Shu Qi Breaks Silence After Nude Photos Circulated; Grateful For What Life Has Offered

Amidst Vincent Zhao ( 赵文卓) and Donnie Yen’s (甄子丹) war of words, Shu Qi (舒淇) vouched for Donnie’s integrity. Little did she realize that irate netizens would re-circulate her old nude photos in retaliation. Shu Qi was photographed crying in a park earlier and finally deleted over 1,000 of her Weibo blog messages. Breaking her silence on March 27th, Shu Qi communicated with her fan site,, that she was doing better. She even thanked the people who have hurt her, allowing her to deal with the situation and improve herself.

In a message filled with gratitude to her fans, Shu Qi referred to herself in the third person, “she”: “Please feel assured that she is doing fine. Of course, there are times when it is not fine too. I can guarantee that she is grateful towards the people who have hurt her. This is the only way that will allow her to constantly learn and grow. Although this stage is a bit painful for her…but it will pass. Isn’t life about improvement?”

In her message, Shu Qi indicated that she has witnessed much turbulence over the last 17 years of her career. She was grateful towards the people who have helped her, as well as her own luck, apparently surprised at how far she has traveled in life. Referring to her past as a Category III actress, Shu Qi noted, “This is not a scar, but rather an evolving journey. I think she is proud…without falling and incurring injuries, it would not be possible to have such a fruitful personal history.”

Shu Qi admitted that she did feel slightly weak at this moment, but asked for more time before gathering strength and living a better life ahead. “Thank you to all the people who have sent her blessings…. Very quickly, she will become a heroine! She will put in her best efforts! Do not worry about her!”

It was apparent that Shu Qi’s message was full of gratitude regarding her own professional and personal journey. Her message remained hopeful that while her past was a part of her, life was a constantly evolving journey in which she looked forward to a better future. She added that the Weibo community was overall a good place to share and connect with other people. Shu Qi hoped that in the future, people will be able to settle their differences without fighting.


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Jayne: Shu Qi’s message to her fans was very gracious. She did not apologize for her past and did not make any excuses, but rather focused on her own responsibilities in carving a better future and personal happiness. Quite refreshing, rather than to see more angry words thrown about over the situation.

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  1. I think Shu Qi deal with the situation very well. People who keep bringing her past have no heart. I remember her 1998 Hong Kong Film Awards speech, she was so genuine happy people accept her as a “real” actress.

    Over the years because of her past she lost out a lot too e.g. it was rumor Leon Lai dump her because his fan cannot accept her past, she losing the Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger role to Zhang Yi Yi because producer do not want an actress with her past…etc…

    While we all must accept responsibility for our past action we also should not “poke” and hurt other because of their past. I am not even a fan of her and I feel bad for her after seeing those “crying” pictures.

    Stay strong Shu Qi.

    1. she was very much wanted in hidden dragon, crouching tiger, but her agent supposedly had her pull out 6 weeks into filming to film a pepsi commercial instead. heard she fired the agent shortly following the success of hidden.

      1. I don;t think she was wanted at all. I think Zhang Ziyi was the chosen one. Frankly between her and ZZY, I prefer ZZY. And if you signed a contract and 6 weeks INTO filming you can’t just pull out. I think that is just an excuse, to save face. I think you meants 6 weeks BEFORE filming started.

    2. I did not hear about Leon’s fans but it was his dad that did not approve. I don’t think Leon would dump her because of what his fans think. It would make more sense if it were his dad.

  2. cruel people have no heart, seriously. what’s done is done. stop flipping over someone’s life now that they’re successful and focus on yours instead.

    jia you shu shu!!

    1. Every has a past and every’s path is not the same. This how god intended for us human, our freedom of choice. Watch A Beautiful Life where she makes lots of mistakes but in the end became a much beautiful person in nature amidst the tragedy fallen upon her family. The movie also show cased her great acting ability for those who doubted her. No Hong Kong actresses at this point in time could have carried out that role so well. It is so easy for others to judge or say ‘then dont this, then dont that’…what about yourself? 😛

      1. I couldn’t agreed more with you! I don’t follow Shu Qi’s work, in fact, I’m not even a fan but my friend had recommended me “A Beautiful Life” and I thought she was amazing in the movie.

    2. She didn’t take nude photo, those were the screen cap of the porn movie she did before she enter the entertainment industry.

      like most ppl here, i’m not really a fan of her. I’ve watch her movies and she def. earned her credibility as an actress. ppl will dig up her past no matter what since she’s in entertainment industry.

    3. Well she has already done it so there is no turning back. Maybe she did back then when she was new and had to do it to make a living?? Trust me, when you are that desperate, you are willing to almost anything to make a name for yourself as long as you don’t hurt others…I am not a fan of Shu Qi and never was but really feel bad for her. It seems like she can never really escape from the shadows of her past… I guess once a black mark is on your record, it is hard to get rid of it.

  3. I’m sorry but I can’t lol because internet can really do alot of damage to a person!

    She can cry a river now but by the next day, she needs to move already..

    there is nothing she can do to change her faith, those nude pics will forever circulate in the internet, even her grandkids will be able to see them.

    1. What’s so funny? It’s people like you that makes the internet a horrible place to be.

      1. You’re being silly then for taking internet seriously.

    2. The internet has enriched our lives in many ways and has made life so much easier as well as more exciting for all of us in many ways. However, with pros there are also cons. There have also been so many bad things that come with the net and advanced technology. I still remember the old days when there was no net, digital cameras, laptops,etc…Our lives were more simple and more difficult, but we did not have all of the problems that now come with the net…. I wonder if we can all pick would we all come back the live simply just like the old days?? or accept all of the negativity that comes with the net and advanced technology??? I still wonder….

  4. Good for her; I’m very glad that she didn’t fall over apologizing for the photos, or make excuses, or try to blame anyone. She took the high road, and I hope that whoever leaked the photos can feel bad about it now.

    That being said, nude shots of Shu Qi have got to be widely available. I’m somewhat surprised at her emotional response; I would almost have expected her to be completely blasé about it.

  5. This women face are too ugly ,only idiot enjoy her soft porn ,i vomit in cinema when i see her face appear in the movies a man called hero .

  6. But don’t you think this is ridiculous? Why? Because she took those photos voluntarily during her career as soft porn actress (albeit the deed may just be an act rather than real) and what silence to break? It was as if the nude photos were taken illegally! That is just very misleading. There is no high road to take. She didn’t buy back the license; therefore anyone can reprint anytime. What should be done is acknowledge her past career and just move on.

    1. yes, she can’t stop breaking down each time her photos resurface, or her past is brought up again. she has to remember her porn past is what led her to international stardom today. i think she should be proud she managed to go from soft porn to mainstream movies! it doesn’t work out for everyone.

      1. Maybe she doesn’t want Lee Hom’s mom to see them aka her nude pics…

  7. It is really the verbal attacks and threats from the public that made her close down her weibo, not her naked photos. I’ve read the nasty comments on her weibo before she deleted her posts and there were many death threats and attacks that were uncalled for such as wishing her, her family, and her future children misfortune/death/suffering. All these cursing/attacks are for what reason? Simply because Shu Qi was praising Donnie for his professionalism. I wondered why none of Vincent’s supporters got attacked while Donnie’s supporters such as Shu Qi, Chapman, and Wong Jing were attacked to no end. Chapman is still being attacked as I speak now and I think it is wrong. Shu Qi, Chapman, and Wong Jing didn’t say anything offending about Vincent so the attacks were unnecessary!

  8. I know Shu Qi’s past “career” but am okay with her. She’s unique.

    In my POV, what she needs right now is an outstanding EQ because she can’t erase the past.

  9. I would say this is such an immature act by crying and sad. There’s no one will feel sorry and pity you. You yourself should stand up and face the fact. Be yourself, improve your acting skill. Let other ppl look at the good side of you. This is entertaintment industry. If you are “IN” it, you should take all the consequences. Those nude photos were taken with your consent. Dun blame them juz bcos they posted it in weibo.

    1. Perhaps she really should ‘stand up and face the fact’ like you said, but every now and then we all experience down times and some of us might choose to cry as a way to express our sadness. It doesn’t necessarily means she’s asking others to feel sorry or pity her.

  10. I do feel sorry and pity her for all the attacks against her simply for expressing faith in her friend. I’m sure many other feel the same way. She has faced her past plenty of time. Don’t you know? Her acting skills? I’d say she was better than many others. Plenty of nomination, awards proved it. But being a woman is very hard, when someone take advantage of her nude pictures to demean her like a few here already did. I mean how much can a woman take if someone used those photos and call her *, prostitute, and other worst names to demean her? If you have not been subjected to such vicious verbal attacks as a woman, I guess you would never know. The nude pictures are nothing. It’s the vicious names calling, insinuation that can drive a woman insane. I can feel and admire the way she responded to those attacks. She has been a strong woman to suffered just some bout of sadness and crying and not go insane. She indeed took the high road not to slash back. I guess the support she received from her many friends and others helped.

  11. Why so unhappy? Those pictures were taken like 20 years ago and has been circulated in the media/internet for all these years. Those nude pics are old news. She knows she did it, she knows it’s out there for everyone to see and now she’s unhappy about it? Get a new job.

    1. hmm…I think like a previous poster said it’s more about the fact that the pubic have verbally abused her and that’s what has caused her to be hurt by the words not necessarily the photos.

      It’s like they have nothing else to pick from but her past.

    2. i know gosh crying over it will not helped???? u r a celeb what else can u do if u goggle urself its all over the net hahha

  12. All this verbal abuse is online. She can easily avoid by shutting off her computing and to stop searching her name on the internet.

    1. shutting off herself from the internet wouldn’t help her from being an online abuse victim. Friends, enemies etc will still show her the great pics once she had taken from. It just won’t stop from turning off the cyberworld. She has to live with it and be brave. Crying won’t stop problem too, people esp chinese won’t feel pity to her because filming porn is considered disgrace to the culture. sadly but thats reality.

    2. That wouldn’t change a thing. Why avoid it. Just acknowledge it and move on. Chin up. Crying and avoiding it only makes whoever did that rejoicing at her miserability.

  13. I hate people talk in 3rd person, or refer to his/her name when they talk. She shouldn’t be ashamed, it is in the past. It is 20 years already, her face and body is not the same as in 20 years. She should be stronger than that because it will not stop. She should be more offended if they took obscene pictures at home. She should be proud of those pictures because it is a stepping stone to her career now. Move on!!!!

  14. SHE SHOULD HAVE JUST KEEP HER PUFFY LIPS TIGHT! RATHER THAN TAKING SIDE. Now she pays for the consequences of being a busybody!! whtr she side Donnie or Vincent, does it settle the dispute/ IT DOESNT but her past was dug out! PRICE FOR BEING A BUSYBODY!!

    1. She was sticking up for a friend. I hope my friends would do the same for me.

      1. many w
        ays to do it. She doesnt need to show her support through Weibo (blog). she could have sms, turn up at his house etc. as a celebrity, she needs to ‘appear” to be neutral. Doesnt she think of the future whereby she might need to collaborate with Vincent? …

  15. Oh gosh here’s another one. This is what happens when a person gets rich and famous. Some jealous people will try so many ways to pull them down. She should have known better to act in those porn. Not sure how she got into the acting business but if it’s category 3 then she is selling her soul. That means she don’t mind people seeing her naked. What’s there to cry for?

    1. Whether publicity or not(which we don’t know), in my POV the reason she’s upset is not because of “I wish I hadn’t do p*rn” but more because of the netizens action of “redigging” her old matters to attack her backing for Donnie Yen.

      Personally, I think neither Vincent nor Donnie are involved with this “redigging”, if based on what they showed of themselves so far.

      1. Whoever is attacking her probably thinks who is her to be on the moral high ground when she had done that in the past. Pretty unfortunate.

  16. Donnie showed support for Shu Qi over this matter. Chapman To also is following Shu Qi to “kill” his weibo…

  17. Firstly, this Donnie Yen, Vincent Zhao thing is a NON-ISSUE. A non-issue that gets out of hand, what’s so big deal about it?

    And sometimes, some things are better left unsaid. One can support their friends without making it public to the netizens, knowing that most netizens lack emotional maturity and will do just about anything online to attack you. Celeb like LeeHom keeps his opinions to himself most almost never landing himself in such state.

    Anyway, after reading her web posting I somehow felt that it was written by Leehom or a 3rd person. Rather than herself. Just my 2 cents.

  18. I still wonder why her photos were dug up just because she stood up for a friend?? That is really strange…

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