Tavia Yeung Confirms Pregnancy

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Tavia Yeung Confirms Pregnancy

After news surfaced yesterday that Tavia Yeung (楊怡) is six months pregnant, the 40-year-old actress finally confirmed on Instagram that she is indeed expecting. Since Tavia’s due date is in May, husband Him Law (羅仲謙) will remain in Hong Kong to await the baby’s arrival.

Sharing a photo of her ultrasound in which the baby’s hand is visible, Tavia wrote on Instagram, “Our fate started from filming a drama together. From colleagues to friends…from friends to lovers…from lovers to partners…from now on, we will have new roles. Thank heavens for giving us a precious gift. We are going to have a little light bulb between us. Baby, I hope you are always going to light our lives, giving us happiness and joy in the future. Thank you for choosing us. We love you. Our entire family anticipates your arrival. P.S. When Him Daddy found out the news, his first reaction was, ‘Are you sure? Did you clearly ask the doctor?'”

Receiving congratulations from the media, Him said, “Thank you everyone! It’s most important that everyone stays healthy!” He shared his feelings of being an expectant father, “When I first learned of [Tavia’s pregnancy], I was very calm. After my calmness settled, I became very happy.”

Due to the coronavirus outbreak and 51 confirmed cases in Hong Kong to-date, the couple has been taking extra health precautions. Him said, “After going outside, I will change my pants and wash up as I don’t want to bring germs home. Tavia rarely steps out, and will do some exercise at home. If she needs to head outside, I will accompany her.” They are well-stocked with masks at home thanks to their friends helping out.

Disclosing that the baby’s arrival will be in May, Him however didn’t want to reveal the baby’s gender. Although he will start filming TVB drama Armed Reaction 5 <陀槍師姐V> through June, Him will remain in Hong Kong to take care of Tavia during her last trimester.

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  1. coralie says:

    congrats to tavia & him! this was a long time planning. hope they have a healthy mouse baby! lots of parental work in the coming months…

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  2. tvbrama says:

    Yay so excited for her and Him! Congratulations! I’m excited especially because both Tavia and Niki are expecting a baby this year and they share the same birthday (and year), cool coincidence. (: I’m glad they’re finally comfortable to share this happy news after all the invasive speculation. Wishing them a happy, healthy baby! <3

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  3. kokomo says:

    Wow…finally, everyone is waiting for the 2 of them to have a little one. Congrats to Him and Tavia.

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  4. Congratulations to the couple. Happy news indeed.

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  5. cutie777 says:

    Congratulations!! Finally their dreams comes true. If it’s a boy hope it’s a good looking boy just like his daddy Him and if it’s a girl she might have a long nose just like her mommy Tavia. That’s right everyone is been waiting for their good news. Tavia reminds me of Kenix Kwok she got pregnant too around the same age. It seems like Him really changed ever since he got married which is a good thing. It would be hard on Tavia if Him has to travel back and forth from mainland to Hong Kong unless they hired a housekeeper.

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  6. myden26 says:

    I am so happy for them! They’ve been trying so years. This couple will have an extremely good looking baby. I hope they are taking extreme precaution with the crazy virus going around.

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  7. potatochip says:

    Congrats to them! May is a good month for babies .

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