Wallace Huo, Yang Mi To Build New Hit with “Jujiang”

2018 may have a new hit in its hands with Jujiang <巨匠>, also known as The Great Craftsman, which stars heavyweight actors Wallace Huo (霍建华) and Yang Mi (杨幂).

The 50-episode drama, which started filming in May, is an inspirational story about a poor man who rises against all odds to become a successful craftsman and architect. It is set in the early 1900’s during the war-torn China Republic: after his father gets wrongfully killed in a smuggling incident, Shen Qinan (Wallace Huo) and his three siblings manage to escape to Shanghai, but are separated. The siblings reunite many years later, and Qinan becomes a renown architect, fixing and building new homes for the people. At the onset of the Japanese invasion, Qinan dedicates his time and effort to fix the military’s shoddy attempt at building fortifications. He evidently solves the mystery behind his father’s death, bringing justice to his father.

The Great Craftsman is Wallace Huo and Yang Mi’s first collaboration together as a couple and their third project together—their first collaboration was the 2009 drama Chinese Paladin 3 <仙剑奇侠传三>, and their second was the 2017 thriller film Reset <逆时营救>.

Source: HK01.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. 50 episodes is excessive, but the inner fangirl in me will probably bite, if only to stare at Wallace’s gorgeous visage move across the screen.

    Plus, I’m a huge fan of anything set in Shanghai post-war, so that’s a plus.

  2. It seems Jujiang is adapted from a Korean drama. Yang Mi’s studio bought the rights and spent a few years adapting the story. Yang Mi’s last repubican drama was Ru Yi with her husband, Harwick. I would love to see Wallace in republican wear and very short hair. He looks good with that hairstyle in Battle of Changsa.

  3. 50 episodes is insane, so either a lot will be added to make it faster or it will be very very slow. I love Wallace Huo but I want him to be in a quality based series, not a quantity. And isn’t Yang Mi in every single series right now? Slow down, give others a chance!!

  4. I will try it for Wallace but I feel like Yang mi’s acting might be a little off since other than historical or fantasy genre her other shows literally sucks. Even the historical sometimes just isn’t that great, imo Yang mi’s acting is either a hit or miss. I’ve never seen any of Wallace post war shows so idk how this will go with 50eps they’re just trying to milk it a little too much.

    1. @mimi8 @funnlim The Korean version was 60 eps. I think many of the supporting cast are not well known and yes mainly from Jaywalk. So this will give them a chance to shine just like Delireba becsme very popular after 3 Lives.

      The story has many intertwined characters which are important to the story. I do not think It is not just about Wallace snd Yang Mi. The Koresn version is set in modern times whereas Jujiang is Republican times.

      1. @mangotango oh wow I didn’t know of the Kversion and yea YM will be like always where she brings her whole company in to act even if they can or cannot.
        The thing with dilreba is she’s honestly average imo her acting is very limited sometimes her acting looks so forced that just makes me can’t continue her shows.
        I’m only skeptical cause the leads acting will be important and Yang mi like I said before is a hit or miss, but mostly miss for me.

      2. @mimi8 I think Jaywalk is trying to promote the newbies. Not a bad idea to allow the younger generation a chance to prove themselves. It is good for Jaywalk too! I have only watched Dili in 3 Lives. She is still young and there are plenty of room for improvement. She is lucky as she will now have more choice as leads!

      3. @mangotango no it is a good thing to promote newcomers but it’s just they promote the same one over and over and their acting isn’t getting any better. Imo jaywalk instead of promoting they should give them acting lessons cause some are a little too early to keep taking shows after shows.

      4. @mimi8 you are right. Giving them publicity is important but for them to grow and improve, they need time in between to reflect. But looking at their current schedules, it is drama after drama.. where got time to learn new stuff? Good for production company, no good for actors/actresses personal growth.

  5. I’ll watch any of Wallace Huo’s shows. Bring it on no matter hiw many episodes!

    As for Yang Mi, her acting is getting a little stereo type.

  6. Really excited about this! Mainly because of Wallace of course *scream~*

    50 episode seems like a norm for
    C-drama? Some goes up to 60, 70, even 80.. haha

  7. I couldn’t stand watching Yang Mi in Fuyao. Her acting was decent in Peach Blossoms but Fuyao?! She needs to take a long break. Filming 50+ episodes dramas one after another is talking a toll on her acting. Plus, her face looks so botoxed. There were many scenes I felt like man, why is her face so stiff. Her studio releases photoshopped photos of her A LOT but to see her onscreen, it’s not that great.

    But we’ll see.

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