Ruco Chan Admits to Going on Dates with Phoebe Sin

There were more cries than cheers when the paparazzi dropped photos of Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) having a hill-top dinner date with former Miss Hong Kong contestant Phoebe Sin (單文柔) inside his own car. Fans didn’t know how to react to the possible romance, and Phoebe’s fame rose overnight. The rumored couple have also been caught shopping for furniture, and tabloid sources were quick in sharing the juicy new deets.

It wasn’t a pretty sight when the news first broke. Phoebe’s social media was bombarded with negative comments by Ruco fans. According to a source, the A Fist Within Four Stars <城寨英雄> actor had to meet up with TVB management to explain the situation, in which he allegedly told TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲) that he is dating Phoebe.

But whether or not that report holds true, Ruco did offer an official explanation to his rumors with Phoebe. The actor denied being in a relationship, but did not deny the possibly of dating her—in fact, Ruco very much hinted that he is interested in starting a relationship with her.

He said, “She already caught my eye when she was still competing in the Miss HK pageant. I don’t know if she admires me the same way I admire her, but I find her very talented, and also a very, very good-natured girl. She’s given me a lot of advice as a stylist. She also likes exercising, and has an interest in acting. I feel very comfortable around her. Maybe we can date. I am not married yet, so I have a possibility with anyone.”

In regards to the dinner date he had with Phoebe a few weeks ago, Ruco said, “There were many people that night, so we ultimately decided to buy food and eat it in the car. I’m not married nor am I dating. This is very typical social behavior. Nothing happened that night!”

Ruco explained that Phoebe was helping him with some outfit designs for his upcoming show, and she wanted to show him some samples. The “date” was very last-minute—if Ruco’s flight to Beijing wasn’t postponed, it wouldn’t have happened at all.

The actor added that he does not want the reporters to disturb Phoebe, and apologized to her. “It’s not like we were going to an hourly hotel. [The tabloids] wrote it as if we were cheating with each other! This incident has affected Phoebe Sin, so I really want to apologize to her. If there’s anything you want to know, just ask me!”

Ruco met Phoebe over half a year ago, when she was competing for the 2016 Miss Hong Kong Pageant. Ruco, who was a star judge at the time, was very vocal about appreciating Phoebe’s looks and talents in front of the judging panel. He picked out #10 (Phoebe’s number) several times during the night’s competition.

Source: Apple DailyEastweek

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  1. This picture she resembles a bit like Raymond Lam’s girlfriend Karena..Congrats to Ruco..officially admitted. Ruco said he’s very comfortable with Phoebe ..Good for them but not comfortable with Nancy..I think he did tried going out with her but no fate. She’s much younger and prettier than Nancy.

  2. Congrats ! Congrats to Ruco. He deserve to choose a young and a sweet smiling girl like Phoebe. Thank god Ruco didn’t choose Nancy. Both of them looks very compatible even their age have a big gap. But age doesn’t a matter as long as Ruco feels comfortable with her.
    Yes Ruco commented before as long as he feels comfortable with the girl he will date with her. Finally, Ruco had found her. Happy for Ruco. Hope their relationships can last forever.

  3. Wish Ruco all the best and can goes further into the relationship with Phoebe. Perfect match !

  4. It is NOT Ruco’s fans who bombard Phoebe’s social media eith negative comments. His fans want the best for him and will always support him in whatever decision he makes as long as he finds happiness. Besides, Phoebe looks such a sweet and wholesome girl next door. She is really likeable and it’s no wonder he chose her.

    1. @loveruco

      I’m pretty sure not all Ruco’s fans are as understanding as you state. Pretty sure there are some crazy ones out there that dont like any of the girls their idol dates.

      But dont mind my two cents worth of opinion.

  5. She is not very pretty. I remember Ruco liking her during the MHK pageant and I thought he was crazy for choosing a porkchop! Congrats if true though.

    1. @ac68 omg i just logged in to say she’s rather plain jane. but i think people are so upset about the possibility of him choosing nancy that they think anyone who’s “prettier” than nancy is great. Lool. However, I appreciate the fact that his aesthetics aren’t very picky and he’s happy with someone with avg looks. It makes him seem like a much better, wiser person.

    2. @ac68 She is definitely NOT pork chop although she did
      not win the Miss HK title. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not everyone thinks the winners of the Miss HK pageant are the most deserving. Anyway what is impt is the inner beauty which we all cannot judge. Ruco will know better.

      1. @loveruco agreed with loveruco.

        she is not a pork chop. Her face shape just looks bigger but Ruco choose her is because she has the inner beauty I think that’s good enough as Ruco mentioned she is a very good natured girl.
        Much more better than Nancy that previously have so many affairs record.

  6. Pretty or not pretty doesn’t matter as long as Ruco feels comfortable with her it’s is alright.
    She also not that ‘ugly’ and not a pork chop.
    Like her smile….she looks sweet and younger.

  7. she looks more younger compare with Grace Chan, Sisley Choi, Nancy, etc……although not that pretty.

  8. Told ya it ain’t nancy. His taste are in this sort of girls, albeit she looks young. Obviously dating, you don’t touch a girls waist that way. However why sensationalise them buying stuff at Ikea? They r buying stuff. Maybe in a house for them to live in together? And I find it funny the serious discussion on how high to assemble whatever they are buying. Anyway let them be. But I am sorta disappointed miss hk is still a “shopping” event. Let him be. He needs a girlfriend anyway and better a real one than a PR one which again I am disappointed he went that route.

  9. Do not find her pretty at all but then beauty is in the eye of the beholder. She does have a wholesome and girl next door vibe to her though. Figure Ruco will go for this type.. think it’s less drama. Wish them happiness as from the video, they do look like they are dating.

  10. Do not judge by just looking the beauty.
    Although Phoebe is not really pretty, but Ruco still chose her may be she has inner beauty (no princess sickness).
    Furthermore, she looks younger, sweet with her smile and more nature compare to Nancy. Nancy is too old for Ruco. Not match at all. It’s just like sister and younger brother.
    Nancy looks wild and rough all the time.
    Phoebe more suits Ruco.

  11. I had said in an earlier article that it would indeed be good news if the two of them are really dating. Because that means he and Nancy are not together. I am so please that it turned out to be true.

    Phoebe may not be the best looking girl around but she still is considered pretty, feminine and with natural charm. Unlike that Nancy who looks like a man to me actually and there is a fake vibe about her. Happy for Ruco as Phoebe is much more suitable for him. Wish then both all the best.

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