Ruco Chan Denies Romancing Nancy Wu: “Nothing Happened!”

This past week in celebrity gossip news sees Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) and Nancy Wu (胡定欣) at the forefront, with their alleged romance being the cover topic of many gossip magazines. Multiple gossip reports are claiming that the fan-favorite couple, who are currently shooting their action drama The Alliance <同盟>, is already a month into their romantic relationship.

Allegedly, Ruco’s feelings for Nancy started to bloom last year, when they collaborated in the hit drama A Fist Within Four Walls <城寨英雄>. However, because Nancy was still dating her ex Terry Chan (陳明道) at the time, Ruco did not show any signs of wanting to pursue her.

ruco chan nancy wu paps 3It wasn’t until after Nancy announced her breakup with Terry when Ruco made his move. Gossip magazines reported that Ruco used “ancient” methods to pursue Nancy, such as inviting her to a concert. Indeed, the two were spotted watching Sammi Cheng’s (鄭秀文) concert last month.

When The Alliance held its blessing ceremony in late September, both Ruco and Nancy gave ambiguous responses about their supposed romance. They denied dating each other, but did not deny the possibility.

ruco chan nancy wu paps 2Unsatisfied with their answers, the Hong Kong paparazzi decided to follow Ruco and Nancy into the set of The Alliance. The rumored couple kept to themselves most of the time, and barely interacted with each other on set. Despite their distance, Ruco would usually wait for Nancy after work to drive her back home.

One night, the paps spotted Ruco and Nancy in a Sai Kung parking lot, alone. Nancy’s assistant came back a few minutes later with dessert soup. The rumored couple stayed inside Ruco’s Toyota FJ Cruiser for over half an hour, chatting nonstop. After finishing their dessert, Ruco drove Nancy back home, and were confronted by the paparazzi’s cameras.

Reporters have reached out to Ruco and Nancy for comment on the gossip reports and their alleged romance. Nancy has yet to reply, but Ruco responded through a simple text: “Nothing happened!”

Source: Headline Daily, Apple Daily

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  1. Don’t be silly! Of cos nothing happened! There was another person in the car haha lol! Maybe they were expecting a repeat of the car shaking incident lol. These paps really! smh!

    1. @isay you are right! Ruco deserves to have s better more sophisticated girl than Nancy.
      Honestly, I don’t quite like Nancy cocky n boastful. She is not pretty yet she thinks she is beautiful.
      Ruco can find a more suitable girl who matches up with his handsome savvy look alright!


    I love Nancy as an actress but hmmmmm she is just not Ruco’s type.. (As if I know Ruco well-hahahas)

  3. The contents are like a rehash and a mish mash of the news on Linda and then Ankie. Former was false and the latter was true.

    So is this true? Well Nothing Happened doesn’t mean No, it just means “no we did not kiss or hold hands or anything inappropriate in the car”. I don;t think Nancy is his type unless his taste changed. They could be just friends since they could chat, a lot. That could blossom into love but at this point I will say no. I don’t think his taste change.

    1. By the way why every rumour with a girl always starts with Ruco being the heart sick one? Why isn’t it be Nancy who likes him first?

      1. @funnlim But from the interview and stuff I feel like Nancy is the one who is interested with him first. and she’s hinting something.

      2. @funnlim AGREE! why must Ruco always be viewed as the one who is desperate? nancy is not the demure type, relationships to her is like changing clothes…easy come easy go.

      3. @funnlim why? Why? The netizens, reporters are a nuisance to plot up false news about Ruco & Nancy are dating, this is so untrue… Ruco will not pick a multi timer like Nancy who courted countless boyfriends. She is not a decent girl

      4. @elcmei nancy wu has changed boyfriends every 2 years…perhaps i am traditional but moving in together and then break off like nobody’s biz?

      5. @janet72 sorry, i just had to snort at this comment “…then break off like nobody’s biz”. It IS nobody’s business but theirs. Furthermore does anyone know the reason why Nancy broke off with Terry (is that his name)? Wasn’t he reported to be two-timing her? Did she move in with KM or all of her previous boyfriends? I dunno much about her past dating history. Anyways, cohabiting and getting pregnant out of wedlock is common in showbiz even the seemingly goody virginal ones. I believe Ruco cohabited with his ex Eunice and he had like 7 or 8 gfs before her. I’m a Ruco fan but I just can’t stand for all these unfair one sided comments. It’s like people are hating on Nancy becos he might have an interest in her. Jealousy rears its ugly head whenever any girl is reported to be associated with him, regardless if true or not.

      6. @elcmei
        We do not kniw Nancy personally. Everythg we “know” about her is from all the “pak kwa ” news which could be very untrue and biased. RUCO is smart and mature enough to know what he wants and we should respect his choice of gf/wife.

  4. To be honest, taste change or his type or not his type (i used to believe Nancy was not Ruco’s cup of tea until I see their answers on interview and etc uhmm) I don’t know now, but I like this pair and I believe after getting to know each other more in real life things can change. So in my opinion there’s possibility of them getting together.

    Likewise, I know we all have a standard/type on choosing our other half but situation and people could change the principle we have. HAHAHAAH… i sound delusional here. I SHIP THEM! LOL

  5. I guess TVB have not suceeded yet in convincing Ruco to manufacture their much needed TVB golden (money making) pair…

    They say guy pursuing girl like against a mountain, while girl pursuing a guy is just against a piece of veil right? Seems like Nancy and her girlfriends effort are paying off.

  6. Nancy’s modus operandi: shift to stay near her prey, get them to send her back. Sometimes, it works.

  7. It does seem more overt that Nancy is interested in pursuing the alleged relationship based on her comments (or lack thereof) and her body language. Ruco has denied at least twice. I have heard Ruco say before that he would share the news if he was in fact dating. Maybe his fan club members should ask him pointedly. (Then let us know his response …

      1. @janet72 you may be wrong. A lot of fans are jealous of any girl linked with him. Those who said they don’t mind are just lying. As soon as there’s any rumours they are the first to shred that girl apart. So i think he probably wont announce his romance unless really really no choice like maybe caught holding hands or shotgun.

  8. Although Ruco has been quite open in complimenting Nancy and commenting in her IG: these gestures are not typically Ruco and suggest that they are close friends and colleagues, rather than romantic partners. Ruco is shy and would not draw attention that way. My take.

  9. Having said the above, I sense that Ruco believes in fate and fortune tellers; and he revealed that his potential wife has already “appeared’. I think his and Nancy’s astrological signs and Chinese birth signs are compatible. He’s said many times that Nancy’s a lucky charm. Maybe he has had s change of heart and thinks she’s the one? … another theory. Yes, you are right, I do have a lot of time on hand to do these analyses. Lol. Take it whatever way you’d like!

    1. @jokercanadian Just googled – Ruco 14 January 1977; Nancy 9 September 1981.

      Therefore, Ruco = capricorn, dragon (likely to be before CNY), a personality number 5, a destiny number 3

      Nancy = Virgo, rooster, personality number 9, destiny number 1

      By golly, I think you are right – both are compatible in terms of western & chinese astrological sign. I was hoping you are wrong. This is sad.

      Didn’t realise Nancy is so old – 1981, 35 years old.

      The number for her birthdate is very beautiful – 9.9.1981, translating to 9.9.1, 19 and 1. Seems that she may be very lucky.

    2. @jokercanadian If they are a pair – from the numbers, nancy may bring ruco luck (as per above) but likely, nancy will be boss and ruco will be the meek lamb behind. Not a very good match, if that is the case.

      Somehow, my impression of Nancy (gained from all these “pakua news”, of course) is not very good – think she is the bossy, princess type

      1. @kangaroo yes hahaha you are right therefore Nancy is no, no not a good match to Ruco. Also Ruco knows her past will definitely not accepting her … better not Ruco wake up and look for another good potential beauty to match up with your good personality

      2. @elcmei Nancy’s ex is Kenneth Ma and several other guys. Asian men would not want to be the next statistic in her dating career. she is too aggressive.

    3. @jokercanadian

      The compatibility rating for RC and NW is
      70% (Well Suited)
      You can be a happy match, but you need to seek common ground and reserve differences. Both of you are clever, capable and independent. The male dragon is always full of vigor and vitality, while the female rooster is rational and efficient. The male dragon’s superiority and confidence is often punctured by the smart female rooster.

  10. Ruco…find a more suitable partner for urself…lol;-) Although i do like Nancy as an actress…but i don’t find her suitable for Ruco.

    Perhaps Ruco & Selena?

      1. @janet72 a nice HK girl pl or maybe a Malaysian girl like Andy Lau’s wife (possible since his mum is Malaysian) or a Singaporean girl like Chow Yun Fatt’s wife.

      2. @jokercanadian yes totally agree with this kind soul! Ruco should get someone outside the entertainment Circle. Perhaps from Canada or America or Australia a young brainy and demure good lady to suit him

    1. @diana80 I agree too. After all, Ruco has to strive (suffer) for so many years before he meet with this success. Don’t let him turn into a lamb.

  11. Loved all your responses to my comments. Despite what those astrological or other superstitions seem to suggest, I don’t think Nancy is Ruco’s cup of tea. He seems to like (and deserves) the reserved, respectable types of girls. Nancy just gives the air of the opposit. I just hope a Canadian girl for Ruco because I am Canadian. Lol. I actually think he’d like my daughter but unfortunately she is already attached. Lol.

  12. Ruco Chan is the most talented, handsome, good personality, airticulate and best actor in TVB so far. TVB should recognise him long long ago. But is still not too late there is still room for improvement.

  13. I know we all have our opinions and should be entitled the rights to express it on public platforms like here. But I am a little disappointed in the comments here about Nancy. All our impressions on a certain artiste come from those ‘Ba Gua’ magazines which we all know are fabricated. Yes, this includes this rumoured relationship between Ruco and Nancy, even though I may ship this couple (which clearly I am a minority supporter). Please stop accusing Nancy of things she has not done.

  14. Whatever it is, I will support the both of them regardless them being together or not. We have no rights or authority to interfere their private lives and like what Ruco implied in his Weibo “沉默是金“ which means “Silence is Golden”.
    If they are meant to be, nothing can separate them even those who may disagree. Wishing them all the best in their career and hope they will find their love(not implying that it will be either Nancy or Ruco) eventually.

    1. @joster555 I appreciate your opinion, but please understand that I, likely everyone else who commented too, have no intention of interfering with Ruco’sor Nancy’s lives. You are giving us too much credit. I was merely expressing my opinion, like you are now doing, and sharing my interpretation of the rumours, the affected parties’ reactions, body language, etc. My analysis drew me to a conclusion that Nancy seems to welcome and wish a romantic relationship with Ruco while he does not. Ruco, being the gentleman that he is, has been pretty careful and guarded with his responses so as not to mislead the press and at the same time, not hurting Nancy’s feelings. Not a good place to be, I’m sure!
      Anyways, I may try to influence your thinking, but most definitely not trying to interfere with anyone’s lives!

  15. It bothers me a little that some commenters here are basically calling Nancy a slut (without blatantly stating it) or simply not a good girl because she has had a handful of boyfriends. Sure, she seems to be unlucky in love and falls into/out of a relationship fairly quick (if you think 2 years is quick – that’s an opinion) but that does not mean she is not a good person/partner.

    Both people seem to put their careers first, so their future spouses may suffer from that. Time will tell if they really are together, but I’ll be happy for them when they find the one (whether that’s each other or not). People deserve to find love.

  16. Ruco is VERY hot now. He is also very diplomatic regarding his rumours with Nancy. Whether or not they end up together, i wish him a blissful life. After all, he is already 39 and turning 40 soon.

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