Rose Chan Has to Buy Cheap Food Without an Income

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Rose Chan Has to Buy Cheap Food Without an Income

In the past year, goddess Rose Chan (陳嘉桓) has been pitted against new challenges due to contract issues with her management company. The 26-year-old’s workload greatly reduced, leaving her with barely any income for at least a year, forcing her to rely on herself to get jobs here and there, mainly depending on her savings to get by while staying frugal.

Earlier, she was seen waiting in front of a school entrance to pick up her three-year-old brother. During that period, she talked with the other students’ parents happily. When her brother came out, she fed him some snacks before heading to the market together, where Rose was busy running around looking for the best deals before deciding on a piece of pork and some cauliflower.

Then, holding her brother’s hand, they went to the fish market where she was spotted inspecting the freshness of some fish priced at $20 HKD. Afterward, she picked up a shrimp to show her brother and threw it back into the water when it began to struggle. A seller at one of the stalls saw Rose and yelled to another seller asking if the siblings were Jordan Chan’s (陈小春) wife and son, complimenting her looks. Embarrassed for being mistaken as Cherie Ying (应采儿), Rose left hurriedly to meet up with her mom. Rose handed the food over to her before taking her brother to the park to play for half an hour. They were seen playing on the slides together, showcasing a great relationship. Although she is out of work, Rose is gaining precious time to spend with her family.

However, during the height of her career, Rose had an impressive monthly income of 200,000 HKD, as she was very popular with customers for her 42-inch-long legs and cashew shaped eyes along with her sweet smile. She is often invited to be the spokesperson for many brands on top of filming movies.

Unfortunately, her career seems to be put on hold after contract issues arose with her management company. Both parties are still working on the contract terms, thus, the last time she received a job through her company was last year’s Mainland web drama. Her recent stint on Shaw Brothers’ online drama, Guardian Angel <守護神之保險調查>, was a job she landed herself.

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9 comments to Rose Chan Has to Buy Cheap Food Without an Income

  1. mike says:

    Is this the same Rose Chan that Benny was groping and Joe Ma was there as well? What happened in the end?

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    • wm2017 replied:

      @mike Yes, I think so but I do not know the outcome either. Since Joe Ma got a TVB whatever crap award he probably wasn’t even affected. The other dude who married a woman from mainland who had a load of kids is not residing in HK so probably no one got away scratched up besides this young girl who’s name was known as the girl who was groped. She looks better in functions and such but in that OCT cop series, she looks like she’s in her late 30s….haha lol…I almost didn’t recognize her if not for her name. haha

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  2. passingby says:

    Seems like every Sue Ann and Mary these days is referred to as goddess while every Tom D-ick and Harry is male god lol….rolls eyes…She is 26 and her brother is only 3, seriously they’re siblings? They look more like mother and son.

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    • wm2017 replied:

      @passingby I know right??? WTH kind of age gap is that? haha LOL..and I thought 10 years is weird but this? How old is the mom Jesus!! lol

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      • forgetful replied:

        @wm2017 well rose chan is the same age as my son… and Im now 51… so her mum must have had the son when she was 48??

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      • lyu310 replied:

        @forgetful Looks like Rose’s mom had her at 16 (and then moved to Canada, so her grandma raised her). Hence she had her third child, the 3 yo at 39.

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  3. forgetful says:

    Not really sure who she is… but yes is that her BROTHER???
    then again what is this all about??? if one has no money isnt it the wise thing to do and spend money more wisely… so ???
    Eat potatoes and not have caviar!!!
    Eat a cheap mussell and not an abalone..!!! Is this a good comparison??? haha… nvm..

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  4. m0m0 says:

    My sister and I have a 30 year age gap. Half sister though. Could be the same for her unless her mom had her as a teen. Even then, the mom had to have some guts to start from the beginning again.

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    • passingby replied:

      @m0m0 oh wow! I’m guessing she’s your half sis as in same dad, different mother unless your mother had her at a pretty ripe age? Just being nosy you don’t need to answer if u don’t want to.

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