Sammi Cheng Makes Second Update After Husband’s Cheating Scandal

Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) makes her second update 11 days after the cheating scandal between Andy Hui (許志安) and Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) broke out.

Though the Cantopop queen’s decision to forgive Andy Hui for cheating garnered mixed reactions, she is determined to move forward together with her husband to start a new life.

On Sunday, Sammi shared a series of two posts on Instagram to give her fans an update, reassuring her fans that she is okay.

“Don’t go through life, GROW through life,” said Sammi. “The true meaning of trials and tribulations is to become a better person.”

Sharing a fresh new selfie, Sammi gave a longer update in her second post, saying, “Magic doesn’t exist and the sky won’t turn blue in just one night, but there is always enough room for grace. The past week, Hong Kong’s weather had been stormy, but today, the day is finally sunny. The sky has let out a breath of air. I believe blue skies will return.”

Seemingly to be comparing her own emotions to the weather, Sammi added, “Amongst time, everyone is created equal […] No matter what, it takes a journey to go from a ‘decision’ to a ‘target.’ During this long process, we all get to learn and understand what it takes to reach to that target.”

Sammi emphasized the importance of living life normally, as time cannot be wasted, and time will not wait. It is important to maintain your daily living, continue your career, continue seeing the friends you want to see, and continue eating the things you want to eat.

“There is not much time left,” Sammi said, in reference to her upcoming concert. “I will resume my exercise routine, resume my focus. It is time. Please forgive me as I will no longer talk about this issue anymore. I will not look back, but only look forward.”

Finally, she added, “Growth through life. There is no age limit to experiencing growth. You can only understand after you grow through it.”


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  1. Enuff of your cheesy BS plz. No need for further excuses for being a weak person. Women of today are empowering themselves and fighting negative gender related issues, sexism, etc but you are going in the opposite direction and justifying it with paltry reasons and cheesy statements. STOP IT

    1. @gobbie She obviously really loves her husband and just because you want to work through the problems of a marriage doesnt make someone weak. No marriage is 100% and all glossy that is wonderful. Not standing up for Andy Hui’s behaviour but being married to Sammi Cheng cannot be the easiest thing and with busy schedules and her focus on work, it is easy to forget the important things in a relationship because as we are all humans we take things for granted. I think Sammi has a clear mind and accepts her part in why her marriage temporary broken down in such a way that her husband had to find that missing part with someone else. It takes two to be in a marriage, and if she is willingly to work things through with him, then we as the public (watching bystander) shouldnt judge. Media, so called friends and public should just give them space and whether it will work out to repair the damage of their marriage it is their business.

      1. @shorty Sorry Shorty, but that is some BS excuse! So, you are saying that because Sammi is so busy with work and left poor Andy home alone that he can go and find comfort and companionship with other women in BED? Come on… Watch the video, BOTH parties had been doing this for a while and they feel NO SHAME! It’s one thing if he had a lonely night and she was all over him and he couldn’t resist… OK forgivable. But this was a long time AFFAIR! You can’t dismiss that and IF forgivable, not THIS SOON.

      2. @moseenaddict No that is not what i said. I said its not easy being married to Sammi because she is so focused, training and she is very hard on herself when preparing for her films and concerts that focus on their own person life can be lacking at times. It takes two people to make a marriage and it take both parties to work for the marriage. Just because someone is busy does not mean they can take things for granted that their partner is as focused and on the same lines as them. Getting married is the easy part, it the keeping a marriage that is the hard part as it takes a lot of hard work. Being bitter and twisted about the whole thing and also blinkered to reasoning doesnt make a healthy person. When marriages breakdown it is not always black and white, of who is wrong and who is right, as it is more than just because the other went and had an affair. I mentioned that my comment didnt not mean that Andy’s actions was right, as totally was not not. But too many people are over analysing the video and also making judgements that are pretty harsh and condeming. No one is 100% and just because they are public figures doesnt make them any different.
        Putting up positive comments is not a bad thing for Sammi as I am guessing she is trying to stay that way. Whether or not she has forgiven him now or later, thats her private business, she obviously loves him very much and feels its a marriage that is worth fighting for, lets just hope Andy feels the same, as he has put his wife through this and he has let her down and himself too. I do not think someone who wants to try and heal her marriage is weak, the person who is tested and caught by temptation is the weak one! Didnt really matter if the affair was a one night stand, recent or a long term one, he was wrong and he will need to rebuild his marriage if he still wants it, if not if he ever loved his wife, he needs to let her go and find happiness else where.
        If every marriage was judged by some of the comments on heren and other blogs, then divorce rates would be sky high and marriage counciling would be non existent.

    2. @gobbie agree. She honestly sounds brainwashed and this dogma reads as if she’s trying to convince HERSELF which is sad and delusional.

      But if this helps her cope with the reality of her husband cheating then so be it.

      1. @karina I guess when crap things happen in life we tend to say positive things to cheer ourselves up.

        Maybe Andy has grovelled enough to her to make her forgive him completely.

        Not sure if most people would think life is so rosy after finding out their husband is bedding a younger woman, but that’s probably her own way of dealing.

      2. @karina a person taking their marriage seriously doesnt make them them brainwashed or weak!

        staying positive is probably her way of coping with her personal life at the moment.

        if anyone can chose to either be a bitter person or a happy person, then I am guessing she is chosing the happy person.

        if their process of trying to rebuild or mend their marriage doesnt work then no can say that they didnt try. But trust is a hard thing to get back when its been broken so hopefully he does love her as much as he has indicated in public he does, as he will need to work very hard to get it back over a long period of time.

      1. @msxie0714 Hillary Clinton did it for America and for political reasons. Sometimes when two people have such an important goal together, they are able to over come a lot of things.. but I know it took Hillary some time and Hillary wasn’t promoting Rainbows and Blue Skies in the interim.
        Sammi has to act human and more realistic… she is only kidding herself here…

    3. @gobbie Her religious believe must have influenced her decision. You might not agree with her decision but she stood by her believe in religion and practiced what was preached. Just from this, her personal decision should be respected. And alot of powerful women chose to forgive their husband throughout history, she shouldn’t be singled out like this.

      1. @mike not sure about I agree about the religious influence, however, maybe some aspects is right as being Christian it does deliver the message of forgiveness and maybe that just gave her a bigger perspective on how she could use that to help her get through this. But 100% agree that we should respect her personal decision.

    4. @gobbie
      what else, should she be all upset and resentful? i think over time people calm down. she may need that calmness and forgiveness to keep herself sane and out of depression. i am not sure if it be any better if she was the alternative.

    5. @gobbie Agree 10000%!! Being a Christian doesn’t mean you forgive easily.. only God does that. Don’t try to be God because there is no way Sammi, especially with a history of depression can accept this … THIS SOON. Be a woman and stand up for how you allow men to treat you! Why set a precedent that Holy Christian women forgives men of their cheating ways. This was not a one night stand.. this was an AFFAIR that lasted a while!

      1. @moseenaddict Uhm, I think her forgiveness is mainly for the public, so they can leave her alone. What happen behind closed door, we would never know. Forgiving easily doesn’t mean she is weak, if forgiving means there is less pressure on her, it’s GOOD for her mental state. After all, she is her own person, she knows how to cope with her depression. If she keeps hounding on the pain, it will not help her depression. We each go through depression differently, some people find forgiveness and being open makes them happy, maybe a fault happy, but to them, it is as real as they could get, and what get them through the day. We can’t judge, we don’t have her illness nor her circumstance. It is very easy for us to say not forgiving easily, but anyone who thinks they should follow so and so celebrities’ actions possibly need to understand they don’t have the same circumstance as said celebrity, and doing so is just silly. You should always do what is best for yourself, not what other thinks best for yourself. They don’t know you not your need, or what make you at peace

      2. @littlefish Forgiveness doesnt make you weak, but its also important not to be a complete doormat.

        I think forgiveness should come after the instigator has proven he has remorse, and made up for his wrong doings. She basically forgave him instantly. When people wrong you, it is ok to also not forgive, at least, not straight away. Give it a while so that he can truly reflect on what he did wrong.

      3. @megamiaow like I said the “straight away forgiveness” could just be for the press, not what actually happen behind closed door. So we can’t judge her too harshly, because we don’t know whether she is truly forgiving to that extend. Like every news, take it as a grain of salt lol

  2. i cannot disagree that you have a BIG heart to forgive him but please, you can do better than this. wish you all da best!!

  3. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Double damn to be a woman, because a cheating man can be forgiven, but a cheating woman is not forgivable.

    1. @coralie Seems to be the pattern yes. There was another article recently with Jia Nailiang where he signifys the marriage is over with his wife. Forgiveness on the other side of the spectrum doesnt seem as common.

  4. It takes TWO to tango! So all FOUR of them are responsible for each of their actions PRIOR to the OnSum incident! We will never know the truth. So fun reading about all the theories. The saga continues…

  5. There is speculation that Sammi knew Andy was cheating a long time ago and that she paid the taxi driver to get footage of him cheating. She then sold it to the media in hopes to expose the affair so Andy would go back to her. And that Sammi wanted to ruin Jacqueline’s career at the same time.

    I actually think this might be true. Sammi isn’t the innocent victim that everyone is playing her out to be? I think this ties in with how quickly she was to forgive him. Also, asian culture is all about “face” so she’s just using God as an excuse so she doesn’t lose face.

    Also, both Andy and Jacqueline didn’t apologize to Sammi directly. Andy left out Sammi’s name during his press conference and Jacqueline didn’t mention Sammi in her IG apology.

      1. @anon

        The plot thickened sometime early last wk. There were speculations last wk – way before Jacqueline left on Thur or Fri – that made several Chinese, and some English newspapers. That Sammi had somehow orchestrated this entire thing.

        Sammi was rumoured to have tipped off Apple Daily, and even paid some of that money the cab driver got (something like $260K – she paid $70K or something)

        That, would be a smart move, killing many birds with this one move:
        = Sammi can look like an angel smelling like roses for forgiving the douchebag
        = save her face with his public apology
        = breaking them up

        Jacqueline mentioned everyone – family, Kenneth, whoever she was sorry to … but NOT Sammi. News were quick to notice this and connect it to the tip-off rumour.

      2. @nomad822 Let’s say, hypothetically that Sammi did set this whole thing up… to reveal their affair and make herself look good, etc.
        One hand can’t clap… so AH and JW had to have been intimate in the taxi inorder for the taxi driver to have recorded something… if they were careful of their affair and acted like regular people sitting next to each other in the taxi, and waited until they got home… then there would be no revelation, nor this big news.
        There was no apology from JW because she didn’t give a rat’s ass about Sammi and how Sammi felt. She wanted AH and she was gunna have him.

    1. @chena
      so Andy would go back to her ???
      Damn!! old, dry up, dog AH must be the only dog in town in her book? lol…OMG
      …If that was true. haha

    2. @chena have heard this theory going around and im not sure if theres any evidence to support it, but the fact that Sammi was so quick to post and forgive him was a bit imo. It could be true that she’s not as innocent as everyone thinks she is, but shes automatically granted the victim card here (as with KM — but more so with her since her history of mental illness too) so I guess she can really play it out as much as she wants

      1. @hmmmm

        Chena is not making up some “theory”

        Several news outlets reported it too – that it was a set up – and they were quick to note Sammi was NOT included in the JW apology, which was strange

      2. @nomad822 wow that is some major revelation. The plot thickens.

        I didn’t think much of JW not apologizing to Sammi because she comes across as shameless and obnoxious but if this was true then I guess saw JW saw it coming hat her career was basically over cause of Sammi. Anyways still no sympathy for JW or Andy from me . Guess it’s revealed that Sammi wasn’t completely blindsided by the affair and took matters to her own hands indirectly. No wonder she kept spewing her “God” bs

    3. @chena :/ it’s kinda hard to believe that Sammi can be a person like that, but it’s not hard to believe it could be true :/ after all, it does feel like the affair has been going on for a while, and women is very good at picking up these sort of things. Either way, we would never know, it had been played out, JW is bye bye off the game forever, and Andy runs back to Sammi like a puppy

      1. @littlefish

        It’s not that hard to believe that Sammi can pull such underhanded tactic because she’s been in the entertainment circle for over 30 years.

        You can’t survive in the entertainment industry for this long to be naive. They all use tactics to a certain extent to achieve their goals.

        I do not believe that Sammi is innocent, kind, angelic (whichever word you want to use to describe her) that she tries to portray in her public image. It’s all a facade.

      2. @anon Wow!! Thumbs up emoji for you and couldn’t have said it better. Soooooooooo true esp “They all use tactics to a certain extent to achieve their goals. ” This fits so well for office employees as well. It’s all about office politics. haha lol…Sickening but true!! No one can have that have that big of a heart and innocence given her age or anyone for that matter. Facade is an understatement. lol…. 3 days and quoting from the Bible? Really? lol haha..Dear lord!!

    4. @chena Sounds really farfetched and unlikely.

      Pretty sure Andy did name Sammi and apologised to her directly in his grovelling announcement.

      1. Doesn’t surprise me if she did plan it but also it may not be true. It is all speculation that the HK tabloid media is running with to spark people’s attention.

  6. If the wife actually did that than she is the “master” of this game. When a woman gets mad – you never know what she is capable of.

  7. I would think that Sammi is already super famous and sold out of all her concert tickets shortly before the incident so I really don’t see how she would gain anything out of this. There’s no way she would know that they would start making out in a taxi so if she really knew something was going on and wanted to expose them she could just hire a private investigator and take photos.
    I think her statement of forgiveness is for closure so that the media and all her fans wouldn’t worry and wonder where she is. I don’t think it means that their relationship is back to normal and everything is great.
    Andy mentions that he is sorry to sammi several times in his press conference.
    Watched some old YouTube videos of Andy at Sammi’s previous concerts, very sad!

  8. Why does she forgiving her own husband makes her a weak character? I personally think it takes huge courage to forgive and publicly announce that. We are not her, we don’t know what’s exactly going in her mind and whether she really forgive. But I don’t think you people who criticise her just because she decided to forgive is fair. Ever consider how much strength she need to continue on with the marriage? It’s easy to walk away, but it’s harder to stay knowing your partner cheated once but willing to give another chance. I think the public should respect and not condemn her for her decision.

    1. @cassiemissy totally agree!
      It takes a very strong person to be able to face this in public and at the end of the day, if she feels that their marriage is worth fighting for, the only way to do this is in private so her message i agree was to get the media and fans to leave them alone and work things out in private.
      She looks pretty focus still on her work and she is still posting on her IG so lets hope her work will help her and keep her mental state positive, as she will need this to face the next path of her marriage.

  9. If the rumours are true about her exposing the affair deliberately, then she’s foolish to believe that by ruining the third party’s future she will win her husband back and it will be a happy ending. Now she ends up with a spouse who only returned out of obligation to save his own reputation, not out of genuine guilt and remorse for his misbehaviour. If she just quietly separated or divorced it would have been a better revenge; karma will hit jac eventually as that man will find another gal soon enough

    1. @rila well, or she could blow this in his face, then wait after a while and dump his a$$ xD destroy his career, got her revenge, and still divorcing him 🙂

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