TVB Fights for Charmaine Sheh’s Return

After discontinuing her TVB management contract with TVB, Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) shifted the focus of her acting career to mainland China. The 37-year-old has since filmed two mainland Chinese dramas, Legend of Yuan Empire Founder <建元风云> and Marry into the Purple <嫁入豪门>, after signing with her current management, MediaQuiz, in 2011.

Both HKTV and TVB’s frequent collaborator, EEG, has publicly expressed their interest in being Charmaine’s new management agency after she left TVB two years ago. In the past year, EEG’s management team recruited Irene Wan (溫碧霞), Michelle Yim (米雪), Kara Hui (惠英紅), and Simon Yam (任達華) into their agency.

However, Charmaine chose to sign with the new Hong Kong-based management agency MediaQuiz, which has close ties with mainland China. Former TVB actress Bernice Liu (廖碧兒), and actor Joe Ma (馬德鐘), have also signed with the same company.

Despite her exit, Charmaine remains in close contact with TVB. The actress still has 20 episodes left in her TVB filming contract.

Earlier reports indicated that TVB executive, Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍), wanted Charmaine to return to TVB to film wuxia drama, Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon <寒山潛龍>, with Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎). However, Kevin, who is occupied with his flourishing career in mainland China, turned down the offer. Charmaine subsequently expressed that she was not interested in filming the wuxia drama as well.

A close source to TVB said, “Eric Tsang (曾志偉) tried convincing Charmaine to come back, but she was not interested. Last year, TVB executives hinted to Charmaine that she had a great chance to win TV Queen for When Heaven Burns <天與地>, but Charmaine said she didn’t want to go. She doesn’t care about the award.”

Charmaine revealed that she is interested in returning to film You’re Hired 2 <絕代商驕>, if the project comes through. With his ratings guarantee performances in past TVB dramas, Charmaine’s You’re Hired costar Dayo Wong (黃子華) has recently agreed to return to TVB to film a yet-to-be announced comedy drama. Numerous actresses are currently auditioning for the spot as female lead in Dayo’s new drama. Besides Charmaine, Sheren Tang (鄧萃雯) also expressed her interest in collaborating with Dayo.

The insider said, “Charmaine is interested, but TVB has provisos. They want Charmaine to sign a [long-term] contract. Not many people are like Kevin Cheng. He has the qualifications to turn down TVB’s offers. After all, he is earning 500,000 RMB per episode in China. On the other hand, Charmaine may not get these benefits if she signs with TVB.”

Source: Next Magazine #1193 via

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    1. Miriamfanz,
      I always found Sheren Tang to be a stronger dramatic rather than comedic actress. I’m sure Dayo will have a say in who he chooses to costar with.

  1. Shouldn’t EEG (or EMP) be the latest one? Two years ago it was Huayi Brothers, she end up signing with MediaQuiz (whom the boss have connection with Huayi Brothers & Ricky Wong).

    Her per-series contract with TVB will expire around April 2013, we’ll see then.

  2. Getting the two ex lovers to film would surely be awkward.

    1. Maybe they didnt have a good breakup thus.. Kevin’s reaction when he heard of Charmaine involvement in that TVB series..

  3. Charmaine looks pretty in this picture. I hope her new series with TVB will be a comedy not drama. She was so good in “You’re hired”

  4. I miss her acting in TVB dramas! I cannot see her mainland China ones. I do hope to see her return for some TVB drama.

    1. Same with me. I still think Charmaine Sheh was and still is the best fadan in TVB in terms of both acting and pretty face.

      1. Yeah I agree (:
        Both Myolie and Tavia are good as well but I still prefer Charmaine Sheh 😀

      2. I dont understand why people think Charmaine is pretty. Pretty are Sonija Kwok, JJ Jia, Gigi Lai ( and I dont even care for her), Melissa Ng, Ada Choi. Charmaine’s nose unfortunately is too big to consider pretty. I guess I have a thing for nose. I like small, pointed nose.

      3. Sophia:

        U must not like tavia and Linda either b/c they got big nose too.

      4. @ Josie. Haha, actually no. I like Tavia and Linda. They still look pretty to me 😉 Weird huh?

      5. Charmaine’s nose is quite small to her face, sophia. It isn’t as big as the 2 names Josie mentioned, but you seem to prefer “very big” to “big”. If Charmaine’s nose is too big and you like the two bigger noses, it’s kind of weird btw.

    2. I think Beauty is (pretty much) in the eye of the beholder 😉

  5. I think she’s a decent actress not great like many ppl said she was, the only role I really enjoyed of hers was in WHB, I quite liked her in WTAP2 as well. She’s not very suitable in comedy in my opinion more on roles that’s a bit more dramatic

  6. better sheren than charmaine in “you are hired 2”,its a pity that dodo had refused,i like her acting,and the perfect chemistry with dayo.

  7. I just watched her mainland series {Marry into the Purple} and it’s full of crying scenes, insufficient key dialogue and, personally speaking, felt her role did not maximise her acting potential. She was dubbed in mandarin naturally and if not for the nice ending, I couldn’t have carried on.

    I would have like to see her at least doing one series per year for tvb for fans like us. Kate, Linda and some wannabes are so tiring. Also miss Michelle Yim and Kara Hui at tvb.

  8. Charmaine is not only a good actress but also exudes charm and grace and I do hope she opts to act in at least one TVB series this year. She does look beautiful in the picture above.

    1. I am surprised at the many positive posts on her acting. I like her, but I still feel she is at best mediocre in the acting dept. But I do like watching her.

      1. Me too… I have seen her acting many times and I don’t see her acting to be that great at all. Her acting is mediocre at best and her looks are also average… I guess beauty and talent are in the eye of the beholder. However, I don’t just go for cast so would watch any series as long as the plot is good and isn’t a remake of the same old wuxia novels over and over again…

  9. I actually did not enjoy “You’re Hired” that much and do not look forward to a sequel.

    Why don’t TVB invest in a long comedy series (like 40 or 60 eps) with Dayo Wong that has a completely new and fresh storyline and characters?

    I think Charmaine would be better with a new character that Miu Miu. Plotlines seems to plummet after main characters get married as no more romantic/sexual tension. Why don’t they try and get both Sheren and Charmaine in with Dayo in a love triangle or a business rivalry battle? That would be very interesting.

    1. 60 eps comedy is too long for 1 hour show. Why not make it a sitcom basis? Or better yet bring back EYT but this time do it properly?

  10. Am I the only one who finds Charmaine over-rated?
    She is ok but not someone I eagerly look forward to seeing.

    And that voice of here’s is still annoying.

    1. HOLY crap, NOT at all. I never particular like her acting or appearance wise. They intially compare her to resemble Carina Lau. Never like that wowan either but even if i had to pick, it would be
      Carina Lau over CS.
      hahaha completely agree w/everything you said on her voice and everything. Alot of her series are so damn boring esp that one w/Raymond Lam w/her being a stupid character that is not very smart, i didnt even finish past the 2nd episode. And alot of her other series are not watchable either.

      1. Carina Lau ………. she still hasn’t got rid of her Suzhou accent after living in Hong Kong for over 35 years! How good can she be? She can’t speak good Cantonese!

      2. I think Carina arrived in HK in her late teens not knowing any Cantonese… too late to be speaking perfect cantonese (unless you applied intense training). I imagine she’d still be the same in another 20-30 years.

    2. i also dont like her,especially in the begin of her career with her micky mouse voice is indeed annoying.

    3. Charmaine is quite over-rated. I find her quite lucky and she caught the right time to peak with her career. She was around during the time of Kenix, Maggie Cheung, Gigi Lai, Marianne Chan, and others, when they all left…automatically she was promoted to 1st tier actress. While she still had 1st lead roles here and there while those other top fadans were around, but she was considered 2nd sometimes 3rd lead actress…Sometimes being an actor/actress… all it takes is the right timing and luck even if you’re not the best in your field.

      1. Anyone else think Linda Chung is kind of Charmaine’s successor? The way they both started and their “chicken” voice.. Lol.

      2. Same with Myolie Wu and Tavia Yeung. Their acting skills are a lot worse than Charmaine’s anyway. If Charmaine is still with TVB, I don’t think Myolie Wu would ever be a TV Queen with her even-more-mediocre acting.

      3. Definitely, Myolie Wu is below both Tavia and Charmaine. I think Tavia and Charmaine are pretty much the same in terms of being actresses.

        Tavia was never given the first chance because she is not a managed artist. But TVB realizing their shortage of fadans had to do something and Tavia has quite a hefty fan base in HK. I believe then, only Bernice Liu and Tavia Yeung were not managed under TVB.

      4. Disagree. Charmaine Sheh is way better than Tavia Yeung, in both acting and look. Charmaine looks good in both modern and ancient drama series, and her acting is much better than Tavia Yeung’s. Among these three, Myolie Wu is the weakest one for sure.

      5. Well I guess acting and looks are very much subjective. Lol.

      6. uhm Charmaine is pretty? Sorry I dont think so. She is ok looking. But then again if you like her you’ll think she pretty. I do agree with a lot of people that Tavia used to be prettier than she is right now but i think she is still better looking than Charmaine.

      7. I guess acting and looks are very much subjective.
        Very true.

      8. Crystal:

        In WAB w/ Gigi, sheren, and maggie, they were all leads. Sheren probably wasn’t even meant to be lead but then her character was so well-received when the series aired. And since Gigi and Maggie died while Charmaine survived, she could even say she was the main lead. Definitively not 2nd or 3rd line. Same goes for “dance of passion” w/ Gigi and Ada.

      9. I wouldn’t call Charmaine the main lead just because she lived. Gigi was the lead so to speak, Charmaine and Maggie the 2nd lead. Sheren was I believe the lead as well.

      10. Thank you Funn for helping me clarify as I thought for a mere second, we were not thinking about the same series.

      11. I guess different perspectives. Every time I watch WAB, I always feel “yu fei” and “yee shun” are the best characters so I feel they are the real leads.


        Then please tell me which series u think Charmaine was 2nd or 3rd lead once she became a top fadan.

      12. Josie,

        I am extremely confused. I think you misunderstood me. When I said charmaine was a 2nd and 3rd lead actress it was during the time when all the other actresses were still in tvb thus charmaine was not a top fadan. Obviously when charmaine became a top fadan she was 1st lead and so she happened to be of that status when all the previous top fadans left..get what I mean?

      13. No, b/c u clearly said Charmaine was lead here and there while the other fadans (Gigi, Maggie, marianne) were around but she was considered 2nd or 3rd line. I gave u 2 examples of WAB and DOP where that was not the case.

      14. Crystal:

        You really should check your facts up before you write it. Charm was already first lead actress back in 2000 and I can tell you that all those so called fa dan during that time was huge Flora, Ada Choi,Jessia hsuan, Maggie Cheung, Kenix Kwok, Dodo, Liza wang, Nancy sit, Melissa Ng, Nadia Chan ect was still around. If you look at the anniversarys back then charm was nominated and got awards during the time when those “older” generation fa dans was around. I also want to point out that Tav started in TVB at the same time as charm and Myo wasn’t far away either, 2000 she was already “inside” TVB. So if you say that Charm was auto. promoted to 1 lead the same should have gone to Sonija, Anne Hueng, Myolie ect but that was not the case, those actresses was still 2an or 3rd lead.
        DIF IV charm was 2nd lead I think but that was filmed in 1999.
        ROTC she was the lead actress together with Nancy sit. CS she was the 1 lead together with Sheren Tang. Crismon sabre she was the 1 lead while Melissa was 2nd.
        THSADS charm was the leading actress with Gigi Lai. I can keep going with examples for you if you whant that.
        Oh one thing that can show her status in TVB is she was already in top 5 best actress back in 2001. And I can tell you that non of those actresses that you listed up had left TVB then. Flora won the best actress award in 2002.

      15. Just want to clear things up here in WAB Maggie was the first lead charm, gigi and sheren all had the 2nd lead.

      16. Tavia and Myolie are two others I’m not too fond of.

        Linda Chung is ok but seeing too much of her lately so a bit of over exposure ( same as tavia)

        Maybe bring back some older stars… Like Kenix, marianne chan etc… Even good to see Jessica S and Maggie C again.

        Even though I haven’t seen Charmaine for some time, feels like she’s still around so still need a break from her

      17. Jupi,

        I believe I do have my facts straight. What I said was basically, when all the other top fadans were around, KEEP IN MIND I DID SAY SHE HAD 1ST LEAD ROLES HERE AND THERE WHEN SHES IN A SERIES HERSELF, but in terms of star power compared to the others, SHE WAS NOT TOP TIER YET. Thus, WAB (and that was in 2004) she was 2nd lead. Would you say Linda Chung is a first line fadan even though she had leading series while Charmaine was still around? NO. Thats all I’m saying about Charmaine. The truth was, when TVB HAD THEIR SHORTAGE OF FADANS… CHARMAINE WAS CLEARLY THE NEXT IN LINE TO BE HIGHLY PROMOTED AND APPEAR IN SERIES AFTER SERIES THUS HER STATUS BECAME TOP TOP TOP SUPER TOP #1 FADAN.

        “And I can tell you that non of those actresses that you listed up had left TVB then. Flora won the best actress award in 2002.”
        ^ When you say then..what time frame are you speaking of? Cause in my first post never mentioned a time.. It was a broad statement saying “Charmaine was next in line to be super duper promoted since TVB no longer had any accredited Fadans.”

        Also.. Crimson Sabre.. she was co-leading with that girl who played “wan ching ching”. Same thing with HSADS…co lead at best with Gigi Lai.

      18. And why are awards being emphasized here? Charmaine did not win till 2006 and by then everyone was pretty much gone (I have a feeling someone is going to use this one line and magnify it to no end, so before that happens, remember I put an emphasis on “pretty much gone” which means the depletion of actresses had begun)… so that explains itself?

      19. Crystal:

        First of all don’t you think it’s abit wrong to compare charm with the older generations at the time period you are talking about? When Charm was competeing with those “big sisters” she was still kind of newbie but she still was the first lead in almost every single drama she was in. So to comepare her ” star power” with those like ada, kenix etc who have been around more then 6 year before charm is kind of wrong. They have a huge adventage compare with Charm who have in the period of time just filmed a few dramas.
        ” When you say then..what time frame are you speaking of?…
        Yes you are right you didn’t write any specific time frame when you write your first post but it’s not too hard to count it out. Marianne basicly leaved TVB when charm entered as an actress, Flora on the other hand leaved TVB during 2003-2004. The other actresses Kenix, ect was still around in 2005. So the time frame you are talking about that can include Charm is around 1999-2005
        And during this time frame you are refering to. both Tav and Myo was active in TVB and so was Anne heung, Sonija and Sherily so it wasn’t like TVB didn’t have any other ppl they could have promoted. And remember that during this time frame those actresses like Ada, Kenix, Maggie was still very active.So your statement about “Charmaine was next in line to be super duper promoted since TVB no longer had any accredited Fadans.” is not true.
        And to call Gigi Lai as one of the top fah dans is kind of ridiculous. She never was a top fah dan to start with, she got her rec. after WAB which was in 04. Otherwise she was filming movied during 96-00. and nearly had any dramas during 00-03.
        I did say charm was co leading actress with Gigi Back in 2000 for THSD. But remember one thing Charm had just entered the industry in 00. Before that drama she had just been in 4 other dramas.
        “And why are awards being emphasized here?”
        The answer is charm was nominated and got in to top 5 best actress during the time when those “big sisters” still was around. If she wasn’t good enought she wouldn’t had make it to top five right?
        TVB best actress award have never really been too fair, how many can say that Gigi was more deserved to get the award in 2004 instead of Sheren? top 5 is more or less fair but winner. not necessary.
        As I said the best actress titel on TVB awards are not so important, the thing is charm had already grabed the best actress award on other awards presentations. and one more thing that I want to point out is Charm is the only actress/actor who have make it to Next Magazine top 10 most famous artist in HK for 11 years in a row. So your saying about her star power ect is really really doubtful

      20. Jupi,

        I do not know why you wrote such a long explanation. I simply clarified what I was saying about charmaine and her road to stardom. That was all. You can disagree all you want but thats my view on how she got promoted to number one status. And that is all. Good day.

      21. About Linda if I would call her a fah dan. if you ask me those so call fah dans left on TVB right now at this moment, myo, tav, kate, Linda, fala non of them can be called dan gah fah dan. So even if charm isn’t around they are still no there yet.

      22. Jupi,
        I can see that youre a die hard fan of charmaine but to even try and say that she is a formidable actress during the time of all the other actresses, your love for her must be unbreakable. You are absolutely correct that she had her own series but does that mean she was a top fadan then? No. The comparison to linda chung was that she is leading series herself but would you consider her a top fadan? You said it yourself, no. Charmaine was the same case when she started. She was promoted and tvb was in the process of making her into a fadan and thus when no one was left in tvb she was automatically tvbs no.1 prized possession. Tvb made charmaine into the hk star she is. But please know she isnt that well known in china. Do some research. When she first embarked into mainland china, a producer said she was not popular enough. Find the article. Its around the internet waiting for you.

      23. Troll:

        I’m a fans of Charm, I didn’t say that Charm had the same star power as the other actresses during that time, as I said/write in my earlier post you can’t and never can compare a nearly started actress with veteran actress like those you guys was listing up. But one thing is for sure that Charm did gain popular faster then many other actresses and that was not b/c TVB was out of celebs in their company as it’s like now. Back then there where tons of actresses that are ” first line fah dan at TVB right now” and some of them have already leaved TVB due to no market.
        Well I will consider her as one of the top fah dans during 2002. Since it was clearly seen on the anniversary. she was the only actress that was performing with the other top fah dans. you can search that up if you want. if she still was not up there yet tvb will not had put her up there.
        Yes I said that I will not consider Linda as one of the top fah dans, now when TVB looks like what it does today those 3rd line actress have been promoted to 1st or 2nd. Camoe is promoted to 2nd or 3rd.
        The case between Linda and charm are def different like what I have said in my earlier post. Charm started out when those big sister was still around and have already climbed up as big sister before the “big sisters” leaved. while now TVB have no big sisters left so they have no other choices then put any random actress up there.
        It’s true that TVB is behind charm fame and so is it for all the other actors/actress out there who was with TVB from the start. Like Andy lau, without TVB he would be nothing and it’s the same with Charm, I will never deny that. But the article you are refering to about the producer said she was not popular enought was back when she filmed QLXJN and CMFAWO
        and that was back in 2003.
        And back in those days TVB artiste wasn’t really popular in mainland china since they nearly didn’t broadcast any of TVBs series. Even those ” big sisters” wasn’t really popular or well known in mainland.
        TVBs big brother Gallen lok wasn’t popular enought to carry a serie in mainland. So how surpices should I be if charm wasn’t popular enought back in 2003 when she was still kind of new and had just had 4 years of filming experience?

      24. Jupi,

        You have won the award for being charmaine’s greatest fan and for mis-analyizing every word of mine and previous commentors. Congratulations.

      25. @Jupi:

        Don’t know about the 2003 article but there is this March 2012 news article that says <> [..]

        Director Tsui Siu Ming suggested casting Charmaine Sheh in the role, but both the investors as well as CCTV refused at first because they felt Charmaine was ‘not popular enough’ in the Mainland. March 2012

      26. oops! corrections

        But the article you are refering to about the producer said she was not popular enought was back when she filmed QLXJN and CMFAWO and that was back in 2003.

        Don’t know about the 2003 article but there is this March 2012 news article that says “Charmaine Sheh was originally turned down as ‘not popular enough’ to be the female lead of Mainland series “Legend of the Yuan Empire Founder”

        “Director Tsui Siu Ming suggested casting Charmaine Sheh in the role, but both the investors as well as CCTV refused at first because they felt Charmaine was ‘not popular enough’ in the Mainland.” March 2012

      27. Hopefully Charmaine’s name will be a household name when Legend airs.

    4. You aren’t the only one but it is not only her that is overrated. Many celebs are way overrated these days and they all want to join the circle hoping to make money and get famous…

    5. I have heard from people that Charmaine resembles Chan Poh Chu. From vcds, Charmaine looks like Chan Poh Chu at certain angles.

      But I don’t think she looks like Carina Lau.

      1. And those people were huge fans of Chan Poh Chu. TVB probably wants to capitalise on Charmaine’s resemblance to her and hence her popularity.

      2. Charmaine’s claim to fame in the very beginning was Carina Lau and she does look like her. You must see her when she first started. She looked nothing like Chan Po Chu. That would be Maggie Cheung.

      3. I’ve heard ppl say she resembles carina but I haven’t heard comparisons w/ chan bo chu. Maggie cheung hoi yee was the one that looked like chan Bo chu.

      4. Back then when Maggie Cheung acted in Old Time Buddy as Chan Poh Chu, I heard that there was no resemblance. I am not sure why. But maybe people have different opinions i guess.

        Although i think that maggie cheung looks like her.

        I am more curious about the actress that Barbara Yung was said to resemble – The actress who committed suicide and said to bear a striking resemblance to Barbara…
        Does anyone know? Have heard that she was Barbara’s aunt.

      5. When CS initially started, I recall she looked like a cross between Carina Lau and Vivian Lai Sui Yan.

        No idea what CPC looked like as she was way before my time.

    1. that’s a rubbish song… it’s like a kiddies nursery rhyme.

  11. those TVB awards means nothing, and yet the TVB execs think they could use that to lure Charmaine back.

    1. TVB is truly desperate if they have to fight for Charmaine to come back…

      1. i agree, they always are. to me, there are so many other artists but all we ever see them as are ‘cameo’ or ‘calefei’ as HK ppl call them. It’s like you can pretty much upgrade some of those hardworking UNKNOWNS and make them a bit popular i/o of getting all these old faces in every series. thats why the refreshing team of FF ‘Sharon Chan and Sammy Something’ was really interesting to me, at least its not the same old couple again n again…

  12. Agreed. Charmaine is way better than Tavia, in both acting and look.

    Tavia is pretty,but her “nose” make her look a bit of artificial..and she should improve her wardrobe outfit/fashion..

    while Charmaine’s whole package look can be considered as great.

    1. “Agreed. Charmaine is way better than Tavia, in both acting and look. ”

      I am a bit shocked at this statement because normally a viewer will say Tavia is good in acting. I am of the opposite opinion from yours. Yes in terms of looks Charmaine is of course pretty and girly and feminine but age is catching up, she can’t forever do the cute looks and to her credit she is ditching that for grittier stuff.

      Tavia is plain. That is my opinion. But acting dept, she is way way way better than Charmaine. Charmaine to me is mediocre now, she was horrible in the past. Tavia started out very promising until she signed away her soul with TVB, she is not rather the usual. Charmaine has more screen presence and is capable of carrying a series and does romance well. And she cries beautifully. Tavia can’t cry beautifully, to me she has no screen presence and she is to me Joe Ma and Moses Chan, depending on others to carry the series. That is why they work well in ensemble series.

      Charmaine is the leading lady type. Tavia is the best supporting type. Of course her fans will disagree as they always do.

      But between Tavia and Charmaine, Charmaine had more flak in the past from critiques and kudos to her fans for never quite responding likewise. Tavia’s fans is the other opposite.

      All in all, Charmaine is a star, Tavia is an actress. Neither derogotary but may not be what either wants.

      Anyway on acting itself, let’s not deny it; Tavia is a better actress. Again I am surprised by all the sudden Charmaine is a good great fantastic actress comments. Never quite read that in the past. I suppose if you have paid your dues, even if your entire life you have never won a Best actress award so to speak, you will still get Lifetime Achievement award. Respect comes not from the talent or ability but rather from the fact she survived this long in this business and is going strong.

      1. “she is not rather the usual”

        I meant “she is NOW rather the usual”

      2. Charmaine is a star, Tavia is an actress.
        Agree with the above statement, but I disagree that Tavia Yeung is a better actress. I never liked Tavia’s acting. Though Charmaine’s acting may not be amazingly outstanding, her acting has improved a lot over the years. She can easily carry a drama series, and I don’t see the same on Tavia.

      3. Funn:

        If u were someone else who says Charmaine’s acting is mediocre, I would think maybe u are really picky and have very high standards. But since I know how much u like Linda as an actress, I can never take your criticism seriously anymore.

        Anyway, u really never heard ppl praise Charmaine’s acting after “country spirit”, WAB, and “maiden’s vow” back then?

      4. ” She can easily carry a drama series, and I don’t see the same on Tavia.”

        Which is different when saying one is a better actress than the other. The ability to carry a series need not always be the same as the ability to act well.


        Yes I know the praises and frankly I counter them all. She has improved but yes mediocre is the term. She looks like she is acting and I see Charmaine, I don’t see someone else. Her best work for me was An Herbalist Affair. That was when I felt Charmaine exceeded herself. But the rest was mediocre.

        Linda is someone I feel is a far better actress than being credit for simply because of a few series she did.

      5. you can never prove if someone can carry a drama serie or not, unless you are a standalone performer.
        who is more pretty or better actress is a realative term,everyone have it own taste and vision on a matter,its difficult to twist.

      6. Were people actually fond of Charmaine’s character or her acting in Country Spirit? I found her mannerisms and her constant shoutiness pretty similar to her acting in Return of the Cuckoo… (Or herself, perhaps.) But people tend to like rooting for the underdog or the unfortunate – plus the character was nowhere near as spoilt as Kwan Ho.

      7. I disliked Country Spirit.

        I hated and still hate that cuckoo series.

      8. I’m pretty meh over the characters (some just downright hacked me off), but I liked watching Country Spirit for the setting and scenery^^

      9. Josie:
        If Charmaine Sheh’s acting is considered mediocre, then Linda Chung’s acting is way below standard. I am not an anti-fan of Linda, but her acting cannot be compared with Charmaine’s. If you compare Charmaine’s acting with Sheren Tang’s, I may agree that Charmaine’s is not as good as Sheren’s, but surely way better than Linda Chung’s.

    2. Even with a decent nose, Tavia Yeung does not look prettier than Charmaine Sheh. Tavia’s face is too long. Her eyes are not sparkling like Charmaine’s.

      I never think Tavia Yeung is pretty; she just looks okay to me if not ugly.

      1. I think Beauty is (pretty much) in the eye of the beholder.

    3. many ppl complain about her nose but i like it. it just look like a european nose nothing special. tavia’s acting is great.

      1. i know, i think Tavia is way better than CS in every way but then again like one of the commentators above, these things can be quite subjective….everyone basically has a different on it. While i for one, have NEVER like CS in looks wise or acting wise. To me, she is just another actress.

      2. Agree. Prettiness and acting are very subject. Everyone has different expectations and tastes. Some people still praise Christine Kuo for her beautiful acting skills and funny Cantonese.

      3. I meant “subjective”, not “subject” in my post stated above.

  13. There is no doubt that Charmaine Sheh is a better actress than any of the current TV Queens (Myolie Wu and Tavia Yeung). I don’t think highly of those new TV Queens’ acting. Their acting skills and roles are very narrow compared to Charmaine’s. Charmaine’s acting is well recognized in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Korea, etc., and TVB had to push very hard to move up Myolie and Tavia even in Hong Kong.

    1. i agree. TVB is trying to promote myolie/ tavia into this first sister position but cant seem to succeed.

      1. Not Myolie Wu for sure. Will wait and see about Tavia Yeung.

        Tavia acts better than Myolie, but she is not pretty to me. Myolie is not pretty either. Charmaine is the prettiest one among these three, though she is starting to age a bit now.

      2. I think Myolie has better acting. Myolie isn’t really pretty but she is unique and she has her own style. She isn’t the monotone type as well. I’d rather see a stylist girl than a plain girl with an inlogic face due to a lot of PSs.

        Note: I dun have anything against PS as long as it dun mess up the face or make this person a doll of chain manufacture. For example, I can accept Angelababy’s PS face because she made herself look good with it but someone that made the whole face with too big nose, round mouth and deadly grand eyes, I can’t stand.

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