Vincent Wong, Tracy Chu Celebrate Good Ratings for “Over Run Over”

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Vincent Wong, Tracy Chu Celebrate Good Ratings for “Over Run Over”

The finale for Over Run Over <EU超時任務> averaged 29 points and peaked at 30 points, becoming the TVB drama with the highest viewership rating during its finale broadcast. Thrilled with the results, Tracy Chu (朱千雪) and Vincent Wong (王浩信) plan to celebrate with the rest of the cast and crew.

Vincent hopes to film a sequel so he can reprise his comical role, Ditch. Vincent expressed, “We watched the finale in Vietnam and were so touched by the netizens’ positive comments. Looking back – the series was incredibly stressful to film and we sacrificed a lot. We’re so grateful that the audience liked it. I really want to film a sequel – everyone worked well together and we had a great time.”

Vincent may have endured endless action scenes, but Tracy’s tough cop role was equally stressful to film. Tracy recalls only getting half an hour of sleep each night during filming. She revealed, “One time when we got off work, I actually fell asleep in my car at the parking lot. When I woke up, it was already time for work. However, no pain, no gain – it was worth it in the end.”

TVB producer Lam Chi Wah (林志華) expressed that he will hold a big celebratory dinner with everyone once the crew is back in Hong Kong. Pleased with the viewership ratings and positive feedback for Over Run Over, Producer Lam will consult with TVB as to whether a sequel will be filmed. He also complimented Benjamin Yuen’s (袁偉豪) outstanding performance as a first time villain.

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19 comments to Vincent Wong, Tracy Chu Celebrate Good Ratings for “Over Run Over”

  1. Over Run Over drama is amazing and ending is stunning. Well done Vincent n Tracy as the lead artistes, best couple of the year, way to go! Tracy is so pretty with her hair down and her smile is sweet as honey…Cheers!

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  2. ayyh0 says:

    Really happy for Tracy, Vincent and the rest of the cast. Over Run Over was truly an amazing drama, and everyone involved did an amazing job, from the production to the scriptwriting to the acting!

    Definitely a thought-provoking and detailed drama with a beautiful theme, and a beautiful relationship between the main characters as well. It’s rare to find such great scriptwriting these days; I usually have high hopes for dramas only for them to end poorly or to stop making sense midway. Absolutely love Over Run Over!!

    PS. This drama reminds me of Storm In A Cocoon (which imo was also a really great drama, but didn’t receive the attention it deserved).

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  3. linvin8 says:

    The ending and overall theme of this drama was really thought-provoking and interesting! The first few episodes were a little meh but things really picked up when Vincent started travelling back in time. It was really nice to see the chemistry grow between Vincent’s and Tracy’s characters. I’d like to think that Tracy remembered everything when she picked up the necklace at the end!

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    • replied:

      @linvin8 I agree. I wish there was a little bit more to the ending though, but I guess the rest is left to the audience’s imagination. It is true that they both have chemistry, I really felt like Vincent loved Tracy.

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  4. melodylai says:

    It took me a good few episodes to get into this drama, but the storyline kept me coming back to watch the next episode even though I wasn’t that into it at the start. By mid-series I was so emotionally invested into it and it kept me on the edge of my seat, the last 4 episodes took me on a bloody rollercoaster of emotions though haha!
    With a cliff hanger like that, you can tell TVB wanted an open ended ending so that if it gained positive reviews they have the option to do a sequel in the near future.

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  5. tiger6 says:

    This is the best tvb series i’ve watched in ages.Usually these time travel themed series are not very good, but this was filmed first i thought this was not a very strong cast and acting would be terrible,i was wrong, they did an amazing job, especially vincent and tracy. tvb should be giving them more opportunities.

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  6. snoopy says:

    In this drama Vincent and Benjamin really impressed me with their acting! I could feel 渠頭 love for 風, which is so touching when he said “I love you” to her..and especially in the last episode.
    For Benjamin, good job for being a creep in episode 20, I got goosebump when 正 attack 渠頭 in the toilet …

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  7. sasamii says:

    I’m glad that this series got good ratings at the end; it’s certainly the best written series so far this year. Although I have to wonder; this is definitely one of those series where it pays off to have paid attention throughout… how are viewers able to follow when they just tune in the last few episodes?

    And although this could be considered good writing, I have to say that there were a few places where I thought had a few weaknesses. For instance (SPOILERS)… on the last time everyone went back, and it was revealed that Benjamin’s character was evil, all they had to do was bash him on the head or otherwise restrict him, then hightail it back one more time, thus resetting things without having the bad guy know what they’re up to. This would reset all the deaths, including Zoie’s character.

    Also, I felt that Tracy’s inexperience showed in this series; she resorted to yelling during emotional scenes instead of acting. She also lacked chemistry with Benjamin, so I never really took their relationship seriously. Still, she was much more pleasant to watch than other female newbies, I think she has a lot of potential.

    I’m not a huge fan of how the ending turned out; I wish they didn’t bash us over the head with all the dialogue about not being able to remember during that death scene. The series had done a good job throughout of assuming the viewer has brains… why not continue to show rather than tell? And then the final shot with the necklace.. bah. I’d rather keep the bittersweet ending, watching Vincent’s character send Tracy off to an ignorantly blissful future.

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  8. coralie says:

    The end was a bit oversimplified – I lurve how easily Vincent resolved all of the problems with a quick call to the police lol. I also didn’t like how Benjamin warped so fast. I mean he wasn’t as upright and goody-goody as he appeared as we’ve seen after numerous instances when he [SPOILER ahead] cheated on Tracy, but he always tried to emphasize doing the right thing. I can’t imagine he’d tried to erase his dad’s dirty history by committing crimes with him, especially not after his dad killed Crystal (btw, seriously great casting job here – she was a really good supporting actress & I can’t believe she’s 35!) who he has a thing for. But even with these minor flaws, I felt the drama was done really well (surprising for a TVB drama.) The plot was tight and the casting was fantastic for all the roles. The only iffy person I found was Benjamin – he’s still too stiff for my liking but he did okay here.

    @sasamii – even though I really really want a HEA with Vincent & Tracy, I also think if TVB had kept Vincent from ruining Tracy & Ben’s relationship, it would’ve made his & her role much more memorable. The what-could’ve-been would tug on the audience’s heart. but i’m still glad they let them have a convenient HEA. their chemistry in here was too awesome to break them apart.

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    • sasamii replied:

      @coralie Wow, Zoie is 35? I totally thought she was younger. I didn’t love a couple of the secondary female castings though; I thought Moon Lau was weak, and Christine was terrible in her one big dramatic scene. Still, neither had much screentime so it didn’t bother me that much.

      I agree about the plotlines being wrapped up too quickly, and for Benjamin’s character to suddenly take a convenient evil turn just to wrap things up neatly. It went against the character that was shown throughout the series; I wish they just made him evil sooner, but I think the writers just wanted the bad dad twist to surprise the viewers.

      One thing I really surprisingly liked was Pal Sinn’s storyline as the devoted husband. It was touching, until you realized how much all those times of repeating the past had messed him up. And his acceptance at the end was perfect.

      I’m a sucker for bittersweet/what-if endings, but if I were to write a happy ending for Tracy and Vincent, I would just have her break things off with Benjamin anyway in the last timeline, proving that even with no interference, they weren’t meant to be anyway. Then Vincent would woo her anew. Sure, they wouldn’t have the shared memories, which is sad, but they could make new ones. 🙂

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      • coralie replied:

        @sasamii yeah I couldn’t believe it either. Zoie looks so young. Some women have all the luck lol. True, Moon Lau was sort of difficult to watch and in certain scenes, Christine’s accent was difficult to bear. But I think Christine did an OK job considering how long she hasn’t starred in anything. Her potential is there. Thankfully both characters had minimal screen time so there wasn’t a ton of character-reflections on these two.

        I thought the bad guy would be Ben cus the masked guy from earlier episodes looked like him. Glad they didn’t make him the true culprit. It would be very illogical but I wouldn’t put it past TVB to do so. I also wished they made Ben seem more evil than what he’s shown so abruptly later on.

        Yes Pal Sin’s story arc was very touching, but a tad unrealistic. I’m glad he finally gave up on returning to the past to save his wife. Though I wonder if he really kept that promise since there might be a sequel to this series after all.

        That wouldve been the perfect ending but it would’ve taken at least a few more epis.

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  9. susanbb says:

    Vincent Wong should win TV King for Run Over Run . He brings a gripping realism to his acting and he has the charm like Chow Yun Fat the most influential actor in Asia. He definitely has a very promising future ahead of him.

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    • jimmyszeto replied:


      It’s too early to consider TV King plus I don’t think his performance has generated enough praise to last another 9 months. I do agree that he has appeal and is physically built similar to Chow Yun Fat. Can’t see any other similarities yet though. He hasn’t had any bad performances yet and Has improved in every series. With the lead actors all aging in recent years, there’s a void to fill for the next big star and it is up for grabs!

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    • linvin8 replied:

      @susanbb If his performance in this drama picks up praise again towards awards season I reckon he’ll stand a good chance for TV King, if not at least My Favourite Male Character.

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    • coralie replied:

      @susanbb i love that scene when vincent almost died and tracy saved him. when he awoke, he ran straight to tracy’s house in his pjs and screamed “Fung Gi Lup!!” in ecstasy. lmao. even when he’s in love with Tracy, he’s still used to calling her a *beep* in his hillbilly accent/lingo. it was so, so, so emotionally satisfying and friggin hilarious.

      i can’t imagine his character as a rich guy though. can you imagine his drooling morning image as “dead ditch” as a stock broker? he’s too silly to make it that far.

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  10. 9moons says:

    Fung (Tracy) certainly had her memories restored in the ending considering the manner she was looking and smiling at Ditch (Vincent) was inconsistent with her previous pre time jump hostile self. You can literally see the change in expression from hostile to familiar warm expression after the supernatural hour glass necklace had shined in front of her. If the production had invested time into making that shining effect and close up shot of the necklace. It certainly means some paranormal effect happened leading up to both characters smiling.

    Note, there was a close up shot of the necklace when she died too.

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    • elizabeth replied:

      @9moons This is my explanation. Dead objects are not meant to travel through time. But by some unexplained miracle, the pendant made it back with Ditch, and brought back with it some of Fung’s memories.

      I am not sure if it was Fung’s blood all over it that did the trick or was it true love conquers time and space. But I do believe that Fung remembered or that whole scene of the necklace travelling back would have been redundant. And the sand did move through the sand timer so I assume it symbolised that something supernatural happened. It is a happy ending for me.

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  11. elizabeth says:

    I started watching ROR because my dada was bored. He left but I quite liked it and watched til the end. It is quite a nice short but evenly paced series that is not too dragging. Once the pace picked up after Fung got settled into the do and don’t of time travel, it is very interesting to a little bit of everyone revealed through each instance of time travel.

    I guess it just shows that there is a bit of good and evil in everybody and each little decision can have devastating effects. I quite like the cast and the acting and the chemistry.

    I though Vincent was marvellous in here, especially towards the end when he had to carry the drama. But of course, the supporting cast helped a lot too. My personal favourite was Pal Sinn who should be nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

    And the pairings are very refreshing here, strange at first but they do somehow work. Pal Sinn and Rebecca Zhu do somehow fit comfortably together in a May-December relationship even though they played father and daughter on TITS2. And in the minority, I took quite a liking to possible relationship that may or may not have been between Vincent Lam and Zoie (Mr Ho and Crystal).

    The plot is very well thought out, and I have to think about it for a a few hours after it ended, It was quite a good job by TVB and also by the cast.

    And hooray to the over 50’s action scenes towards the end. It is seldom that we see the not so young actors being so active.

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  12. jimmyszeto says:

    Must give the cast and crew full plaudits. It must have been extremely difficult to film so many repetitive or similar scenes and piece them together so well to create a decent series.Definitely a thumbs up!

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