Transgender Actress Poy Already Secretly Married?

Transgender Thai actress Poy catapulted to fame thanks to her searing romance with Nick Cheung (張家輝) in the recently released The White Storm <掃毒>, as well as her alleged relationship with costar Louis Koo (古天樂). However, recently uncovered photographs suggest that, despite her claims of being single, Poy is already married to her childhood sweetheart.

Though Poy is featured in only a few scenes in The White Storm, the sensationalist headlines surrounding the 28-year-old beauty have pulled her into the limelight. At a recent promotional event in Hong Kong, reporters seemed to focus more on her than on her costars, and staff members flocked around her, hoping for a photograph with her.

Poy gamely responded to the media’s questions with her gentle voice, but the situation took a downturn when reporters produced photographs of her vacationing with a man in Paris, presumably for a honeymoon.  According to rumors, the man is Poy’s first love, Juskin, with whom she tied the knot prior to her leap to stardom.

“They got married long ago,” an inside source revealed. “At the time, Poy was an unknown, so when a man with pretty good qualifications accepted her, she grabbed on and didn’t let go!”

The couple reportedly enjoys a stable relationship, although Poy has continued to keep the marriage a secret, in order to further her climb to the top of the entertainment industry.

When faced with the photographs, Poy awkwardly said, “My ex-boyfriend…” After a reporter asked if she would go public with any marriage news, Poy said that would be a joint decision between both parties in the relationship.

Despite suspicions regarding her marital status, Poy’s onscreen appeal, combined with the power trio of Nick, Louis, and Sean Lau (劉青雲), as well as a bevy of heart-stopping action scenes, has undeniably been a major factor behind the success of The White Storm. The film, directed by Benny Chan (陳木勝), reached $10 million HKD in Hong Kong and broke 100 million RMB at the mainland Chinese box office in just four days.

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  1. “At the time, Poy was an unknown, so when a man with pretty good qualifications accepted her, she grabbed on and didn’t let go!”

    sound like that man got some mental problem…..

    1. How is making a vow to stay faithful to one partner psychologically unsound? To me gender is a social contruct. Everyone should have to freedom to pursue their happiness on the grounds that they don’t hurt anyone else. Does Poy’s perceived beauty upset you?

      1. sorry but her beauty doesn’t upset me…my fiancee isn’t bad looking either plus she’s all woman…i’m just saying they are childhood he should kneww poy used to be a dude like him…but he decided to marry poy after the sex change..u don’t think it’s weird?

  2. “childhood sweetheart”

    Sure childhood sweetheart? If yes, there is something quite weird here. Because the guy liked her when she was still a he.

    I bet the real statement is sometime much older.

    1. although she was a he but she dressed as a she. aside from the sex he was a she. poy had surgery pretty young at 17. so it can be that she got to know him after the surgery, which means that she was a she.

      1. that was the most confusing comment i have ever read … the he and she … too funny!

    2. If they are childhood sweethearts, can understand why Poy was ready to transform totally to a woman at the young age of 17.
      I’ve noticed that in a gay/lesbian relationship, a partner would be more feminine while the other more macho. Poy is prolly the one with the more feminine characteristics and with the love and support of her childhood sweetheart, was confident enough of her sexuality for total transformation to a ‘real’ woman.
      In a way her statement that the guy is her ex-boyfriend is kinda true. My colleague always refer to her husband as ‘my ex-boyfriend’.

      1. Since she identified as a female even though her biological sex is male, this would not be considered a gay relationship because she doesn’t have the mindset of a man. It’s complicated.

  3. Wow some of you are so transphobic.

    I hate reading the comments on here of news related to gay, transgender and interacial relationship. So many ignorant comments.

    1. then you might consider not coming here again or maybe skipping these articles?

      1. How is littlegalpal’s comment ignorant at all? Transgender people are human too; it’s not like they’ve done anything wrong, legally or morally. Being transgender is not wrong in any way.

      2. lol, not according to the bible? Not everyone here is christian here you know.

      3. i’m not a xtina either…i’m just saying..if we don’t have religion, then we won’t have any discussion about this topic.

    2. …. wonder if ur son come out as gay, or ur daughter come as lesbian, or ur son ask for sex surgery ……

      1. It’s called having an opinion by being understanding rather than judgemental.

    3. Yeah..
      When someone find himself is actually a She
      being born into a male body, it is really devastating pyschologically and physically.
      The next best thing to do is to correct the mistake nature has made.
      So Whats wrong being a transgender ?

      1. When we say something is wrong, it’s because we disagree with it or we don’t use the bible as the “moral compass” or don’t believe that the bible is the law of the land.

        When we disagree with what people do (or what they do is out of the ordinary), it doesn’t mean that they have problems, or specifically mental problems. All it means is that they are different from us. How do we know that we are not the one who has “mental problems” for blindly “following the norm”?

        If love is truly unconditional, then one should allow to love anyone–there’s no concept of gender, age, etc. If we actually choose to love someone because he is a male, female, then love is conditioned. With that said, does unconditional love exists? I don’t know because I cannot accept huge age gap difference in a relationship (20 year-old marrying a 40+ year-old). But I won’t label the people who are engaged in such relationship as having mental problems. It’s their lives. I have no right in telling people how to live them. Plus, I am in no position to claim that I understand their love even when I disagree with it. All I know it’s not something for me. So, let us live our lives and let others live theirs as long as their decision do not infringe on our freedom.

  4. They are both gorgeous.

    I am also disturbed by the comments. But I keeping coming here because of the good quality news offered by the good people at Jaynestars.

    Gosh, I don’t even know who Poy is, but I’d like to find out more!

  5. The background of that picture is the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. He is carrying an LV bag, and that looks like a Birkin bag to me. Soo… if this is before Poy even got some acting roles and could pay her own way, this guy must be pretty loaded.

    Wonder how (who) paid for Poy’s surgery… all those procedures aren’t exactly cheap.

  6. so wut if she’s a trangender? so wut if her childhood mate married to her…is dat wrong? some of you are really dumbass keyboard warriors…anyone of you here swear to god that she’s not pretty enough to get a boyfren or a hubby?

  7. she reminds me of tall gangly Taiwanese American girls including a Miss Chinatown USA who were on the Love Boat tour with me

  8. Either HK media is being retarded or they don’t bother to even back track to search. This isn’t her childhood sweetheart. And when Poy says it’s her ex; it’s her ex. Poy never kept her dating relationship hidden with this guy. They just broke up a couple months ago and she told everyone. And his name isn’t Juskin like they say. Poy always posted pics of her and man. And she can’t get married in Thailand because they don’t allow trans/les/gays to hold a marriage certificate. Even if you get one out of the country it wouldn’t even mean anything when they go back.

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