Who is the Big Boss? Two Different Endings Were Prepared for “Dead Wrong”

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Who is the Big Boss? Two Different Endings Were Prepared for “Dead Wrong”

The following article contains spoilers for Dead Wrong, ending on December 17, 2016.

TVB anniversary drama Dead Wrong <致命復活> has entered its final week of broadcast, and viewers are breaking discussion forums to share their opinions about the drama’s “big boss.”

The suspense drama stars Roger Kwok (郭晉安) as Vincent, a man stranded in a deserted island by the coast of Vietnam for 10 years. After his escape, he attempts to find those who were responsible for his imprisonment.

Last week, viewers learn that Vincent’s boss CK (KK Cheung 張國強) had attempted to plot against his career 10 years ago, but was not the final mastermind in orchestrating Vincent’s capture in Vietnam. With CK out of the picture, viewers are guessing that Vincent’s ex-wife Cathy (Joey Meng 萬綺雯), her husband Yan (Kenny Wong 黃德斌), Vincent’s friends Max (Vincent Wong 王浩信) and Queenie (Rebecca Zhu 朱晨麗), as well his own older brother Lung (Jerry Ku 古明華) were involved in the kidnap. But the cast of the show have kept their lips tight, and urged viewers to wait for the big revelation coming this Saturday.

A few days ago, a Hong Kong source reported that producer Lam Chi-wah (林志華) had prepared two different endings for Dead Wrong, and that the show will air the appropriate ending depending on the audience’s reactions. The producer said he won’t comment about the two endings, but he did reveal that clues of the final boss were already laid out in the show’s first episode.

A few days ago, the cast attended a promotional event in Tuen Mun, where they openly discussed about the show’s big boss with their fans. “I am keeping my eyes on Kenny now!” said Roger, when reporters asked for tips on who the final boss may be. “When the time comes, you’ll see the real him.”

With the TVB Anniversary Awards only a week away, does Roger have the confidence to win TV King? “All of us had put in a lot of effort for our roles. I just want to spend the night happily. It doesn’t matter if I win or not!” (Will you vote for yourself?) “Kenny and I will be voting for each other!” Joey said, “I will vote for [Roger] of course. I would like to win Best Drama the most.”

Vincent said, “Not many people know who the big boss is. I can count all of them with only one hand. They’re all very surprised about the boss’s identity! And it’s definitely not my mom [Susan Tse 謝雪心].”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  • 30 comments to Who is the Big Boss? Two Different Endings Were Prepared for “Dead Wrong”

    1. hannah says:

      Interesting… looking forward to the finally.

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    2. lam86 says:

      i rewatch episode one to get the clue. That cathy suddenly cried the night before vincent got kidnap. Something fishy means she knew smtg bad might happen. And then kenny headshot that kidnapper. Possible Kenny cooperate with cathy as mastermind. lolol..But still very blur…@@ walao this producer really….haih

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      • hannah replied:

        @lam86 haha it could be Cathy all this time. I read in another interview Joey said the clue is a woman.

        Login or Register before you can reply to hannah
        • funnlim replied:

          @hannah Ha!! I know who!! IVY!

          Login or Register before you can reply to funnlim
        • lam86 replied:

          @hannah @funlim I purposely rewatch episode 1. It should not be inner feeling because she cried and knew smtg bad must have happen. But this producer reli wtf la. haha. made the storyplot until very illogical. Because after she cried and worry also ask vincent to faster come back after settle at vietnam. If she is mastermind why need to cry and said that? Maybe kenny forced her? If kenny is the mastermind, then they wont kidnap cathy right and almost got raped. And that rapist should know who hired him and the mastermind. If its cathy or kenny why he did not speak anything in the room? And also very weird max suddenly entered the room then the rapist shoot him and then kenny immediately shot his leg and then headshot. Just very blur la this producer really..

          Login or Register before you can reply to lam86
      • funnlim replied:

        @lam86 Could be because as a wife she is in tune with his inner emotional well being?

        Login or Register before you can reply to funnlim
    3. funnlim says:

      Vincent’s ex-wife Cathy (Joey Meng 萬綺雯)
      WHAT? If it is Cathy it is utter rubbish.

      her husband Yan (Kenny Wong 黃德斌)
      Yes him. But big boss? We know the kidnapping was because vincent went too far and mok hung wah was angry. question now is did someone knew where he was and didn’t tell? Or didn’t try? Unless TVB change this premise. So far I will say Yan because in ep 1? Ep 2? he shot the rapist. No reason to do so.

      Vincent’s friends Max (Vincent Wong 王浩信)
      Utter rubbish. Way to put onto his guilt.

      and Queenie (Rebecca Zhu 朱晨麗)

      as well his own older brother Lung (Jerry Ku 古明華) were involved in the kidnap.

      We know older bro involved only in so much as the ransom money. That’s all.

      What about Max’s father? His younger brother may be a stretch. Unless the kidnapping was to kill Max. But everyone was too young then to be that ruthless? I don’t see why the father would want Vincent dead.

      So in the end maybe Yan knew were he was but did not help. The kidnapping itself was Vincent’s own undoing.

      I hate TVB series where ABSOLUTELY ALMOST EVERYNE is involved in the kidnapping in some ways.

      Why not Tracy eh? Emma? Who else? Vincent himself.

      Seriously if Cathy is the mastermind this series is officially rubbish. BUT Roger still is the best. TV King is his.

      Login or Register before you can reply to funnlim
      • lileric replied:

        In terms of Yan, I knew at least he wanted to stall the search for Roger, simply because he broke mok hung wah’s neck immediately and head shot the other person involved. Maybe it was a deal that if Yan became involved he would get Cathy for himself. I always thought Yan had some sort of agenda in keeping Cathy with him.

        Also Yan would’ve had a relationship earlier with Cathy or a chance, if he wasn’t kidnapped, and Cathy met Roger instead. Who knows if Yan was jealous that whole time, pretending to be accomodating.

        We have been shown a few scenes where Yan crossed the line, and more so after he misinterpreted, and thought Roger wanted Cathy to lose the baby to spite Yan (But in actual fact Cathy would either have a K-baby if she is keeping it or abort the child). I also thought Cathy was silly not to tell Yan about her condition earlier, I can understand how she doesn’t want to disappoint Yan, but at the same time, she is also taking away Yan’s right as a husband in being part of the decision making.

        I doubt it’s Max, that would be just terrible writing. Max’s dad paid for him to learn from Roger, I doubt Max hated his job, so I doubt that was any sort of enmity between him and Roger. (Unless TVB throws a random flash back to show there was something, I doubt it)

        I don’t think it’s Max father, considering he paid Roger to mentor his step son (Max), and actually cares for Max development.

        If it is indeed Cathy, then oh wellz, it means TVB wanted to go the route of having another female character be the “appear nice/but actually bad and very manipulative” to get their way, ala Two Steps From Heaven.

        Login or Register before you can reply to lileric
        • lam86 replied:

          @lileric now u talk about two steps from heaven then really possible is cathy now because that female lead also towards the end only very evil…now confirm either cathy or kenny or max is the matermind or cathy+kenny. Choose ur pick. but very likely cathy but what her intention? Kenny forced her or he in need of money? If kenny then we knew bcoz want to get cathy and get rid roger. If its max also i cant find any intention.

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    4. coralie says:

      In general I’ve always disliked suspense. The waiting around to see what happens to certain characters or whodunit kills me. Most of the time, the answer is already predetermined and so guessing is a waste of time.

      More so for TVB dramas. They know how to create suspense but don’t know how to plot them out properly a la Line Walker & AFWFW. It’s usually utter garbage. Nonsensical and illogical. I hope Dead Wrong don’t become one of their WTF works but chances are slim.

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    5. 02xxmlt says:

      Roger’s acting throughout this entire drama has been amazing to watch. I’m not caught up yet and I’m on episode 16 but from the reunion scene to the crying scene to the manipulation/revenge scenes

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    6. coralie says:

      I’m thinking it’s possible that Cathy found out about the affair, went revenge mode on Vincent to teach him a lesson, but when it came time to carrying it out, she couldn’t do it and wanted to back out. Except Kenny knew about the affair, knew her plans and decided to continue and finish what she couldn’t do. She didn’t know about his pre-emptive motives, but saw how hard he tried to save Vincent and didn’t suspect him. She thinks the criminals got greedy and didn’t want to let Vincent go anymore, so now she lost contact with them, don’t have the money since the situation went out of her control, and lost her husband.

      Kenny, OTOH, knew where Vincent was, has the money and allowed everything to happen so he could appear as the hero to Cathy and win her heart.

      I just don’t think two kids who grew up on the rough side of Vietnam could both turn out well when one is a rotten egg. It’s fishy if Cathy is really innocent

      All speculations of course

      Login or Register before you can reply to coralie
      • lam86 replied:

        @coralie cathy revenge on vincent might be the only available intention that she did that but still illogical. As a normal woman how capable to contact with kidnappers in vietnam and somemore she needs borrow money from money lender company and accumulated 2 million usd. Just does not make sense. And still 7 years nonstop searching for vincent. As a big boss must be a cruel person. either max ,kenny or cathy now. If its kenny then everything logical but producer wont be that dumb so easy let us guess right? :p

        Login or Register before you can reply to lam86
        • coralie replied:

          @lam86 Cathy grew up in an orphanage in Vietnam along with Yan. If Yan is so tough and know so many triads, Cathy could very well know some too. I don’t think she wanted to hurt Vincent too bad, she just wanted to teach him a lesson & to take away everything he holds dear. His money, his other woman, his family…. When it came time for action, though, she didn’t have the heart to carry the whole thing out, but Kenny found out about her plans and finished everything for her. She didn’t know this of course, so she saw herself as the main culprit for all of this happening. She didn’t intend for Vincent to die or suffer for very long, so she felt very guilty. Guilty enough to keep looking for him for yrs.

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        • lam86 replied:

          @coralie Nola, cathy did not grow up in the orphanage until 18 like yan. She got raised at other country before coming back to vietnam and met vincent. So no way she can know so many triads and it just does not making any sense. And since she so love vincent it makes no sense that she asked the kidnapper to catch vincent as well and make him suffer. And suddenly rapist demands USD2million and she got to borrow from credit company and vincent’s mum somemore not making sense. The whole story just not making sense if she is the big boss and mastermind. The producer is stupid if cathy is the big boss. haha…But now can delete max as max wont be the big boss..Now left cathy ,kenny , quennie, emma,ah sai(vincent’s best buddy)Choose your pick!

          Login or Register before you can reply to lam86
        • coralie replied:

          @lam86 thanks for clarifying. i’m not too far into the drama yet (cus i hate the suspense.) it makes me too nervous to watch. but i like guessing just for the sake of guessing lol.

          so at least now cathy doesn’t have a ruthless background. you say it’s not max. queenie doesn’t make sense – she’s probably be too young back then to make kidnapping decisions. is emma even related to the drama up to this point? aside from being max’s love interest? kenny & ah sai (vincent’s buddy) is very suspect!

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    7. joow says:

      Just providing my two cents view

      Remember Ivy and Vincent were talking before they were kidnapped? I am thinking Ivy might be pregnant and Cathy knew about it all along that’s why want to kidnap here and kill her. However, just nice Ivy was with Vincent that’s why he got kidnap as well. After which,the kidnappers become greedy and out of control (as mentioned above) that’s why Cathy was trying to save her husband out. Kenny knew about it all along and in order to protect Cathy, he decided to kill all the kidnappers so that no one would leak out Cathy was the mastermind.Cathy was the start of this whole kidnap thingy but she never once thought of hurting Vincent and Max. She only want to kill Ivy! Kenny was also not a good guy la cause he keep hiding the information about the whereabout of Vincent. What you all think?

      Login or Register before you can reply to joow
      • lam86 replied:

        @joow Max kept saying he did something bad on vincent and cannot forgive himself..something very fishy about him as well. Why he secretly followed vincent and ivy near the bridge? Its just illogical cathy as mastermind actually. How a weak woman can hire kidnappers? And then she cried and called vincent the night before. Just illogical. She cried means she knew smtg bad is going to happen. But the whole drama shows cathy love vincent and why she did that? And then the kidnapper want to rape her somemore. The whole story plot just illogical la. I duno wtf this producer were doing. hahaha….But if mastermind is kenny then everything logic…@@ but dont think so easy to guess ler…

        Login or Register before you can reply to lam86
      • coralie replied:

        @joow I don’t think Ivy was preggo or she was even the main target because when they brought back the kidnapping victims, they only cared about Vincent and Max. Ivy was just “that woman” that they accidentally brought back.

        Max is fishy too. Esp his friend. I found it a little awkward when Max decided to follow Ivy & Vincent with his car after kicking his friend out. His friend kept on pestering him about letting him come along. I wonder if the friend knew about Max’s plans or was the mastermind behind it? I just cant seem to see the motive of Max’s actions though.

        Login or Register before you can reply to coralie
    8. kelli says:

      There better be a convincing reason/story for the big boss to do what he/she did, and the big boss better fits the overall flow of the story thus far or this drama is a complete waste. Kidnapping and locking someone up for 10 years is more cruel than shooting someone in the head, in my opinion. This sounds more like a psychopath and the ending should complement such behaviour. Killing him would have been more effective if the person merely wanted to get rid of Roger and/or not have anything leaked out.

      Let’s hope the ending makes sense and does not conclude with some lame, lazy writing where many things could have been done differently.

      Login or Register before you can reply to kelli
      • lam86 replied:

        @kelli now only left cathy, kenny, queenie and ah sai as suspect of mastermind. Its illogical if its cathy. Kenny very fits as the mastermind but producer got so dumb anot let us guess so easy? Quennie might also possible but duno how producer can relate her at the end. Ah sai also quite possible bcoz this dude got triad background but duno how producer can relate him at the end. lolol…

        Login or Register before you can reply to lam86
    9. joyce says:

      The more I watch this drama, the more I feel it’s so unrealistic. With all the incidents happen, fighting, accident, even involves with gun shot leads Tracy to blind and I see no arrest or at least police involve or investigate. It’s like Vincent owns the world, investigate all by himself and injured others while no cops to be seen. But I do really have to admit that Roger did really well on the role.

      Login or Register before you can reply to joyce
    10. george says:


      It was the wife at first who planned the kidnap. But she chickened out. Yan took over secretly with the plan.

      Login or Register before you can reply to george
    11. lileric says:

      What an ending, now wondering what the sad ending is.

      Also what was that just before the credits fully ended?

      Login or Register before you can reply to lileric
      • lam86 replied:

        @lileric stupid cathy, if she was smart then all this wont happen and vincent dont need to kept inside cave for 10 years. But cathy supposed to be smart since she is a lawyer. Stupid producer anyway. When the plan goes wrong, she should be smart already. She should not act on her own when things go wrong and the rapist suddenly demanded USD 2 million.

        By the way, the sad ending must be roger to kill ah yan lo on the beach. After that vincent got to enter jail and cathy finally tells the truth to him inside prison before she ends her life. I will hate the producer if he dares to put such ending and luckily he did not. By the way that ah yan really top notch acting as supporter in this drama. Way better than that short fatty won best supporter at lord of shanghai last year. Just now ah yan fall on the beach his whole face got sand really so funny. lol. His acting really improved alot!

        Tml night Roger must Tv King and hopefully ah yan won his first best supporting actor award!

        Login or Register before you can reply to lam86
    12. george says:

      TVB should post the unaired second ending in their YouTube channel.

      Login or Register before you can reply to george
    13. lam86 says:

      when benjamin yuen and fa man can win most popular already can know tvb rigged it to the max wtf tvb. Purposely want to give all the fist drama actors and actresses to win everything. TVB can go die la stupid. The most rigged award of on earth . lolol…

      Login or Register before you can reply to lam86
    14. coralie says:

      All i gotta say is…I! Was! Right!


      Login or Register before you can reply to coralie
    15. george says:

      Nice to see the cast of Dead Wrong getting together to watch the finale together. Roger Kwok mentioned an extra scene at the end of the credit roll. What’s that all about? Dead Wrong 2 coming soon??

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