to prefer guys in their 20s.

      IMO, Mr. Lau appears to be enjoying the current media attention. With the intimidation and indecent assault charges pressed against him, although they may find him to be guilty, he will likely be fined only? Not a problem for Mr. Lau since he seems to have money to burn.

    2. LF is over 30. To Mr Lau over 30 is OLD. ROFL

      1. Sheesh, the only thing worse than an old pervert is a Snobby old pervert!

    3. I’m more amused that he said Raymond’s chest is only 31 inches.

      1. LF chest can’t be that small. Mr Lau exaggerating

    4. hahaha I know right? How young does he think he is? a perverted old man and have the nerve to say such ahahah but u know what he’s rich so i guess he thinks he can do anything and have anyone he wants.

  3. He likes cute boys that are muscular but below 30 years old!

  4. LOL – EEG wanting to come out and say these reports are not true … bleh. We all know what these guys did. What is the big deal? So they posed nude?

    It’s not like I ever thought Him Law, William Chan and Benjamin Yuen were saints. Him Law has been entangled in domestic violence with Theresa. William – he’s with EEG and we know that’s just a bunch of triads. Benjamin – wasn’t he the butt revealing Mr. HK guy?

    Omg – too much drama on this.

    I’m glad matthew ko declined and guys like kenneth ma, chris lai, bosco wong, ron ng were also not involved 🙂

    i secretly wish kevin cheng had some photos out.

    1. Pandamao,

      When Him Law, Benjamin Yuen, and Matthew Ko were initially linked to Mr. Lau’s nude photo collection, I rolled my eyes, thinking they were wild rumors. I thought that tabloids were just eager to link some popular artist names to the incident.

      But there is an ounce of truth to this. Virginia Lok must be having a tough time now; but she has not commented on the list of 35 men since they were revealed, which makes it possible that the list is correct.

      There is little reason for Mr. Lau to lie. He is not ashamed of his private collection.

      I forgot that Benjamin had revealed his butt before. It was for a film role?

      Matthew comes from a well-to-do middle class family, right? So probably less pressure for him to make ends meet.

      My impression is that Benjamin had a pretty tough early career, since his film career did not pan out.

      Posing in a thong is really no big deal for men, which is why many of them agreed to do it. Except that they are famous now…. Don’t know who among the list had stripped fully nude. At least Mr. Lau did not choose to discuss the participants in detail.

      1. 620 must be busy now with this Mr HK case and the rape case too.

    2. Him Law – Filmko number 1 artiste
      William Chan – EEG important artiste
      Benjamin Yuen – TVB future siu sang

      and all of them will be saved by each companies.

    3. @pandamao:

      Maybe Bosco IS part of the unnamed list. Judging by the way he likes to strip down and strut in front of the window, he probably wouldn’t mind taking those kinds of pics. He is clearly proud of his body.

      As for KC, haven’t u been enjoying al the eye candy in “gloves come off”? I’m definitely gonna miss it now that it’s over.

      1. No way. Bosco is like LF they are the thin and lean type not the buff and muscular like Him him and Benjamin LOL. and KC too old like an uncle. From Mr Lau list he prefer the buff and 20 somethings young 😛

      2. Bosco was once a young newbie too, ya know. Imagine if Mr. Lau had recruited the S4 group during the time of TITS…
        With 100,000 pics, I’m sure he has some variety in his collections.

        And if gorgeous KC is considered an uncle, I sure wouldn’t mind being his “niece”. 😛

      3. @josie

        You sure you want to be uncle KC’s JUST a ‘niece’? ROFL!

        Why not be a ‘niece’ of uncle Laughing or uncle Moses? LOL 😛

      4. KM said nobody ever invited him to do these kind of pics so KM is clean. We know he won’t do these things 😛

        Actually you’re right. Not too sure about Bosco because didn’t he said after his pics published that he wouldn’t mind shooting one of those ‘artistic’ movies since everyone have seen his skins? ROFL! Holy cow! Some people are too weird LOL!

      5. @Vivien: Why you can believe MM that much, lolz. BTW, your perfect saint also said that he likes to watch porn, therefore we can assume that he dun might to see naked men/women :P.

        But in Lau’s category, MM is purely older + not very smooth skin than Lau’s requirement. So he can be out of Lau’s list :P.

  5. Filmko is smart. They only said Him Law never posed NUDE, they never said he didn’t take any photographs with Lau.

    1. Lol,
      Filmko probably did not expect Mr. Lau to confirm or deny the list of 35 men. But Filmko’s response left room for later explanations. They were very clear that Him did not participate in an immoral activity, which is what has been linked to Mr. Lau.

    2. actually i have no doubt this HIM LAU is one of them. he just doesnt strike me as an honest working dude hahha ever since the pretty ex g/f theresa beating incident.

  6. I still don’t see why he is sued when the pictures were voluntary, whatever the nature.

    1. It could be the fact that he mislead the models to think they are hired to pose for his clothing line…until they show up for the photo shoot then it’s a total different ball game. Who knows what kind of tactic he used to get them to pose nude, he prolly threaten them if they don’t then they are not professional, no one will use them again…etc, remember most of these guys were young and green in the business. Anyways, I think he’s disgusting and should get jail time. Just imagine if this story was about female artists the tone of this report would be 100% different. O

    2. Bc these transactions were exposed to the media so need to sacrifice i.e. sue Mr Lau to maintain the picture perfect the fans view their idols (also the integrity of HK e-circle).

      I feel a sorry for Mr Lau since I view him as a victim here. Did Mr Lau personally assault? Intimadate? Haha so unbelievable since the guy is 60+ and can be considered a weakling unlike e.g. Jackie Chan, Stallone etc.

      Why sue him now all the sudden after it got exposed and not before? Well they prolly already know that Mr Lau will be acquitted anyway, just another show for the public esp. those fans, haha.

      So perhaps Theresa tried to stop Him to take these pictures and ended beaten up badly, LOL.

    3. Maybe that person who sued is molested or sexually assaulted by Mr Lau

      1. Vivien,

        You got it right there, someone got sexually harrassed therefore he brought the case to the police and the police somehow dug up the whole “secrets” of Mr. Lau’s.

  7. I think those guys were paid very well for taking those nude or partially nude photos. It is only a money transaction. I don’t see there is anything wrong. Besides those models are mature people, and they did it voluntary and not under pressure.

  8. Looks like the guys wanted money or opportunities/ contacts, whatever and he had loads of money and connections to help them.

    Some of the guys don’t mind posing for the photos, no big deal to them. Some of the guys felt pressured, uncomfortable or victimized.

    The rich guy seems lofty and untouchable, seems like he is right.

    Personally, what he does when he previews those photos in his private time. You don’t want to imagine. It is creepy and uncomfortable, even if for a guy.

    1. He looks ok to me. I wonder which part of William’s body did Mr. Lau find so smooth- his face, chest, or “pat pat”?

      1. Mr Lau must’ve touched WC’s skin or else how can he say ‘smooth’? ROFL. WC not my taste 😛

      2. ah sa picked up Mr. Lau’s old shoes… haha

        I never liked her anyway.

      3. Based on William Chan’s movies (mostly contains bed scenes or intimate scenes :P), his skin (part showed such as chest, face, arms) looks quite firm.

        But maybe we can ask Ah Sa for more information :P. Maybe she can tell us more.

  9. Well, well…no smoke without fire. So it appears this news maybe true after all. If these men are in the photos, they need to bear some responsibilites as they did it as an easier way to get fame. As for this Lau person or pervert, he ought to thrown into jail for flaunting the names at this time knowing he will ruin lives. Despicable

    1. nah – keep him in society. he stimulates the economy really well.

  10. hahah old perv… snobbish to add to tht.. hahaha

  11. Poor Matthew Ko innocently dragged into this!

  12. i totally agree. honestly, seeing how this case is so high profile now, i think the actors should’ve just stayed on the low. i mean, its understandable to lie.. who wants to say they posed naked for a gay guy? BUT i think him’s earlier response about how he earned his money “the right way” was overdoing it. it sounds kind of like he was condemning the people for taking it. i think matthew ko and ben was trying to not admit or deny it at the beginning, but got pressured too in the end bc it was too obvious to not answer.

    1. Yeah – his comment of, “the right way” was pretty off. Like Lau said, there’s no shame. It was a fair exchange, he wanted fame and fortune and Lau wanted eye candy.

      Artist that took this photos are viewed in a way as “gigolos” though. It amazes me how the entertainment business is slowly unraveling it’s ugly side.

      Mr. Lau is still an amateur compared to Albert Yeung and Heung Wah Keung/Sheng.

  13. i would love to see these photos, so prove it old man

  14. This Mr Lau has good taste. Actually I always thought Him and William are closeted gay or bi.

    1. well HK has many “metrosexuals”

      So these guys just took photos.. or did something more w. this man?

      1. I wish I can tell you 🙂 but from Mr Lau statement, it seems like he’s not into straight men. You’ll be surprised to know how many metrosexual male are actually closeted gay men.

    1. @Fox, haha! Pretty soon, I bet. Tabloid reporters are so predictable.

      1. I’m curious of how they will reply, lolz. TY can say that “We are just friends, I don’t know he is gay/bi or nude” but Ah Sa can’t say such thing tat easy :P.

  15. Wondering if anything happen when they are being photographed..

  16. “Edison Chen (陈冠希): He likes to photograph beautiful girls. He is not my cup of tea!”

    i only wishes this dude is into

    1. That’s why I think he’s not into straight men.

      1. I agree – he sounds gay.
        Edison is not his cup of tea.
        Though Edison’s dad is supposedly bi or gay himself.

        And perhaps there was more to it than just paid photography, which is why the ‘models’ are so afraid to be identified = it will perhaps point to their sexual orientation, which all stars try so hard to hide.

  17. Sometimes rich people can be really scary..

  18. What is the issue? These male models reviewed the documents for photoshoot and gave their consent by signing the contracts and got paid for their services. These contracts generally contain a clause which stipulate that the photos can be used by the owner for commercial purposes as long as it is not defamatory or for illegal purposes. No harm no foul. If the models want more money or shy about showing their bodies now, they should have waited before becoming more famous. These models do not have a case.

  19. i’m not surprised but quite disappointed in Him Him. Anyways if people want all the fames then they may need to start somewhere.

  20. Ouch!

    Raymond Lam and Daniel Wu were rejected because both were considered over the hill. ROFL!

    And Kevin Cheng and Moses Chan weren’t even in the radar. double Rofl.

    1. i know hahaha…. so funny this RICH OLD PERVERT probably just likes them young hahaa..LOL…

  21. Old-fashioned or not, these guys sold their bodies for money/fame which I find low. I think Him Law excessively fluants his body. Now the whole world can see his body if the photos leak.

  22. Was it only pics?
    Any other activity reported?
    any touching touching….lol…
    This old man is disgusting!!!!

  23. I feel bad for the people involved. Personally I wouldn’t have done it but I also am not someone who would want people to see nude photos of me. Also I do not plan on nude modeling as my career but in their entertainment beginnings maybe this is different.

  24. Damnnnnnn… I would love to see Him Him’s pictures :D~

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