Ron Ng Openly Admits Viann Zhang as His Girlfriend

Currently filming Season of Love <戀愛季節>, Ron Ng  (吳卓羲) will film Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄2> in August. The cast and crew will be filming on location in France and Great Britain. With his busy working schedule, Ron was teased by the media that he will have less time to spend dating. Ron smiled and said that Viann Zhang  (張馨予) will understand, acknowledging her directly as his girlfriend for the first time!

In June, Viann and Ron were rumored to have broken up due to Viann posting a series of melancholy messages on her Weibo blog. Ron soon clarified that he was happily involved in a relationship and asked for fans’ blessings, without including Viann’s name directly in the Weibo post. Despite numerous Ron’s fans upset with him dating Viann, Ron’s relationship with Viann appeared to have strengthened recently.

Appearing at a promotional event with Koni Lui (呂慧儀) yesterday, Ron was asked whether his girlfriend will be upset. Ron replied, “Do you mean Viann Zhang?  No; we understand each other’s [work circumstances].  As long as we love each other, everything will be fine.”

When teased that Ron should bring Viann overseas to enjoy the romantic ambiance, he replied, “You can be romantic anywhere. I’m there to work! She cannot follow me there!”


Jayne: Did rumors of Virginia Lok leaving TVB embolden Ron to speak so openly about Viann Zhang? He truly loves her and has continued to put her feelings ahead of his own career.

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  1. Perhaps, he’s just acknowledging her because he’s afraid she’s walk otherwise?

    1. I agree. Ultimatums after ultimatums and so he finally just blurt it out. Did Viann post anything “poetic and deep” in her weibo about this? Or does she only post such things when he doesn’t go her way or when fans attack back?

      1. No idea, I don’t follow her – or read Chinese. But this definitely reeks of Ron just giving in so he can get some peace. TVB might not be as uptight as in the past, but they probably don’t approve of his girlfriend throwing tantrums all the time.

  2. Recently Txb artists are revealing about their love life. We saw Boscolie, MeMo couple + Bernice, Linda-Philip and Ron-Viann. Not a big deal or anything related to the change in executives, I blv.

    1. Well, TVB was hanging on to some very archaic ideals. With the exception of Viann, who’s constantly at war with Ron’s fans, I don’t see why having a significant other would dampen the artistes’ appeal.

    2. plus RL admitting his crush that is soon to be revealed gf if caught ?

    3. Did Linda really reveal that she and Philip are dating?

  3. Hasn’t he admitted that previously? No? I can’t keep count how many times this man has to admit or sort of admit this in public. She will not rest until she has a ring on her finger I tell you!

    1. I was wondering the same thing.. Hasn’t he admitted it over and over again?? What more does Viann want? I agree with Funn that Viann wil not shut her mouth until Ron gives her a ring and proposes…

    2. Up to how many times the reporters ask him about her.

    1. Oh my gosh, you scared me at first Larry. At first, I thought Ron died or something… But yea, I agree that is career is on the rocks…

      1. I seriously don’t think Ron’s career is affected by him
        with Viann n I really dun un why u guys dun like her?!
        To me, she is so pretty n as for Ron, lol, he doesn’t look any special to me, I mean any guys even the recent rising Vincent n Oscar looks better than him!
        And as for his acting??!! Huh??!! Any dramas that he acted that really leave an impression?!

      2. Ron joined TVB 13 years, not 12.

        Ron left an impression on me for the role Lang Huet in The Four. He is the most suitable for this role I’ve seen so far (I watched ATV version, Taiwan version, TVB version, movie version).

        For Viann, I guess ppl dun like her to reply the bashes of ppl on her weibo? And some hate her because she had PS.

      3. I dont count 1999 when he started as a dancer.

      4. @Yen… Yes his career is a negative impact. Lots of “Ron Ng’s fans” really dismiss the relationship. His body is taken a toll, recent promotion shows seen him out of shape, reason: Viann.

        He has a great career , except his singing….just he should not have hook up with Viann.

      5. @Yen,
        Did you know that Viann is a plastic doll??? She had to go through you do not even know how many PS operations to look the way that she does. Even though Ron may not be the most handsome guy around, but he is at least natural. If you compare the real and original Viann to Ron, Ron looks way better than her. Look for her before plastic surgery photos and you will see what mean. I personally loved his role in Twin of Brothers,Guts of Man and The four. Once characters and acting are all subjective.

      6. It’s so unfair that ppl dislikes her for PS. I mean lol if we can afford it, who doesn’t want to look better, right?
        We only live ONCE, given the chance, I too hope to have a pretty face 😉
        As for her attitude, lol, I actually love the way she being true!!
        I mean if I posted something bout me n my bf n some haters comments something harsh on it, of cux I will not give face >.<!!
        Unlike other artists that lol even bring critised, still need to pull a smile n admit that is thei wrong +.+!!
        As for Ron career, honestly even before he with Viann, his acting just okok n getting worse nowadays!

      7. But then again, it is not really her looks or the fact that she got PS, but it is her annoying attitude and personality that are making people mad. About Ron’s acting, once again, it is all down to a matter of opinion. Some will like him while some do not and that goes for Everyone, not just Ron.

      8. He is demoted even before Viann’s appearance, dun make Viann too big head. For example Ron’s scenes were below MN’s in The Four, where is Viann at this moment? They met after that a long time during Great Maid.

        larry 3 is giving Viann a very big hat so no doubt why he is blaming all on Viann’s head. Dun forget that this love also give Ron fans.

      9. @HTS: what did Viann do? Other than smocking the fans who bashed her everyday on her weibo (private place), logged in her bf’s weibo (which she is allowed to know the password), do plastic surgeries. Can you name something else of her?

      10. @Fox,
        I guess I am just bias against her. I think other things of her that really annoy people is how she is really possessive and is unfair as well. For example, we often see her hug guys and get close with other guys. But she does not allow Ron to do that and maybe even called Kate names as she knows that Kate and Ron are good friends. First of all, I think it is sooo wrong to control your guy or anyone like that. What right does she have to not allow Ron to stay in touch with or hang out with his friends?? I think if you love a guy, you must love his family and also his friends regardless of gender(unless you have good reasons not to). Why is she allowed to do this and that but Ron cannot?? He has to report to her everywhere he goes too. That is so wrong… Part of any relationship is trust and sadly, she does not seem to have that… If you want to be traditional, she was in bed with a guy and had the photos leaked… Any traditional family would NOT accept that… Of course how many virgins at this age do we have these days?? Not many if any at all. However, to take photos and have them leak… The traditional and conservative families and people still do not like or can accept that… Not the mention all of the STDs you may have contracted. I know that we may not know for sure how she is, but based on what many have heard.. This Viann girl is up to no good.. I can totally imagine if they did get married and had kids and the kids look nothing like the fake her but the real her and how she will make them get PS just to look like the fake her…but anyways.. Whatever, I feel is just digging a deep hole for himself to fall into… Time will tell how all this turns out.

      11. @HTS: First nothing to ensure that Ron removes frds in weibo himself or Viann did that. Even if Viann did that, Ron did know and agree.

        Second he has to report to her everywhere he goes, who said that? And also not sure if it’s truly happening. Even if it’s true, he is willing to do that. Again, he dun mind.

        Third, how many times he is caught with guys, can you tell mr? Only one time her past pix before she dates Ron showed that. Why cant think she dun party anymore?

        Fourth, yes she called Kate names, the worst action she did so far. Jealous? Maybe. But after that does she do anything similar to this?

        Fifth, is Viann Ron’s first girl? If she isnt, how can Ron fans request him to be her first guy? Be fair to the women! Having sex before marriage dun equal to bad person. Only in case he is a virgin, he has the right to request her girl is a virgin, too. And if he wants his gf to give him virginity before the marriage and then complain or dump her due to this reason, he is a jerk. A damn jerk.

        Sixth, PS, she had it. So? Not only her, right? How many non PS girl in the industry? Their kids might look like her before PS, what is the matter? Ron can beat or dun accept the kids? So are you saying that the childen who are born ugly is the sole fault from the mother? Hey the father is too unresponsive. Having PS also dun make her a bad person.

        Overall, you are too biased. I said that it’s better of a fan to wish him luck and happiness, better than putting pressure on him. He loves Viann and the fans should learn to respect his own life. Good or bad, his decision, he bears it. Since he knows her better than you, she must have something so good for him to love. Dont try to torture their love. What is so good if Ron has to split up with Viann, the one he loves? Making them breakup will bring any good to you, too?

      12. Wow, HTS, you are really really bias (glad that you realise this yourself).

        You hardly know Viann, but, you make the following assumption of her

        – she slept around
        – she has STD

        And from what proof? Those leak photos of her with her ex-boyfriend. Numerous photos of her with the same guy which she was in a serious relationship with before she met Ron. You speak like she was cheating on Ron with other guys. Not only that, you have to break in STD.

        As for the conservative people don’t like girl like Viann. Are you Ron’s next door neighbour? You know Ron’s parents are conservative or not? You list all these problems with Viann and problem that Ron will sure face if they continue together and get married. But, none base on fact.

        Is Ron’s parents conservative? You don’t know.

        Do Ron’s parents not like Viann? You don’t know.

        Does Ron know Viann went through PS to achieve her current look? Most probably since it’s all over the news.

        Will Ron mind if his kids does not look like Viann after PS? Well, he know she got PS, so, he must expect this outcome.

      13. Actually, I am not that big of a fan of Ron’s. I just have a very bad feeling towards Viann. I was just saying in general what I think so I did not say that anything was based on facts. I also said that this was just based on what I have heard so if course none of us know the real facts just like with anything. I am usually very fair even when judging someone I do not like. But for some odd reason I have a very bad feeling towards Viann. Just like how you hate Tavia Fox….

      14. @kidd and fox,
        Dudes, I did not say that Viann has STDs. Who knows if she does or not. She would not let the public know something like that. It is not like I give a damn if she does or not. I was just saying in general that if you do sleep around a lot then you have a higher chance of getting STDs. Also of course I do not know how Ron’s parents are. I was just saying in general that if a family was conservative, would they accept someone like her??? Based on photos that she has taken in the past,you can sort of see what type of a person she was, unless she is 100% changed. However, I believe that once you are a certain way, you can never really change completely. But oh well, this is all only entertainment but you guys make it seem so important like ii is for school or work. We can all only guess and speculate when it comes to the entertainment world…you can all say what you think or want because none of this is important at all…,

      15. ” so important like ii is for school or work’

        I’m making this important? Haha. Check the comments on Viann related news and see who posted more and who repeat again and again and again and again her same view of Viann.

      16. Why stop at STDs? Sleeping around can also make someone get AIDs. Why stop at AIDs? Could be brain tumour. And all these could be from Ron to her. Maybe she practices safe sex. She probably does since she places so much effort on her face and figure, seems like a careful person. I don’t like Viann either but I won’t make assumptions she may get STDs because she sleeps around and if she sleeps around. I just find her non expressive face weird and hypnotizing.

        Can someone cast her as the evil mannequin queen? Minimal acting required. She will probably win some major awards for her excellent controlled performance. Ron can weep sitting down clapping proudly that his girl won and actually has a career other than on/off GF of RN.

      17. Ron’s career won’t die. But it will limp a lot but he will recover. He may move from teen idol so to speak to serious actor with mature fans as in older fans. There are always different crowds to cater to.

        Viann however… what sort of career she will have? If she has one?

      18. @HTS: I dont hate TY because of the news on internet but actual experiences, that’s difference with your case. And I dont suspect her to have STDs or wish her to breakup with her bf. Their life, let them live.

    2. Not like his career was that good to begin with. He was at one point given far more promotions and chances than RL. But he was too stupid to seize the moment and improve his acting. Too bad, might as well find someone he loves and just move on with his life.

      1. But he is like a joke now. Love is good but if it damages your “health” it can’t be good at all. And would Viann stick by her man if he is forced to travel faraway to earn a living?

    3. Haha! Good one.

      Assuming he ever had one to begin with.

      Sounds like he is desperately trying to salvage this so-called relationship by being a good puppy now.

  4. ron career is only on the rocks at tvb and he doesnt even care he wont even renew his contract with tvb

  5. I also thought that everyone already knew.

    Honestly, Viann is very pretty. Plastic surgery or not, this woman is very attractive. I would not be surprised that Ron is putting his career in possible jeopardy for her. Not saying that looks and attraction are everything, but it is quite important for some.

    Perhaps, Viann knows very clearly where Ron’s threshold lies, so she won’t over step it…however, every women needs validation.

    1. But pretty women are a dime a dozen, especially in the entertainment world. I do think he really loves her, otherwise, I don’t see why he would put up with her antics.

      1. Maybe Viann is that great in bed?? I once had that discussion with one of my buddies and she was telling me that a women can be annoying, have bad character, not look so great. However, IF she is good in bed, that will keep the guy, at least in the short term or even the long term in some cases…

    2. Agree with u!!! With or without PS, Viann still a pretty gal, just give her some space!
      For those who kept complaining bout her look, stop being JEALOUS!!!

      1. Its not about her looks, its her personality who made Ron Ng look a wimp, lately.

      2. Well, in fact, Ron could do a better job of defending his baseline if he doesn’t wanna look like a wimp. You really can’t make anyone do what they don’t want to do.

        Perhaps, Ron enjoys being Viann’s wimp. Or he wants something from her that he hasn’t gotten yet. It is really hard to understand the dynamics of a relationship as an outsider.

      3. What girlfriends log onto to their boyfriend’s twitter/weibo accounts and post messages of herself just to gain attention? Why does she have his password in the first place? She seems very controlling. I’m not bothered by her insecurities, but she provokes Ron’s fans by being in their faces — for example, she posted a picture of herself on Ron’s bed on Ron’s account. Ron’s fans signed up to follow Ron just so that they could follow his news — not to look at Viann’s plastic breasts and face.

      4. Sorry but without plastic surgery, Viann did not look so great at all. If she did, why did she have to change her looks completely and look like a different person?? But Larry is right, it is not really her looks but it is her attitude and personality that people just cannot stand…

      5. Sorry but I highly doubt anyone would be jealous of live plastic doll. What is there to be jealous of??? Now if she was natural and was born that way then I can see why people would be jealous. However she just managed to get the money and courage to go under the knife just to change herself into a different person and thinks that she is hot stuff now… Sorry but who in their sane mind would be jealous if that?? It is more of annoyance than anything.

      6. People can still be jealous of her for having a hot boyfriend and a good rising career despite being ‘fake’.

        People can bash her all they want and call her plastic, but, at the end of the day, she has it all.

      7. Not sure if she really has it all… She may in the short term, but anything can happen in the future.

      8. Not sure if she really has it all… She may in the short term, but anything can happen in the future.

        You can say that for EVERYONE, not only the artists you dislike.

        But, the fact is she has it all NOW.

      9. Agree with some of you.
        Those who put all the blames on Viann, should stop their antics now.

        What’s the difference between you, fans and Viann? I see no different. If Viann is controlling gf, and how about you? those who wants him to breakup with her? you are no better than Viann.

        Fans also ARE trying HARD to control him. Trying to control his love life and whom he should date?

        Just give them a break.

      10. The fans are giving him the correct advise. He ignores…Did the fans control his love life? Really No. Its his decision, he can wreck his career sooner then later.

      11. I dont know why ppl must care for the things Ron himself dun care. Better to admit that you yourself hate Viann than put all on Ron’s head. These things are wat you hate in her, not Ron. So Ron should do the things he wants to do instead of listening to the “advises” of outsiders who dont know neither Viann nor Ron. If anyone is Ron fan, stop wrecking his love life and try to congratulate him. Unless you dream of marrying him and being jealous with her title of a gf, you have nothing to worry on his behalf.

      12. @iampheng

        “Or he wants something from her that he hasn’t gotten yet”

        I really wonder what that could possibily be, BWAHAHAHAHAHA……

      13. I do not think the fans are trying to control but they just care about Ron since Viann seems to be up to no good. I have this really bad feeling about her and I am sure I am not the only one that does… But hey, love can make you do stupid things… Sadly, many people learn that the hard way…

      14. What the fans are doing is also no good to Ron. Let him live his life and give him privacy. The fans dun attack Viann, how can her attack them back? Just let their relationship process naturally. If they breakup, it shouldnt be the pressure of the fans.

    3. she is plastic beauty with a evil heart
      that’s why RL fans dislike her

      1. Larry 3 dislikes her, Larry 3 is a fan of who? Lolz.

  6. The next stage of the series:

    If there isn’t a ring and flower:

    – Are you both happy?
    – When you guys breakup?

    If there is a ring and flower:

    – When will you get married?
    – When will you divorce?

    If there is a divorce:

    – How much you have to pay her?

  7. to keep that kind of booty around, I’ll admit it to if push comes to shove

  8. Love this couple. I’m always amused by their news. Viann must be very happy now that Ron acknowledge her by name. 🙂

    1. hehe

      I would certainly be pleased if my seemingly tough guy boyfriend admitted to all my haters that he is mine and I am not going away anytime soon.

      Let’s be real, Viann, is not the loser here lol but we will see how long she can keep this up.

    2. Kidd,
      Somehow Viann’s temperament reminds me very much of Cecilia Cheung, who will push and push, perhaps sometimes too far. Except Ron Ng may have more tolerance than Nicholas Tse.

      1. Jayne,
        Good point and as we can see where that has led Cecilia to… If Viann continues that way, regardless of how tolerant anyone is, there will be always be a limit. Even if Ron and Viann did get married and she still continues to act the way that age does, I can totally imagine them ending up like Nic and Cecilia.

      2. Except that Cecilia is not in your face and call out on her antis. To me, both Cecilia and Nic have the same type of personality. Both know each other’s limits and can push each other to insanity. Ron is more tolerable and let’s Viann push him. Ron is like a sponge, he can hold; whereas Nic has a short temper and will not let his partner interfere with his lifestlye.

      3. When were the last time Viann argued with a Ron fan?

  9. Aww.. how sweet!! Ron and Vianne should have entered another level! melancholy messages wont be seen again i guess?

  10. Ah, this Viann is just looking sweeter and sweeter by the day and smoking hot!

    After a while, maybe even fans will come to accept her and not bring up her PS rumors anymore. Anyway, PS is so common in the entertainment circle.

    She looks like Cecilia Cheung, and that is high praise as I think Cecilia is beautiful when she first debuted.

    Ron is obviously heads over heels in love with Viann.

    We should all learn from her success story how to get a man and also separately rise up in her career.

    1. WAIT until she gets that elusive ring on her finger before we proclaim her the GDOTD recipient.

      as to what GDOTD means, take a big guess.

    2. Let’s be honest here; does she really have a career?

    3. Not just in the entertainment circle, PS is now very common!!
      Everyone, I mean majority had at least had double eye lids done Or boobs enhancement done.
      And who can 100% that Ron had NO PS done?
      Even Lam Fung had it >.<
      I love Ron in Brothers, the one he acted with LF n Old chips from the block. So many years n no improvement @@!!!

      1. Just compare his old photos with his current one and you can see if he did or not… Have you watched him lately to say that he had no improvement??

    4. Cecilia haggard now but the young Cecilia look better than Viann

    5. It is a fact that she got PS so they are not rumours… At least Cecilia is natural. I wonder if Ron really loves her or only likes her in bed?? Success story?? I smell a recipe for disaster is more like it… As Funn asked “does she really have a career”???

      1. Cecilia’s face is natural, but we all know she got a boob job…

      2. I answeres. Yes she has a career. And at least she dun go to the even worse way like Li Yu Ki or Gan Lu Lu who even sell their bodies more and no shame on this.

        And if she is a gold digger, I blv Ron isnt the first choice. There are tons of rich guys out there with no fan.

  11. I just realise. She is Victoria Beckham in all her pictures in the sense she is always expressionless. I find that strangely hypnotizing.

    1. I have noticed that too. I wonder if she uses botox as well?? That can make your face stiff as well. However, since she is too plastic, she can’t control her facial muscles too much or else something may go wrong…

      1. She uses botox and she admitted it in an old interview.

  12. Ron is too nice for this hypnotizing plastic lady but whatever rocks his boat. He’s the one with her LOL

  13. Do the Ron fans who are bashing Viann think that he will thank them?

    1. I am not even that big of a fan of Ron’s, but just have a bad feeling towards Viann.

  14. This lady did PS on her nose, jaw and boobs that’s made her more appealing. This is very common among artists.

  15. Ok Ron fans, are you happy now? Viann announced that they broke up. Your wish comes true.

    I guess Viann will be bashed less now on. Good for her.

    1. She apparently has hooked up with a younger and more successful Mainland actor.

      I guess it’s high time to be rid of an aging dead-end TVB HK guy who still lives with his mother. LOL!!!

      1. Li Chen was born in 1979, too, wasnt he?

        But so far I dun see any reaction from Li Chen’s fans as much as Ron fans. Hmm.

        I like Li Chen, lolz.

      2. Li Chen was born in 1978 so he is older than Ron. Now that I think about it, I actually don’t care at all… Oh well, no more posting here…. I don’t want people to think that coming here is my full time job or something…

      3. I didn’t even know who Viann was until she started hooking up with Ron. Did her relationship with Ron get her famous?

        If so, then poor Ron LOL. Then again, this guy needs to take his job more seriously.

      4. Viann was an online game girl stepped into model world at first. She was known in the model biz with the name second Fan Bing Bing (look). After dating Ron, ppl knows her more through the news. But before it is revealed, she was noticed by few directors, even some famous one.

        Other online game girl get famous recently is Jing Tian.

        For the sexy and dared to show off body models, the worst ones should be Gan Lu Lu, Cung San Liang, Li Yu Kei.

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