Skye Chan’s Wedding Studio Photos

By on November 9, 2010 in Celebrity Weddings, NEWS


Miss Hong Kong 2008 First Runner-up, Skye Chan Sin Yeung, will be joining recent brides, Heidu Chu Hoi Ning and Mandy Cho Man Lei, in getting married. Skye and her boyfriend of eight years, Chan Ho Yin, recently took a set of romantic wedding studio photographs at sea.

Skye thanked France Bridal for shooting the outdoor wedding photographs. Since Ho Yin did not work in the entertainment industry, he was not used to posing in the front of the camera. Skye was grateful towards the France Bridal team in capturing a beautiful set of photos for them. “We are not used to intimate gestures in front of other people. We could not contain our laughter, which interrupted the shooting process. Sorry!”

Skye and Ho Yin were taken out to sea on a luxury yacht for the wedding photos. Since Skye took some seasick pills, she became drowsy during the photo shoot. “My eyes became glazed. The photographer thought I was swept away by the romantic mood! In one pose, I laid down on the deck. I truly fell asleep for a while!”
In one set of photos, Skye and Ho Yin were invited to bring their most memorable objects to the photo shot. Skye wore her Miss Hong Kong tiara and Ho Yin wore his PhD cap and gown set.


Jayne: Love the romantic mood created by France Bridal for Skye Chan’s wedding studio photos! The most magical photo was the one in which Skye and her fiance laid down on the yacht’s deck and the sea water sparkled in the sunlight. Nature became an oasis for the couple…. I can see their love and excitement shine through in the photos! I am looking forward to their beautiful wedding.

What do you think of the Hong Kong style in wedding photography? Romantic or cheesy?

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  1. Star says:

    woow everyone’s getting married nowadays 😮 like toby leung is getting married soon too.. especially the younger ones. I thought skye’s husband was similar to mandy cho’s husband.. that “nerd” type.. but actually her husband doesn’t look that bad.

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  2. HeTieShou says:

    It is more than looks in a relationship anyways. She looks really happy so best wishes to her… Did she act for TVB at all??

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  3. Aly says:

    Congrats to Skye! She looks very happy in those pics. and they turned out quite nice! I don’t think I saw her in any series yet, as she mainly does hosting and MC jobs, which she is doing really well at. I remember when she first auditioned for MHK, I didn’t think she was very pretty but she seemed very articulate and smart. As it got closer to the finals and on the night of the finals, she really shined through her intelligence, and most importantly came across as a very friendly, genuine person, which is a must for a Miss HK winner. I was rooting for her and for number 7 Hilda Leung, which I thought would be the winner, but when number 3 Edelweiss won, I thought the results were fixed. But, Skye’s win was well deserved. And, she looks prettier everyday! Hope she will continue to work after marriage. Her fiance got a PhD? Intelligent couple! 🙂

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  4. Kidd says:

    Make up and hairstyle really can ruined person look. Skye look so much better now than during the time of the miss HK pageant. Her hairsyle at that time made her look a bit like auntie. But, she look beautiful now.

    I was rooting for Angela Yiu at that time becuase I find her very articulate and intelligent as well and she’s also pretty. Too bad she didn’t make top 3. But, I agree with Aly that Skye deserved her win. She was very well liked by other contestants and carry herself well. From the description of her by other contestants, she seem to be a very caring person who took care of others. I think Edelweiss only won because she’s tall.

    She will be in ‘Relic of an Emissary’. Looking forward to her performance.

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  5. Elaine says:

    I like the pictures. They are really pretty and romantic. I also like the fact that they didn’t over photoshop them. Skye and her husband look very natural. I’ve seen some where they stretch the people and it just looks odd. I don’t know if it’s to make them look taller or for effect, but it just doesn’t look right. These pictures are really pretty and love the effects.

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  6. Lily says:

    @ Aly – I was also rooting for Hilda that year, and was so disappointed that she didn’t win. I do follow her on Weibo and she seems to be having fun in her culinary classes, however, so I guess it all worked out for her.

    I gradually started like Skye the night of the finals because they fixed her hair and I realized how pretty she actually is. A nice hair style really makes a big difference.

    Congratulations to her, i think the picture of her and her fiance in her MHK crown and his cap and gown is very creative! 😀

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  7. Aly says:

    @Lily-thanks for the update on Hilda. I don’t follow artists on weibo, but I’m glad she is doing well and enjoying what she is doing now. Too bad she didn’t join the entertainment industry. I saw some potential in her and she reminds me of Michelle Ye in a way, but I think she made the right decision for herself.

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  8. Kidd says:

    Sire Ma seems to be the hot favourite that yet.

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  9. sandy says:

    Skye was pretty much a plain looking short hair stewardess before her Miss HK Makeover…if you googled online for previous pictures… you can see what a huge difference she looked before and after the makeover… plus the fake long hair extension really helped in her appearance… plus the fact that the winner for that year Miss HK was barely seen in the press… so it helped Skye Chan…..

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  10. j00ky says:

    the one good thing about HK photography is that its quite unique. So yes, more on the romantic side…

    I love the one of them with the fire in the background, that is awesome! Can’t imagine western photography doing something like that.

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