The Stress of Being a Single Mom: Eileen Yeow’s Declining Health

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The Stress of Being a Single Mom: Eileen Yeow’s Declining Health

TVB actress Eileen Yeow (姚瑩瑩) won Miss Singapore in 1991 and went on to represent Singapore in the Miss World pageant. During that period, she met Anita Yuen (袁詠儀) and they became quick friends. Anita was the one to suggest that Eileen start her career in Hong Kong. She joined the 8th TVB training class in 1995 and officially signed with TVB after graduation. That year Eileen was one of the five heavily promoted fadans that included Jojo Cho (曹眾), Wailis Pang (彭子晴), Gigi Fu (傅明憲), and Joyce Chan (陳彥行). Eileen seemed to be on the pathway to success until 2011 where she was engulfed in rumors that she had given birth to a baby out of wedlock.

The identity of Eileen’s boyfriend was never revealed; all that is known is that he is not from the entertainment industry and has the last name Leung. The 47-year-old actress raised her son as a single mother and has admitted to being a Tiger Mom. She hopes that her son will be able to live well, eat well, and have good marks in school. She enrolled her son in international school and many extracurricular activities, taking on the burden of the heavy price tag.

Due to the stress of taking care of her son and filming long hours, Eileen’s health has been declining. Since her cervical vertebrae and spine have shifted, the intervertebral nerve channel has narrowed causing pressure on the nerves. On bad days, she experiences angina and often has nausea.

Fortunately, she was cast in popular sitcom Come Home Love- Lo and Behold <愛回家‧開心速遞> where she has a stable role as Helen, the manager of the Human Resources department. Due to this, Eileen now has a stable income and has one less thing to worry about.

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  • 6 comments to The Stress of Being a Single Mom: Eileen Yeow’s Declining Health

    1. jimmyszeto says:

      At her peak, Eileen was super cute in the role of Gallen’s girlfriend in ‘Secret of the Heart’. It looked like at the time she was going to go on to achieve a whole lot more…

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    2. hazel says:

      I was rewatching a bunch of old dramas from the 90s and early 2000s recently and was reminded of how many roles she got as girlfriends to leading men. She was Bobby’s girlfriend in numerous series. I think her and Angela Tong appeared the most frequently in series after their debut.

      While her acting was passable, she never had that top-tier actress look to her. It’s good that she has a steady role now.

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      • jimmyszeto replied:

        Eileen got given that crappy girly policewoman role in Detective Investigation Files IV. Those are the type of roles which can typecast an actress…

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    3. jimmyszeto says:

      It’s sad that after that the decent early career role as Gallen’s girlfriend in ‘Secret of the Heart’, it was sad to see that more than a decade later Eileen was just a minor support/extra sitting near Gallen’s office with approx 5 lines in the whole series. She acted in a few scenes as Jamie Chik’s cousin who kept an eye on cheater boss Ray Lui.

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    4. sutet108 says:

      she is a great actress, she played lot of bad characters, and she got lot of minor role in the 90s and 2000s.

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    5. rayne says:

      She was never the top notch actress you’d expect in a fadan but I personally think she was decent. Her most memorable roles to me were in Witness of a Prosecution and A Step into the Past.

      I actually just re-watched Detective Investigation Files 4 recently. Thinking back, I agree she wasn’t given the best roles.

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