TVB Will Give “My Favorite Male Character Award” to Kevin Cheng Instead of Steven Ma?

In an attempt to retain Steven Ma (馬浚偉),who expressed his desire to leave the company, TVB allegedly offered to give Steven the “My Favorite Male Character Award” for his performance in The Life and Times of a Sentinel <紫禁驚雷. Steven was unmoved and allegedly met with Charmaine Sheh’s (佘詩曼) management company secretly. Both parties have almost completed their negotiations and were only waiting for Steven to sign his commitment after his TVB contract ends. Unable to retain Steven, TVB allegedly will give the “My Favorite Male Character Award” to the immensely popular, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) instead!

With his contract expiring in June 2012 and unable to get along with TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲), Steven planned to leave TVB a long time ago. Since TVB Deputy Chairman, Mona Fong (方逸華), singled out Steven and wanted him to remain at the company, Stephen Chan (陳志雲) has personally been discussing the contract matters with Steven. Although Steven indicated early on that he wished to terminate his contract with TVB, he did not eliminate the possibility of signing a per series contract with TVB and film series when time permits. 

Kevin Cheng Immensely Popular

Unable to retain Steven, TVB resorted to heavily promoting its “biological children.” Allegedly, the “My Favorite Male Character Award” will be given to Kevin Cheng, who became immensely popular after the airing of Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭>.  Kevin, Jazz Lam (林子善)and  Sam Lee (李璨琛) filmed an outdoor scene for Ghetto Justice 2 at a tea restaurant in the Sham Shui Po district earlier. At the time, a dog owner walked by and Kevin stepped forward to play with the dog. 

The filming of Ghetto Justice 2 attracted a large pedestrian gathering. A young female student shouted, “I’m really happy to see Kevin Cheng!” During the filming break, Kevin and Jazz Lam ate at a nearby Thai restaurant. The onlookers approached Kevin’s side, asking for autographs and photos, to which he complied with all requests and was very friendly with everyone. Realizing that Kevin was bombarded, Jazz offered his help, “We have to eat now!” Jazz pulled Kevin away from the crowd.

Steven Ma Refuses to Appear at TVB Anniversary 

Yesterday, Steven Ma and Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) appeared at a Clarks shoes store opening. Steven revealed that TVB invited him to attend the TVB Anniversary in December, sparking speculations that TVB wished to give him an award in order to retain him at the company.

On November 1st, Steven will film a mainland China series, The Founding of the Yuan Empire <建元風雲>, with Charmaine Sheh and Hu Jun (胡軍). Due to the filming schedule, Steven did not agree to appear at the upcoming TVB Anniversary. Asked if TVB’s invitation meant that Steven had the possibility of receiving the Best Actor Award, Steven said, “I do not believe so; I do not think that will happen!” (Did one of the negotiation terms with TVB involve awards?) “I do not act in series with the sole intention of receiving awards. I do not live my life to barter for other things. My goal is to film good series.” (What are your feelings regarding awards?) “My feelings are similar to my character in The Founding of the Yuan Empire, in which I play a monk. Perhaps, I will first attain undisturbed quietude of the heart.” 

Steven continued, “Actually, I don’t need TVB to give me any rewards. I have always possessed a good relationship with the company, but felt that a management contract did not suit my needs and thus wished to terminate the contract. The negotiation process has been enjoyable thus far. Prior to leaving, I hope a clear direction will be established.” (But TVB hopes you will return?) “Perhaps they want me to appear as an award presenter, for categories such as the Best Newcomer or Most Improved awards. Currently, I do not know whether I will be nominated in any awards categories. If that happens, it will be for my performance in The Life and Times of a Sentinel.” 

Regarding recent tabloid claims that Charmaine Sheh betrayed TVB by attempting to recruit artists to join her at a rival television station, Steven did not believe in the rumors. “Charmaine’s manager already issued a statement. I believe this may be a misunderstanding. I do not believe Charmaine is involved in any planning or administrative matters.”


Source: Singtao

Jayne: I think there is a high chance that Kevin Cheng will receive the “My Favorite Male Character Award” while Michael Tse will receive the “Best Actor Award” at the TVB Anniversary. Although Steven Ma expressed the desire to receive the “Best Actor Award” in the past, the moment is now over and he has set his horizons on mainland China instead.

What does Steven want from TVB now, just to be set free?

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  1. I think Kevin did astonishingly well,brilliantly too in Ghetto Justice 1 and am surprised if nobody considers him good enough to qualify for best actor award.

    1. Seriously, I believe that Ghetto Justice 1 got the same popularity and recognition from the public just like life of omission when it came out earlier in the year. But sometime, newer dramas release later than another will get more popular since its the most recent that the audience remembers. I also feel like Kevin definitely would deserve to be best actor since I thought he performed really well in his role and his character was fresh. Michael role was the same like it always was and I think Michael is just over hyped.

      1. agreed. Michael is overpromoted by TVB but too bad he will still win because TVB want to milk Laughing again. Poor Kevin will only win Fav Character.

      2. Steven Ma nothing applauded to him this year so he don’t deserve any win. He might find better success outside TVB.

    2. P.Tan,
      Kevin’s role as Law Ba in “Ghetto Justice” was no doubt one of his most memorable performances and the character design was a very likable one.

      However, I would like to ask whether everyone thinks that the character of “Law Ba” was truly difficult to play from a technical acting standpoint? Law Ba’s charm rests on the character’s unpredictability and Kevin injects his laid back charm and slight flirtatiousness, which I found to resemble his character in “Under the Canopy of Love” a bit.

      Personally, I felt that Michael Tse’s Laughing Sir character in “Lives of Omission” was more difficult to portray as compared to Kevin’s Law Ba. Michael had a wider range in dramatic and intense expressions.

      I welcome discussion on the topic of whether Kevin’s “Law Ba” or Michael’s “Laughing Sir” was more difficult to portray from an acting standpoint, regardless of who your personal favorite to win the Best Actor Award is.

      1. What is seemingly easy to act often takes a lot of effort. Maybe Kevin found his niche in playing laid back characters. I confess I have seen neither performances in full but I can say that from acting standpoint, an actor can make a character as easygoing or as anal. Both takes effort, but whether it has a positive or negative impact. It is like just because someone is doing nothing doesn’t mean he is not good. It takes effort to be effortless. Look at Stephen Chow. His comedy is laidback, so effortless when we all know he is a genius in comedy and because of that it looks effortless. Some people make acting like a chore; as if you must grimace very hard to show pain, smile very wide to show joy whilst some with just a twinkle in the eye could show a range of emotion. I am not saying Kevin is that good an actor but I think it would not be wise to dismiss his laid back performance as easier to portray, or that Michael’s more angst ridden easier. Just switch the actors. Kevin as Laughing Gor will have all these angst and yet laid back attitude and Kevin will shout himself hoarse. Whilst Michael as Law Ba will probably look chok, look angry, look angst when he is supposed to look relaxed.

        Different characters, different actors, different approaches. The same with a paralysed man is not more difficult to portray than a full able bodied one.

        Frankly I welcome Kevin’s laidback easygoing charm rather than Michael’s angtsy angry guy which can be tiring to watch. That being said, I find Michael of course a better actor than Kevin generally but generally, I like Kevin more. If Kevin has Michael’s confidence he would be a much better actor. If Michael has Kevin’s relaxed charm, he would be a more likeable actor. The question is not which character is more difficult to portray but rather which you like more. Best actor isn’t always won by the actor who portrays the paraplegic with brain damage with end stage cancer looking for his amnesiac wife who ran off with his female chauffer or that actor with the character who delivers a monologue whilst sitting on a sofa in bunny slippers deserve less credit. That being said some characters are easier to portray but doesn’t deserve any less credit for the effort.

      2. Funn,
        Thanks for sharing your perspective. Agree that laidback is not always the easiest to portray. Looking effortless and comfortable, while in character takes good immersion into the role. Bowie Lam looks effortless in his roles.

        As for Kevin as “Law Ba,” he has a laid back charm, but he still doesn’t come across as a truly uncouth lawyer. His picking of the nose and spitting on the streets still carry traces of his gentlemanly self.

        “Just switch the actors. Kevin as Laughing Gor will have all these angst and yet laid back attitude and Kevin will shout himself hoarse.”

        Kevin played an angry and tense character in “A Fistful of Stances.” Personally, I think Kevin is not very suitable for such explosive roles.

        Michael’s acting style is more flamboyant and dramatic, perhaps due to years of playing oddball supporting roles, who had very distinct characteristics, even from his days as an effeminate aerobics instructor in “Days of Endearmeant” to his comedic role in “Virtues of Harmony.” Michael is a physical actor and has good timing, somehow I think if he were more subdued, he would lose his charm.

        No doubt in the realm of TVB’s Best Actor Award, an affinity with the audience matters. The issue now lies in who TVB sees more valuable to them in 2012, Kevin or Michael. Kevin seems to be filming in mainland China more and more, while Michael’s “Laughing Gor” franchise, is it nearing its end or only mid-peak? I do believe Michael has the versatility to deliver other memorable performances if given the chance. He would do well in darker comedies.

      3. “His picking of the nose and spitting on the streets still carry traces of his gentlemanly self.”

        Maybe his former character before he faced some tragedy was a gentleman??

      4. But true. Which is why I said Kevin is not that good an actor.

        Oh Yes Bowie. Effortless. Kong Wah. Effortless (even if a bit trying too hard sometimes). Gallen for a while was effortless. But don’t you agree some actors just somehow doesn’t change and yet manages to convince? Like Marco Ngai. What happened to him?

        Steven Ma.

        And Roger, effortless.

      5. Funn,
        Bowie Lam is indeed the epitome of effortless. Flora Chan in her early “Untraceable Evidence” days was also quite good. Gallen is very natural in his dramatic moments; his onscreen emotional delivery is just very 3D and human-like, tugging at your heart.

        Kong Wah was wonderful in “Journey to the West” and will always be the best actor in emperor roles. He has a scholarly air and wisdom in his eyes that makes him very suitable for such roles.

        As for Roger Kwok, I feel a bit mixed about his acting. His performance in “Square Pegs” and “Life Made Simple” do not strike me as that natural. Roger is not that good in comedy either. This is one veteran that I disagree with you on.

        More actors that make acting look easy (a random list of names that come to my mind now):

        1. Wayne Lai was quite effortless in his supporting role days. Recently as lead actor, I feel that his acting delivery has been more deliberate lately.

        2. Sean Lau, so subdued but looks so effortless. Reminds me of Bowie in this regard.

        3. Damian Lau’s weakest genre is comedy. Anything else and he’s wonderful.

        4. Esther Kwan is another onscreen natural.

        5. Derek Kwok has developed acting presence.

        Regarding Marco Ngai, he is currently filming in mainland and likely relocated permanently there since his wife is a mainalander. He had a son earlier this year. Marco excelled in masculine roles, such as cops and mafia leaders. Due to his physical appearance and masculinity, he had good screen presence. Otherwise, I feel that his range is limited.

      6. Why I can’t never feel Esther Kwan is that perfect of an actress?

        She can be good in some certain roles, but I find her not convincing in some type of roles. Uhm, whenever she acts beautiful woman, I can’t buy.

      7. I still feel Esther is the most beautiful of the 5 TVB top fadan of the 90s. She only lost on in her figure.

      8. Besides Ada, who else had good figure?

        I think esther looked the most housewife-like of the 5. Matched her role in Armed reaction.

      9. Jessica, Kenix, Marianne, Maggie all have better figure than Esther. But, Esther has the most beautiful face.

      10. I wish I have esther’s complexion at her age. She looks the best for her age, hardly a woman in her 40s. Her hair is also thick and her skin fair and flawless. She may not be a beauty but she is someone who grows old rather gracefully.

      11. Jessica, Esther, Marianne, Maggie, all are not beauty in my dictionary. Jessica looks smart. Marianne looks joyful, Maggie looks professional, Esther looks like strong family woman, but none of them look pretty in their young time (20s). All look more mature than their ages and now, when they in their 40s, they look their age.

        Kenix’s case is more complicated. Before she becomes a skeleton, she is pretty. The cute prettiness. But after getting slimmer a lot, she lost this baby cute and I feel she is older than her real age. Charmaine is the same.

      12. @ Fox

        Actually I feel that you are right.

        Jessica and those names you mentioned, they are strong women, and they are good actresses, but yes, looks-wise, they are not at the top. I think Charmaine also belongs to this group.

        I think that Ada and Gigi are the prettist fadans of their era but of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so others may disagree.

  2. Is Kevin immensely popular because of ghetto justice 2 or because or BBJX?

    “What does Steven want from TVB now, just to be set free?”

    A little less conversation and a little more action.

    1. No Kevin got really popular due to his role in ghetto justice 1 this year first. But then with BBJX, his popular skyrocketed even more.

  3. I’m sad Steven is leaving tvb well at least his last tvb series he will pair up with Linda chung again there fith time pairing
    I know this is way off topic sorry about that

    1. I am actually not sad that Steven is leaving (although I am his fan) as I think he is better off some where if his current employer does not value him.

      In fact, I am rooting for him to break ties with TVB in order to soar to higher heights else where. I am sure his acting skills will be further polished in China dramas especially those historical dramas !

  4. Of late, I realised that bosco have been doing a better job especially in graceunder fire & lives in omission. Even better than Michael tse.

  5. Kevin has that most Fav character award in his hand already with GJ. Steven is boring and nothing new in his acting while Kevin got applauded for his refreshing acting and role.

    Michael Tse win Best Actor is obvious because TVB want to milk Laughing still loL

  6. This article makes it seems like giving Kevin the Fave Character award was their second option and that it was always going to go to Steven but I think they have it backwards. I think there’s always been buzz about Kevin getting that award but they’ve only been thinking of giving it to Steven to try and get him to stay with TVB. Also, I don’t think Steven really wants any of the awards this year because he is trying to move on. That, and it would be really obvious that the award is (even more) fixed since none of his characters have really been as popular this year.

    I think there’s also a chance that they’ll give the TV King award to Kevin with Fave Character to Michael.

    1. Michael got bad reputation after he dissed Steven lately. So you’re right maybe TVB can exchange the position and made Kevin the King and Michael the Fav character

      1. All this talk of awards giving to this and that really makes the whole stuff so political. I am glad Steven does not want it and anything to do with it.

        Though you say he is boring and he has nothing new, I beg to differ. In The Life and Times of a Sentinel , he was brilliant in eps 19 and the last 2 episodes as well, if you have watched the drama.

        Anyway, I am also glad he is not coming back to attend the event and happy that he is off to China to film his latest drama.

        Wish you all the best, Steven !

    1. Claimine,
      Maybe you tried to post the comment at a moment when our server was slow and the posting did not happen? Hopefully it would not be too much trouble to retype the comment.

      1. I reposted my comment but it is still not being displayed. Give up!

      2. @claimine

        Do you put url links in that comment? Sometimes when I put urls that comment won’t appear ROFL

      3. Claimine,
        Apologize, I should have checked the “Spam” folder in our admin section before asking you to repost your comment. Since our site gets a lot of spam links, a filtering software is in place to put comments with links in spam folder.

        “The reported words made Steven sound so uppity while his exact words were very gracious to the reporter who offered that phrase.”

        I didn’t find Steven to sound uppity in the misattributed quote. Actually, the Chinese phrase “心如止水” which describes the quietude in one’s heart to be a very elegant phrase.

        Although the posted article above may not have refected Steven’s exact word choice as indicated in the video news clip, Sing Tao did not convey Steven in a negative or uppity light. In fact, they portrayed TVB management as the desperate party with misaligned management practices where bartering of awards is a normal thing.

      4. Jayne, “Sing Tao did not convey Steven in a negative or uppity light.”

        I did not say that Sing Tao conveys Steven in a negative light. Just that the misquote attributed to Steven somehow evoked an uppity image to me. It’s just me.

        Luckily because my comment was lengthy, I copied it as backup before submitting it. So links cannot be submitted?

      5. Claimine,
        You may include links in your comments, but sometimes it may be caught in the “Spam” folder, which may be delayed in publication or even escape our notice, since we get dozens of porn links spamming our site everyday. The software is in place to protect our site.

      6. Haha I think you’re using Akismet? To me, it never miscaught any comment. :))

  7. In my opinion, Kevin’s best acting shown in his old villain roles (in Taiwanese series). He has the good boy look but he can’t act good boy out.

  8. It does surprise me that Kevin gets the best actor award, as his demands in China has increased 16 folds in RMB after the airing of the China Series. However, its all about the Character / actor and how much the audience talks about the role in the series… Don’t be surprised that TVB gives us a surprise twist, and hand the award to Wayne Lai again as his charactor as “PRO SIR” in Forensic Hero 3 is actually well received in HK.

  9. Interestingly an ‘old’ unverified insider info aka rumor of MF demanding TVB to retain SM is now stated as the ‘truth’?
    And insider information is substituted by allegations.

    My sympathy to poor innocent KC for being dragged into this to put a new spin on ‘old’ news.

    As to Both parties have almost completed their negotiations and were only waiting for Steven to sign his commitment after his TVB contract ends.

    Steven refutes that allegation: Even though Steven is acquainted with the production/management company that signed up Charmaine Sheh, and both parties have discussed Steven’s career direction, however, Steven is not ready to sign up with any management company just yet. And moreover he does not want to complicate things right now.

    The below Q&A is such a typical phone tag reporting of interviewee’s words:

    Reporter:(What are your feelings regarding awards?) “My feelings are similar to my character in The Founding of the Yuan Empire, in which I play a monk. Perhaps, I will first attain undisturbed quietude of the heart.”

    Steven did not use heart’s calm as still water to describe his feelings, a reporter came up with that phrase.

    From a different report verified by youtube vid – link can’t be posted: Reporter: Heart calm like still water?(對獎項心如止水?)Steven said: “Yee? Quite appropriate wo! Just happens that my role in my next tv series is a monk. So maybe preparing my mindset in advance for that role.”

    The reported words made Steven sound so uppity while his exact words were very gracious to the reporter who offered that phrase.

    What does Steven want from TVB now, just to be set free?

    To be set free from a management contract and to sign up a per series contract.
    For Steven, it is too little too late for sweetened promises that from past experience will not come true anyway.
    So precisely: less platitudes, less conversations, less stalling, more actions and a definite new direction of collaboration.

    Broken trust and broken promises are difficult to overcome. I absolutely believe that Steven has a breach of contract as his ace for him to make such a bold and seemingly foolhardy request.

  10. I would personally think the strong contender for TV king will be michael, Wayne & kevin. I’m supporting Michael- he did well as Laughing.
    With the popularity of GJ, Kevin’s character, acting & Law Ba role is well received by audience and it has indeed help him with his recent popularity. Most fav character will definitely goes to Kevin this year.

  11. Kevin Cheng should win Best Actor Award because Ghetto Justice was the best series in 2011.

    I have a feeling Micheal Tse will get that award with the Laughing Gor blitz that TVB needs more money.

    I dont see Steven Ma getting any awards, dissing TVB may be the smartest move to get out of TVB 🙂

    Long shot: Ruco Chan? Lots of people praised him from that drama tailor to him….. But I doubt he will get the award

    Highly unlikely TVB will give award to Wayne Lai since there is no Eosy Business 3; YAY! 🙂

    1. Larry,
      I don’t think they will give this award to
      Ruco Chan, because then a lot of people are going to be upset, even though his performance in TOT was superb. I think he need to lead a couple of successful series first before they would consider him, I hope he at lease get nominated and win for most improve.

  12. Kevin’s role as Law Bah is so overrated. It’s not that great. Personally, this year’s strong contenders are Roger Kwok in Wax/Wane, Kenneth Ma in Sentinel, and Michael Tse in Omission. Kevin’s acting is a hit and miss, he doesn’t have a very strong foundation of acting and doesn’t come across genuine most of the time.

    1. I agree that Roger Kwok should be nominated Best Actor for his role in Wax and Wane, but I disagree about Kenneth Ma. He was terrible in Sentinel! Kenneth just can’t do villain roles, period. It also definitely didn’t help that the character itself was terribly written.

      And Steven Ma should have won Best Actor a long time ago. He shouldn’t be nominated this year, especially for his role in Sentinel, because frankly, he wasn’t that great (again, it’s probably just the terrible writing). HOWEVER, I think Kenneth and Steven would have performed much better if they switched roles.

      1. I agree about Kenneth and Steven. They might be doing better if they switched roles. Kenneth tend to overact in his evil role and Steven is overdoing his righteousness which doesn’t differ much from his past series such as PSL, SG.

  13. I think Kevin made Law Ba great. I can’t see anyone else portraying this role. Kevin is the one that boosted the character’s potential. I hope he wins best actor. But TVB is really putting all its money on Lives of Omission and Laughing gor, which is starting to be too much. Michael Tse always has this kind of roles, no more challenge.

  14. ” Realizing that Kevin was bombarded, Jazz offered his help, “We have to eat now!” Jazz pulled Kevin away from the crowd.”

    Little brother helping out big brother. 😀

  15. oh Kevin looks interesting in that street look! i also wanna shout: “I’m really happy to see Kevin Cheng!.. in that look!”

    lol.. an award to keep people? it is ruinning the name of an award and who ever will get it

    again I think Steven answered quite well haha

    1. I always find Steven has a very intelligent mind when it comes to answering questions, especially sensitive questions. He is always able to ‘diffuse’ the situation with appropriate answers but at the same time does not feel condescending or fake.

      However, he gets misquoted and I always feel bad for him.

      1. Steven’s intelligence and quick wit came through the most in live interview in answering impromptu questions.

        I especially like his answer in this 2006 live radio interview:

        transcript from a 2006 live radio show:

        Interviewer: What is your ideal girlfriend?

        Steven: For me, I think, style/class/innate quality (?) (气质) is very important. If a woman has refinement, (内涵) and if she has character, her beauty will naturally shine through. I believe this saying: A good heart makes one beautiful. 心善则貌美. No matter how beautiful you are outside, but if your heart is not, gradually you won’t look beautiful anymore. For me, this is my least kind of beauty. I most appreciate those who seem to get prettier the more you look at them. Over time, your strengths gradually appear, your refinement shows, as well as your character. And thereafter, you notice she can play the piano, looking very pretty indeed when she does. She can cook, and look extra pretty when making soup. These would all show the beautiful sides of her.. I think this (beauty) is far more lasting.

      2. Actually, the whole question is:

        Steven answering interviewer’s question: …If a woman is truly worried; imo, if she worries about not finding a boyfriend or getting married, I think instead of dressing to the nines, she should let her own stlye 气质do the attraction.

        A: Will that really work? Having no make up? But make-up will attract more people. Haven’t you heard what Hacken Lee say? I once asked Hacken; I probe: What is your ideal girlfriend. He quips: Easy, just one word, “Beautiful!”.

      3. Claimine,
        Enjoyed your example of Hacken and Steven’s different definition of beauty in a woman. It’s easy for a man to say that he values a woman’s inner beauty more (women like to hear this anyway), but not many can qualify it in the way Steven did.

        A beautiful mind and beautiful heart indeed make people more beautiful. This is the lasting form of beauty that will not pass with time.

        Thank you for always taking the time to share Steven’s quotes! I find them to be very inspiring. 🙂

      4. Jayne: Glad you enjoyed my posting on Steven.

        From the same transcript of his 2006 live radio interview. Hope you’ll enjoy them, too. But I’ll stop right here before overboard with more Steven’s stuff.

        S: That’s why make-up is not necessary. To me, every female, regardless of her looks, has a beautiful side to her. Maybe it’s her cheerfulness, maybe her decency, or maybe her vivacity, or her optimism… Maybe she looks good when cooking… whatever, she’ll have a beautiful side.

        A 2007 news article – on beauty
        Interviewer: You are very interested in photography? … Do you have any favorite shots?

        S: Yes, but they’re mostly of people. Sometimes taken outdoor, sometimes indoor. I don’t like to use studio lighting. Prefer natural light. Because the beautiful looks taken under studio lights are not as natural. I like color contrasts in the pictures. Every body has his/her beautiful angles, but not many people realize that. If the pictures are taken with studio lighting, then anybody can look pretty. But if there is no special lighting, no matter what the model does, if I were to take the pictures, I will sure to come out with the most flattering ones. I’ve taken a lot of these pretty pictures, mostly of the females. Maybe because the females’ expressions are easier to capture. When they saw their pictures, they all said they didn’t know they could look so pretty. Made me happy to hear that. (smile)

        On the necessity of giving interviews
        S: It’s even better if (for artistes) if there’s no need to communicate (with the public). But I don’t think that is possible. Besides, I think an interview will enable the public to get to know you better. It can be an advantage. Of course, it all depends on the thespians’ personality. Some people are naturally introvert or maybe just can’t express themselves well. They may think giving an interview is very tiring. Of course, sometimes, I feel tired too, like when the interviews are too rushed or too tightly scheduled, or when talking non stop. But..

        I: So, just have to bear it?

        S: No, no. I don’t see it that way. In fact, it got me into the habit of seeking the ‘fun’ in it. Everybody has his/her own idiosyncrasy. You may be tired giving an interview, but the person interviewing you is also tired. (smile) They’re all tired. The person who finds the ‘fun’ during this interview will come out on top.. and happy, to boot. If you can’t find the fun in the interviews, and always go about them with a long face, then how miserable is that?

        I’m so impressed by Steven’s answer to this tricky question.

  16. Honestly, the only actors that I think are deserving of the 2011 Best Actor award are Roger Kwok in Wax and Wane and Joe Ma in Relic of an Emissary. (Sammul Chan was also really impressive in Relic! He deserves a mention, if he was still in TVB…) Unfortunately, TVB won’t consider them to be in the run because of WAW and Relic’s mediocre ratings… I have no comment on Kevin Cheng because I haven’t seen Ghetto Justice. Michael Tse is a good actor, but his portrayal of Laughing in Lives of Omission is hardly Best Actor material. But knowing TVB, this award will probably go to him.

    Hong Kong seriously needs to stop this nonsense of letting TVB do their own awards and actually make a general TV award ceremony for the HK television industry as a whole.

    1. I have to agree with Joe. If it was between Michael, Kevin, and Joe, I’d definitely say Joe gave the best performance. It’s sad that the possibility of Joe winning is slim to none.

      I don’t really see Micheal winning best actor. Micheal just doesn’t strike me as a lead actor. He wasn’t that appealing to me in LOO. If anything, I think Bosco did a better job. It was hard to take Laughing Gor seriously on the show. I just didn’t believe in his acting. If I had to choose Michael or Kevin, I’d go with Kevin.

      1. Maybe you’re right that Michael doesn’t strike as a lead actor. TVB tried all means to make Laughing look ‘awesome’ in LOO but I can’t take his acting seriously too. I agree that it feels Bosco is giving more than Michael somehow.

        Between Michael and Kevin, it’s Kevin without a doubt.

  17. OMG, i love bosco and kate in loo. im barely up to ep. 8 but whenever i see bosco or kate, im just excited. btw, too much kissing scenes between them, almost every episode has a kissing scenes… funnny

  18. I too agree Bosco improved so much recently. I like Bai co a lot. To the point where i support the bad side rather than laughing’s good side in LOO.

    But for most fave male char, i would prefer kevin over steven. Hehe <3

    1. Between Kevin and Steven I prefer Kevin too. Steven is boring nowadays although I think his character in the new Linda comedy series look interesting. At least it’s not a ‘righteous’ Steven all over again yawnn.

      1. I don’t understand why people keep on saying Steven is boring as a ‘righteous’ Steven. If one has bothered to watch his dramas, one would have seen that he does not have ‘righteous’ characters in his dramas.

      2. I will take Steven over Kevin anytime as an actor as Steven is a better and a better crier but looks wise, if Kevin has a head full of hair, maybe. I just like Steven. He gives a positive vibe not that Kevin is negative vibe but a more charismatic vibe.

      3. darrenll:I don’t understand why people keep on saying Steven is boring as a ‘righteous’ Steven.

        darrenll, don’t try to understand why. Just like how I can’t understand the popularity of some artists or some tv characters, but live and let live.

        Though redundant with my words, but appreciation of an artist’s performance, like on everything art, is very personal therefore subjective. “Boring” for others maybe enjoyment for another. Some like the quick pace of a plot driven series; others, the slower pace of a character driven series; some deplore righteous protagonists; others, repelled by cocky antagonists, and so on and so forth.

      4. Boring here refers to the same type of role or the monotone in acting and express the character. However, it’s up to the view of each person. You might see SM as a very interesting actor, someone might see him as a very boring one. Can’t change the view. Say it out in a forum is a way we can share the opinions.

      5. Fox,
        “Can’t change the view. Say it out in a forum is a way we can share the opinions.”

        Opinions and views are derived from shifting experiences. There is no certainty that our opinions, however strong they are, will not be changed in the future. Unless we are so resistant to the possibility of change that we make it more difficult to change that opinion, but still possible to do so through new experiences.

        Boring in the past doesn’t mean boring in the future. Why so absolute in your opinion?

        Actually I would find it uninteresting if we only state each other’s opinions and hold onto them so strongly that we do not give ourselves the opportunity to perhaps even be persuaded.

      1. Yes and he made the show good to watch! BTW, I think if he is nominated with Supporting, he’ll have more chance to win.

  19. This report is not very believable because if TVB want to use award to retain Steven Ma, the Most Favourite Character award won’t be much incentive since he already won that award for is role as Seung Chi in ‘Safe Guards’.

  20. If I may chip in again, I am inclined to agree with the person who said that Ghetto Justice1 is the best sreies, (so far), in 2011.It’s a totally different class of drama from the others, I feel.The story is so refreshingly acted out and the dialogue witty and funny too. The scriptwriter is indeed brilliant. However, to make it a good series of course the actors must indeed show their skill and that is where Kevin , Myolie and the others come in, especially Kevin. So, at the risk of repeating myself may I say that he excelled himself and gave his best performance ever, which, in one word to describe it was, brilliant. He deserves to and I do hope he does, win the best actor award this year.

  21. omg are you F****** serious that Michael Tse deserves to get best actor? OMFG what a f****** joke.

    1. Despite I myself am not backing Michael Tse, you can’t deny that he also has a lot of “Laughing Gor” supporters who likes him and his acting style.

      All about having different tastes haha.

  22. if you ask me, i feel kevin is a better actor than michael…

    as for the 5 fadans in 90s, i think Ada is the most prettiest one.. followed by maggie, etc. Esther is pretty too probably rank 3rd or 4th in my list. kenix is prettier than esther in term of looks.

  23. I am sorry as I like Steven. But yet again, this photo proves that he does not age well.

    His eyes are protruding and there are bags of skin around his face.

    Perhaps his good looks are the sort that does not age well. I think plastic surgeons say that those with defined bone structure, e.g. Micheal Miu are the type of face that age better, rather than those small faces and pointed chins (also applies to females), ‘cos when the skin sags, the bone structure holds it up e.g. crinkly eyes like George Clooney and it looks better.

    1. Canto,
      Everyone will age and looks fade. For an actor to remain memorable after a decade or two decades after a particular performance or continue to have fans into ripe old age, his talent is his greatest beauty.

      Even if the looks fade, a good actor will still command respect in the industry and among fans.

      The face and body for an actor are vehicles for them to deliver an acting performance. The aging process, wrinkles and all, allows him to play certain character types more convincingly.

      1. For some actors, the older the more charming. Case in point George Clooney, Richard Gere, Pierce Brosnan and you name it 😛

    2. Steven is very much aware of his eye bags since they have being part of him from young. He and his weibo fans jestingly refer to them (dark circles and bags) as his panda eyes. But I like what Jayne says: “an actor’s talent is his greatest beauty.”

      2006 news report
      “The bags under my eyes are naturally obvious. During one photo shoot, under the bright lightings, the bags were extremely conspicuous. At that time, because I was still being promoted as “Lai Ming” look-alike, plus the reporter didn’t like me; so beneath the photo, he wrote this caption: “Even with such a light workload at present, Ma Chun Wai’s dark eye circles are already so obvious, what if his workload were to increase in the future, how could he show his face to the public?” I was unhappy to read that then.

  24. Some reporters are so tactless that intentionally or not their remarks can easily hurt those concerned. I like Steven as he appears always to be such a gentleman to me. I wish TVB had been kinder to him earlier, before he had to make the decision to leave the company. I hope he is happier in China, especially now, acting in the Yuan Empire series. Dull or not I have always enjoyed his acting.

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